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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Stuttgart and Halle 2017

Hey all, here is Roger Federer's outfit for Stuttgart and Halle 2017. If he were making an appearance in Paris this would also be his French Open outfit.

In terms of design it's the exact same as the outfit he wore in the Matches for Africa which I posted in April, just in a new colourway which Nike call Polar along with some black and ghost green. The polo is cool but I'm a big fan of the Vapors, I think the colour looks great. You can check it out below:


What do you think of this ensemble? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Could have been Paris… Anyway, can’t wait to have him back on court! The FO is a lot less interesting without him playing..

      1. Had tickets for the Sunday start, Center court πŸ™‚ I got to see Kerber-Makarova, Dimitrov-Robert and Pouille-Benneteau.

        What’s cool in RG is that there is a lot to enjoy a part from the matches so pretty much enjoyed the day πŸ™‚ Plus it didn’t rain like last year when play was suspended after just enough time not to get any refunds…

  2. This look is much more “Federer” like…ie classy. I was re-watching the AO 5th set and thinking I wish Roger was wearing something like this.
    Don’t get me wrong…I ain’t complaining.
    Jonathan, I think the vapors in Seattle were grayish with a white swoosh.

    I’m getting an error for this site…DNS address not found.

      1. Seems ok now. Gremlins I guess. We have gone from winter to summer. Spring was forgotten some how. Looks hot in Geneva too.
        I think the FO could be entertaining this year. May be a new winner out of the blue?

  3. Missing Roger Federer and agree the French Open will be far less interesting without him. Bring on the Grass court season

  4. How come I clicked on @huge tennis & got PeRFect Tennis? Are you syndicated now or someone stealing your great work?
    Anyway keen for Fed’s return and love him in any blue, let’s hope it’s another winning classic !

  5. Really nice blue. I liked the dynamic stripes in AO and IW and so on though, but ok with this change to more quiet.

    1. Pretty blatant use of your material in a pretence it’s going to their article…guess it’s a backhanded compliment & they recognise quality !

      Looks like Stan is in good form for clay with the Geneva win & hope it’s him or a new champ at RG 2017!

  6. Hey all, what’s up?? Sorry I am late to the party… again… but I am kind of enjoying my “No Roger No Tennis”-days πŸ™‚ So… RG is going to start… don’t care… and all I want is to skip it till 12th June or so when Roger is going to start again. Man, kind of sucks he won’t play RG. I thought he could win it, just like he won AO, but… he thinks it’s for the best… so… I am in.

    But I am calling it… Stanislas to win RG. He has to, right?? Always plays bad and loses, but then somehow ends up winning GS. So… keep your head together and go for it (now that Roger is out) πŸ™‚ And please… try to stop Satan or Rafa πŸ™‚

    Too bad Roger won’t be wearing the purple shirt…he looked soooo good in it.

    Btw… I hope Roger made a good decision by going for Wimby and USO. He always does that… and ends up not winning it. And then he ends up winning the slam not many thought he could win… so hopefully God will grant him Wimby and USO. Go Goat πŸ™‚ 19th and 20th coming up… soon… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks πŸ™‚ the blog turned 6 at the end of May πŸ™‚ I used to do a post for it but it got a bit repetitive…

        I would like Stan to win, but maybe winning Geneva doesn’t help. He lost early there in 15 and then won the French… who knows.

      2. Nah Jon, have faith in Stan the Man formerly known as Stanislas… he will deliver. Afterall his daughter is watching. He wants her to see him win a GS too right?? πŸ™‚

    1. “Stanislas….Always plays bad and loses, but then somehow ends up winning GS.” hahahaha so true πŸ˜†

      1. Yup… still having faith in Stan the Man. His head his somewhere else all the time, but during GS… he’s focused.
        I think we should be actually more worried about Stan trying his all to win Wimby. He will want to win it, if only to stick it up to Mirka I guess πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Love the blue colour on Roger! Agreed with muser, this is a beautiful blue, especially jacket and shoes (am I only one seeing a different shade for the polo?). Thanks for the post, Jonathan.

