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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Wimbledon 2018

Here is what Roger Federer would have worn for Wimbledon 2018 had he been able to strike a new deal with Nike. The Swiss has instead signed a new contract with Uniqlo after his Nike deal expired in March with the pair unable to agree on new terms. The outfits are planned quite far ahead so Nike had the following scheduled for SW19.

Naturally, it's an all-white affair as per the rules at the All England Club with a little bit of blue detailing on the logo. I'm a big fan of the shoes with the light blue Nike tick and I think this is a pretty good effort all around, they've even brought back the pants which he hasn't worn since 2009.

The shoes pictured below are not grass court pimpled soles and don't feature the RF logo or slam count like the ones he'll probably be wearing during matches. But the design is the same. For those eagle-eyed readers, you'll also see he still has the “7” on the shoes he wore today in practice. Is Nike having a dig? 😆

The only thing I don't like is that it's called the Essentials Range which sounds rather like the cheap section in a high street clothing store except these are anything but cheap! You can check it out below:


Let me know your thoughts in the comments, do you like the design?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Don’t like it. I appreciate an understated look, but a block around the monogram looks tacky.

    Then again, I’m rarely a fan of the all whites at Wimbers. There’s only so much they can do with the design.

  2. Why has he kept the 7 on his shoe? Is this because of the nonsense number 15 on his Jacket after he defeated Roddick 16/14 in the fifth set of the Wimbledon final 2009? Do you know?

      1. Serves me right for not reading. I was looking at stock picture and not the one of him wearing them.

  3. These squares made me think of uniqlo, although in different color. And not very visible Nike swoosh except for shoes… which uniqlo doesn’t make anyway. I wonder why. Am I reading too much into it???

  4. The block around the RF logo seems somehow transitional (I read somewhere that Nike owns the RF logo and that Fed will have no more rights on it should he leave Nike). The swoosh on the shoe is nice and blue and big, but the swoosh on the shorts is smaller that usual (or maybe I’m over-imagining). As for the long pants, a repeat of 2009 would be just fine! 🙂

  5. Talk about doing something different within the limited frames thanks to wimbledon. The outfit actually seems pretty good to me. the RF logo looks very nice and subtle. The gist of blue with white looks good too, I dont see the Nike logo on the polo which is a bit strange (expected it to be where the RF logo use to be??) anyways dont miss it here though. For some reasons the shorts and jacket caught my attention.
    Pretty Dope.

  6. Not a fan of the RF logo in a black box. All that is noticed is the black box. The hat is fine. Trainers are nice but wondering if “too much” colour for the cronies at WS19? Well, white is white. And as Wimby explained, use your tennis to get noticed not your attire.

  7. So it’s a polo with a hint of blue, I’m half happy then! Agreed with Sue on the logo. Why not with the light sky blue matching the shoes? Oh, maybe this new logo stays the same colour on any outfit from now on? Having said that, I’m okay with the subtleness as he doesn’t need to remind everybody that he’s RF. By the way, why the shoes with No.7? Nike forgot he’s got No.8 last year? Anyway, so long as he goes well at SW19 everything will be just fine!

  8. Doesn’t seem to me the polo is the one he ll wear on court.
    It s 65% cotton
    Cant remember last time Nike made a cotton polo or t-shirt to wear in competitive matches
    Infact all other models are polyester or dry fit
    And also the shorts with the RF logo are polyester
    So I think the real t-shirt or polo hasn’t been made public yet


  9. It’s a polo! Hurrah.

    I can’t see that the Nike Swoosh on the sole should be a problem: it was only the dayglo orange and the fact that it was covering the whole sole that was seen as potentially distracting to the opponent back in 2013, I think.

  10. Crazy numbers !

    Reading thie above and the fact that he wears shoes with a 7 io a 8 for training this week, I was thinking that maybe RF will be given special shoes remembering his 20th participation in the senior Wimbledon tournament this year (the 20 figure would – at the same time – honour his 20 slams) … and he could wear them on Monday for his 1st match, no ?

  11. I don’t understand the dark square either. I had to zoom in so much to even see the RF picked out in a slightly lighter blue, which is not the same light blue as the swoosh on the shoes but a more mauve/blue. The light blue swoosh is also on the shorts. But I am sure he will wear the outfits well and make them look good.

  12. One round at a time but the draw looks decent:

    Del Potro

    All in the other half of the draw! But we know what’s happened in the past when Fed’s had an easier draw on paper.

  13. Fed without Nike, after watching tennis for so many years and following Fed, I was wondering if I was dreaming… Seems so awkward…

      1. And yes it will be UNIQLO, since on his sponsors website Nike is no longer there…

  14. Much more importantly than what type of shirt Roger wears, as global ambassador of Japanese based Uniqlo Im very happy as I think Federer now plays until at least 2020 at the Tokyo Olympics as its a massive branding potential for the company, and I think they may have got an assurance from Roger that he competes in the Tokyo Olympics

    Im glad Roger got such a massive deal, especially considering the vast majority of the 10 year deal Federer wont even be playing on court!

    I will be interested to see what types of designs Uniqlo comes up with for him and what the prices will be…Ive enjoyed wearing Uniqlo t shirts the last few years…their supma cotton t shirts are the best fitting, most comfortable t shirts ive worn, and at a great price…I think he may do a Federer Uniqlo casual line as well as the tennis on court clothing without the RF logo

    New sponsor, same Roger…he just had a big win on center court! Hope you win your 21st major next week Roger!

    1. Hmmm. Interesting logic to be honest. UNIQLO are Japanese, so indicating he might possibly play 2020 Olympics…?
      But IDK, IMO Nike has been his sponsor since the beginning of his career, a bit strange that things ended that way.

  15. Unbelievable! Had to pinch myself is Federer really not wearing Nike! All the other tennis websites and Federer website post his Wimbledon Nike outfit except FedFan. I think now you should correct this post? No more Nike 🙁

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