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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Wimbledon 2014 + A Chance to Win 2 x Wimbledon Tickets

Roger's first taste of the grass starts on Halle next week and then on the 23rd of June it's the big one as the most important slam of the year, Wimbledon, kicks off for 2 solid weeks of hopefully fast paced and aggressive tennis.

As usual Fed will be wearing the same outfit he wore at the French Open for Halle, not sure how red shorts and grass will go together (red and green shouldn't be seen πŸ˜‰ ) but come Wimbledon he will be sporting all white at the All England Club and the outfit is pictured below:

Easily the best outfit of the year so far I think as it's just very very simple. No daft colour blocking or stupid bits that look like an afterthought just plain white with some nice detailing. Shoes, jacket, short and practice t-shirt are all winners too and everything compliments each other perfectly. Good work from Nike πŸ˜€

2 x Wimbledon Tickets Up For Grabs

Wimbledon Ticket Prize
Win 2 tickets courtesy of Jacob's Creek

I am also running a competition to win a pair of tickets to the Ladies’ Quarter Final at Wimbledon, on Court One on Tuesday 1st July 2014. The prize also includes VIP access to the Jacob's Creek Marquee, where the winners will enjoy a 3 course lunch, exclusive wine tasting and luxury afternoon tea.

The prize is courtesy of Jacob's Creek who provide the Official Wine of Wimbledon, this year they have launched two limited edition Wimbledon bottles (Classic Chardonnay and Shiraz, see picture above) and you'll be able to give those a try in their Marquee.

Tuesday's Scheduled Matches include:

  • Ladies' Singles quarter-finals
  • Gentlemen's Doubles quarter-finals
  • Ladies' Doubles quarter-finals
  • Mixed Doubles second round
  • Boys' and Girls' Singles second round
  • Boys' and Girls' Doubles first round

So of those matches, on Court 1 I think you'll get to see 2 Ladies' Quarter Final matches and a Mens' doubles. Plus you have a grounds pass which gives you access to all the outside courts where you'll likely see Boys' and Girls' singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. No Federer unfortunately πŸ™ but still a pretty cool prize.

Terms and Conditions

  • Both the winner and their guest must be over 18 years old (you will need to show ID to prove this on entry to Wimbledon).
  • The prize does not include travel or accommodation.
  • The prize is not refundable, transferable and no cash alternative will be provided.
  • One entry per person

To enter please leave a comment below or share this post on Facebook on Twitter using the buttons below and indicate you want to enter. The winners will be pooled into a spreadsheet and then will be drawn at random. I will announce the winners on here as well as contacting them via email. In case the drawn winner can't attend I will then redraw another winner at random. Please note your comment might not appear below as they are held for moderation but there is no need to resubmit – I get them.

Competition closes on Thursday 19th June 2014 and I'll need you to send me your full name, and the full name of your guest before the 23rd of June.

Finally, Jacob's Creek are running a secondary competition also to win Wimbledon tickets by asking people to send in videos of themselves playing #tennisfreestyle. More info about that is on their Facebook page – So if you're desperate to get your hands on some Wimbledon tickets you might want to enter both to increase your chances of winning πŸ™‚

Any questions please let me know and also let me know what you think of Fed's outfit too in the comments below.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Just a brilliant outfit, now THIS does RF justice. Not to get too excited but he really does have a great chance this year. Just got to get that assured sense of calm he showed in Melbourne this year. He wasn’t his usual calm self vs. Gulbis, looked ready to explode.
    But with this outfit damn I might be making a purchase (or two).
    Ooooooh what a great prize! πŸ˜€ Gotta be in it to win it and I sure hope I do!
    I’ve seen Roger technically twice but really only once at Wimbledon. One was Federer v Henman ’01 which he lost but I was really very young and don’t remember it. Think Myla and Charlene fidgeting the whole way through. Should give you an idea πŸ˜‰
    The other I do though was when he beat Hrbaty first round ’08. He was on court for barely an hour and a half but it was worth it to win first day tickets in the ballot! (for those who don’t get what the big deal is, watching the defending champion on Centre to open the tournament is an awesome tradition)
    Yep, there just isn’t anything better than SW19. Last year I managed to sneak at the front of the hill and watch the semi finals on the big screen! My dad and I put up a tent the day before in the smallest scrap of grass we could find and we ran to the gates at 5 in the morning ha to make sure we’d be the first in. A shame about 500 people had the same idea. #onlyatwimbledon

