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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome 2016

We never got to see the Miami outfit I posted a couple of weeks ago after Roger withdrew with a viral infection so here is Roger Federer's Monte Carlo 2016 outfit which he will be wearing in any clay event he decides to play in prior to the French Open.

First impressions are I think it's pretty good. Nike call it a Team Red / Ocean Fog / White Colour combo. And on my screen it basically looks Maroon. Please no comments about how it's a shame the practice t-shirt is a different red, it's just the light level on the photo that's different :). I'm not a huge fan of the shoes but as usual things might work well together as a whole outfit. It will be interesting to see how it contrasts against the clay.


Let me know what you think of the outfit in the comments below.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Looks alright.. At this point after Miami.. I would say happy when he plays again… Hopefully soon..Cheers..

  2. I’m at the point where he can wear a bin bag on court and I wouldn’t care as long as he’s fit and healthy. ๐Ÿ™‚ honestly the kit looks good and it’s different to his normal kits so that’s nice.

      1. hahaha! Good one, J. I saw footage of Fed practicing in Monte today. NO ill effects perceived. Fingers crossed.

  3. I would be more than happy to see Roger play in 2013 WTF kit .
    This looks surely better!
    Hope Roger gets fit and healthy ,it will be a long season from here.

    1. Not really for Fed now, he’s missed a quarter of the season really so he should have plenty in the tank for the rest of the year if he can stay fit.

  4. Outfit looks pretty good. The swoosh on the trainers is too big. The white collar will look crisp and clean. Already in Monte Carlo….maybe you better make a “practice day” trip, Wanda.

    You going Jonathan? Get some sun and sea air to boot.

    1. Walking randomly in the streets searching for our guy? If only I was a member of the exclusive MCCC. Over the moon just knowing heโ€™s indeed near me ๐Ÿ™‚

      Is the swoosh bigger than usual?

    2. Nah I’m not heading to Monte Carlo. I had tickets a few years ago but volcano grounded all flights, not thought about it much since tbh.

  5. I legit love this outfit. Always been a fan of the burgundy on him, but he’s so rarely worn it. Federer reds:

    2014 WTF (loved it but quite bright)
    2013 Indian Wells for like one match – bright
    2012 Swiss Olympic outfit – bright
    2012 AO – OMG
    2011 US day – bright, vneck
    2011 French – best outfit eva but bright
    2010 WTF – bright
    2009 Basel – burgundy!!!!
    2009 US – bright
    2007 WTF – burgundy!!!!
    2007 Hamburg et clay – bright

    It’s pretty rare, and I love it.

  6. Well, the photos are so dark on my screen that I think I’ll reserve judgement until I see them in the flesh, so to speak. As long as we get to see Roger in the flesh – and playing this time, please!

  7. To me its one of the best outfits in a while and Roger will look awe so cool in it. Already in Monte Carlo? Sounds good. Hopefully he can get a couple of rounds under his belt. A Quarter/Semi final result would he hard but extremely nice if he gets there.
    I hope he plays atleast 2 masters 1000 before the French Open.
    66 days and waiting… A sight for sore eyes.
    Gosh 8 more days left :/

  8. I love it.

    Can’t wait to have Roger back on court. Have really missed him these past 3 months. Tennis really isn’t the same without him.

  9. Thumbs up from me but quite honestly just want him on court! Miami was such a last minute disappointment especially with that draw….. Sob at what might hv been!
    On another note “Come on Kei”, although not expecting Novack to throw in 2 crappy performances in a row! Goffin must be having nightmares still….. Totally on his “non volleying” racquet…..??

  10. Yeah Susie, so disappointing Goffin couldn’t get it done. Yelling at the tv did no good what-so-ever.

    Fed must be raring to go at MC. Has he ever been out this long before?

