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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Madrid Masters and Rome 2014

It's about 4 weeks until Roger's back in action on the ATP Tour but his outfit for Madrid and Rome is already available from most of the online tennis stores. First impression are it's ok but nothing special, not something I plan on buying.

Nike have opted for the V neck style rather than the polo which he's worn since Brisbane. The Official Nike colours are “Lt Nite Factor Heather w/Midnight Navy & Metallic Summit White”

It has a sort of colour blocked effect on the sleeves but I'm not a fan. Fair enough use two solid colours but this looks a little half hearted. Almost like they were added as an afterthought. Combined with the two colour ribbed neckline it doesn't work.

Nike have stuck with a pattern effect for the shorts like they've done all year and they are alright but nothing special.

Trainers are the standard Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5's. It should look ok when it's all pieced together but doesn't compare to the 2012 winning polo pictured above.

Roger Federer's Outfit for Mutua Madrid Open and Internazionali BNL d'Italia 2014

What do you guys think?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Yes! First 2014 title! πŸ™‚ see what I did with precious year ones too lol πŸ™‚ do they count? You did say all lol. Anyways….

    I like this outfit a lot. I love Roger in Blue! It will look really nice. Happy he’s skipping Rafaopolis and jumping straight to Madrid again! Wonder what Edberg will do differently for Roger on clay that he didn’t do in the past. :0

    Do you know when Mirka is due(or an estimate) Jonathan?

      1. I’m still assuming that Mirka couldn’t have been more than 7 months’ pregnant because otherwise she presumably wouldn’t have been allowed to fly – unless there are different rules for commercial and private flights, of course, or unless those rules can be bent.

  2. Ah the blue clay! It was just so damn beautiful. Some of Roger’s sliding pictures with those marks on the clay feature in my favorites! Not to forget GOAT holds record number of titles on it too πŸ˜€ Even though it’s gone, it’ll always come to my mind whenever I see tennis and Madrid in the same sentence. Well that and of course, ’09!
    As for the outfit, I love the color of the shirt. If it had been collared, it would have looked great IMO. Still, I always like Roger in dark colors so this one gets a thumbs up! The shorts look not-so flattering, but I think they’ll go with the shirt. I like the shoes! Far from the best he’s worn, but nice anyway.
    Here’s hoping for a successful start to the clay season for maestro πŸ™‚

  3. I agree. Lousy design. But you have to say, Federer really knows how to pull them off somehow. I’m quite certain a lot of the stuff he’s worn in the past has been greeted with a little skepticism, up until he decides to walk out onto court. And somehow, they just seem to look incredible on him.

    I’m not a fan of the Zoom Vapours. Never have been. I’ve always LOVED the Lunar Vapours (8)- the shoes he wore around 2012, possibly 2011. I think those have been some of the most awesome Nikes out there. Specially this design. Most of the Lunar Vapour 8 colour schemes were phenomenal. The only Zooms that, to me, have stood out, were the ones he wore for a day at Wimbledon 2013, in the match against Hanescu. That hint of orange was fantastic. Pity the organisers asked him to strip them down.

  4. I really like the main color, but that slab of color on the arms just totally ruins it for me… Don’t like the yellow soles, and the patterned shorts I’ve never been a fan of. Not a winner in my book πŸ™

  5. I like it. Love that colour blue and think the v-neck makes a nice change. I even like the idea of red bands on the sleeves. The only thing I don’t like is the shorts. Hate these patterned ones he’s wearing this year, they just look like underpants to me. Shoes I never really notice – even when he wears bright red soles at fussy Wimbledon πŸ™‚

      1. Nor could I. I still have this weird feeling that there was somehow some tenuous link between those shoes being banned and Roger going out in the next round. Actually, I’m currently reading Wertheim’s account of the 2008 final, and I kept getting a bit of a sense of deja vu: he was describing the … shall I call it lack of respect? … for Roger at the time, and it kept feeling very similar to the situation last year.

  6. I agree the sleeves look a bit off but Roger always managed to pull it off. Love the bright yellow soles! (*^^*)

    1. Yeah the trainers are good. I’m still wearing Wimbledon 2012 Vapors. At Β£120 a throw I don’t update on a per tournament basis like Fed πŸ™‚

  7. I’m with FedFan, I would like it better if it had a collar. Having said that I think it’s much better than some of the Tshirt looks they’ve put him in in the past. I do like picking up the trim color on the arms. Clearly there’s no consensus on this point!

    I don’t really object to the pattern in the shorts, but I DO object to how thin they are – you should NOT be able to see a player’s undies through the shorts, so sorry.