    1. I have been at Wimbledon three times now without seeing Fed! Saw him lose to Tsonga on the Hill in 2011, not so much fun.
      It was cool in the Hrbaty match when Hrbaty sat with Roger before the final game, great moment!
      One of the times at Wimbledon we were there at 5.30 and thought we were among the first 500 but when we got our stylish que card we were nr. 3600 πŸ™‚

  2. Great look and great prize Draw. Let me know who wins and we can meet up as I am going that day too!! Federer better get to the final as I hv men’s final too!! No pressure Roger! Last yr was amazing just to see Muzza finally get to the top! Yes I know lucky lucky me!
    Loving the fact that Fed has no pressure, no points to defend!! Go Rog!
    On another note! Love Halep! Clever clever player and what power for a little ‘un!! Hope she beats Shazza who I cannot fail but to admire for her mental fortitude! Fed needs a bit if that!
    Going out on a limb here but really think Muzza cld beat Nadull! If not then plse Novak!! Cannot bear Nadull to bite another trophy!!! Bored already!

    1. Where did you get those tickets and for how much? Was wanting to get finals for wimby but the 4 number price tag made my eyes water… settled for WTF instead, though I wasn’t disappointed in the least πŸ˜€

  3. I think the bandana would be quite smart on Federer. That’s my vote on outfitting a tennis star.

    Sign me up for Wimbledon! I’ll be happy to cheer for all!

  4. Very simple outfit, but I’d prefer his 2012 gear – my favourite, alongside the 2009 gold. Minor green and purple detailing as a Wimbledon theme, it was just peRFect and Roger won his 17th slam with that one!

    1. Yeah the 2009 one was a clean winner. Love that one! πŸ™‚

      This one almost too simple for me, I absolutely loved the blue one from the aussie open (instant buy πŸ˜› )

  5. Count me in for the competition!

    Back to basics from Nike, about time too. Still preferred wimby 2012 but back on the right track. Tempted to treat myself to one of those ‘just do it on the grass’ tshirts. Does it have an RF anywhere? I can’t see one…

    Jonathan have you thought about some peRFect tennis gear? I’m sure Nike would sponsor it!

  6. Found your site while looking for a pair of zoom vapor 9.5s, I’m quite liking the all white Wimbledon look. That do it on the grass T-shirt is very cool though, wonder whether Nike will manage to get a few of them in the shops. Its always so difficult to find proper tennis stuff unless you make the trip to niketown.

    That competition looks pretty awesome though, whoever wins is bound to have an awesome day out!

  7. Roger Federer is my favorite player of all time. Would love to see him play at a major tournament before the thought of retirement comes up. Love everything bout him! There is another major win in him before he’s done!

  8. Count me in for the competition! That outfit looks so slick. Here’s hoping the AELTC doesn’t whinge about the black on the soles!

  9. Count me in for the competition. Interesting contest you have there. And great to be a Roger’s fan!

  10. Wow, Jonathan. Shame, SW19 is a little too far away for me! What a great prize.
    Roger’s outfit is plain and simple. I did like the 2012 one better as well.
    Too bad Bouchard lost.

  11. How generous of you giving Wimby tickets away! Though the next time I’ll be at SW19 would be to see Fed πŸ˜‰

    I like this simple white a lot. Glad the gold is back as no one suits the colour better than Fed. Just as a few of you guys here, I liked 2009’s outfit the best. Not as fedish as 2009 but I agree that 2012 one was also great with subtle wimby colour, yeah especially it ended with No. 17/7/1.

  12. Am very grateful for this chance to be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize – have never been to Wimbledon and absolutely love it. Would take my mum..
    Federa…sublime player and very stylish. He always looks good and in this outfit he will look just as classy as all the rest.

  13. What a great prize, I’d so love to win. Fingers crossed!

    I always think Federer has one the classiest looks out of all the men at Wimbledon – by keeping it visually simple, high-quality, and well-fitted, he definitely always looks the part, and so effortless!

  14. Lots of thanks Jonathan for your wonderfull blog which you always try to improve.
    Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to make it at Wimbledon even if I was lucky enough. Wow though very impressive prize !
    There is another reason to keep in touch with this blog . I cant afford losing next time s offer β€œhave a cup of tea with Roger” πŸ™‚ .

    A pity Bouschard didn’t make it to the final . Halep is very impressive the way she moves and strikes the ball is crazy. But still think Shrikapova has got this one.
    On the mens side I agree it’s a boring RG but still I m expecting 2 tough battles today and Nole schooling Nadal on Sunday which I also agree is always nice to watch .
    Not that I mind for a Novac Muz final but it has to be one of the most boring tennis matchups of today.

