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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the US Open 2017

Here is Roger Federer's Outfit for the US Open 2017. As usual for the final grand slam of the year, he has a day session and night session outfit. The day session is the ‘action' red and the night session is the black. There's also a pair of Flyknit vapors for each outfit and you can check them out beloe. I've also added in a couple of pictures of the non flyknit version of the vapors just to compare.

My first thoughts are I'm a big fan of the night session Flyknit Vapor colours and how they work with the traditional looking sole. And the t-shirts are just so-so from the pictures. But I thought that about the Cincinnati outfit too and it turned out to look great when Fed actually wore it so maybe this one is the same.

Update: I also added in some pictures of the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour RF x Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red”. This is the third Jordan / RF collaboration so I imagine Roger will actually wear these shoes in New York. They're limited edition and are going on sale at some pop up shops in NYC this week for $200. You can shop online for the full outfit here.


What do you guys think of the outfit(s)? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Great! Should he lose in red in the day session, he has still time to switch to black and win in the night session. Then shaved in days session, unshaved in the night. Black for the night will moreover let him hide in the darkness, so the opponent must first guess, where he is and the time for fast reaction is lost 😉

  2. Nike should fire the designer(s). Their designs and colo combos are getting worse and worse and now they are going to have Roger wear these??? You got to be kidding me. Especially the red one for the day match… im surprised roger OKed it. I’m really hoping that they won’t have ladies wear one similar to this. Really bad taste. (Or am I thinking too much?)

    1. I think Roger makes anything he wears classy. At the end of 5 sets he still looks like he just stepped onto the Court. Nike always does right with Roger’s clothes.

  3. Big meh… black shoes look great, but not durable enough so not gonna get them anyways 😛

    All the rest is underwhelming to say the least, imo…

      1. Define holding up? Only two shoes I have tried have held up for me: the barricades and the Asics Gel resolution.

      2. They’re in decent condition. Bit of wear on the sole at the front but other than that pretty good. Had them a year, think they’ll last another season.

      3. Over summer prob 3-7 hours a week. Sometimes more, sometimes more. Always outdoor hard. My last pair of vapors the soles are worn completely like totally smooth. But this latest pair are doing better.

      4. Why do you wait for your soles to completely smooth out? After a certain level, your feet will start to hurt more, balance will suffer, and it may cause long term issues too.

  4. Worst ever? Maybe. Can´t thing of anything uglier during the last 10 years. The black shoes are nice, and i like red in general, but black socks to the red outfit is not a good look, and both shirts are awful!

      1. Reserve judgment until it has been won. I hated the AO2017 polo, and then I ate crow, and bought two of them. 🙂

  5. Well, the best part of the outfit is always Roger himself, so at the end of the day everything looks great and greater after each won match 🙂

  6. Any news from Fed? I didn’t hear anything about his injury anymore? Bye the way, I didn’t like the outfit. One of the worse I’ve seen from Nike.

  7. I could probably be the worst day outfit federer ever wore in his career!! As far as the night outfit is concerned not bad but I have certainly seen better than it, still it might just look good on him (given he d sure wear it 4-5 rounds out of 7 should he make it to the finals of course. The shoes for night sessions look different for sure, like the bit of dark brown they used, might as well go for a brown bandana as well who knows.
    Anyways just hoping for roger to be a 100% heading into the US open and we’ll see from then on.
    Cant wait to see him in action for a best of 5 !!!

      1. Oh yea that new Jordon Collab! might lok better than the red ones he s putting on for the day sessions.

        Think he wore them for the first two rounds in 2014 ofcourse with the Michael in his box the first round.

  8. Oh really – to get middle of body white like this? Really disfiguering, smalling shoulders, bigging stomach. But if the opponents are thinking he dined too heavy and then he shocks them with being faster than ever, it has good meaning.
    (- On a moving maestro, everything so far has looked great, so hopefully this time also. Can’t wait to see the action!)

  9. Nike forgotten to place a random 😉 number 20 and YES YOU CAN on the soles of the shoes. If the trophy is lifted by the right person, who cares about outfit? The best outfit are Roger’s tears of happiness on the end 🙂

  10. Night session one is ok. The BIG problem with the shirt is that it looks way too short. And wide for that matter. No likey. But as usual see how it looks on.

  11. Honestly,I didn’t like the aus open outfit but today it is my favourite,I don’t like this outfit but depending on the result,it may become my favourite .
    GO 20GER

  12. Last Sunday, I had a long long travel, back from my Summer holidays from the French Riviera to Paris. I enjoyed writing the below trying to link our champion with BROAD-WAY musicals.

    By the way, I am now fit enough to come back to work (yesterday) after a 14-month break due to my ankle smash 🙂  … and back pains (healing without Pierre Paganini’s help, Jonathan :-). Thanks so much for your kind support.

    I hope you will appreciate my prose.
    Roger Federer’s tennis is the best show on Earth …no matter the colours of his outfit to lead him on the BROAD-WAY to victory !

    If there is a FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and a roof above their heads, his fans will be SINGING (even in) IN THE RAIN.

    Organizers don’t doubt  : with him, the arena will  be as fully packed as a CABARET.

    If the back is okay, he won’t be a PHANTOM IN THE OPERA.

    His unequalled elegance would allow him to enter the scene with a TOP HAT.
    To play his favourite game though, his headband will be as dark as the night in “the city that never sleeps” (as Franck Sinatra would say).

    This year again, he won’t be the WIZARD OF OZ, but the warlock of hard courts.