    No Roger, no party…I’ve been a really good girl during the dirt season πŸ˜‰

    1. I agree Wanda. The jacket looks more mauve to me. Polo more bluish. The more I look the more I like. Now we need that there man in that them clothes.

  8. I love it!!!! Love him in pastel like color.. Too bad he’s not playing RG. πŸ™ I miss him so much in the court…

  9. Finally Nike created a simple and nice outfit! Who saw the Djokovic match? I was so used seeing him with the Uniqlo apparel… Now seeing him with the Lacoste apparel seems so strange…

      1. Meh, never mind the shorts. But seeing him with Lacoste is so different…. I hope that Lacoste can make nicer outfits… Honeslty, the Uniqlo outfit was boring…

      1. Oke wait for it… I am going to give Djoko 2 compliments πŸ™‚ Yup….

        I actually like his outfit.
        And even if his throwing boob celebrating is annoying and disgusting… he does put the ballkids in the spotlight. Not many other players do. On TL Djoko is beeing trashed for making the ballkids do it too, but the ballkids seem to like it….so….

      2. Ugh. I was hoping he’d shut up with that. If I were a ballkid, I’d be resisting very hard.

  10. Very nice! Definitely buying.

    I know everyone here has already said FO to Paris but I was thinking: If Djokovic doesn’t win it, he would be slam-less, and could be the first to hold all four slams at the same time, then go on to lose them all in a row?

    1. Unfortunately, Laver did exactly that and that too TWICE.

      Agree with everyone about Fed’s kit for the next 2 grass events. Can’t wait.

      1. Did Laver actually play and lose? Or did he simply not play? In that case, it won’t be considered as losing those slams.

    2. Ah yeah never thought of that. Not sure Djoker can win it on his form. Is he playing well so far? Handled Sousa easy enough although he’s been well out of form.

      1. I think if he survives the next three matches, he will have played himself into form, and will beat Nadal.

      2. I gather he was lucky to get past Schwartzman today, from what the commies were saying? They implied it was largely due to his injury – whatever it was – that Novak didn’t lose.

  11. Since Roger is not in RG I will rooting for Kyrgios.. jokkkkeee… πŸ™‚ I prefer Nishikori or Wawrinka… πŸ™‚

    1. u never know.. πŸ™‚ maybe he can summon his energy like in USOpen.. πŸ™‚

      ughhh.. it’s killing me to wait for RF to go back in the court… Promise I will not shutdown my tv again when there’s critical moment.

      Kidding aside actually I wanted to see winning the old folks like verdasco, lopez or Ferrer(well he’s out).. Some new champ I guess……

      Or I prefer Murray than Nadal or Djoko… πŸ™‚

  12. To all the fans that were “disappointed” when Federer decided not to play the French, see the disappointment in Almagro having to retire because of a previous knee injury. He tried to play on and couldn’t. Almagro hasn’t had surgery and Federer has. Is that the kind of scene you want to see from Federer? Having to retire from matches or from the game of tennis because of a knee injury that won’t go away. That is the reason Federer did not play on clay this year.

    1. I did think that actually, not only with Nico but with David Goffin too – ‘Thank God it’s not Fed’. I don’t know if it’s really more injuries than usual this year, or we’re more aware of them because we’re not mostly focused on Roger.

  13. I saw in the highlights that Rafa is destroying, Novak had his “AO-Simon”-match and that….. Delpo is going to win Sportmanship Award πŸ™‚ He would deserve it to be honest… he really knows what Nico went through. People thought he wouldn’t come back or not that strong and look at him now. I think I will watch my first RG match tomorrow, Delpo vs Andy πŸ™‚
    Still… boring without Roger…

  14. TBH, FO’s 4th rounds are better than I expected. Variety. Would have liked if RF was in the mix too… πŸ™

  15. Super disappointing to see Nadal’s attitude. This is just pure thug-ery – resorting to using his stature to intimidate an umpire, who’s just doing his job. Absolutely pathetic. Intimidation of the highest order. Indian politicians would have been proud. And to play the victim card by saying that he feels he’s “always under pressure?”!!! First of all, if you break a rule, you jolly well SHOULD be under pressure. And if the umpires did their job properly, under wayyyyy more pressure.

