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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Indian Wells and Miami 2018

With Roger deciding not to take part in Dubai I thought I'd post his outfit for Indian Wells and Miami 2018. He'll no doubt be wearing it for the Match for Africa too against Jack Sock on March 5th.

As usual, it's the same design as the Australian Open 2018 outfit just with a new colourway that Nike call Vast Grey with Bright Citron and Black. Not my favourite but I think it looks ok. Grey shorts are the ones for the outfit but I've also posted the black version which are also available.

Federer's Spring 2018 Outfit

Federer Nikecourt RF x Air Max 95 Neon


But what about the shoes? The Vapor X's for the Sunshine Double are not out yet so you'll just have to guess what they might look like. If you remember a while back he said he'd like to make some Air Max 95's in an interview, maybe he's been busy since then 😉

What do you guys think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments. I've also added the review box for clothing like I do for matches.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. 3rd.
    Wow, Nike, you have really outdone yourself this time! So original! Love the colour! Love the design! NOT.
    Let’s wrap Roger in a bed sheet with a few holes cut out and paint some lines on it.

  2. Breaking news. Pathogenic bacteria are reported to be causing heavy contamination in the ventilation ducts of the design department at Nike causing massive slow down in the brain zones allocated to creativity. Most of the staff had to be sent back to specialized kindergartens where they are being taught how to use crayons and mix red, yellow and blue watercolour. Those who have successfully drawn a house and a tree have been assigned the task to design the shoelaces for sub-top 1000 players. But only got 2019, just to be on the safe side.

    1. That would explain a lot 🙁

      Looks a bit “meh” to me. But just think what the rest of the Nike stable will be getting if the AO outfits are anything to go by. I mean, allover Bright Citron?

      1. Yap. And the one with a diagonal separation between black (?) and yellow will make the players look like industrial safety paintings on obstacles. New designers, please.

    2. Haha that was a good one. But I agree with you, I think the clothes looks ugly and sadly I must say that the last couple of year all his clothes has been more ugly. Then he can have almost anything because he look good himself but I really must say that his old clothes until 2015 was more beautiful and I wont buy this one that´s for sure.

      1. I bet some of us here can probably design something better than those lame Nike designs.

  3. Am I the only one that thinking “Oh cmon Nike really? I know you always did that the same pattern but different color but.but. is there any other design that you can make”. its kinda boring.. It has no impact luckily his game was more important…

  4. A grey shirt may sound quite a dull thing to go and get another Sunshine double… but the Zorro-like diagonal zipping past the heart of our endearing champion brought him luck to reach #20… so ok…

    I would nevertheless prefer him to wear a unicolor orange, or lemony (candy) colour… contrasting with the IW and Miami backgrounds… Next time, couldn’t Anna Wintour give a few advice to Nike désigners ?

    Let’s wait for the shoes now… and be sure elegance will be there next Tuesday for the Laureus awards… 🙂


        On the welcome page of the above website, at the bottom of the page there is the small icon of “You Tube”.
        When clicking on it, it leads to the Laureus channel. I am not sure the Awards Ceremony will be available live there ??
        Maybe just only videos ? What do you understand ?

        There is also the twitter account : #Laureus18 showing some videos.

      2. Thanks FB, looks like we will be able to see it but after the event? Obvs I want to see Fed winning the two awards, and see him looking good.

      3. Yes, Wanda, you should camp outside. You could chant…Roger, Roger, Roger…..
        I love you Roger…take your shirt off Roger…

  5. i think these are awfully boring and unflattering even with Fed in them. The other players looked a bit like Andy Pandy especially the Pink Prawn. Surely Fed has some say in what he wears? – he doesn’t wear unflattering clothes in Real Life. And I think getting his friend Anna Wintour into it is an excellent idea, actually anyone could do better than this.

    1. He definitely has a say, they send him samples and mockups and he chooses. So the blame is on him too!

      He wears some shocking clothes in real life though let’s be honest. He’s big on the Moncler down jackets, but some of the designs, like that red padded bomber jacket were terrible.

