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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Shanghai, Basel, Paris and World Tour Finals 2017

Federer's Nike Gear for the Shanghai Rolex Masters, Swiss Indoors, Basel, Paris Masters, Bercy and World Tour Finals

Here is Roger Federer's outfit for the Shanghai Rolex Masters 2017, the Swiss Indoors in Basel and most likely for the Paris Masters and the World Tour Finals in London as well.

Roger used to swap after Basel to a new kit for Paris and London but since 2014 he's kept the same gear right through the indoor season; so I'm guessing 2017 will see that happen too. There are some black Flyknits floating around online though so there's always a possibility Nike will push something new out at the end of October. If they do I'll post it right here 🙂

Anyway, you can check the outfit out below and it's available to order online here. I've posted the Flyknit Vapors as well as a couple of pics of the standard Vapor 9.5 in the same colour combo which is ‘dark atomic teal & metallic silver'. The polo is called ‘violet mist' by Nike and the flex shorts like the Vapors are ‘dark atomic teal'. Looks ok I think, again always hard to tell from the stock photos as the colours are often a bit off compared to what we finally see when Fed wears it on the court for the first time.


What do you guys think of the outfit and trainers? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. But even on sale, those are really expensive, like you said, we are paying a lot for the RF logo ?

  1. Oups i haven’t seen the other comments :D.
    As for the outfit, the color is a little bit girly but I’ll wait until he wears it to judge . I like the hat though

  2. by changing so many times the out fits it gets very difficult to surpriese the fans. we are just to over loaded with all the new gear that is not realy new. remember the old days when Lendl wear the famous beautiful diamond adidas collection for a full year and just changes the color design. thats how I would operate it. also the price race to $100 for a polo is now to much. bless theer hearts!!!

  3. I would go for the full year with one design and only change the color pattern during the 4 grand slams and than design for the ATP Masters Final out fit a limited very different out fit, price it very very high for the big collector fans. Maybe in gold or silver or black including the tennis bag. People would run into the stors to get it and pay anything!!!

    1. I guess they almost done that this year with this design? Not all the same but very close.

      What would you have for the Masters 1000 etc? Would he have worn the Aus Open top in any event before the French?

      I like keeping the slam designs different tbh…

  4. I love the teal trainers and shorts. And the black t-shirt. Wish the polo was black. The violet mist doesn’t seem to go with the teal. The violet t-shirt with the checker board pattern and orange logo is horrid. As usual see how it looks on and as usual Fed looks great.

  5. Very special color comb, not sure I like it. Maybe beautiful, maybe a bit mouldy-like. Have to get used to it, I guess. The design ok simple classic, except for the t-shirt with checkerboard pattern, here I temporarily agree with Sue. We’ll see and judge better when on!

  6. Ah Shanghai soon already? I haven’t moved on from the Laver Cup yet…

    I like the colours, both the misty violet and the teal. But not sure about the combo…Could work okay. Personally prefer the violet with black or dark grey. Never mind so long as it’s on Fed actually playing tennis. This time last year was sad and boring without him. So yeah he can wear anything he likes on the court, I would take even pyjamas. Allez!

    1. Haha, very tough question. I think, the obvious answer is, if he does well in Shanghai, and continues a good form, then he will. He would for sure like it! But if not, he’ll be reasonable enough to think more of recovering health and strength, not least for WTF and AO.

      1. Would not be better for Fed to take it easy, skip everything until WTF, win it, take holiday and repeat 2017 start? AO+Wimbledon as 2017 would be not enough for 2018. Let Rafa stay at no.1 and fight against Djoko or Andy, if they came back successfully in 2018. 2 slams a year means holding Rafa on safe distance. Then let him lose FO to Thiem and USO to Zverev and here we are 🙂

    2. Then we could get into the “what ifs”. If he didn’t injure his back in Montreal…..he might be #1 right now. Don’t want to go there.
      Settling in, Wanda?

      1. A few more boxes to go. Other than that, nice to be back home.
        Thinking USO next year? IW, too? What about Chicago LC?

      2. Just USO this year, I’m afraid. Might not see our man this time. Thinking of tickets to LA stadium. Ashe so expensive. No IW. Going to Australia in April. Can’t do it all!
        Maybe he’ll play MC next year. Wow, you were so close to the court. Were the ball kids mopping up the drool?

  7. Well, Nike have given up, Roger’s been wearing this type of shirt for the past 3 years. Nice shoes and shorts though, elegant deep green.

  8. Echoes of Wimbledon colours subbing lilac for the purple. I prefer some Red in the Asian swing shirts of shorts or even the shoes it’s good luck. Fed can carry off almost anything they give him but it is a pity they don’t try a bit harder, but at least he didn’t have to wear a monogrammed version of the USO outfit Delpo & many others did. Nike probably think they are trying but they are doing even worse with the others.

  9. For a gemmologist,  our champion will play in his finery made of dioptase (a dark green gem to be found in Kazakhstan and Namibia) and kunzite (a lilac mauve gem to be found in Austria,  Brazil…).

    And as Carlos Santana would sing :

    “Clap your hands, make a smile
    Let me know you hear me
    Stay a while, play with me
    As long as you are near me…

    See the light
    Let it shine
    Let it shine”.

  10. I think the shirt is nice but the color combination of the whole outfit is strange. The green doesn’t really match the “violet mist”…

    1. Yeah, it’s difficult to assess. I like teal, violet not so much. Since the two are nearly complementary, each one pushes the other’s perceived intensity.
      But colours on a screen are one thing; colours on a fabric are a different thing altogether. Change the light and the whole thing shifts, sometimes in weird ways. The two are not comparable.
      (And I know what I am talking about because it’s my job…)

      1. I’ve looked at it on 3 different screens now, and it’s looked different every time, so heaven knows how it will look in practice!

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