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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Indian Wells and the Miami Masters 2014

Hey guys, here's Roger Federer's outfit for Indian Wells and the Miami Masters which start in March. I'm assuming he will be wearing his Australian Open attire for the Dubai 500 tournament which starts in about 2 weeks time.

The polo Nike have lined up for the American hard courts is pretty much identical to the one worn in Australia but just comes in purple. And it's actually quite similar to one of Roger's 2010 outfits.

The shorts are again patterned and I'm not a huge fan. As some of you pointed out they look more like pajamas. Trainers look ok, Orange and Purple can work in the same palette but I think they're a bit too loud and bright so it will all depend on the bandana and wrist bands.

Roger Federer's Outfit for Indian Wells and Miami 2014

What do you guys think? Can Roger recapture some of the form he showed in 2011 when he last wore this purple type colour?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I liked the polo, the shorts I’m not a huge fan of but it’s ok, and the trainers are kinda Nadal, but on Federer I’m sure they will look good. The first thing that this purple shirt brought on my mind was the Shanghai 2011 shocking final… Too bad memory.

  2. Damn, missed the podium again. Not crazy about this one. I loved the 2012 IW outfit, brighter colours. This looks washed out and I don’t like the shade of orange on the shoes. Jacket doesn’t match the polo. But maybe on Roger will look ok.

  3. Totally agree with you Jonathan, although I like lavender coulour for polo, orange shoes are a bit OTT. And oh no the pajama shorts again, hah! I think Roger wore a lavender wrist band and white bandana in the Credit Swiss ad though IMO it would be better if he wears orange for at least one of them. Can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The shirt does look faded. Orange shoes, faded purple shirt, and olive color jacket looks like something he found in closet from years past. I agree Roger can carry it off. The orange shoes look too much like something Nadal or Djokovic would wear.

    1. Nah, I had an open HTML tag in my post that caused the comments to all go bold which made them look different.

      Fed is playing Dubai which starts on February 17th.

      1. Yep, wish he was doing Rotterdam! Specially since Muzza entered !! Missed points opp?? Hey, like the polo, back to classics, always gd for him! Loving Feds Sochi tweets! He is clearly a complete sports freak! Gd week for Dan Evans, Cilic and Monfils!

  5. The shoes aren’t bad at all, and another nice polo is always welcome! Not going to beat the awesome blue polo in Indian Wells 2012 though! Apparently, he is finally going to get a different paintjob on the racquet, not confirmed though.

    1. I’m not digging the shoes. Just seems like a colour mis-match.

      Cool, you seen any pics of the racket? I like the fact it’s all black. Makes it have an air of mystery, should keep it.

      1. I just saw on the Credit Suisse ad that he was using a racquet with a different paint job than the black one he used in Australia. I’ve always liked the 2012-2013 Prostaff – the white, gold and red colours were a peRFect combination and it suited pretty much every single outfit he wore ๐Ÿ˜€
        An all black paint job is fine for a couple of tournaments, but over the whole year (let’s say), I don’t think it looks great. Doesn’t look elegant, doesn’t look Swiss, doesn’t look Federer-like ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure Wilson racquet sales were decreasing now there’s no official Federer racquet being sold (his one is custom), and that’s why they decided to spray up Fed’s racquet for the Credit Suisse ad.

  6. Hi Jonathan – like the shoes and the shirts hate the “pyjama” shorts and not keen on the jacket – the colour of it just seems out of place but all that said lets face it Fed can make most things work – just asked my other half if he fancied a trip to see some tennis in Dubai – his reply – Whose playing – my reply was a roll of the eyes and do you really need to ask – may be on to something though he never said no!!!

  7. I like the colours. I’m a big fan of faded, muted, and hate bright colours so peRFect for me. Agree with everyone about the shorts though. I wish he’d switch back to proper shorts and not the boxers. Shoes are okay. I prefer to see a splash of colour there than in the outfit. I’m one of the few people who actually liked the zebra (or as I think of it jailhouse rock) shirt ๐Ÿ™‚

    Round the corner from me is a large branch of credit suisse and they have a life-size photo of Roger from his new ad in the window. It’s absolutely stunning. You have to stop and stare, he just looks so elegant.

    All this won’t get the tennis done though, will it!

    1. Yeah Fed looks better in neutral colours or pastel ones I think.

      No Credit Suisse branches over here, we have to make do with Bookmakers and Mobile Phone Shops ๐Ÿ˜›

    2. Hi Rita

      I’d be round there asking if I could have the picture when they had finished with it!!! but then I’m sad sometimes

    1. Of course, Katyani, we all know. He’s looking good even as a sumo wrestler with the fat body and that redicurous chon-mage wig ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Hey Wanda, seriously, he is sooooo goodlooking, but…. even if it is Roger Federer:
        NO WHITE SLIPPERS !!! That is a no no for any man, no matter how great and handsome he looks !!! Be careful Roger…. don’t wear them again !!!

      2. Haha, what’s wrong with the slippers, Katyani?

        Sorry for a silly miss spelling, the above. *ridiculous

      3. Nooooooo no no Wanda, real men don’t wear slippers !!! And if they do, they hide it !!!
        Oh and please don’t apologise for spelling mistakes. I don’t even want to think about my grammar and spelling mistakes I have made and am still making !!! Compared to me you are an English professor !!!

        Ps: I am not joking about the slippers !!!

      4. Katyani, I’m on the same boat. There’s no difference between ‘L’ and ‘R’ in my language because no sound of ‘R’. So western people go WTF? when I say ‘I love eating lice.’ instead of rice. Though nowadays less embarrassing incidents thanks to the spelling check technology!

      1. Nooooooooo no no Jonathan. Again…. no slippers for men.
        Come on, it is 2014. Oke. Even men should be fashionable !!!
        No white slippers. No slippers at all…. Spread the word Jonathan….

  8. Not bad. At least NIKE is doing better job in 2014 than 2013. So far so good.

    let’s just hope that he can win his 6th Dubai Open and 5th IW follow by 4th Madrid Open, 1st Rome title with 2nd French Open, 7th Gerry Weber follow by 8 Wimby, follow by 3rd Canadian Open than 6th Cincinnati Open follow by 6th US Open….: )))…. I wish.

    1. As the song goes, you’ve got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true! So good thinking Phantom ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Oh, would love that scenario for 2014, good positive thinking, Phantom. We all should wish for him, it might come true by the law of attraction ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. You guys seen then new ATP schedule for next year? 3 weeks of intro before wimby, halle and queen’s are now atp 500. Decent start, we might soon have a grass masters ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Hey Simon…. but what is the point of all of this when Roger is almost at the age of “R”???
      Where was this when he was still in his prime??? He could have had so many many more titles….
      Don’t get me wrong, I am happy it is taking place, but maybe a little bit too late for our Goat???
      Unless…. Roger plays till he is 45 (a la male Date-Krumm)…..