    As has been said though – Fed will be wearing it, so it will look pretty good. But if I were buying mens tennis outfits, this would not be on the list.

    1. Agree about the thinness of shorts – they need to be suitably opaque. (Ugh, reminds me of a ballet I went to see once when the bloke’s white tights were too thin and his jockstrap was showing through. Really not a pretty sight). Also, men shouldn’t try wearing black underwear underneath white shorts – Mr Murray please take note!

      I suspect Roger will make the thing work better than it looks on the page, though: he usually does!

  8. Here I am down under in the heat. No sign of fall yet. So many times I don’t like the outfits but Roger always seems to pull it off!
    Anyone going to DC?

  9. Hey SIMON and RITA, if you are reading this:

    I am soooooooo jealous πŸ™‚ Have fun today and tomorrow and lets just hope that Roger and Stan don’t have to play Sunday.

    By the way, watch out for the dark horse at DC…. Andy Murray πŸ™‚
    I have a feeling he might pull it off to get his team singlehandedly to the next round……

    1. I hope they have to play on sunday O:) Wanna see them as much as I can! πŸ˜€

      Don’t know if muzza has it in him to play on clay πŸ˜‰

    2. Looking quite likely at the moment. Only question is: will CH be there to meet them? That’s looking rather less likely πŸ™

      Rita and Simon: careful what you wish for …

  10. Sorry it doesn’t turn me on πŸ˜‰

    Like the colour blue but not the design especially the sleeves, I’m with Simon for that. I also didn’t like his FO 2010 polo for the same reason. But agree with Gaurav, Roger somehow pulls it off and makes us think ‘humm, not too bad’.
    He is no question the best dresser on tour and always manages so-so outfits look better than the photo or catalog.

  11. Agree with some of views. Nevertheless, Roger in blue T-shirt playing on the blue clay just looks so cool, bringing back lots of fond memories (bar the last year), when the blue clay was rolled out first time (with Nadal and Nole being unable to find footing) πŸ™‚ . Roger will do well.

    1. Don’t worry Thinker… Roger is showing him how to win πŸ™‚
      But to be honest Stan and his opponent played both great, the other one was just better…

  12. Great day overall, too bad for Stan’s loss! At least we get to see at least one good match on sunday and Fedrinka in dubs!!

    Got Feds autograph on a ball got from wawrinka at last year’s DC (the one he lobbed into the crowd after his win!), and got to talk to him a bit! πŸ˜€ And passed on TV! πŸ˜€

    1. Glad you had a great day Simon! So what was going on with Stan? Or are you saving that for the guest post? πŸ˜‰

      1. Well Stan just didn’t get it going πŸ™ And Golubev was honestly playing good. Stan’s footwork was pretty terrible, and reaction and defense was bad (he’s usually pretty good at that, especially with his slice…)

        You guys really want the guest post??

      2. Yes, are you kidding? Definitely want to hear about the “little talk”!

        And what the heck seemed to be going on with Stan, & how the crowd responded, & the difference in atmosphere (if any) when Roger started his match. Yes.

        Go back & read Jonathan’s post about his visit to Halle for some ideas if you feel like what you’re thinking of is not enough. For those of us who can’t be there, even the silliest-seeming thoughts or experience is definitely worth mentioning. Helps us feel a little more connected to it πŸ™‚

  13. Color is. nice but the rest is a total failure. The shorts are bad but the shirt is absolutely horrible.

      1. Exactly. And now imagine that the person that designed it is doing this for a living. It is a strange world indeed.

  14. Just posted this on the wrong thread – so will post it again here:

    Had an amazing time at the Davis Cup today. Amazing, amazing. Just got home exhausted after eating out as well. Will try to get something down about it over the next few days, but just to let you know it was….well, amazing!

    And Simon, I was on TV too apparently. My hairdresser sent me a text message to say she saw me and admired my haircut!! No autographed balls though πŸ™

    1. gonna try and get an autograph on a fed Polo tmrw. Might just get it! πŸ˜› The best was the little “talk” I had with him πŸ˜›

      1. Dear Simon

        Cannot tell you how jealous I am – but hope you have a lovely day tomorrow

    2. It must have been, um, amazing, Rita – glad you had a great time! Looking forward to your thoughts!

    3. Hey Rita and Simon,

      Great that you two had a amazing time there! I was trying to find you guys on the screen. Simon, were you one of guys wearing blond plats with red ribbons or funny red & white wigs or holding a huge cow bell, by any chance? πŸ˜‰ Must’ve been fantastic atmosphere. His exquisite lob, the shot of the match, how did it look from the court side? And the little ‘talk’ with him? Wow lucky you! Wouldn’t you share it with us, please?