  11. Love the outfit but to be honest he could turn up in a bunny suit I just need to see him on a tennis court this delay really brought home what tennis will be like without him – as boring as hell

  12. Hey guys, I’d like to raise a point and see what others think.

    Roger Federer is a wonderfully well loved champion. From ’04 to ’07, I think people were just mesmerised by his elegance and effortless brilliance, then came 2008 and the rise of Rafa Nadal, Roland Garros followed by the great Wimbledon final, and seeing this guy as a human, people started to pull for him. In the years that have followed, the crowd so often seems to side by him – that is unless it’s a brilliantly crazy french crowd!
    Rafa Nadal, the true king of clay, is another well loved champion. Hey Fed fans, would Federer be Federer without Rafa Nadal..!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Djovak Nokovic (my mum once called him that mistakenly, and I kinda liked it ^^) you can’t say he is. His ruthless dominance over the tennis world is so impressive, unavoidable, but I can’t bare him. Yeah, he seems a funny guy with a sense of humour, but he also displays a very macho attitude on the court, pounding his chest, roaring not with but against the crowd, that conceited smile he often does while nodding… I know this to be the reason why I don’t warm to the guy, at all.
    For as successful as Federer has been over the years, his elegance and mildness are traits people can identify with, while Nadal’s astonishing power and passion form the polar opposite, but come across as humble determination, manifesting itself in very different ways, not as arrogance. I see it this way, what about you guys?

    1. Couldnt agree with you more buddy. You took words out of my mouth. The 2006-2012 seemed like a Golden age of tennis. The Fed-elegance and Nada-trocious combination was killer , loved and admired all over the world.
      I”ll take nothing away from Novak. The way he’s been playing in the last 18 months or so has been unbelievable no doubt, but he’s game is too agricultural (like sid puts it) for me to follow his matches to be honest and not get bored.
      I was in complete awe in that wimbledon 2006,2007, 2008 finals, Rafa-Roger playing style , absolutely beautiful to watch. Somehow I dont feel it that way. The dominance of Djokovic is mighty and he might well end up raking more slams and then Rafa if not Roger’s (sure he is the richest already) but he its very structured fo be honest for me to be in awe. I”ll keep saying this : The Roger Federer of 2004-2007 was from another world.

      1. I would have like Nadal better without the HGH, EPO’s and testosterone injections, quite apart from the time-code violations, coaching violations, and innumerable “knee injuries” excusing his losses and from which he made countless “miracle” recoveries. Actually, I am kind of grateful that a “gluten-free” Djokovic stopped that train in its tracks – since Roger couldn’t. Yep, it’s a lovely clean sport. Thanks, Rafa.

    2. Yeah I pretty much agree Theo. And so do most others based on crowd support around the world. I don’t have any issues with Djokovic though, just not that interested in watching him play. Not sure what camp I’d put myself in – respect how good he’s become but I don’t think I could run a blog about him ๐Ÿ™‚

      @Addey – I think I used the term agricultural for Bouchard’s game? Not heard it for Djoker’s – I don’t think you’d use it for his either. Metronomic…

  13. Hello all!! I like the colour and once on Roger it will look a lot better too. Can’t wait for Roger to be back. Since his absence its been a bullshit Djokovic robot show. And now to rub insult to the wound Djokovic has 28 bs masters, 7 tournaments that he has done a 3 peat and lastly has overtaken Federer now with 98.2 million to 97.8. And won back to back double of Indian Wells and Slowami 4 times. This is really rediculous now. For once I agree with Nadal that Djokovic is winning too much. Tennis hasggone totally down with the stupid conditions that clearly suit him.
    It be nice seeing other people win but no fix the matches for a certain Serbian to win. Which majority of the public don’t even like. This is beyond a joke now and it looks like they want him to get the record of most slams and most weeks at number 1. Flipping bag of Cardigans and pants. Tennis is dead.

    1. I wouldn’t wind yourself up over the money. Serajul. It’s meaningless. The increase in prize money in the last four years has been astronomical; i.e. Djokovic won around $12,000,000 in 2011 when he won 3 slams and 7 ATP titles; in 2015 he won $21,000,000 for winning 3 slams and 8 titles. When Federer won 3 slams and 9 ATP titles in 2006 he won just over $8,000,000, actually a bit less than in 2012 when he won 1 slam and 5 ATP titles. Unbelievable just how much it has increased in 10 years, and particularly in last 4 years.

      When Federer was dominant between 2004-2007, there were obviously no complaints from Fedfans, but no doubt those who weren’t got pretty pissed with him winning everything at the time. OK the conditions may suit Djokovic, but he’s hardly to blame for that! It’s Novak’s turn and whether we hate his tennis or not, he’s dominant for a reason. I think it very unlikely that he’ll get more slams or weeks at No1. I reckon, based on his age and number of matches played, he has another 6-8 months of dominance before his form starts to drop. I’m not saying he’ll drop off the cliff the way Nadal appears to have done, but history suggests he will start to slow down. Every dog has his day and even though Federer has been incredibly successful at fending of Father Time, no one can escape. Djokovic will be no different.

