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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the Shanghai Masters 2013

Here’s Federer’s outfit for the Shanghai 2013 Rolex Masters, it’s basically just a rehashed version of his US Open outfit with red accent colours rather than the blues he wore in New York.

There’s hardly any pictures of this floating around and I’m surprised that none of the retailers have started stocking it yet with the tournament only a couple of weeks away. Perhaps his early exit at the US Open has left them with excess stock of the Autumn / Fall apparel they need to shift.

Although if you go on the Nike website it almost feels like they have phased Roger out as everything is Nadal orientated right now, you either have a “Shop Rafa” or “Shop Men’s” button.

As for this outfit I don’t mind it, it obviously compliments the Chinese flag so I can see why they chose red as the accent colour and the design is just ok in my opinion. I wasn’t a huge fan of the US Open outfit but it worked pretty well once he stepped on court (barring the night session shorts) so this one might look good as part of the whole ensemble too.

Although the courts are a purple-y blue in Shanghai so I don’t think it will work quite as well here in terms of contrast.

Federer Shanghai Polo 2013

The shorts and Nike Trainers are below, the shoes look pretty good which is usually the case when the base colour is white like the majority of Vapors he’s worn. I’ll be adding on the bandana, jacket etc once they are released. Updated pictures now below.

What do you guys think? Is it a winner?


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. They aren’t the worst, no real difference to the USO just put in some red. They might look ok on. Although red shorts are a little bit British Holiday maker in Benidorm style lol.

      Needless to say I won’t be buying them.

    2. What appalls me is not the outfit, but Jonathan’s audacity to make a post about it. Well play, Jonathan, well played! πŸ™‚

  1. Nope, doesnt work for me either! And why isn’t he playing Beijing when Stan has added tournaments and He and Gasquet are piling on point pressure! Come on Fed, add a couple more in!

    Jonathan, can you work out how many points he needs to get to London?

    Ps I met Boris Becker last night. Delightful! In a nutshell, he doesn’t think Fed will win another slam( although said he was biggest fan) doesn’t think Nadal and Djoko are on drugs, but slightly admitted that tennis is somewhat repetitive today with the baseline slugfests! He was extremely nice, the consumate professional, and full of great anecdotes. Still cannot get over the fact that he was no 1 player in Germany when he was 14/15!!!!!!! The most interesting thing he said was that all the niceties were not real, although he admired all the players for behaving so respectfully in these PC money driven times, compared to the past when he said the battle started in the locker room, played out on the court and then sometimes continued back in locker room!!!

    1. Ahem! Shouldn’t the points question be for me πŸ™‚ It’s not about how many points, it’s more about how many tournaments the others play and the points they can amass. For Roger to be safe, he should target 4000 points. He may be able to make the cut with 3700 but that’s cutting too close. One of the ways to be on track would be to win Shanghai (1000 pts), runner up (600 pts), or semi (360 pts). I bet the draw will give him a clear path to the semi where he will face either Djokovic or Nadal. If he were to lose, he would have to do something similar in Paris and pick up some more in Basel.

      I’d say unless Roger keep playing horrendously, he will qualify. After all, this is the most comfortable part of the season for him.

      1. I am surprised he didn’t play another even though like Beijing. What else can he add? Stockholm? Guess he has chosen practice over match play which might not be the worst decision as I haven’t seen any pictures etc so he’s kept a very low profile.

        When Robredo broke him down he needed time to recoup, when the Fed-man finished Dull be sucking on soup.

    2. Also, about what Boris said: He is totally wrong when he says Nadal is not on drugs. Nadal is on drugs. Nadal is drugs personified. I completely agree with him though when he says, “all niceties are not real”. Boris is just trying to be “nice”. He believes they are on drugs but if he admits it in public, he won’t remain a commentator for long πŸ™‚

      Tennis players have the biggest egos. They are the biggest snobs around. Their behavior is tailored to fool the public, under pressure from the organizers, and importantly, the sponsors. It’s Nike who is keeping Nadal on a leash or he and Toni would’ve ripped Roger apart to pieces (as if they aren’t doing it already). All this talk about how much Nadal respects Roger is a whole lot of malarkey.