      Enjoy Fedrinka today πŸ™‚

    4. Sounds rubbish. Glad I’m not there. I was deleting some copyright infringed YouTube videos instead πŸ˜€

      Fed put on a great show, complete cruise job in second gear and pretty much schooled the guy. That lob point to break and then high fives Luthi.

      Did you speak in French or English Simon? Or just say chumm jetzt!?

    5. Hey Rita! Cheer the guys on in the dubs today ! Now looking like a key match to win! So interesting how Stan still gets so tight despite getting over the slam hurdle and despite reaching no 3! Just shows how great Fed is at winning from the front! The hardest thing in sport to keep sustaining! Enjoy your day. I am skiing in Austria but get all coverage here! Watched the end of Feds match yesterday and he did 3 interviews on court in French , then English and then German! So patient, so polite despite the fact he clearly wanted to be off the court in the shower! What a champ!

  15. Wow! I’m so jealous…..will definitely start saving to go for Wimbledon or WTF. Rita, Simon, did you guys see each other there or do you know each other before here?

    1. Nah we didn’t see each other. I was saving for semi finals in wimby, until I saw the price… F*ucking crazy o_O

      1. That wld be so dorky, totally Federer! Nice to hear the correct pronunciation of his name here btw! Faydayrare. All the ‘e’ sounds are v open not short and hard as we say it! Rita/ Simon are u swiss??

      2. No, Susie, I’m English, but the Swiss have kindly adopted me and I know how to pronounce Faydayrare πŸ™‚

  16. A bit disappointed that Stan was not able to win his match. He was not himself and was not able to change his game plan. Roger was on fire, serving well and very animated on court. I hope they will secure another point in the dubs. As for his clay court gear, not a fan but at least the color is nice.

      1. Worse than French, amateur play from him at dubs. Roger is probably close to swatting with his racquet.

      1. Yap, quite few are missing, aren’t they? But what a great effort to put together!

        Every match he plays, win or lose, he produces at least one spectacular/amazing/ridiculous shot or point. So far he has played something like 1165 matches, means the best 1000 would do nicely πŸ˜‰

        Funny that the most of the shots in the video made commentators just laugh at what they saw in disbelief.

  17. I agree, top 100 doesn’t come close. Looking forward to reports on DC. Think Fed’s frustrated with Stan?

      1. Hey Dippy, I actually thought the same thing. What is wrong with Stan? To me it looks like Roger is doing the work for both of them. But to be honest, Kazachstan is playing really good. Almost without fear. And to me, it looks like Stan is the weakest link and they know that. They play more to him… Not to make it sound like Roger is playing really great. He too is making mistakes. Hope they make it….

        Yes, they broke. Come on Roger and Stan πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Katyani. No, I’m at home. Gave the doubles tickets away. But will be there tomorrow for what looks likely to be an amazing finale.

      2. Ah Rita !!! How could you??? How can you give double tickets away KNOWING that Roger will play?? How?? How?? Well, maybe you did good. Unfortunately they lost. But they did try.
        Kazachstan huh??? Damn, they are good… but so are the 2 GS winners πŸ™‚
        Come on Roger and Stan. Tomorrow D-day πŸ™‚

  18. What is going on! Just got in and seeing that Fed and Stan struggling!! Will this go to 5 or will it go to the singles tomorrow…. Kazakhs playing great it has to be said but Fedwrinka not a good Davis Cup dubs record!! Come on boys!

    1. Hey Susie, don’t be surprised if Muzza ends up winning DC !!! I mean, the way Roger wants it so bad, so does Andy. Think he wants to win it also this year to have it be over with. But Roger… come on Roger and Stan…

  19. So – Switzerland now has to win both matches tomorrow. Roger should be okay (although never count your chickens and all that) but I fear for Stan. He seems to be in a bad place right now and the expectations on his shoulders are huge. Nerves might get the better of him. Numbers 3 and 4 in the world playing numbers 56 is it? and lower. Should be easy, no?

    1. Hey Rita, I kind of disagree. Stan can defeat Kukushkin, even when he is not that well.
      Roger has the difficult match !!! That Golubev (kudos to him) defeats first Stan, then both of them together.
      That will not be an easy match. Golubev seems not to fear Stan or Roger and plays very freely.
      I think Stan will win anyway and then the pressure is all on Roger. BUT…. Roger wants this SO bad.
      He was really pumped up after beeing 2 sets down….