    On one first-set changeover, when Ramos called him for a time violation, Nadal told him in their native tongue: β€˜You are going to have to give me many more warnings in this match because you are not going to be in the chair again.’

    Later, Ramos deducted him a first serve for playing too slowly again, although, much of the problem is down to the officials haphazardly enforcing the 20-second rule between points at the Grand Slams.

    β€˜Sometimes I feel I’m under pressure during the whole match,’ complained Nadal. β€˜You have to let players breathe a little. This umpire is, I think, trying to look for my faults. This is the impression I have.’

    1. Yeah bit of a joke. There needs to be some consistency in the rules, maybe make it the same for Slams and ATP and enforce it properly. 25 secs. End of.

  16. Nadal is a lock for the semis and who has he played??

    It just looks like a bunch of softies for him.

    Can this Busta guy do anything? At least he had to play Milos and Grigor.

    Please someone stop Rafa.

    1. TBH, I will take Stan.
      Anyone but Nadal and Djokovic.
      Wouldn’t take Djoko at all cause if he wins this, he will be the first to win all the grand slams at least twice…
      I think we all know why we don’t want to take Rafa.

  17. I am excited for tomorrow with the men’s QF and the other two women’s QF. Rain stay away. Congrats to Timea and Jelena! Then next week Roger returns for the start of grass season.

    1. Yeah. Timea is a blow of fresh air in the women’s field. Way more game variety than most and also a likeable person.
      Where were we? Ah, yes: the outfit. I really dig it. Sober and standing out at the same time. That’s my kind of thing.

  18. Guys.. rafa is killing it right now.. haha.looks like we dont want to win rafa and novak. Same for me..thats why im rooting for stan andmurray..:)

    And oh.yeah. Im loving timea..:) great shots. I hope she can win..:)

  19. Oke… I am going to keep this very polite…. where was THIS Djoko (aka Satan) who is losing left and right to almost every player….when he was totally undestroyable, invincible, indestructible and totalle unbeatable in 2014-2016???

    Where was he when Rafa and Andy couldn’t beat him and Roger and Stan once in a while???

    Sigh…. Big sigh….

    1. Remember what I said some time ago: Djoker’s game is driven only by the greed for titles/records/milestones. Once they are reached, the whole thing deflates (insert sound of punctured tyre here). Not a glimpse of passion for the sport. Fake, vain, void. A bleached out sidenote on the tennis annals. It’s two ns, mind you…

      1. But I may also agree that maybe no real love for tennis, ambition was the main motivation, and this may be burnt out

      2. Djoker has lost a big chunk of muscle / strength. He’s not as quick as he was 18 months ago and he has also lost stamina. Then his confidence takes a hit for the double whammy.

        It’s the Pepe Imaz diet. He can get back to his level I’m sure but he will need to train crazy hard and start eating meat again.

        Forget the drugs talk, just looks like sad Fedfans trying to justify why he won so many slams. He won because he’s probably the best mover of all time…

        The entire top 10 could be doping for all we know, I guess nobody ever thought Sharapova was a likely candidate. Nadal has always looked the most suspicious but even then it’s filled with wild conspiracies that make the argument lose credbility. The testing and conflict of interests between promoting the sport / keeping it clean is the problem.

      1. No, never Know. But my suspicion is, that some cannot eat the drugs they used to, and therefore doesn’t have the stamina they used to have.

    1. Yes Sue! That’s what I’m talking about.

      C’mon Phenom Thiem!

      And Stan is just getting started.

      And Rafa has played cream puffs.

      There’s hope yet.

      1. Nadal could hardly be other than fresh, given the (lack of) competition he’s faced.

  20. The sport is so insanely competitive that a loss of even just a sliver of motivation results in, well, this kind of result. Djokovic will never quite be the same hyper-dominant player of 2015, even if he does win a few more majors.

    Agassi is a relaxed guy who learned how to enjoy the game for itself in his later career, even though he initially loathed it because of his domineering father. I’m not sure that Djokovic, with his relentless drive to win win win, can emulate his example. I never thought of him as a take-time-to-stop-and-smell-the-flowers kind of guy.