      1. Prob a little too late for Rog, that’s true. But I sure as heck will not stop watching tennis when he retires, so I think it’s a good thing overall. We’re wishing for faster courts, not gonna complain because it’s too late for rog.

      1. I don’t think another grass tourney will be added to Roger’s schedule though, Halle will be his only warm-up tournament for sure.

  10. Great to see Halle a 500 event. About time. I’m sad looking at the photo of IW….I can’t go this year. Such a beautiful place with the mountains as the backdrop.

      1. I think first time Pablo is right…

        As Pablo said, today’s era is the weakest era in the history of the game.
        I mean at the age of 30 Federer beat some really weak players to get to the No 1.
        How that even possible?? I mean common, a 30 years old guy became no 1??? really??

        I mean when Federer was young he was No1 against tough era like Pablo said so I would like to conclude that the same person (ROGER FEDERER) became world No 1 at age of 30 making this era look even bigger joke….right Pablo??

        See Pablo, I am with you in this. Today’s era is a big F***ing big joke. Nothing else. And you are right about it. Very Good.

        I mean common

      2. Wait a minute! The unthinkable has happened. Pablo, the GOAT (Greatest of All Trolls), has been shut down!

        Phantom, not only are you the GhostWhoWalks, you are also the GhostWhoTalks ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. It’s amazing PhantomTheGhostWhoTalks, that in this “Golden Era”, there are rarely any players who have aggressive front court games, who can win entirely with S&V, in fact very few who can actually volley, and the No.1 player in the world, not too long ago, was a joke in the front court. Heck he won Wimbledon, a grass court tournament, with just on S&V attempt. Tells you that it doesn’t take that much skill these days to win a slam. Just a boatload of dope, and blood spinning, and CVAC pods.

        Truly a “Golden Era”, I’ll tell you that ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. If Roger made them look weak I’m wondering how Nadal could make them look… Well sth similar than to Fed, a ghost who walks hahaha

  11. Thanks and welcome guys, though the credit goes to TheSwiss KingRF ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Agreed Simon, why do we even bother to argue who is the GOAT?

      1. “I donโ€™t need to answer you.”

        Ohhh…don’t be mad… it’s OK that you look retard sometimes and make fool of yourself. You are just a human being (I hope) but don’t repeat the same mistake again and again otherwise people will call you troll. Since you don’t have any answer of my above post which I knew you wonโ€™t have, Pls get the F out of here and don’t make this ghost real angry. U TROLL.

      1. Well Sid, I am just happy that the same Roger Federer mad this so called โ€˜Golden Eraโ€™ looks like big fat โ€˜moot eraโ€™ in 2012 after wining Wimbi and becoming world no 1. And just for the record when Federer became No 1, Dull was playing in all those major tournaments. And I can tell you one thing, and I truly believe that Roger Federer is going to do some unthinkable in his career in near future which we will all celebrate for the rest of our lives.โ€ฆ.deshi basaraโ€ฆ deshi basaraโ€ฆ. RISE

  12. 2/12/14

    โ€œHow much am I over?โ€ Tursunov asked umpire Cedric Mourier during a changeover. โ€œAs much as Rafa or less?โ€

    Mourier, who did not assess the 28th-ranked Tursunov a formal warning, told him he was a few seconds over the ATPโ€™s 25-second rule. Tursunov scoffed.

    โ€œI think Rafa is eight seconds over and nobody ever gives him a warning,โ€ Tursunov said.

    Later, Tursunov added: โ€œRafa will pick his ass for 30 seconds and you guys will watch it. Youโ€™re not going to say a word.โ€

    1. Did anyone notice at the Australian Open that Nadal had lost a lot of his hair? There were many noticeable bald spots on his scalp, which leads to more suspicions that he has been doping.

    1. I think we should stop hoping for all of this (nice articles though, Sue). Nadal is not gonna be rightly penalised for taking too much time, and if he admittedly doped, he will “not get caught* (Brings too much money to ITF and ATP, it would just be suppressed, and it might have been already). I see the Cilic and troicki cases of being “see we take care of doping, Rafa doesn’t” kind of style. Sacrifice a couple of “well known” people to protect the big gun.

      1. There seems to be more talk about time violations, etc. I think that’s a good thing. Some things might never change but could be good for the up and coming players.

    1. Hey Simon, I watched the match and I was really impressed by him. And by Andy too. Who is that Thiem guy?? Where did he come from?? I didn’t know him. He beat Tsonga and wow, he gave Andy HELL !!! 2,5 hours. He is 20 years old. What if Roger or Novak had to play him?? He hits so hard, with a single hand. But he doesn’t play like Roger or Gasquet. He plays a little bit like Stan or even like Andy. It was almost like Andy playing Andy only with one hand. Both are great movers. Thiem also ran after every ball and got it too. Just like Andy.
      And this I have to say too, kudos to Andy. Man, he played GREAT. If this is him coming back from an injury…. he will be unbeatable when he is in full form….
      For the ones who did not see it, try to watch some highlights. One of the best matches I saw in a long time. This Thiem guy will be something great.
      Oh and Andy… watch out for him. This will be his and Roger’s year. Hopefully more Roger’s year !!!

      1. I have to disagree when you say he plays like Andy. Andy is pretty passive unfortunately, but Thiem was really going for his shots. I absolutely agree on the movement though, even Andy was surprised (said so in his interview). Did he beat Tsonga? I read on an ATP article he got into 3rd set TB… Ah well.

        Andy’s looking okay, still too passive for my taste…. I really hope Thiem develops into something more though ๐Ÿ˜€

      2. Thiem vv gd prospect! Was v top junior, narrowly lost FO junior final. V quick and powerful. Actually plays quite similar to Boris Becker, taking that early BH and really opening his chest as he rotates. Has Beckers old coach. Reads court v well. Has practised with Fed at Wimbledon ( 2010). Look it up on Youtube. Def best of the younger generation. Cld be the one to break thru. Good mental approach. He lost that match to Tsonga but gave him a scare.

      3. Sorry Sue. I just was so impressed by Thiem, wanted to tell it here.
        I know this blog is about Roger, trust me I know, I am his diehard fan, but isn’t it also nice to comment sometimes about some other guy or girl who just impresses you with the way they play?? Sue I don’t know if you watched the match, but maybe you can look up some highlights. Thiem was really impressive and it was a great great match. So exciting. I am not a fan of Andy, but he deserved to win, Thiem really gave him hard time and he overcame that. Would be more nice if Thiem would have won, but maybe next time (unless it is against Roger, then ofcourse Roger has to win !!!).

