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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the Rogers Cup and Cincinnati Masters 2017

Quite the surprise as yesterday La Coupe Rogers announced that Roger would be making an appearance in Montreal. Post-Wimbledon the Swiss said he was unsure but after practicing back in Switzerland this week he obviously feels ready to compete on the hard courts at the Uniprix Stadium.

The GOAT will obviously need some new threads too as the white of Wimbledon just won't do against that bright Decoturf so here is Roger Federer's outfit for the Rogers Cup in Montreal and the Cincinnati Masters 2017. I don't have pictures of the Vapors yet but they'll be added soon. Check it out below.


What do you guys think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments. And are you surprised he's playing?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Well, this decision came in as a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting him to play till Cincinnati. I hope he gets a good draw and does well here. Didn’t particularly like the outfit. Looks a bit too dull.

      1. I agree! So happy for his success. It is so uplifting to see him compete this way, and it is good for tennis.

  1. Obviously thinks he won’t be knackered out by playing these 2 in advance of the US Open. He must feel fresh so take it as a positive. Not convinced by the pink tops.

    1. Yeah, Wimbledon not very taxing so should be feeling fresh. What else can he do other than get papped on a private holiday or practice in Switzerland. May as well play I guess.

  2. Glad he will play The Rogedlrs cup that means we get to watch real tennis .l’m not a fan of this color (but I’ll wait to make an opinion until I see him wearing it )

  3. Interesting decision by Roger to play in Montreal. I would have thought he would get more rest and just play at Cincy before NY. On the positive side, this may mean that he wants to go all out (#20?) and get enough match practice on the hard courts before the US open.

    He should probably just play Basel and WTF after the US open. From a travel standpoint makes sense to play at Montreal and cut out the long travel to Shanghai.

  4. Yeah, not expected for sure but we know Fed isn’t going to overpack his schedule so it’s a good sign. Obviously he feels good. And we get to see him a week earlier.

    Anyone heard about Amazon getting all the ATP matches next year? Probably going to cancel TennisTV if it really is all of them, as I already have Prime anyway and no reason to pay for two. Sounds like it could be a big blow to TennisTV tbh.

    1. Is it next year or 2019? I know the deal ends 2018 with Sky but does that mean end of or start of the year?

      Will be a big blow for TennisTV for sure. My watching tennis online post already needs an update.

      1. Just checked, looks like it’s starting 2018, but can’t find any official word on that. If so, I think my subscription to TennisTv runs out on May so I’ll give Amazon a few months to see what they have. I hope they can keep the commentary team, I really like TennisTV’s for the most part. Now well enough to keep paying for it though :p.

      2. It’s 2019. Can tell from the wording. So will be another year of Sky first.

        @Sue it’s £7.99 a month of £79.99 a year.

  5. I like the darker long sleeved jacket over this top, but I miss a collar; also as others have said will want to see this color on before deciding if I like it. He’s worn some great pinks before, but this one seems a bit different.

    Yes, I’m surprised… maybe even very surprised… he’s playing. If he goes deep both in Montréal & Cincy, you almost have to expect him to be worn out for USO, which we definitely don’t want. On the other hand he’s a master at optimizing his own schedule, & obviously knows more than we do about how he’s feeling.

    Now I’m excited for the draw! Should be Murray & Nadal seeded 1 & 2, then Fed & Cilic 3 & 4. Draw is scheduled for 4 pm local on Friday. Free entry this w/end, the site says, to watch the draw & qualies & a baseball game. 😀

    1. Yeah hard to tell from the pics as always colour corrected or unnatural light. Looks salmon colour.

      No Murray or Cilic now, so Rafa and Fed at 1 & 2.

  6. I think it’ll probably work fine on him, although it’ll obviously depend on the exact shade of pink. You could have knocked me down with the proverbial when I read he was actually playing Montreal! Wonder if he felt a bit of an obligation given how many times he’s missed it, and how many of the top players will be missing. Won’t be at all surprised if he doesn’t go very far, though.