    Jonathan, Utch asked if you ll cover any World cup football ?
    Who do you like Greece chances on winning the world cup?
    No one believed we could win the European championship in 2004 may be its our time for the world cup!

    We should have played the worst football a team has ever played to win that one . We scored 7 goals , having 5,5 chances . Still 04 Euro champions though πŸ™‚

    Maybe Wimbledon will get a little bit less attention this year as most people will be focusing on football

    1. Haha that would be a decent prize. Probably have to keep that one for myself πŸ˜‰

      I won’t be covering any football specifically but we can discuss it in the comments as I will be watching quite a bit of it I think. Euro 2004 was one of my favourite tournaments, Greece showed all these “top” sides up.

      I reckon it WC will definitely take a little bit away from Wimbledon, big overlap.

  15. Please count me into the competition for Wimbledon tickets, my dream would be fulfilled to see the King play on his favourite ground πŸ™‚

  16. Count me in too please! Would love the excuse to come to London!
    And congratulations Jonathan on 3 years! Still love your blog, read it before anything else..thanks for all

  17. I would love to win the tickets, please put my name in the draw. Fingers crossed!

  18. There is nothing like a day out at Wimbledon! For me its like winning the lottery!

  19. well, I hope Roger wins Wimby, but for that he first has to get in shape in Halle!!

  20. Wow… Expected Dull to win, but not like this… hope Novak holds him off come Sunday…

      1. Apparently he still had them and screwed muzza with them… what a load of bullshit….

      2. Hey Jiten, good one πŸ™‚ Ofcourse Rafa having easy matches he won more easy does help too. Now he is more fresh than Nole. Poor Nole, was already tired in the 3rd set against Gulbis and not feeling well, now he has to win all on his own, which he will by the way.

        Hey Gargantouas, knee injuries, leg problems, back problems, stomac virus, blisters, whatever, I lost count πŸ™‚

        Hey Simon, personally I don’t blame Muzza that much. He lost big time, but then he did play 2 5-setters back to back. He ran out of gas, just like Roger ran out of gas with 2 5-setters at AO 2013. Feel bad for Muzza…

    1. What a win! Simply the best forehand ever at work. The beast is ready for another episode of the best rivalry ever between the 2 best players of the last 5-6 years.

      1. best forehand ever? Funny, when did Roger play? I didn’t realize he was playing today

      2. Good match from Nadal but the result was never in doubt. Not sure this win makes much impact on the final for him, Murray is a clay mug really, FH not suited and he expends too much energy on his groundstrokes. I make Nadal slight favourite over Djoker.

  21. Loving the simplicity of the outfits. I would love to be there on ladies semi-finals day. Finger

  22. Loving the simplicity of the outfits. I would love to be there on ladies semi-finals day. Fingers crossed.

  23. Please enter me in your Wimbledon competition, it’s a fantastic prize and I love Jacobs Creek too πŸ™‚ xx

  24. wow what a lovely dream prize would love to have the chance to go Wimbledon and see it in real life instead of on the telly πŸ™‚

  25. used to go when i was a teen but haven’t been since and would love to catch up!

  26. yes please to the tickets I am 50 this year and have never been to Wimbledon, would make my day

  27. It would be great to experience the atmosphere of Wimbledon. I love watching it on TV so this would be amazing.

  28. Count me in for the competition. Awesome idea and another great outfit for Federer 8th Wimbledon title campaign.

  29. I am entering this for my tennishead sister – great prize! Thanks, Claire

  30. Wanting Novak and Halep to win but dreading that Shazza and Nadull will spoil my weekend!

  31. I am in awe of Federer being able to compete given he has two sets of twins now… I shudder to think how much hard work that would be…. probably why he escapes and plays tennis!! Great collection of clothes, very cool, clean and crisp looking.

  32. Love Federer’s outfit for Wimbledon and really would like to see him play at this slam.

  33. I like this year’s Wimby outfit – plain but stylish and neat – would’ve preferred the Nike swoosh to have been in green, but then I’ve never been all that fond of gold on white (at least it’s a fairly small amount). My favourite Roger Wimby outfit is the 2012 one – just gorgeous with the classic Wimbledon colour scheme (white with purple and green edging) – loved that!