        Hey Simon, did he not beat Jo Willy?? The Dutch commentator said he did. Maybe I heard it wrong. And about not playing like Andy, that is something you all know much and much more than me. I just saw the way he moved, the way he ran after every ball and got it too. It reminded me of Andy. I still don’t know the difference between passive and aggressive play. To me it looked like Andy also played aggressive, but…

      4. I watched it. Put a small bet on Thiem (unknown underdog) so got quite excited when he won a set. It all ended badly as always though (betwise I mean), but yes, he definitely shows promise. How often though do we see that in one tournament only to never hear of the player again. Disappointed in Dimitrov. Some brilliant, brilliant shots followed by mini-collapses. He should be getting the hang of it by now if he’s ever going to. Although, come to think of it, the great man himself went along for a few years never quite hitting the mark, and then look what happened ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. Yeah he loooked pretty solid mentaly for someone who’s 20 and playing murray (appart from his 2 doubles in the first game of the third) he was really hanging on ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I’m really liking Fed’s approach to his game this year. He has gone back to what has made him a success, with the help of Stefan. Making the semi’s of melbourne after the year he has had is a massive step in the right direction. He’ll go deep in the Californian desert

  14. Interesting to see Thiem in the Gulbis box when the latter beat Delpo! Hoping Ernst can beat Birdman and Cilic so deserved his win v Murray who has reverted to pre Slam win tennis and gestures!! Anyway, both Muzza and Delpo failed to pick up points which is a blessing ! Fed shld hv played !!

  15. Oh just found this – another Federer and Messi video, and you can see Federer’s Indian Wells outfit again, but he has dark purple shorts, instead of the pyjama shorts! I think it looks better, plus you can see his racquet paintjob is the same one as the current Prostaff models –

      1. Well, I can’t talk on behalf of Jonathan, but if you are referring to the same restricted rules that Ruan recently applied, then I guess here is less conservative and you will find huge supporter on the subjects you are interested in ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. “Are we allowed to disagree here without getting a lecture on rules?”

        Oh come on Chris, that is not fair….

      3. Chris, you will find that our esteemed author Jonathan is a very patient man. I would have banned certain posters by now.

    1. No set rules on comments. It’s fairly open. I will delete stuff if I think it’s in appropriate, too personal or way off topic but in the main anything goes.

      1. Jonathan,
        I rarely comment, however I feel that I should, this time ๐Ÿ™
        Why do you tolerate total disrespect and a clear attempt by a troll like Pablo, he obviously is full of hate, many of Rafians hate roger more than they love Nadal.
        I used to like your blog because most people show an appreciation of good tennis. I also like the fact that very often people include links of interesting articles about Federer.
        However, lately I hate reading the comments because it is nothing but childish trolling by Pablo and people responding to his non-sense.
        I don’t even read Pablo’s comments, he doesn’t even know tennis and I bet he doesn’t play. Anyone who has even played club level tennis appreciates Federer as he is poetry in motion on a tennis court.
        I hope you consider banning anyone who intentionally trolls this blog.
        I think more and more fans like myself will stop visiting your blog, we don’t need this kind of non-sense to raise our blood pressure, just as Sid put it!
        Sid TheCookieThief
        February 18, 2014 at 11:09 pm

        **** this! Iโ€™m out of here.

      2. Mac, Well to be fair to Pablo heยดs by no means disrespectfull, at least not the commennts I have read from him. He just has totally other opinions than all the others in here on this amazing Federer blog. Pablo should maybe spent his time on a Nadal blog instead of a Federer blog I agree with that, but I think Jonathan is right in not banning Pablo from here just because he has another opinion than us.
        And even though peolpe are debating with Pablo thereยดs still a lot of good comments and tennis talk in here.
        So I think you should stay in here, and when the name Pablo pops up on your screen you just scroll further down until heยดs gone ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Hi Katyani,

        You are so sweet !!!

        I am certain that as soon as The Spaniard Bull start losing, this Pablo guy will get lost.

        Unless, Pablo is Jonathan in disguise, trying to spice up things and bring more Rafian inspired trash to the blog. I sincerely hope not, because Roger and Rafa are like Fire & Ice, they don’t coexist, at least not in harmony anyways !

        Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

      4. @MarkWandy, totally agree with you. he also praise Roger from time to time ๐Ÿ˜‰ so this not all troll ๐Ÿ™‚
        and I have never seen a comment that he disrespected others.
        he is good to the blog actually and I do like him ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. Hey Mac, so are you !!! Hmm…. Pablo and Jonathan beeing the same guy??
        Hmm… something to think about !!!
        And don’t mind Pablo. If we are Roger diehard fans or just Roger fans than we also have to be ready for Rafa diehard fans or just Rafa fans. Pablo just strongly believes that Rafa is the best. And to be honest, he is quite nice, also to us, compared to other Rafa fans on sites like BR. There Roger and we get trashed so badly… it is discusting….

        And like I said, I like discussing with him…..

    1. Roddick retires that often mid match?!? Poor Brooklyn ๐Ÿ™‚

      What it doesn’t take into account is, in completed matches, how many times a player has taken a medical time out. I wonder who would lead that category ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. This is just the stats that Susie posted with the context of total matches played added. I don’t know where the original stats came from – near as I can tell it was somebody’s tweet & they didn’t give references. I would have liked to figure out Connors’ since he’s got the most matches; but all I can find for retired stats is retirements in finals (from wiki). (And even there he had several.)

        I wonder if the original poster found some kind of every-match record for the players they included, and went through that manually adding up retirements.

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen any kind of medical timeout stat; wouldn’t surprise me if nobody keeps it. Only way to get it go back & re-watch matches that are remembered as having lots of mtos, to see if reality matches the memory? Not sure.

    2. Actually what’s really interesting to me here is that Johnny Mac, of all people, comes closest to Roger in how rarely he pulled out of a match that had started. His one withdrawal seems to be after twisting an ankle in the 2nd round of the Canadian Open in 1980 – quite early in his career (though I can’t find any corroborating evidence that this is his ONLY withdrawal ever). And to be fair, anybody – even Roger – would have to pull out with a twisted ankle.