  7. I wonder if he would stay out of Cincinnati of he were to win Montreal?

    I also wonder if he likes the slower court in Montreal over Cincinnati terms of prep for NYC?

    1. Good point there Alb. Winning Canada somehow and maybe just maybe giving himself two weeks before New York. Tough one to call – Feddy loves Cincinnati ?

      1. Thanks Addey. Yeah – I gotta wonder – if USO is the priority, which it must be – then Montreal’s slower surface is maybe better prep for him.

        His “recent” wins in Cincy have proven one thing we all know – and he knows… he’s great on fast courts. But the dominance there has not translated to success on the consistently slower conditions at Flushing Meadows.

        Maybe this decision represents a strategy to reverse that by “training” to be match ready for the USO by playing the slower surface of Montreal. Then… If he goes far there he doesn’t have to invest too much or at all in Cincy.

        That would be my best bet.

        Otherwise it seems contrary to his rest-centric strategy to play both prep tournaments so close to the USO.

  8. Its looks like a very nice outfit . Better than wgat he wore in the earlier hard court tournaments. The shoes I suppose are red in color. Should look pretty damn good. I am not sure about the decision to play two back to back tournaments before flushing meadows, I reckon it has to do with getting enough matches before going all out at New york.
    Maybe he goes all out in Canada and wins the whole thing after 11 years (Miami-esque) and skips cincinnati (though No. 8 at the latter is tempting). Its funny but I dont want Roger to go deep in bith tourneys. Yes It would boost his #1 ranking chase but I am sure we re concerned about it for now. Would we see another early out of the blue loss where he has match points ?. I dont mind as long as its before New York.

    P.s his US open outfit has to be the most fancy he ever wore in a slam !

    1. It shows his confidence level. As he is feeling confidence match play wouldn’t bother him to get USO. And It would be ideal to go as top seed to USO. After very long time. Would love to see that 🙂

    2. Everyone is saying if he goes deep in Montreal, he must skip Cincy 😀 you really can’t win with fans if you’re Fed when it comes to scheduling or winning! I assume if he loses at the US Open we will get a comment telling us that the reason he lost was because he won Wimbledon without dropping a set so he wasn’t ‘match tough’. 😀

  9. The court is stark blue, isn’t it? Or green? Either way I like the colors of his outfit on it. Wether nice or not to his personal appearance I’ve no idea – but what isn’t?
    I like the idea, that as it was maybe “too easy” for him with Halle and Wimby – not loosing a set – he’s hungry and impatient to get to it again. Also if the court and balls feel similar to USO, it’s a very good plan to come on here. Truly exciting!

  10. Just a bit surprised that Roger is playing both Montreal n Cincy. Hopes he can break another record by getting his 6th USO 🙂

  11. I am only concerned if Roger overplays.

    If he loses somewhat early in Montreal and then goes on to win Cincinnati – great.

    But if he makes a deep run here and also in Cincy, I’m a little worried about Roger not being as fresh going into the US Open…

    Will see how it plays out. I just don’t want 2014 all over again when Roger ran out of gas.

    1. The Monfils match was the big reason he was out of gas though. Hard to say how big an impact playing Rogers and Cincy had before that. Maybe some. Wasn’t in great form that whole US Open, dropping set to Granola Bar.

  12. I hope Roger is not playing Montreal just as his customary early loss tournament on this surface before his slam victory next month.
    Another win over Nadal would be awesome.

  13. I definitely like that shade of pink on him. Especially if it’s a darkish court. Surprised though to learn he is playing both tourneys. If he leaves early in any then he’ll be alright for USO. And if he wins one it’ll give him a good start at the USO.

  14. Wawrinka,Cilic and now Murray out….sad for the tournament, I wonder if Nick K will be next as he retired again.
    Hope Roger plays well. has won Cinci twice wearing pink. Definitely a throwback Nadal and Federer 1and 2.

  15. As per others, really shocked about him playing Montreal. Thought there was no chance. He was on holiday just a few days ago. I can not see him playing two 1000s in consecutive weeks if he goes deep in this one. I hope he’s not chasing ranking points at this stage, I would prefer he only does that after the US Open if he wants to. The secret of success this year has been rest and freshness of mind and body.