    Fantastic comp, Jonathan – thanks! Please sign me up for a chance – I keep applying via the Ballot, but never been lucky!

  34. Hi Jonathan

    Love this outfit it is pure class just like Fed – really like the gold highlights and the do it on grass t shirt – I just may have to buy one of those – here’s hoping for number 8 (clay season is a distant memory sadness all gone) – it is on to the wonderful green stuff and can I please enter your draw for the tickets – what a lovely prize. I hope Djoker wins the French – and Halep to win the ladies – allez Roger for Halle

  35. Looking forward to Wimbledon and a potential Grand Slam Title number 18 for the Swiss Maestro. ALLEZ!!!

  36. Also please count me in for the competition, would be a dream to see the hallowed lawns of Wimbledon for real πŸ˜€ ! Loving Roger’s outfit, will love it even more if he wins #18 πŸ™‚

  37. I am meant to be going on holiday around about this date – but I would postpone anything to get to Wimbledon – just once!

  38. Will look at the rest of the thread later, when I have time, but right now I just wanted to say that if anyone UK-based is feeling sufficiently masochistic BBC2 tomorrow morning are showing a run of Wimbledon Classics, and tomorrow is an edited (naturally) version of the 2008 men’s final.

    Okay, I’ll run off and hide now …

  39. I like this outfit. Simple with a touch of gold. Basically back to bases. Roger looks good in anything, but last year’s Wimby outfit was more of a fashion statement. His outfit now looks very cool, great and….simple.

      1. And, it’s just a publicity stunt, trying to get the French crowd, who treat Roger as their beloved, on his side a little.


    1. I can’t believe people are buying this. It’s Nadal! He will say whatever he wants. Did anyone see him “crying”? He was probably crying because he wasn’t playing that final.

      1. Well, since he was probably at home at the time there probably weren’t any witnesses πŸ™‚

    2. I am sure if you have access to press conferences from yesteryear he probably said that he didn’t even watch the final in one of them πŸ˜€

  40. What a great day this will be /fingers crossed πŸ™‚ seems to be a good fit for him.

  41. I model my tennis outfit on that of Fed, as I’m not up to matching his tennis skills

    Like the new hat especially

  42. What a fab prize!!! Really would love to go to Wimbledon!!! Liked & shared on FB and tweeted @MooTheMadCow. Please enter me in the comp #fingerscrossed

  43. Like the outfit! Have never been to Wimbledon championships. My daughter stayed up till 1am to get me a ticket for the Olympics at Wimbledon, so if I win I would like to take her and return the favour.

    My guest would be my daughter, Zoe Adey

  44. Perfect outfit for a cool guy looking hot or maybe a hot guy looking cool? Anyway please put me in the draw. Thanks.

  45. All these people coming out of the woodwork! Tickets to SW19 will do it every time!

    1. This has definitely not been a post for the “usual suspects”. By virtue of this comment, I’m entered into the drawing, right? πŸ™‚

  46. My 62 yr old mother has always wanted to go πŸ™‚ Good Luck All.

  47. My money is on Nadull, sunny dry conditions. The rest of me of course wants Djoker to win.
    Lots of good players at Halle this year. Not an easy draw for Fed. Wonder if Nadull will show up this year!

  48. Awesome competition!! Count me in πŸ™‚

    Oh and Fed’s outfit is looking nice and sharp here, not been a fan of some of his choices this year!

  49. Great prize and opportunity to see those fantastic games. I would love to win, I am a massive tennishead as my sister who has entered stated!! Vamos tennis! I’m watching the French Open final for a 2nd time today – tennishead πŸ™‚ x

  50. Hope that white colour will bring luck and the power of light for Roger in Wimbledon !!! I really like his outfit this time too. Very nice blog and good job Jonathan! Like it much! Wishes from Lithuania πŸ™‚ And keep faith – I guess mental toughness depends on preparation + good health… he had no good preparation for RG – so let us hope deep run in Halle and good preparation for W! If he is healthy – he can go all the way…

  51. Hi Jonathan, count me in for the prize as well.
    Now back to Roger and Wimby, hopefully we’ll get a good draw and not meet super in form players in round 3 when the pressure is all on Roger. I’m sure that had Roger met Gulbis in semis, he would have swept by him.
    Can’t wait for the grass season to begin, the most exciting part of the year in tennis

  52. Please put me in to the prize draw – I would love to go again I went 3 years ago and it was fab !

  53. My wife was so disappointed when we (again) didn’t get tickets in the ballot. Fingers crossed she is lucky this time.
    PS: I think Fed’s outfit is just right for Wimbledon, I especially like the look of the shoes.