  6. Welwell the old classics are a bit meh to me. I liked the zebraistic design last year. A bit wilderness into outfits, please. Preferably a bit cheekiness too. But of course with more than a hint of sophisticated style, thank you. Doesn’t Maestro deserve something special?

    1. Jeez some of those are horrific. Elina Svitolina’s is such a joke, I bet she regrets that big time, since she started winning whoever is behind the scenes has tried to get her ‘babe’ status with the photoshoots, sponsor deals with Ulysses Nardin etc and she’s tried to look more glamorous but that tramp stamp is such a boner killer. It needs lasering off otherwise Sports Illustrated is a million miles off.

  7. Fed image management, please take note: Hire Agassi as outfit and hairdo designer. Gosh, I miss the eighties so much. Mullets, psychedelic headbands, loud shirts. Ah, those were the days…

  8. Nike doesn’t invest for the design and careless its reputation cos it sells anyway if the garment has RF logo and worn by gorgeous Fed himself. And top of that the great results come along with! Win win for them.
    Perhaps he better play without the shirt, Sue? Oops, forgot that this was a family site 😆

  9. Anna Wintour is too busy chatting up the queen to be bothered with what Fed wears?
    I rather like it,restrained and elegant,far better than the awful pink or orange outfits.
    I always think that Djokovic looks very good as he seems to stick to classic navy and white or variations thereof.

  10. I really used to love and look forward to the next outfit….however this one is just wishy washy, looks like a white!
    Tshirt that has been in the washer with jeans !

    1. Yeah it’s supposedly grey, the photos always look slightly different though so maybe it doesn’t look like Nike forgot to borrow some of Tim Henman’s ariel.

  11. Don’t like it. It’ not classy, of course Roger will look good anyway but it’s such a plain design, those yellow black strips remind me of some kind of sign…


    The Red Carpet time of the Laureus awards will be visible on the link above as of 5:30 pm Central European Time tonight (live stream).
    (Monaco is under the snow… An echo to Swiss mountains ?) … if you see what I mean 🙂
    Go and get both trophies, Roger !! You deserve them…

  13. Wow, Rog won both. Congrats Mr. Federer! Now to Nadal, pulled out of another tournament at the eleventh hour. Has been retiring or pulling out since Basel. At the last minute…tournaments must love him. Will he show up in the desert?
    Dubai would have been a cake walk.

    1. Yes it would have been, but then he would have missed the Laureus. I wonder if he had a hint that he had won.
      Number 1 for a little while now?
      Allez, our hero.

  14. Read on twitter :

    En réponse à @LaureusSport et @rogerfederer

    Next goals in Roger’s career: Getting an Academy Award and the Nobel Peace Prize !

    …& also the Grammy award…since he’s one of the boysband member named “A Single Handed Backhand boys”……


    Oh yes, absolutely
    We are all waiting for a new song from the band.


  15. Rafa is out of Acapulco.
    Roger has 600 points lead heading into IW.
    It is not certain that Rafa plays the sunshine double, so world no 1 is on Roger’s racquet.
    I hope he comes hungry like he did last year.
    Greedy thought:
    If Roger ends the sunshine double with more than 820 he’s pretty much clinching world no 1 until Wimbeldon, assuming Rafa does the regular break between Paris and London.
    It will be intersting to see how Cilic fares in IW and Miami. I think he will be Roger’s toughest opponet for world no 1 as the year moves forward.
    Rafa seems to follow the pattern of the injury plagued year after a good year, Grischa and Sacha both seem to have taken major steps back, Thiem seems to improve but still mediocre on hard courts, which keeps him out of the race. The others are not good enough (sorry Goffin).
    If Cilic proves to be unstable that means that we may see Roger as world no 1 by default, which is good for Roger (and us) but bad for tennis…
    Unless… Novak puts the elbow problems behind and returns to top form, Chung discovers that he’s a tennis ninja or… Roger gets injured/can’t find his form, and then we will see a “who sucks less” race to world no 1. This will be worse than Roger no 1 by default. :/
    That’s to many thoughts… good night…

    1. The tour is pretty boring right now tbh. Who is stepping up? Pouille closing in on the top 10. The rest nowhere to be found. Del Potro in form but his CV suggests he can be on fire then totally off the next week.