    1. But he didn’t play between March and June, that’s quite a long break so you’d think he would be pretty fresh. Wimbledon wasn’t too physical either, just 19.5 sets.

  16. Another Attire for Another August

    Arthur has now joined  Norman in the trophy cabinet.
    Another Grand  Slam won over the British net :
    Also worth writing some verse  or a new sonnet
    Announcing the journey of shoes now coloured in garnet.

    After a summer break and a well-deserved rest
    Again bouncing with great health
    Attired with a beryl shirt to be well-dressed
    And ready to compete and shine in the  Commonwealth.

    Aiming to sneak past the survivors and Nadal
    As a salmon would do in a Canadian river.
    August : it’s now time to  fight in Montreal
    And be victorious again with the least quiver.
    All the best wishes from the fans, we will call
    As one more birthday is about to occur.

    Amid a territory dotted with hard courts
    As Red Cloud and Big Foot have already been taken.
    As an Indian name, I suggest  “Ruby Fed vapors”.
    Again, flaming shoes augur records to be broken.

  17. Hi Jonathan and fellow Fed Fans. As a Canadian I am really surprised (and for purely selfish reasons) thrilled Roger is playing Montreal. I live 7 – 8 hours from Montreal and have been on the phone all day getting tickets, flights, hotels etc. I have tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday day and night matches, so after 3 attempts I might finally get to see “The Man” live. I do like his outfit and believe he is playing Montreal because it has been such a long time since he has been here and we Canadian fans were starting to despair. One thing off my bucket list!

      1. Hi Jonathan I was going to fly on points but have changed my mind and am going to drive part way and then take the train.

    1. Will try for a fan report Sue but I am a little intimidated after reading how good some of the others are I see on this blog. I am located a couple of hours north of Toronto and yes the tickets are for 2nd round matches. I figured surely he would be playing one of those.

      1. That’s what I do at IW. Get tickets for all the 2nd and 3rd round matches then I know for sure I will see Fed. Please don’t feel intimidated. We Fedfans love to read about any experience however big or small.

  18. I ‘m not sure if it ‘s the right decision.. well.. He knew himself so lets do this!! 🙂

    I don’t want him to be fatigue in US open. Oh well in his interview he treated as a joke that he can win the US open… It was so much for him to win 3 slams.. I think until now it didn’t sink to him that he won 2 slams. 🙂 I think instead of prioritizing the US open his goal for now is becoming Number 1 that’s why he chose to play the 2 tournaments.. just a hunch…. :).

    I think the pink top match a semi brown short..:)

  19. Hi Jonathan and all Fedfans! I do like the tennis attire chosen for Montreal…..a soft appealing color to my eyes. How exciting for Miss Elly to be able to see Roger LIVE! Have a super time.

  20. We’ll, he said earlier that after Stuttgart there would be no more breaks. So, he should know… But I think that two M1000 just before USO is bit of a stretch. My guess is the same as many’s: deep run in Montreal equals no Cincinnati.
    As for the outfit: in 2017 each one has won him 2000 points. The black/white stripes got him 2000 in AO plus some crumbles in Dubai (he should have hung it before!). The green one got him 2×1000 in IW+Miami. The all white, 2000 morr at Wimbledon. So, I say that he should retrieve the blue from Halle to wear in the WTF (there are still 1500 in it), wear a new outfit for both Montreal and Cincinnati, and also a new one for USO. This one is mandatory. There.
    Signed: Master of the Occultism.

  21. I like the kit! Reminds me of Fed in pink in 2010 for Toronto/Cincy….but those aren’t his shoes, he isn’t wearing the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour anymore.. he wears the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Flyknit….apparently those aren’t online anywhere yet. Maybe (@federerfan07) FedFan knows?

  22. Jonathan, love the outfit. Where can I buy Roger’s flyknit vapors? He’s not wearing the regular vapor 9.5 tours you have posted. Thx

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