      Here’s what it looks like if you take total matches played into consideration (total matches are per ATP site as of 17 Feb 2014). Roddick and Djokovic are the only ones with withdrawals over 1 percent (though Agassi is close!). Nobody, you’ll notice, is actually withdrawing very much. And of course it’s not really a direct comparison to compare stats for guys who are still active versus guys who are retired:

      Player……………. Retired………… Tot matches……………. pct
      Federer……………. 0……………. 1149……………. 0
      Djokovic……………. 9……………. 680……………. 1.323529412
      Nadal…………….. 7……………. 799……………. 0.876095119
      Roddick……………. 11……………. 825……………. 1.333333333
      Murray……………. 3……………. 565……………. 0.530973451
      Sampras……………. 7……………. 984……………. 0.711382114
      Agassi……………. 11……………. 1144……………. 0.961538462
      Becker……………. 6……………. 927……………. 0.647249191
      Lendl…………….. 9……………. 1310……………. 0.687022901
      McEnroe……………. 1……………. 1073……………. 0.093196645
      Borg……………… 5……………. 736……………. 0.679347826

  16. Hey guys, I know you all don’t like him, but Berdych just won ATP R’dam !!! A title after 16 months !!!
    Well deserved. He has been titleless so long…. Great for him….
    Now on to Roger…. Missing him a lot….

    1. Yeah it’s been some time he hasn’t won anything. Just shows how terrible he is mentally, he’s got such a huge game that you could bet on several titles a year with him… And too bad he has that terrible attitude to him, I’d like him otherwise I think ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I like Berdych game, he is my second fav ๐Ÿ˜‰
        attitude wise, mmmm yeah he has some bad ones, but he is likeable person I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Phew Shamtoot, I thought I would be all alone in liking Berdych !!! He is a great guy, great player and looks good too !!! Love just love his smile. Has an attitude, but I love that about him. I like it when he plays and wins (ofcourse not when he does that against Roger !!! Obviously…). But he is not my second fav. That is Stan the Man… Even before he stopped Rafa and became a GS winner himself…. yeah, those Swiss guys….

        Ps: Why is Roger on twitter so much??? Doesn’t he have to practise?? I mean, he does know that Novak will be in Dubai too right?? Stop it and start practising much more Roger !!! This has to be our year !!!

      3. Just finished reading Agassi’s autobiography and he mentions playing Berdy early in his career and thinking he was going to be really good. Then he played him again a year later and was surprised to find he didn’t seem to have evolved at all, and I guess that’s really the story with Berdy.

        About Roger he said he felt he was in the presence of true tennis royalty, someone who was destined to be one of the all-time greats.

      4. Agassi is clown. Didn’t he mention in “Facing Federer” that he thought Roger was nothing but a Sampras knockoff when they first played in Basel?

        Andre Agassi has revealed that he believed Roger Federer was trying to “imitate” Pete Sampras when he first faced him in 1998, and never gave the Swiss a chance of becoming one of the all-time greats.

        Agassi’s opinion of the record 17-time grand slam champion is one where he believed the Swiss was intent on being exactly like Sampras, who held the previous major record at 14 titles before Federer surpassed the total in 2009. In a new book called Facing Federer, author Scoop Malinowski has compiled a profile of Federer by collecting views and thoughts of former and current players, as well as the tennis media and fans.

        “I played him in Basel, Switzerland. I played two Swiss players back-to-back. Then I played Roger in the second round,” eight-time slam champion Agassi says in the book about the opponent he defeated in straight sets.

        “I just never would have guessed he was in for the career he’s had. He looked like he was trying to imitate Sampras when I first played him. But he just didn’t look as good. He couldn’t quite serve as big, he looked like he was not decisive enough about if he wanted to play coming in, if he wanted to play at the baseline.”

        And having believed that Sampras would not be under threat from Federer, Agassi even wrote off the Swiss’ hopes of becoming an established player on the circuit. “So I didn’t really give him much of a chance to be at the top. But he proved me wrong,” the American added.

        [About Roger he said he felt he was in the presence of true tennis royalty, someone who was destined to be one of the all-time greats.]

        Guess Agassi changed his mind? ๐Ÿ˜›
        As for his book it clearly should be called “Ajar” not “Open” considering he left out other very important facts. Cough*NotOnlyMeth*Cough

      5. As Simon said Berdych’s attitude sucks, otherwise I’d like him as well. Rita, I guess it’s still nice words from Agassi no?

      6. Scooter, I guess the comment in Facing Federer (which I haven’t read yet) was a few years earlier. Roger was 17 and had just won the Wimbledon juniors I think? It was a bit rash of Agassi to form such an opinion of a 17-year old I think, especially as Sampras was the player everyone was trying to beat at the time. I watched that match not too long ago (think I posted a link somewhere on here). The commentators were certainly impressed even if Agassi wasn’t. And although he won in straight sets it wasn’t exactly an easy win. The comments in his autobiography were a few years later, towards the end of Agassi’s career when try as he might he could not beat Roger who, as he said, seemed to be everywhere at once. Strange book though. Can’t make my mind up after reading it whether I like Agassi or not. A certain amount of bitchiness and insinuation. I wouldn’t have bothered but my son bought it for me. Had to read it in French too which I always find painful.

      7. Hey Rita and Scooter. Agassi is a clown and a ……. I take my hat off for the things he does with his foundation. Really. Kudos to him. He made and makes a lot of difference in people’s lifes who need it. But otherwise, for me, he is a jealous guy. I have not seen him play. Saw some things on YT and I saw a repeat of a Wimby final (maybe the last one) of him and Sampras. Even then I did not like him. From what I saw, I really liked Sampras immediately.
        To me (sorry if I offend any Agassi fans here) he is a Rafa type….

      8. I didn’t mind Agassi as a player, he was good but no real opinion of him off court. He seems a bit weird I always thought, like talking to him would be a chore.

        As for Berdcyh, big win for him he’s already achieved more than the whole of last year by February lol. He has grown on my slightly compared to maybe 2 or 3 years ago, huge game, just poor mentally and pretty one dimensional. I’ll see how I feel about him when he next plays Fed ๐Ÿ˜› that will be the acid test of what I really think.

      9. Me too Jonathan. I will also see how I feel about him when he plays Roger !!! I like Berdych so much, hope he defeats every player possible, but God help him if he defeats Roger and has the nerve to smile !!! He is only aloud to beat Roger after he defeats Rafa, Novak and Andy like 4 times in a row….
        I like the dude a lot, but does he have to realise he is a great player ONLY when he plays Roger????

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    – If I want to be in good time do I then have to be a Full series subscriber and place a deposit in advance? When I check the availible seats it seems like itยดs already almost full booked.

    – What if I wait to the tickets are on sale and try then, is it possible to get good seats then?

    -I would of course like to see Roger play, so if I book tickets and then want to trade/sell them by the US open ticket exchange, does that work well? And if I have really good seats and I want to trade/sell can they be traded to equally good seats? (if someone thinks the opposite than me of course) ๐Ÿ™‚

    I could just use some good advice on how to get some good seats and if thereยดs something I need to be aware of or remember.