      1. I agree, where’s the stiff competition. I want Fed to win of course but a couple of close matches with Kyrgios for example would be exciting

    1. Yea, that was nice. Difficult question to answer, but he did it as grounded as ever. – But all these possible reasons he’s counting up is not the reason I think. Well it wouldn’t be it if he didn’t have this boyish smile liking nearly all he meets, or at least try to understand, and the strong radiance of empathy to nicely balance his (and our’s) wish to fight and improve and win.

    2. I’m getting bored of articles that just lord him from start to finish. He’s a great tennis player, that’s it 😆

      And why is he reeling off such a long detailed answer on why people like him? It’s the sort of question he shouldn’t really answer or even want to.

      Playing devil’s advocate here, but Imagine Donald Trump gave that answer, word for word basically. What do you think the response would be?!

  16. But surely Cilic is five thousand points behind Fed and has also withdrawn from Acapulco with injury.I still think Delpossum is Feds biggest threat after Nadal.Look at the way he just wiped the floor with Theim who played really well against Shapovalov.He must surely be moving up the rankings (sorry haven’t checked).Dimitrov and Zrevev both keep flattering to deceive.But who knows,Djokovic could come back with a vengeance and also Stan and Murray I guess.

    1. I have the guess that those 3 last mentioned are kind of worn. I’m surprised though that Dimitrov doesn’t do better. Maybe he’s kind of depressed? Zverev needs a vacation, to think and recover. Also a guess from me.

    2. Del Potro looking in good form, takes out Zverev easy.

      I don’t think Sascha needs a holiday, he’s not over tennised of late. Just needs to settle after splitting with Ferrero.

      1. Yes, Delpo is the danger. Can’t stand even looking at that guy, lol.
        Looking forward to the big match on Monday…should be fun!

  17. Nadal won’t play miami and indian wells,feeling sorry for him but i know he will somehow be 100% for the clay season.
    Nadal retired from Basel ,Australian open,indian wells and miami.Fed had a chance of improving h2h if they would have met in these 4 tournaments because these are the tournaments where fed last beat him and Fed is playing great and going by the CURRENT form fed would have beat him
    Go back to 2013 and injured fed plays nadal in indian wells,then he meets him in rome final where obivously he lost,transition phase going on(changing racquets) and obviously back injury and he meets nadal in cincinnati and loses,then loses to nadal again in WTF.Nadal was an absolute beast in 2013 and fed had his worst year.
    What if fed had withdrawn from those tournaments due to injury or anything,my point is the people who keep bringing h2h to say Federer cant be the goat as he is not the best in his generation really dont see the circumstances when the matches have been played and frankly Fed-Nadal matches have been MORE at times when fed is usually having a dip in form,so the point is h2h is totally screwed.Nadal faced fed only once in 2015 when he was having his worst year and fed was having a good year but in feds worst year or you can say transition year (that is in 2013 and early 2014)he faced nadal 5 times and lost 5 times.
    Head to head just gives the numbers,there is no objectivity and you dont get to know the conditions of players when they are playing the match or the current form as i said by seeing the h2h.

    nadal usually withdraws or doesnt meet fed on fed’s strong surface,he met him last year and we know the result,and another thing fed had no business losing those 4 matches to prime nadal in 2013,we usually dont get ailing nadal playing prime federer.
    So h2h doesnt give account of players form at the particular time all it tells is numbers.

    1. Ah well H2H matches, screw it. Look at Fed’s consistency. The H2H of that? Who’s style is the better for turning up? Reasons for not doing it? One is injured again and again, the other sees to it that he doesn’t get it much. I think this is greater impact to follow, any time.

    2. Agree on the meaninglessness of the h2h argument. Beating rafa with that 90 Sq inch racquet and single handed backhand is near impossible on high bouncing surfaces cos of the percentages involve. Also Nadal and Toni have just played better mind games and Federer got the bigger frame and ljubicic only now.
      It’s downright ridiculous that someone as inconsistent as rafa is considered the greatest. Never successfully defended a slam off clay, I actually doubt if he has even defended a tournament of some significance successfully off clay.
      Roger gave him lot of praise, hope he follows that up with a few bagels in the matches to come.