      1. The money is meaningless. The Fed Fans need to just keep supporting Fed because we all know that’s where the bitterness comes from. While records can be broken, fan support is everlasting. Fed fans need to continue show they appreciate his effort along with the 18 years he has already put in. Fed is going to be okay.

      2. Exactly Karen. With all Fed has achieved, there’s no need for bitterness. Of course we’d all love for him to grab another big one, but so long as he’s healthy, and still playing his magical tennis, that’s good enough for me.

      3. [OK the conditions may suit Djokovic, but heโ€™s hardly to blame for that! Itโ€™s Novakโ€™s turn and whether we hate his tennis or not, heโ€™s dominant for a reason.]

        That’s true. But you’ve got to remember that Federer won when courts were fast, and fast courts help a larger chunk of the field; the big servers, the big ball strikers.

        He will however finish this year at No.1, matching Fed’s year end No.1 finishes, and will add a lot of time next year too, at the very worst.

    2. It’d be interesting to see how much the game is growing in terms of popularity. I know we here it’s bigger than ever etc.

      But from what I can cobble together using various publicly available data I actually think the ATP has plateaued and could now be on on a down swing…

    1. Heaven only knows. I still can’t bring myself to watch the Wimbledon 2013 final – I’ve never seen it, regardless of its historical significance.

      1. What does a masochist tell a sadistic?
        “Oh, please, beat me, beat me a lot!”

        What does the sadistic reply?
        “No, I won’t! No, I won’t! Ha-ha!”

      2. Wish Djokovic would assume the role of the sadist, for Sue’s sake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I like it. Love Federer in red, and this is a sumptuously rich colour. Like everyone else though, I don’t care what he wears, so long as we see those dancing feet on the court again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Yeah, I have my eye on Zverev. That generation of players could be interesting.

    Not crazy about the clay season but get to see Fed on court, allez! Draw out on Thursday?

    1. I hope (well…) that this current “next generation” does not turn out to be a flop as the previous “next generation” was. None of the Nishikoris, Dimitrovs, Cilics, Raonics, Tomics, etc, have consistently – if ever – produced eye catching play, let alone win majors (except that “accident” in US 2014).
      If there is a difference, I would say that the current “next generation” has a more fearless attitude towards the top dogs. But that’s just my impression. Nevertheless, it’s populated with guys to cheer for and goons to be hated…

      1. I would like to give some credit to Raonic here. He’s started the season with a title win in Brisbane, semis in Australia and Miami, and final in Indian Wells. Seems like he’s getting some consistency going

    1. The best thing about it is the animal – but was it meant to be? Swiss Cow? Hippo? Dunno if I’m missing something obvious ๐Ÿ˜† but have no idea.

      1. Perhaps that is what Roger’s next child will look like?
        At least you’re honest, J.

    2. Pretty good doubles for the girls, aren’t they? Boys less so, but then I suppose finding non-identical twins may be more difficult.

      1. Are you saying that Federer’s girls are identical twins while his sons are non-identical twins ?

      2. Non-identical twins should not even be called twins at all. They have as much in common as if they were born years apart, just like regular brothers, because they are originated from 2 different eggs. They just happened to share the womb at the same time, that’s all.
        Either two brothers have the same DNA code sequence (coming from the same egg: that’s proper twins, who are physically identical) or they don’t. There’s no in-between.
        So it is written.

  16. Waiting for the draw for Monte…I hope it’s not the usual minefield. I hope Djoko gets some early challenges–for ONCE!!!

  17. Here, here, Emily. Can’t believe how many draws are a piece of cake for Djokovic. He manages to scrape through the early rounds and becomes Mighty Mouse by the end of the tournament.

    1. Every draw is easy for Djokovic these days. He’s miles ahead of the ATP field. It’s actually impressive that he can save his best form within a tournament for the later rounds.

  18. Good MC draw for Fed:

    Bellucci/Lopez, BAgut, Tsonga/Gasq, Djok, Muz/Nad/Stan

    Lets hope he doesnt trip over anything

    Djok’s draw actualy quite testing (Monfils) and Nadal has the worst (Thiem)

    1. Belluci & Tsonga could be tricky, considering the surface and Federer is playing after a long break…

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