    1. If you want to see Roger play for sure then you should book all first round matches on centre court. If you’re at a tournament that the top players get a bye, then all 2nd round matches. Otherwise, it’s a roll of the dice.

      1. I want to go to all the Grand Slams, and I have been to both Wimbledon (three times) and French Open (one time), so now itยดs Us open.
        I want to see Roger but itยดs not all about him, itยดs equally as much to see and live the diffence in atmospheres and cultures at the tournaments, and then of course to see a lot of quality tennis, and if I get to see Roger then itยดs only perfect. Iยดm thinking about getting tickets for the quaterfinals, hopefully he will get to that ๐Ÿ™‚ My plan is to buy tickets for both quaterfinal days and then sell the tickets to the day with the least interesting progamme.

    2. You been playing indoors Mark? No way could I get on an outdoor court here in the UK.

      As for USO, I have friends that went for the first day, they just bought tickets on the gate for Ashe both day and night session no problems. Depends how close you wanna be to the action as to how far in advance you get them, but if you aren’t bothered about front row seats then I think getting them at the ticket office would be fine…

      1. Best to get a seat, anywhere away from the very back of Arthur Ashe, or else trying to track the ball is gonna be a little hard I imagine ๐Ÿ™‚ Arthur Ashe is the biggest stadium in Tennis, so the view from the back row is going to be the worst of out all other tournaments ๐Ÿ˜‰
        If you can get a seat right at the front, it’s gonna be the best view of tennis you will ever get in your whole life ๐Ÿ˜€ I went to Sydney this year, and got seats on the third row, awesome close up view of the court, better than on TV!
        I recommend you buy tickets to Louis Armstrong stadium as well, in case the organisers move Roger there.

      2. Yes Jonathan Iยดm playing indoors from oktober until medio april. I think Denmarks climate is a lot like in UK, even thoug I think yours is a lot worse right now with the storms and flooding. But I have been playing 4-5 times per week the last month or so, so Iยดm starting to hit the ball pretty good.

        I need some good seats because I will be travelling with my girlfriend and sheยดs not so interested in tennis, but with good seats she is ๐Ÿ™‚ I have had her to tennis in Stockholm and the Olympics last year, where we got tickets on the front row, she was a bit impressed after all when she could almost touch Djokovic and Murray ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Woow Conal, third row seats thatยดs awesome. I have to get good seats like I say in my comment above, maybe not third or first row less can do it, but also when we travel half around the world to watch it has to be a good experince. What matches did you see in Sydney?
        I actually have a friend who watched the 09 US open final from way up in the stands on Arthur Ashe and he said like you it was hard to follow but not as hard as he had exspected.

      4. I got to see Kvitova vs Safarova, Del Potro vs Mahut, plus the final between Del Potro and Tomic. Also saw Benneteau vs Stakhovsky. That match was so poor in quality, that you find it hard to believe they both have troubled Federer at Wimbledon!

  18. For Jonathan and all other fellow readers…. I was thinking during Federer’s career he has changed racquets numerous times and Jonathan did a entire post dedicated to it and answering my question. Which I much appreciated, because I learnt and found out alot about the different racquets Federer used. Thanks! !! Anyway to cut a long story short , lets just say if Federer used the current prototype Wilson the 98 inch. If he could go back in time to 2003 onwards. If he played the Grand Slams finals again with the 2014 racquet with a bigger racquet head and with more power. Would he just for a fun discussion and debate, would Federer won more GS and all other tournaments????? I think I asked this question b4 but I missed the post.
    I just wanted to know the thoughts of other fellow Fed fans and the knowledgeable readers who visit this site.
    Me personally in hindsight I think with the faster courts, lighter tennis balls with this racquet now, Federer would of had more power and the control needed for S and Volley. He would of blown away his opponents including Nadal on the Hard, grass courts I am not sure on the clay courts but I think he would of had a better chance as I think he would of made less shanks and UE as the bigger size head would of give him a more hitting zone, if he missed the sweet spot on the racquet. Anyway that’s my opinion what do you think Jonathan and the rest? ????

    1. So let me get this straight winning 17 GS, having a record 302 weeks at #1 and winning a record 6 WTF titles isn’t good enough? Federer is tied with the most GS titles at 3 of the 4 GS. So he is the only pro who mishits a ball, really? When Federer was winning, nobody said a damn thing about his racquet. Federer won plenty if look at his career. Greedy much?

      1. He is one of the greatest of all time, no doubt about it but Fed fans don’t see that from some years ago he is facing now a Golden Era with players a lot better that when he won most of GS, obviously he cannot achieve the same success. Fed fans forget the racquet, the coach, the strategy and bla bla bla, open your eyes and check the H2H against the big 4, the answer is there.

      2. At first I found it irritating that you came and boasted on the blog, now I just find your comprehensive lack of understanding of the game quite hilarious ๐Ÿ˜€

      3. And yet Pablo, Roger was the only one (not Rafa, not Novak, not Andy, not anyone else) who became number one in 2012 (a player as you call from the weak era) after winning a GS in the so called strongest era, beating guys 10, 6, 5 years younger in THEIR prime.
        And before you come up with Rafa last year, Roger was literally THE ONLY ONE who accomplished THAT playing day in day out, month in month out, playing against players who also played all the time (not becoming world number one after making himself unbeatable in 8 months while getting himself out of competition, while all the others just kept playing on like mature men) !!!

        Pablo……. I love argueing with you !!!

      4. Oh and Pablo, I once read an interesting comment on BR. A Roger fan made a very good point (in my opinion). This is not Roger’s “era”. He is not in his prime. He already showed in his era and while beeing in his prime that he can be extreme dominant. Now… all he has to do is play tennis, win as much as possible and enjoy his game and matches. He already showed his dominance.
        Now… it is up to the guys whose era it now is and who are now in their prime. It is up to them that they can be as good and dominant in their own era as Roger was in his own era.
        I loved that comment. Is kind of true. Roger has got nothing to prove anymore (already did that in his era). Now all he has to do is enjoy and win….

      5. He was No 1 for a while, and taking advantage of the time off of surprise surprise, Rafa Nadal. I just said that there is a big difference of tennis level from this era to the Weak Era, absolutely obvious. And this is sth to take into account considering who is the GOAT, anyway he is in the top4 of my list.

      6. Let’s take Nadal to this so called weak era: Fast courts, S & V, yeah he would definitely have won more slams…. he who is about as comfortable at the net as a fish on dry ground….