      1. Sid, could not resist answering your comment as I agree with you in all you said. Am a new visitor, i.e. commenting as I have read Jonathan’s blog for quite some time. Am not a tennis player but love the game of tennis, am a BIG Roger fan, his tennis, his manners on court and off, his family, he is a great human being in my eyes. My eyes are 88 years old, but do wear glasses! Wishing Roger success in Shanghai and beyond, would like to see at least one more GS. Common, Roger. One more comment, like “Sid, the CookieThief”.
        Jonathan, your blogs are great like Ru-an.

      2. Hey Dolores,

        Thanks :D, I have read your comments many times on Ru-an’s blog as I read his posts quite often but I had no idea you read here too.


      3. Hey thks for the detail! My hope is also that Gasquet and Stan get weary as hv added a lot of tournaments! Delpo has realised he needs to up the ante( playing Tokyo) and Raonic now snapping their heels!

      4. Dolores, thanks for your kind words πŸ™‚

        I have read a few of Ru-an’s articles. He writes with extreme passion. He an I agree on a vast majority of things, particularly the use of PED’s in tennis.

      5. Jonathan, can we please do something about this Pablo guy? I told him not to talk to me but he wouldn’t listen.

        If he is so keen on picking a fight with me, he will have to talk to my agent, Michael Vick πŸ™‚

      1. Personally think the WTF organisers will be desperate for Fed to qualify as hv almost certainly lost Muzza and there is always a risk someone pulls put injured! I see Delpo has added in Tokyo to keep in race! And Raonic has gained ground by winning KL!

    3. Meeting Becker must have been great Susie. But he said he WAS Roger’s biggest fan? man that’s sad, Roger is in the past πŸ™‚ Unless he still is his biggest fan!

      Anyways I didn’t expect him to tell you that he thinks Nadal and Djokovic are on drugs. Could you imagine hm saying that and you coming here and telling us: “Hey guys, Becker thinks Nadal and Djokovic are using PEDs” Jonathan’s traffic will break through the roof πŸ˜›
      A guy like Becker can’t afford to make such accusatory statements, it’s got to be the players (also ex-players) who have nothing major to lose; Rochus, Kollerer, Noah, Klizan e.t.c

      Also remember that the ATP sent Rochus a letter telling him to more or less cease and desist after he made his infamous comments. πŸ˜€

      1. Absolutely, al. V PC now and Boris is part of the Club! He even deferred to Annabel Croft who was also there. Too much at stake. One thing I did disagree with ws that tennis is in such a good healthy state. Actually I believe it is at the top of the curve and unless we get some more breaking thru and they change up the courts or stop the technology then actually the interest in tennis cld drop off. Boris also felt that technology had dulled the game. The fact that as he said these guys can hit a winner from 3 metres behind the baseline says it all!

      2. It should be that the guys who played the game now have a say in how it’s run. Too much corporate boardroom crap.

        They then put puppets in charge. Same as the FA, jobs for the boys.

  2. Hey all… I think this outfit is not that bad but defo not great. The best thing is the trainers/sneakers. Nike really need to give their heads a wobble and start doing the clothes for Roger what they did before instead of doing a cant be asked/Nadal-esk style of left overs. Which will resort to the statement ” Its sooo last year!!” Anyway really looking forward to Roger playing in Shanghai Masters. Hopefully it will be more of a successfull tournament. Whatever happens Roger is still the GOAT. !!!!

    1. Sneakers haha didn’t know you were American Serajul πŸ˜›

      I’m looking forward to Shanghai too I haven’t watched any tennis since US Open, been too long.