    Meanwhile, Nadal continues waltzing towards the title as his opponents generously hand him victory. He didn’t even have to play a full match this time. As he has never lost when he’s advanced past the quarterfinals at RG, #10 looks a virtual certainty. It would take a career-defining performance from Thiem to take out the Beast right after knocking out Djokovic–it’s nearly impossible to maintain that kind of mental focus against two top players back-to-back, especially if one of them is nearly unbeatable on clay. But stranger things have happened.

    As for the women, I want anyone but Halep, whose game I find unutterably boring, to win. I like Bacsinszky because she’s cheerful and has a big game, know nothing about Ostapenko or PlΓ­Ε‘kova.

    1. Ostapenko is just another baseline basher, and a big one at that. Nothing to write home about. Pliskova has been a bit up and down this year, but, hey, that’s common stuff in WTA.

    2. Yeah Timea for me. Ostapenko seems popular with fans though? Never seen her play.

      The women’s game is just ball bashing though, but if you mention that its sexist. Just a very flat game with little spin compared to the men’s.

      1. Have to say I didn’t notice Ostap doing much but hitting fearsome groundstrokes through the bits of the semi I was watching. Seems a nice girl, but as yet I don’t find her game inspiring. I’d far have preferred Timea to win.

  21. Stan is looking very mean. Smacking the living crap out of the slow high balls of RG. Beautiful to watch.

    If he makes the final I think he has a real chance even against Nadal, who has played a pretty soft field.

      1. Thiem winning the FO would be an hellva effort for his 1st GS title with his coach Gunter Bresnik. So GO Thiem!

  22. Alas! Nobody gets to see the Thiemless classic they were looking forward too.

    Djoko slam, to Djoko no slams. When was the last time he got bageled at a Slam?

    1. Ha! Ha! Djokovic ate a bagel cause he quit and starting hitting balls out. He said in PC that the match was over after the 1st. O’rly. I was hoping Djokovic would fall in the rankings behind Federer after the FO along with Federer winning the AO and Sunshine Double. That would have been sweet after Djokovic fans and other Fed haters was giving Federer the business after Djokovic beat Federer in last year’s AO semis. Federer’s somewhat repeat of 2006 year would go a long way in making people eat humble pie.

  23. Hail SBH!

    If he can beat Nadal straight set in Rome couple days back, he know how to do it here. Nadal hasn’t been challenged this whole RG. I am hoping for All SBH Final

  24. Oh FO is still on!? Meanwhile, I’m entertained by RF’s old matches on YouTube.

    How about this one?

    – Federer’s Best Shotmaking Match Of All Time! ● Suzuki 2R AO 2005 Highlights by Yoeri Tennis.

    Wow, Roger of course but had no idea how good this Japanese guy played!

  25. Its a bold colour choice. I always like when players combine colours to black as it is such a middle finger to Wimbledon which is always too stuffy. Not too sure about mixing it with the green though. Especially that line running down the back. Thats going to get annoying watching him on tv. Like a radioactive seagull has pooed on huim and its running.

  26. Jonathan, it did not hinder Nadal to defeat Tlhiem, the score shows an easy win for him. Can Stan do it, so the trophy gets no bites? Go Stan!

    1. Yeah was a fun match, Murray came up with some great defence. Stan some great shots. Stan could have won a lot easier if he came in more and put the ball away better. Clowns up those shots all the time.

  27. Well done Stan, a good win against Murray. Hope you have some left in the tank on Sunday. I was hoping Thiem to push Nadal a little, apparently not. Cmon Stan, you can do this!!! Just like what Fed said – play the point, not Nadal.

  28. Love the color..will definitely get one. Anyway hi guys, lookin to add my Fed polos collection. if sumbody want to sell any Fed polo/match shirt, please let me know πŸ™‚ thanks. Caesar

  29. Hey! this is a great website and collection of RF’s clothing by event. Impressed!
    Any idea where can these be purchased? Any website link, if you can help?

    1. Thanks.

      You would have to let me know which specific items. Unfortunately many of them are no longer available, they have a set production number and once they’re gone, that’s it.

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