      7. Nadal has a great volley but he doesn’t need it, he is the best ever from the baseline and he has the best passing skills of all time.
        Nadal has destroyed the best of the Weak Era by far, What could have he done with the others? Easy to guess.

      8. Excuse me?! Was that a Joke? Admit it, Dull has a terrible volley, only Djoker is marginally worse…

        Dull destroyed those guys on what I like to call “weak courts”: Physical over any sort of talent. Want to know why he has good passing “”””skills””””? Cause he just hits as hard as possible with his saucepan, and the strings bring it back in.

        For the so called weak era, where was he at uso before 2010? and at aussie before 2009? BEFORE the courts where ridiculously slowed down?

        I will agree with that he is the best player right now (and that is not necessarily a given), but don’t give him talent where there isn’t any. You keep saying that us Fed fans should come back to earth, well, guess what? Right back at you.

      9. @KFedfan, it was a hypothetical question. Stop getting your RF polo in a twist.

        @Pablo Why pitch yourself as level headed fan who just likes tennis whereas everyone else is a “Fed fanatic” who is blind but then just manipulate everything to make it match your preconceived notion that Nadal is the best? lol. I’m sure Rafa is very proud of you championing his cause here, maybe he will get you 10% off tickets for a Real Madrid game or for the Barcelona tennis event so you can watch him ๐Ÿ™‚

      10. [Nadal has a great volley]

        Look at this tool parroting JokeEnroe’s thoughts that Dull is a fantastic volleyer, lol he only comes to the net for easy put-aways.

        Jonathan, I think a separate thread should be created where Paulo and KFedfan can duke it out.

      11. Jonathan I cannot manipulate the rankings, the 23-10 or the 13 GS with 27 years old facing the strongest era ever. And you will see that when he retires it won’t be any discussion (experts) of who the GOAT is (at least in the Open Era).

        “For the so called weak era, where was he at uso before 2010? and at aussie before 2009? BEFORE the courts where ridiculously slowed down?”
        Before 2009 he was 22 years old, far from his current level. Check what Roger did before 22 years old.

      12. You know Pablo, believe it or not. Even your hero is getting older.
        Don’t be surprised if this is the beginning of his downfall and Roger’s rise (which I honestly believe). Rafa is winning also because he is mentally stronger than the rest. BUT that also has to diminish sometimes right?? Maybe from now on?? The guy is almost 28. The same age Roger began to lose more I think….

        And Sid…. don’t go. It is nice discussing with Pablo !!!

      13. Katyani trust me knowring the guy and the passion he has for the game we will have Rafa for a long time.
        Roger started to lose due to the improvement of his rivals not due to the age, with 30 years old if you look after yourself you dont have any problem (Ferrer).

      14. There is NO weak era Pablo. Roger just made them look weak. And you’re saying Nadal will destroy them? I don’t think so. Because anyone from Federer’s era around a decade ago, who is still active are obviously nowhere near their prime level and that’s why Nadal, Djokovic and Murray are easily dismantling them currently. Wind back the clock, and the results will be different. Don’t call Roger’s era weak, I could just call this current era weak, because no one really stands out, no one really is unique, so upsets are more common than a decade ago. Typical retarded Dull fan aren’t you?

      15. Wow, I didn’t know such idiocy was possible o_O

        So by all accounts this era is weak as weak since the same players have dominated? It’s funny how “when Roger wins everything he’s in a waek era but when my hero, my savior, the guy that makes me jizz the era is the strongest ever!!!!!!!!”

        Nadal wasn’t there before because the courts where too fast for him and his pussy game. Can’t run around all day on a fast hard court, no? Hurts his knees, no?

        ans so what is your excuse for his injuries? He plays sooooo well that something has to get worn out? -_-

      16. Pablo,
        1) Rafa likes to play tennis, but he LOVES to win more. There is a difference.
        2) He has no passion for the game. He has passion for winning. Again there is a difference.
        3) We will not have Rafa for a long time. You know that as well. If it is not his legs, than his knees, or his back, or his fingers and now he has to be carefull around stomach virusses.
        4) Roger did not start to lose because of improvement of others. Otherwise he would not have been number one again.
        5) Seriously, you want to compare Roger to Ferrer?? I like Ferrer a lot. But please. Roger has played over 1200 matches. Who comes even close to that now??

        Again Pablo, deep respect for you. No matter what we try or how we try to educate you, you still defend Rafa. Seriously, he must be honoured to have you as a fan !!!

      17. Hey Pablo, have you ever wondered why Roger always says he wants to leave the game behind better than when he first started?? That he wants to make sure the next generation has it better?? Ever wondered why Rafa NEVER says something like that??

    2. Not true. On faster courts, particularly those that reward S&V, and allow playing the ball very early, heavier, head light, and smaller frame racquets are the best.

      – The heavier racquet allows more power for shorter, compact swings, and also allows serving with control (location serving), rather than power
      – The head lighted-ness, and smaller frame size, allow supreme control at the net, and the heavier weight imparts more punch
      – Bigger frames, and head heavy racquets are not suitable for playing the ball very early, on faster courts at least, which requires great accuracy, because there isn’t a lot of court to play with. Again, shorter, compact swings are necessary.

      Federer’s game and equipment were designed, or rather, Federer designed his game for the conditions that were prevalent at his time. He developed a unique forehand, with a modified eastern grip, extremely advanced for his time, that allowed him to support his style, and as a matter of fact completely annihilate his opponents.

      Unfortunately, the days of pure skill are now over. The days where you could barely have muscles and still win slams, are long gone. You cannot compare players from different eras, there really is no sane way to do that. The only way you can judge greatness, is by measuring how far someone game was in relation to others during their time. Diminishing a players greatness, by calling his era “weak”, without trying to understand that it was sheer dominance, is doing a terrible disservice to them.

      Imagine for example what Rod Laver did. Two calendar slams, about five years apart. Why didn’t anyone else win even four slams in a row during his time? Could it possibly be a weak era? Food for thought.

      1. And to add: Rod Laver managed 12 slams in his career, but also lost five years between those calendar year slams. How many could he have managed? Is he the greatest? Or is Roger Federer the greatest?

        How is it even possible to compare?

        The adoration, the respect, the love, almost fatherly, that Rod Laver has for Roger Federer, tells me that he truly believes Roger Federer is a better player than him. Could it be humility? Maybe. But I like to think it’s genuine respect. Nobody else can earn that even if they were to win 20 slams.

      2. @Serjul Yeah I’m not sure the new racquet would have aided him on grass on his prime. I agree with Sid on the control part, the PS 85 or 90 is perfect for punching volleys.