  3. First win! Hehe So proud … And out of nowhere, like a WC almost hehe. Again, ‘boit the outfit, I like when Roger wears red, and I think he has never worn red at this stage of the season

      1. Hi Jonathan, Goran’s win in Wimbledon 2001 was the most exciting match i remember watching. Have a recording of it. Thanks for your kind welcome words. Ru-an is my home base blog to read regularly, my favorite.
        Do enjoy reading your blog along with comments you receive.

  4. Roger will look good in anything; however, could the designers actually make a shirt that fits Roger? Every shirt he wears pulls across the front and the buttons strain. Even better, suggest Roger get a sponsor who doesn’t also support Michael Vick of dog fighting ‘infamy’ – how Roger, a man who appears to be an ethical human being, can do business with Nike is beyond me.

    1. Never heard of Michael Vick but to be honest what you are saying is ridiculous.

      Fair enough if Roger was endorsing stupid supplements with known side effects or encouraging fans to take out payday loans to buy tickets for his exhos but because Nike sponsor someone who was implicated in a dog fighting ring he should have refused to do business with them? Don’t be daft.

      If Roger had to vet every sports company and run background checks for who else they sponsored then I don’t think he’d find a single sponsor that was whiter than white.

      He uses cash and awareness generated from those things to put into his Foundation anyway. Some people seem to think Roger is Mother Teresa. He’s not, he’s first and foremost a tennis player.


      1. Yeah I bet they hang out all the time πŸ™„

        So you honestly expect Fed to terminate a deal with Nike that’s been in place since around 2002 off the back of a guy who was involved in a dog fighting ring in 2007, who by the way he will never have met from a completely different sport?

        I’m pretty sure no matter who you are, at one point or another you will have some far out and completely irrelevant connection to a wrong doing like this one. For instance, where do you work? I bet if I do some digging I can find someone who got caught stealing from the stationary cupboard but wasn’t fired. I trust you left immediately when you found that out? I mean you’d be a thief too by association right? lol

      2. Funny that people who can’t find unethical behavior in Roger are now resorting to making outlandish suggestions that Roger is evil by being associated with Nike. As you put it, Jonathan, we won’t survive one minute if we follow the “principle of association” with the people or businesses we work with, the food we buy, the list goes on.

        You know what’s unethical? Nadal making an underage ball boy drink alcohol in Barcelona. That may be acceptable in Spain but it’s not considered the right behavior in most parts of the world. Then comes his endorsement of PokerStars. Wow! Some role model πŸ™‚

  5. It looks like something any of the other players might wear. Not awful but not the best. I think of the red as the color of the Swiss flag. Fed can wear anything. He knows how to enhance the product. Djoker and Nadal will not look good no matter what is designed for them to wear. Maybe Djoker’s fiancΓ© will change his attire. I just want the Fed to win. I am not going to concentrate on this design if he doesn’t win we will not be seeing it very much. Delores, I liked your comments.

      1. That outfit sucks. Mike Ceballos likes that outfit. Therefore, Mike Ceballos sucks? πŸ™‚

        P.S. Mike, I am totally kidding!

  6. yes he is always winner and i want to mention one thing that i am from India and here in India always all about cricket and i big fan of Great Sachin Tendulkar always be. and i don’t have no idea about tennis but i saw my first tennis match RF against delpotro i think in Wimbledon and what a match that RF comes in winning moment and and then from i am big hugeeeeeeeee fan of RF and yes i think this years its not going well to him but i am sure he coming with bang and i am waiting for that moment.

    1. Fed vs Del Potro maybe at the Olympics? Or do you mean way back in 2007 at Wimbledon? Both were good matches. Del Potro then is completely different to now though, I just watched highlights, crazy how he changed.

    2. Amar, if you love Sachin Tendulkar, then you’re going to worship Roger Federer. You have a lot of catching up to do though.