    Let Nadal, Zverev and co. listen to the SOUND OF MUSIC, the one diffused from his magic wand.

    His FAIR LADY will be there to admire her husband’s SHOW…BOAT  before A STAR IS BORN to lead the race (or is it the dance, perhaps ?) many years will go… 

    ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS will wait for their turn.

    Let’s believe he’ll spend more time than ONE DAY IN NEW YORK, not so far from the 42ND STREET.

    And MAMMA MIA ! Maybe he’ll be crowned the LION KING on September 10 ?

    With a pen full of luminescent ink,  he’ll write a  new page of his WEST SIDE STORY, as easily as he signs autographs.
    Next week,  it’s gonna be SWING TIME :
    the swing of his racket we’ll always admire… so that in two weeks from now, we all will be like ALICE…

    U   nless the mighty gods are against him
    S   eptember should be full of success

    O   pponents should be in awe and speechless
    P   ains have flown away and won’t disturb him
    E   levating his game : to the rooftop, gain access
    N   EW YORK… NEW YORK is waiting for him.

    An Unbel19vable Federer + 1 = a magical (20)17… whatever the colours of his shirt and shoes are !!

  13. My reaction ranges from meh to yuk. It needs a collar, as they all do these days. This is back to the bottom of the laundry basket look. Although as somebody else said, if he wins, we won’t care! I liked that white/orange collar outfit from a couple years ago…

  14. I told this to my twitter account.. Not a fan of the outfit,.. but the black one looks okay … 🙁 I hope Im wrong.. I want his old school type of outfit or just stick to one color no fancy shade outfit… 🙁

  15. ‘Twill probably be fine when it’s on. Can’t really tell about the neckline on my screen, but it looks okay to me. The asymmetrical transition from colour to white is maybe a little odd, but the top picture is so contrived that I’ll wait to see how it looks in reality.

    1. Haha! I’ll be sure to gulp down a pretty big helping of strawberry shortcake if Fed wins New York. That would be my atonement for criticizing the outfit. 🙂

  16. Oh come on guys, they are not that bad! Okay, not the best look but I’m sure he will pull them off for U2O. Yeah he is the only one can do with the outfit like this (Imagine on Murray… 😆 )
    And look, his curls are back!

  17. That white middle just screams “screwed up job”.

    More than the outfit, I am more concerned about his match play.

  18. Nike could’ve kept the soles white and used that red dye for the t-shirt. *facepalm*
    Anyways, he could wear a hijab so long as he wins the title.

    1. Hijab, of course, but same colours? 😉 To be more serious – outfits are marketing io sport fashion manufacturers and is in fact not designed for players but for millions of followers. The player has his (money) part for acting as model, but – have you ever played tennis or something? Do you remember your “outfits” and which one worked well? Do you look on yourself, when playing? If Stan could have won a slam wearing pyjama, let’s Roger wear hajib or burka (and nothing more). And think about contrasts. The more ugly is the outfit, the more you see, how beautiful the model is 🙂 So the worst ever outfit is just good to lift a trophy 🙂

      1. Why, Addey? For reasons of political correctness? Fandango skirt would be correct? Or Brazilian string topless? 😉

      1. Let’s look for positives 🙂 We should have in mind, how hard the task of designers is. They (and only they) have to design outfits for G.O.A.T. They must start the job on shaking feet 😉
        Now both red and black (my favorite colours for my own tennis apparel). A bit of white is still classic colour combination. Now don’t imagine Rog on the strange background on the photo above (for sure a Photoshop montage) but try to see him on court and how those controversial white applications explode with Fed jumping and hitting a big backhand down-the-line or one of his lethal forehands. Does the ourfit not feel better now?

  19. Fed is set to have a 2 hours practice on HGrandstand starting 2.00 PM ET. Now you can watch a long video from Rafa’s practice with Pouille on US Open Twitter account, which ended 1.00 PM ET (next should have been Madison Keys for 1 hour), so maybe soon a video of Roger’s training will be available there.

  20. Reminds me a bit of the AO 2005 t-shirt. Looks rather ordinary, a “could be anyones outfit”. Does not meet the “royal standards” of Federer’s outfits. First the hideous black/white and green/black t-shirts from AO and IW/Miami, and now this -__- OTOH the Canada outfit was just pure class. I don’t really care anyways, as long as he’s playing great in those ugly outfits.

    1. Just read now, interesting piece. So he hit thousands of backhands last year in Dubai with most of them going over the fence before finally getting better.

      “Federer’s rivals had been taking advantage of the latest racket technology for years.”

      Not true. Why do they write this then never explain what the ‘latest racket technology’ actually is. Basically zero change in the last 20/30 years to how a racket is made.

      1. Oh, dear. Read my lips: “there is no such thing as racquet technology.”
        This is the most misused work in the past years.
        A racquet is a static object. There are no energy transfer devices, no gears pulling other gears, no electrical parts, no active moving parts like pistons being driven by steam or exploding gasoline, or any of the like.
        It’s all and only about materials: rigidity, density, geometry, size, mass distribution, you name it.
        It’s static. It’s not “technology”. Dang!

  21. Zverev w Cilic quarter
    Murray w Jo Willy
    Federer also in the same quarter as Dominic Thiem,
    Nadal is in with Grigor Dimitrov,
    Federer meets Frances Tiafoe in 1st

  22. Absolutely Love the Federer outfit! Not sure about the Nike Jordans but the Nike dryfit shoes with brown gum are so nice! Shame he lost! looking forward to seeing his 02 outfit!


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