        This bigger frame is to compensate for the state of the game and Roger’s age. He had the perfect racquet for his game in his prime. Maybe on clay there’d have been some benefits using this 98″ but he still owned most on clay, just couldn’t take down Nadal.

      1. Right, tennis on ice! Played with ice skating shoes! I’m sure the Swiss would produce a few good competitors.

  19. So far I have never seen any article about Nadal wining all clay court tournaments in weakest clay era ever. But everyone is after Roger Federer for what he has done is all in weak era. And this is not my opinion, its fact that Nadal has won all those clay court tournaments in weakest clay era ever. Who is the second best? Of course Roger Federer who won his single French Open and total 5 times appearance in final.

    Hey Faglo, I mean Pablo,

    How are you going to defend that Nadal won all those clay titles against weak clay era? Or you still do not want to answer my question just like the last time. I mean I understand youโ€™re feeling about Rafa but that’s how it is. Face it.

    1. I wouldn’t call Nadal’s clay era weak. He had to play Federer (who he dominated), but Federer can easily have been one of the greatest clay court players of all time if it had not been for Nadal. Unless you are referring to the ‘best of the rest’ players.

    2. I agree with Conal, wouldn’t say it was weak. Give him some credit. But you don’t want to get your pants up in a bunch talking with Pablo, you’re not going to get anything out of it. I’m all for a debate, but this is just meaningless, we all know (except Pablo ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) who is the GOAT

      1. Nadal might go down as the most successful player ever. For some, that’ll make him the GOAT. The winner takes it all. I try hard to give him credit and see in him another great athlete that happened to overcome the dominating Federer. If only I could believe that Nadal was a clean competitor…, this is what I find so difficult.

      2. Conal & Simon,

        Since Pablo is not going to respond to my question, I will tell you anyway why I posted that statement. I was just trying to intimidate Pablo. Nothing else. I try to do every time when morons like Pablo try to sing the same weak era song. And let me tell you that so many Dull fan couldn’t answer that question. I admire Nadal achievements on clay court. Nothing to take away from him as I understand how hard it is to win a tournament, no matter whether it is 250 or GS. There is nothing called easy in this profession. Itโ€™s just bitter Dull fans came out with that lame idea of weak era which I think they are nothing more than one of my TOOL. Nadal is greatest clay court player ever regardless of strong or weak field. It doesn’t matter the second best clay court player has 13-2 (Pablo can help) losing record against him on that surface.

    3. I love this!! Nadal won all those clay court titles cause he was playing against a weak era of clay courters. Throw that retarded argument right back at Pablo. It’s exactly what you say for Federer, isn’t it?

  20. I just came across nice statement in Facebook and its perfect for those trolls and fed haters:

    “Arguing with troll/retard/idiots/Pablo is like playing chess with a pigeon……….
    …….No matter how good you are, the bird is going to shit on the board and strut around like it won anyway.”

  21. I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me it seems like ages and ages and ages since I last saw Roger play! Yes, I know it’s not that long ago, it just seems like it. Something to do with the long winter period I suppose.

    Just a few more days to go now. From pics I’ve seen looks like he’s had a haircut again ๐Ÿ™ Hasn’t heard of Samson it seems, and the necessity of keeping your hair on!

    1. He will always have a chance at winning Wimbledon ๐Ÿ™‚
      Sadly I don’t think he will ever win a 2nd title at Roland Garros ๐Ÿ™ Two slams on every surface would be nice.

    2. He will always have a chance at winning Wimbledon ๐Ÿ™‚
      Sadly I don’t think he will ever win a 2nd title at Roland Garros, not with Nadal in the way ๐Ÿ™ Two slams on every surface would be nice.

      1. I also believe he still has chance of wining Wimbledon, but RG, I don’t think so, I would give Djoko a better chance.
        I also believe AO 2014 was step forward actually and it was something to build on. Dubai tournament will give us good clue

      2. Don’t write Roger completely off for RG guys. He might surprise you !!!
        Ever thought, with all these younger and dangerous players, that he would get back to number one? Don’t think any of us thought it would be possible, still he did.
        RG looks completely impossible right now, but he has done it once and has come close many many times. It could happen again….

        Roger lets Stan “borrow” his coach for Davis Cup.
        Maybe Stan should let Roger “borrow” his coach to show him how to beat Rafa…

      3. Not with Nadal in the way! Right. Nadal is basically final station for Roger in every Slam. Take him out of the equation, and Roger could still potentially win any of them, including RG. But I gave up hoping for Roger to win against Nadal at a Slam ever again, it just doesn’t happen.

      4. Ever thought what the psychological effect of Stan’s win over Rafa might be on Roger? You never know. Nothing is impossible.

      5. No Chris… no…. somewhere in the sky… somewhere in Destiny/Faith/Karma… trust me… there is a RG written for Roger !!! It is not wishfull hoping, it just is. God cannot make Roger suffer that much. Seeing every surface going slow to accomendate him, seeing him beating everyone, seeing him beating Roger over and over and over again, knowing that he knows Rafa does it the wrong way and that he (even as President of the Players Council cannot do anything to stop it), no… trust me, God really OWS Roger atleast one RG. And he will get it.
        This year, maybe next year, maybe in 2016. But Roger will win RG.
        You know how Roger first won all the four slams and the next year Rafa, maybe this time it will be in a different order.
        Maybe Rafa will win AO next year to be the first to win every slam twice and the next year Roger will win RG to be the second person !!!

        NOT JINXING IT… But if Roger wins DC this year, they will both have only one flaw, Rafa the WTF and Roger Olympic Gold, but… not jinxing the Goat !!!

        Chris, don’t stop hoping for Roger winning RG !!!

      6. Hey Rita, I agree. Rafa’s loss to Stan did far more damage than he and his team are willing to say.
        I read an article where Berdych said that Stan winning a GS made the other guys believe more that the top 4 is beatable and that even they can win a slam.
        If this already makes Berdych believe much more, why can that not be for Roger? Maybe he thought that only Novak could defeat Rafa. And now he sees that even Stan does it, maybe it will give him more hope. I honestly believe he will win RG. Ofcourse Rafa has to lose earlier, but not nessecarily. I read somewhere that whenever Roger loses a heartbreaking match to Rafa, he does extremely well in the next tours…

      7. Katyani, I’m sorry to say this, but there is just no basis on that assumption. He just got schooled by Dull on a hard court, there’s no way he can get through him on clay… And god has nothing to do with this, and owes Roger strictly nothing.
        There is never 0 chance, but the chances of Rog winning RG are just so slim you might as well call them 0.