      1. True. One of the greatest from another sport came to pay his respects to our GOAT πŸ™‚

  7. I don’t mind the outfit. Nike hasn’t done a good job at all this year though.
    Did anyone watch the Raonic Berdych match? They both played controlled aggressive tennis. Raonic’s game keeps improving. Mentally, he’s pretty good.
    Does anyone know what size racket Roger will be playing with? I haven’t heard anything about him at all. I just watched the final of the 2010 AO again. His backhand looked solid and movement much better than we’ve seen this year. Hopefully, his back issues are gone and he’s hungry to play.

    1. Hey Sue,

      I didn’t see, but I wanted Berdych to win for once. Not a Raonic fan for some reason, can’t warm to him. I saw Benneteau clown up vs. Sousa lol.

      Not heard anything RE racquet, I hear he’s in Dubai, very much keeping a low profile since USO which is smart I guess, zero media attention. He said he would use the racquet so maybe he has been doing, I hope so.

      1. Wait…you wanted Berdych to win? That’s how much you do not like Milos? Oh come on, Milos is a gentle giant. Sure, his game isn’t attractive at all but to prefer him over Berdych? πŸ™‚

      2. “Start talking about his behaviour, and I’m leaving the room or it might get ugly”
        take me with you πŸ˜‰

  8. Idk why Roger hasn’t won this tournament as a masters yet. Its got a fast surface as listed in Jonathan’s post on court speeds, so how did he get trashed by Murray in 2010 final? (since he is a defender and prefers slower courts)


    1. You know this whole “winning all the Masters” is a whole lot of baloney. Federer has won at Shanghai, twice in the YEC. The only items truly missing from his resume are Rome, and Monte Carlo, of which the second which I consider a pathetic surface, is not even mandatory. I’d say that Rome is the only place Roger hasn’t won.

      Is Shanghai fast? I don’t think I’ve ever watched a match played there. Maybe it’s not that fast after all.

  9. For me to be supporting Berdych, it would almost certainly have to be Stepanek on the other side of the net. And maybe not even then. Especially knowing that a win would put him a pathetic 5 points ahead of Fed in the rankings.

    1. Hahaha! I would support Berdych over Stepanek. I would support Stepanek over Leander Paes. And, listen to this…I would totally support Paes over Nadal πŸ™‚

      1. And the gd news is that both Tsonga and now Stan are out of Beijing so no extra points! Lets hope they and Gasquet run out of steam! Seems like Raonic pushing harder to get to London! Saw Fed arrive in Shanghai on YouTube! How does he do an interview straight off? Kudos!
        Ps just read Strokes of Genius, such a great dramatic story of the 2008 Wim final, set by set!

  10. Oops, Tokyo for Tsonga!
    Not Beijing!
    On another note, hilarious that Djoko/Stan beating all the established dubs team as a scratch pairing! Proves my theory, that the better singles players will usually win in dubs even if dont play that often! Just better players full stop!

    1. Not the same skill required, dubs is all on returning and volleying. But it’s true that they are going through the teams like a knife through butter! After all they are 9th and 1st, can’t really go wrong there πŸ˜‰

      1. Doubles is a completely different game. I mean, you still need a racquet, shoes, balls, a tennis court etc. but it’s a different beast. Susie’s statement should be changed to mean, “better singles players will usually adapt to doubles much faster than the other way around”. Singles players without a doubt are better players. No wonder singles is wildly popular and the prize money is insane compared to doubles.

        I feel there is no honor when two singles players ranked in the top 10 start playing doubles tournaments. They are taking food away from the table of these doubles guys. It’s like bullying. It’s like Serena Williams beating up players in the wrong bracket. It’s not fair at all. I understand there is pressure from sponsors but a No.1 player teaming up with a No.9 and beat up on others, not that they will win, is horrible.

        Shame on you Novak! Shame on you Stan! Just leave those doubles teams alone!

      1. Hi Jonathan,
        Came across your site for the first time, great job. I think the head size is bigger compared to his previous racquet. Was eagerly awaiting news on his racquet. Thank you

  11. Does anyone knows if RogerΒ΄s outfits are for sell?, i mean EXACTLY those, i went to the USO and for one thing, the blue shorts nike selled were different

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