      1. [ I actually doubt if he has even defended a tournament of some significance successfully off clay]

        Nadal has never successfully defended any non-clay title.

    3. I mean, I don’t disagree with you, but at this point H2H as a fallacious stat has been beaten into submission. No one here certainly thinks its worth anything in a greatness debate.

      1. Becker and Edberg won 6 slams each. Becker leads Edberg 25-10 in the H2H.

      2. Acc H2H – Thanks TCT – and whom of those 2 mentioned would we like to see on court (from their time on it) – and elsewhere? So? What is greatness?

      3. These two, Edberg and Becker are equally great. The 10-25 H2H doesn’t necessarily make Becker better. the H2H has got more to do with matchups than with defining who the better player is.

  18. Well H2H can be important in terms of confidence.I think Fed himself has said that the beat downs on Clay by Nadal,
    and don’t forget that Fed is a very good clay court player indeed,effected his confidence against him on other surfaces.
    But the pushers and grinders have won their victories at a price,their health and confidence.We are seeing the result of that now I believe.

  19. Decent outfit to me. A bit to white for my liking. Here s wishing Roger a record 6 Indian Wells title. I ed rather see him skip miami and play on clay – Monte Carlo, Rome and RG moving forward play Halle and Wimbledon. Thats 5 tournaments for the next 5 months, shouldnt be a problem no?
    As for the outfits for the clay court season. The old 2012-esque collars are back!

  20. Interesting. Nadal’s withdrawal from IW and Miami means Roger can afford to drop up to 1300 points there and still be virtually guaranteed the No.1 ranking until Wimbledon end. That’s 17 more weeks added to the record.

    On the other hand, No. 17 looks like a lock for Nadal as he looks to be totally invested into Clay. Which begs the questions. Can Djokovic even overhaul Nadal’s soon to be 17?

    1. Trust me Sid. Djokovic will come back and come back hard. If I were to guess who among the Big 3 end up winning every slam twice – it has to be Djokovic. People talk about thiem being the second best on clay after Rafa is doubtful to me.
      Yes He may not won another 5 slams but is certainly capable of clinching 2-3 more. Does that put him on #3 in the present all time great? Dont think so. Slam count dont always determine whose more versatile as a player. I think Djokovic is the next best ever to Roger.

      Being a die hard Federer fan. I love to see him clinch more Slams but I really miss the competition from Novak and Andy. I wish the come back well. Would also Like to see Federer give it a shot on clay. (I know its crazy) but if Roger pulls of a clay masters 1000 – that ‘ed be insane.

    2. Of the big 3, Djokovic is the one the next generation seems to be most comfortable playing. Also question marks on his serve given his recent injuries. Most important, the motivation question. Would he do so much just to be second best?? Given all these, I believe it isn’t happening.

  21. Draw out at 9pm in the U K.Now what do you bet that Fed gets Djokovic and DelPotro in his half?Perfectly possible
    with the seedlings as they are.
    I am not sure about Nadal being a shoo in at Roland Garros,I expect that the upcoming clay season will provide some answers.But that recurring hip injury must be a source of concern to a player whose game is so heavily based on physicality and endurance.

  22. Finally watched the outfit on Roger performing. I deny my former opinion. It’s just great on him, the colors suit him. Even better than the AO outfit, which I also quite liked. – The for Africa exho was genuinely fun too. Jack Sock might become my number 2 hero. Would like those 2 play doubles in a (normal) tour some time…..please?

  23. Anyone else see the point in the Match for Africa 5 between Sock and Roger, where Roger beats Jack with a cross, super close to the net shot and Sock started chasing him? LOL. ?

  24. Sock is a very good fit for this event. Funny, goes for a lot of trick shots. He’s a great entertainer.
    Bill Gates is quite solid. Did the difference in the doubles. 😉

    IW draw is out. Pretty solid. Novak, Delpo and Cilic are on the other half of the draw and are all in the same quarter. Brutal.
    Roger to face Harrison\Delbonis in R64.

  25. Yes and yes – and yes. Sock likes the fun, as much – or even more? – as to win. He likes the surprising creativity. My favorite after Roger.

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