        I really think you should stop that wishful thinking, it hurts a lot less when you lower your expectations ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Sorry if that sounded a little harsh :/

      8. Hey Simon, you can say anything to me. Even if it is hurtfull. I don’t mind. (Maybe at first a little bit, but not later). Trust me, the things that some fans tell me on BR, I can take it.
        About Roger, well, I am a softie when it comes to Roger. I want the best for him and all.
        I don’t believe in not believing someone. Last time I did that Roger went back to world number one. And…. yes, God does kind of owe Roger something, but lets see. God ofcourse wants Roger to work for it himself before just “giving” it to him…

        And how are your studies going???

  22. Reading all this comments saying that if Nadal is on the Roger’s way he wouldn’t have any chance make me think why there is a GOAT debate.

    Katyiani you are right about the damage that AO Final loss made to Rafa. It’s really tough to get an injury in such an event, he is worried about if it could happen again. Appart from that match where he played at 30% he reached the final loosing one set.

    1. Really Pablo?!! I tried so far never to reply to you, but I can’t hold it this time:

      Chapeau Bas Pablo! Your perseverance is really remarkable!!

      PS: I sure don’t like Rafa’s style and he knows how to get on my nerves when he plays, but I don’t have anything against him, and really think of him as a champion and a clay monster… he even was once my second fav…

      1. this is just fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was looking for a way for you to say that you have no clue about tennis, but there it is, in black and white for everyone to see. Man I didn’t think you where THAT clueless…

    2. Si Pablo, Nadal has Federer’s number. He owns him, mentally for sure and technically by fully exploiting the weaknesses in Federers game. That seriously weakens the case for Federer to be considered the GOAT. On the other hand, there are also many arguments invalidating any GOAT claims for Nadal. It’s anyway a somewhat subjective debate that can never be solved, there won’t be an agreement ever. The only thing that I could see happen is that one day a few of todays tennis great are discovered to be dopers, which in hindsight will allow to reassess the GOAT debate, among others. As a Fedfan, I’m not overly nervous about possible doping discoveries in the future. I would be as a Nadal fan, however.

      1. “Itโ€™s anyway a somewhat subjective debate that can never be solved, there wonโ€™t be an agreement ever” I disagree, Rafa is 27 years old he has time enough to overtake 17 GS.

        About doping I don’t any doubt about Rafa and if I had I would have the same doubts that for Fed.

      2. Agreed, Nadal might indeed make it to 18 or more Slams. This would end the GOAT debate, for you because Nadal would clearly qualify as the GOAT, for me because I would say it’s impossible to hand this title to anybody, Nadal being more successful, and Federer being more versatile. Federer might be doping, fair enough, but if he does, he’s not very good at it.

      3. [About doping I donโ€™t any doubt about Rafa ]

        ‘It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.’ – Mark Twain

      4. weak era blah blah blah. weak argument.
        Fed made all of them look weak.
        Seems like its just an argument to cover up the fact that Nadal can’t even dominate his own era let alone Fed’s. Meanwhile Fed’s been playing TOTALLY competitive with everyone from Nadal’s era even though he’s wayyy past his prime.

    3. “Katyani you are right about the damage that AO Final loss made to Rafa. Itโ€™s really tough to get an injury in such an event, he is worried about if it could happen again. Appart from that match where he played at 30% he reached the final loosing one set.”

      I like you Pablo, but seriously, I am not even going to respond to this one, except congrats with your hero’s win in Rio….

  23. Hi Katyani,

    I really like your optimism about Roger. I don’t know about RG, but I do feel that Roger is NOT going to roll over and die in the current competition. He will do something really amazing before he will hang his racquet. Believeโ€ฆ

    1. Hey Phantom, I do believe !!! Roger will win atleast 25 GS and DC and Olympic Gold in Rio !!!
      Don’t laugh. It could happen. If we stop believing in Roger, who else besides him will believe in himself???

  24. Here is something to get you all revved up Pablo…. (Since this site is as much about you as anything else now)
    …From a tennis forum thread you might want to troll now:
    “Federer has greater consistency, versatility (admittedly not by as much anymore), longevity, and dominance at his peak…
    Consistency: 23 straight semifinals for Federer. Nadal has 6? 10 straight slam finals for Federer (and another stretch of . Nadal has 5.
    Versatility: at least 5 finals at every slam for fed while nadal had only 3 at every slam. They both have only 1 slam at their weakest slam. Federer has also reached at least 7 slam semifinals at every slam, nadal hasn’t even reached more than 5 outside of the French open. Nadal has also yet to defend a title, let alone a slam, outside of clay. Federer has defended every slam except the French open and won 5 straight us open and Wimbledon titles. Nadal has not won 5 straight slams anywhere. Please don’t compare nadal’s achievements off of clay or on hard vs. Federer’s achievements on clay because there are 3 slams off of clay (as has always been historically except for 75-77) and 2 slams on hard courts (as has been since the 80’s) vs only one slam on clay (as has been historically except for 75-77).
    Longevity: despite being nearly 5 years younger and rising to the top roughly 2 years later, nadal fell out of the top 2, the top 3, and top 4 before Federer did.
    Dominance: Federer had 11 slams in 4 years, nearly as many as nadal has won in his career. Nadal has 7 in his best 4 consecutive years. Federer won 3 slams a year 3 times, nadal once. Federer won 2 slams a year 5 times, nadal 3 times. Federer nearly tied McEnroe’s best record for the year ( fell short in the last match) and won 92matches in a year. Nadal never came
    Close to this (has he ever even won 80 matches in a year?)
    Thus at the moment, Federer and nadal can barely be compared and Federer is comfortably ahead (also more simple analysis will yield 17>13 and 302>~115?). Nadal’s injuries are unfortunate, but injuries are a part of the game and staying healthy is a part of the game). Nadal has time to catch up obviously and perhaps the comparison will be more reasonable later in his career. Nadal has already established himself as the 3rd greatest player of the open era and is an all time great.
    From a neutral Roddick fan.”
    Ok little P, now that I’ve wound you up…Spin away!

  25. I’m enjoying the Olympics. Back to tennis next week. I don’t understand why Fed fans spend so much energy with Pablo comments. A waste of time. Why get high blood pressure on someone’s comments that mean nothing.

      1. Come on, Pablo is a nice guy. He defends Nadal because he really believes in all the injuries and incredible recoveries. I admire him for his strenght of faith!

    1. I haven’t. Been a while since I’ve ready any type of book but I might check it out. I think I remember someone else mentioning it here though so maybe they can give a quick review….

  26. Very cool color, i personally like the polo, i bought the polo last week, however it seems that the collar part should be dark gray just as picture shows but rather its same purple color so i kinda did disappoint. But still it looks ok.

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