  20. No worries…. nothing is lost yet. This only means the two of you HAVE to win tomorrow.
    No worries. We will make it πŸ™‚

  21. I really can’t believe what is happening in DC to Switzerland….I REALLY HOPE THEY PULL IT OFF TOMORROW!!! πŸ™

  22. I hope this is not a ploy by him to break Federer’s heart! Does he play before Fed tomorrow…cos if he does…then that means Fed playing doesn’t really matter if he loses. And if he plays after Fed and loses…believe me he lost on purpose and I will hate him for LIFE!

    1. Stan plays first and boy will those fighting Kazakhs hv their tails up! Rankings means nothing in DC. Some players thrive better in a team environment and some thrive better flying solo. Stan was poor today but Golubev served fantastically well! Stan/Fed not a great combo! GB had to win that dubs and kudos to them! Tomorrow is huge for both Swiss and Brits! Come on both!

  23. Oh man not looking good… Stan just can’t play well in front of his own crowd… and he’s gonna have HUGE pressure tomorrow… If he pulls through, Switzerland goes through to the semis. If not well…

  24. I’ve just checked the match stats. Both pairs are almost completely neck by neck. As a matter of fact, Roger and Stan won three more points than Kazaks. Clearly, Kazaks played big points well. It was a crying shame that the 2nd TB slipped away while leading 3:0.
    I am sure that Roger will be alright but Stan will be under a huge pressure. He really needs to show his AO champion mettle tomorrow. On paper, both are winnable matches. However, Stan is low on confidence at moment. I bet that he is regretting to have spent too much time wondering around Holywood.
    Fingers crossed for the home country!
    Watched Andy and Fleming match vs Fognini & Boliteli today – entertaining and that the better pair won. Team GB will be cutely watching the development of matches in Geneva tomorrow. Team GB really fancy playing Kazaks (according to commentators).

    1. I think team Switzerland really fancied playing Kazaks as well. And look what’s happening!

      I think Stan has been having problems for a while now. Like Susie said earlier the hardest thing is leading from the front. At the AO he had nothing to lose really, now he has a reputation to defend and is finding it tough going. Nerves definitely seem to be getting the better of him. Hope he can hold it together for tomorrow’s match – and Roger too of course. That’s not a given either. Fingers crossed. It would really be a shame if they got knocked out now.

      At least though it would solve the dilemma for me of who I should support in the semis.

      1. You’d have to doubly support GB if the Kazaks knocked CH out!

        I’m starting to realise what a rare event it was when I actually saw Stan and Roger winning a doubles match playing for their country at the Olympics! (They did get knocked out in the next round …)

        Hope someone can find some way of motivating/boosting Stan’s confidence overnight πŸ™ The prospect of a semi at the O2 was starting to sound enticing …

  25. Hey guys. No worries. All is well and all will be well tomorrow (or later today).

    Anyone see Roger play today and did you see him “kind of upset” with Stan?? Roger wants DC this year SO SO bad. They were almost there you know. If they hadn’t been broken in the second set, they would not have been down 2 sets and they would have won. They even almost made it to a fifth set. But kudos to Kazachstan. They played great and without fear.
    Tomorrow I really think, no matter what is going on with Stan !!!, he will beat Kukushkin. Then it is all up to Roger. He has got to beat DANGERMAN. My God, that Golubev. plays great, dangerous and most important without fear. He beat Stan. And altough he has 2 GS winners on the other side, he still beat them. So Roger will have his hands full.

    What was going on with Stan? Looked like Roger was “a little bit fighting” for the both of them. Makes you respect him even more right? At his age, kind of fighting the battle for the both of them?? I am a little bit worried for Roger that he is not getting too tired. He was shaking his legs a couple of times to loose them up.
    Don’t know what is wrong with Stan? Pressure?? But he played DC so many times. So why the pressure??
    Oh and I am not saying that they lost only because of Stan. Both could have done better. But Stan was kind of the weakest link… The first 2 sets Kazachstan played more to Stan, because they knew he was having more trouble. Not that it helped that Roger lost the openingsgame in the first set….

    I don’t know if you saw the doubles of GB today, but there was, in my opinion, kind of the same situation. Bolelli was playing for both Fognini and him, and I don’t know what the hell was wrong with Fognini. He was even worse than Stan. Atleast Stan tried, fought like hell and did not want to give up. But Fognini??? They almost won the fourth set. Would be 2 sets each. But then….
    So hope Roger and Stan go through. They SO deserve it.

    Ps: if anyone saw it… when Roger and Stan came back to the court when they were down 2 sets, anyone else think he kind of yelled to Stan??? He looked mad and Stan looked like a schoolboy….

    1. Yeap Stan imploded, Roger was trying very hard to rally him up. He played a little better in 3rd and 4th but not enough to push to 5th. I think weight of being GS Champ, Swiss No1 with huge hangover winning AO. I was hoping that he would perform better but still don’t see it. I hope he prove me wrong on Sunday.