  54. I love Rafa and after going out in the first round last year he got to go further this year.

    Please enter me into your competition

  55. Would love to take my mum to this- she loves Wimbledon – fingers crossed

  56. Would love to go to Wimbledon. I first went 35 years ago and have seen some fantastic players over the years. Rafa and Roger are two of the best. Please enter me into your competition.

  57. Count me in for the competition please! Love Federer, but would love any chance to be at Wimbledon this year!

  58. Maria Kane Jennifer Mc Mahon
    Have entered every comp and draw possible for tickets is this my lucky year!!

  59. Wow what a great competition prize – please enter me into the competition. I’m thinking this will be Nadal’s year.

  60. Would love to go and watch an important, or indeed any, match at Wimbledon. The logistics of camping out for me are just unachievable, to win this would be such a treat.

  61. Federers wimbeldon outfits always ooze class!
    would love to win πŸ˜€ **crosses everything**

  62. Amazing prize… have always wanted to go to Wimbledon !! maybe this year….fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  63. I’d love to win these! Please enter me into the competition πŸ™‚
    I’ll get my whites ready…

  64. 1st of July, my birthday. July? No, I tell the truth. Strawberries & Cream, strawberries & cream.

  65. I love this blog and read it often. The wimbledon competition is awesome and I would love to be a winner.

  66. Interesting outfit, great competition please enter me. Have tweeted @atmss123

  67. Classic outfit. Simple but chic.

    I would love to be able to make my Mum’s dream come true and take her to Wimbledon.

  68. My favourite wine and my favourite sport. What an opportunity for someone. Great competition!!!

  69. Please sign me up for the wonderful tickets! Can’t hide my unwavering emotions to see Roger at once!!!

  70. Would love to win this for my wife and mother-in-law who are both big tennis fans

  71. Great prize…please count me in – I’ve tweeted it to all my followers πŸ˜‰

  72. This would be a great opportunity as we normally camp in the park for tickets but cant this year as my friend has broken her arm. Finger crossed.

  73. Great outfit πŸ™‚ great prize draw Fingers crossed Goodluck everyone

  74. I’d love to win this prize, haven’t been able to get tickets through the draw any year yet!

  75. Fantastic prize, please count me in. Love the unfussy tennis outfit, hope to see some great tennis.

  76. Love the prize! 23rd June is my 30th bday too – make it a perfect (tennis) one! πŸ™‚

  77. i dont think this is the right outfit. He is wearing a different one on nike web page

  78. i like the shoes, but tshirt is a little bit boring.. It is classy but i liked the 2012 or 2009 outfit… they were classy and very interesting too…. as i said it is very nice but a little bit boring shirt. Dont you think jonathan?

  79. Would like to enter please! Would love to take my Mam, lovely prize, thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  80. Great post and amazing competition. I’d love to win this and will take a very special friend of mine with me if I win. I will tweet about it to from @helga16,

  81. Sign me up for the competition please, that will make my day, no wait – my year!

  82. Love to be entered please. Never been to Wimbeldon although I apply every year. Thanks for running this competition.

  83. My parents are visiting from sydney… this would be an awesome way for them to experience wimbledon. They are gutted we couldnt get tickets, and they say they are far too old to line up all night for a grounds pass..

  84. Ohh, well trying can’t hurt! I’d really love to go! Signing up for the draw.

  85. Last year I watched the mens final from a sunny balcony in Lanzarote so watching this year’s matches from my living room will be a bit of a letdown. Would love to be there live for the ladies 1/4 finals!

  86. Would love to win these as go Wimbledon crazy each year. Just a shame Laura Robson is out injured.

  87. I would love to win the tickets for my husband who is a massive Wimbledon fan. If he went I would have the tv all to myself!

  88. Please count me in for the competition to win 2 tickets to the Ladies’ Quarter-Finals at Wimbledon! Have never actually been to see the tennis life and would love to experience it πŸ™‚

  89. Would love to win this so i could take my mum. She loves watching the tennis and since retiring has never missed a match…on TV that is. She has been trying and failing for years to get tickets so to win this would be amazing.

  90. Great prize worth taking the day off work for!!
    Count me in
    @ksteven40- tweeted

  91. Count me would love to win this, the outfit is amazing, white goes with ever win.

  92. This would be the perfect birthday present for me to cheer me up after my recent operation

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