  26. Hey guys, one more thing. Jo Willy is in the same situation as Stan. He has to win. France and Suisse have to win both their matches. If Stan and Jo Willy lose, it is game over….
    Anyone saw Jo Willy vs Gojowczyk?? Appearently Jo Willy hit more than 30 aces in that match and Gojo even more than 40 !!! In one match !!!

  27. WOW I envy y’all getting to visit with Federer! I can’t imagine that opportunity. I have to watch the delay on Tennis Channel here in the USA so I knew the outcome before watching today. I just wanted to see how that happened. I had never heard of those two guys. They were amazing. I don’t want them to win tomorrow, but, they seemed so powerful. I feel like our guys should have just gone to the base line and owe red the shots backed to them and kept them on the baseline. I had never heard of Kazakhstan until I knew they were playing Switzerland. I will have the champagne waiting for the Swiss guys though!!!

    I do not like the yellow and blue on the shoes. They do not match the shirt. Interesting attire – how did this happen? I love the red for Switzerland this weekend. Great shoes! His attire looks so much better than Stan’s. My favorite attire was the gold and white at Wimbledon years ago.

  28. Hey guys, I am watching Muzza vs Fognini. Before it began I thought 3 times 6-2 or 6-3 for Andy, but my God, Fabio is GOOD !!! Always thought he was quite overreated, but wow, he is playing some good tennis. I don’t think he can win. But if he plays like this, maybe, just maybe….

    1. Yes. Fabio is overrated on other surfaces except clay and that’s why the Italians picked clay. He’s up two sets now. Hope he holds his nerve. Also if Stan can push the tie to a 5th rubber. I think Golubev his never lost a DC match and has been very good this tie. Can Federer stop him when Roger has never played him. Federer holds the Swiss only victory in the tie so far and didn’t play in the 2010 tie.

      1. That’s it… I am officially Fabio’s fan πŸ™‚ Damn, he just beat Andy. But seriously, the first 2 or 3 games Andy was unplayable. After that, it was the “Fabio show”. He was SOOOOO good. Man, how did I ever underestimate him??? No matter if Italy goes through, but Fabio, wow… If you can play like that… So a fan of Fabio (but… not when he ever has to play Roger, of course) πŸ™‚

        KFedFan, I do think Stan will win. But I am worried for Roger. He has the most difficult match, but Roger wants this so bad. Yesterday he was so calm and unworried. Roger will win. He has to. He knows that. He wants DC this year…

    2. Hv always loved fabulous Fabio! One of the characters in today’s slightly bland game! And wonderful clay court player! Spotted Pennetta in the crowd Katyani so think she got there first !!!

    1. Yeah! What strength of nerve! Huge pressure! Credit to Golubev! He looked exhausted by the end! He has been immense for the Kazahks all the way! Hopefully Stan will hv got rid of his nerves playing in front of a home crowd and will he ok for the semi!!

  29. Wow, France and Suisse were both 1-2 behind yesterday and both won their matches today !!!
    I was worried for Roger. Golubev played great two days, even today. Roger had to work hard for it, but he won πŸ™‚ Kudos to Stan and Roger. Also to Stan. Had he not won, then they would have been out. But… their not πŸ™‚ Two best matches of today were Andy vs Fognini and ofcourse Roger’s match.
    Bring on the SF and the clay-season, but what will we do in a whole Rogerless month????

  30. Yes, Kudos to Stan for actually getting the job done this time, even though I wasn’t at all convinced he would when he went and lost *yet another* TB :). Unfortunately, the DC livescores weren’t working for me again, and the ATP site doesn’t show them, so I was desperately reading the live blog on the DC website to try and find out what was happening. The “live” scores on the TV were several games behind, as usual.

    I’m only sorry that GB didn’t win, now. If they’d held a GB-CH tie at the O2 or somewhere, I might even have gone – and I haven’t been to a DC tie since the 70s, I think it was, or maybe just into the 80s. I’m sure I could have found a suitable fence to sit on somewhere πŸ™‚

    1. Me too! GB v Suisse wld hv been huge in the Uk! But Fognini was just incredible for the Italians today! Huge game

  31. Just got home and going straight to bed I think. Don’t know how the players feel but I’m completely exhausted – though very happy πŸ™‚

    1. So happy for you seeing it live! I got in from my day on the ski slopes and basically had a nervy evening!! Cannot imagine what it was like live!! Huge from both Stan and Roger today!

  32. I’ve watched most of Roger’s matches so far this season and luckily the pattern on the shorts isn’t to visible when he plays ; it just looks like plain white:-)

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