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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the World Tour Finals 2018

If you cast your mind back to September you might have seen Uniqlo post on their Instagram asking users to vote on Roger Federer's outfit colour for the 2018 World Tour Finals.

Uniqlo Federer World Tour Finals 2018

Blue one that poll and true to their word Uniqlo had produced the following polo for Federer at this years Nitto ATP World Tour Finals:

Federer Outfit World Tour Finals

Uniqlo doesn't don't really do any previews and they don't tend to launch any outfits in sync with the tournaments that Roger will wear them. So when will it be available? Who knows, I would guess at some point during or even after the World Tour Finals.

The Uniqlo Roger Federer landing page hasn't been updated since the US Open outfit on the .com. You can, however, purchase the pink Basel outfit from the UK store here and it's also available on the Japanese language version of the site. 

Anyway, which one do you prefer? Blue or Green? I'm not sure who made the photoshopped side by side image whether it was a Uniqlo job or @norinchi_df who posts a lot of Federer pictures on Twitter which is where I found it. I'm happy blue one but green might have worked against the courts in the O2.

Federer Now in London


Finally, Roger arrived in London on Tuesday, practising at Queen's Club first but he's now had a hit on the O2 Arena Court. 

I thought he'd arrive later in the week seen as though he was back in Switzerland doing Credit Suisse work but he's got there early and from the videos, I've seen has been practising a fair bit, including with Jack Sock which doesn't look too serious 🙂


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Sock is never the most serious – I seriously should think they get on together. Maybe even having fun!? (Cant watch the video unfortunately ? )

  2. Oke guys…. I just have to react to something that I and we all read…

    1) How…. how did Rafa wil SE Sportmanship Award?? #sorrynotsorry

    2) How…. how GRATEFUL are we that Roger didn’t want it to be renamed after him???
    How embarrasing would that have become NOW?? 🙂 🙂 🙂 #goatknowsthefuture
    Thank you Roger for not wanting it to be renamed…. you have saved us a lot of ……. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ps: The Goat looks great in everything #silverlining

    1. Oh, yes, much too early to have SE renamed. And you know what, I have the feeling too, that awarding Rafa this time is Royal Roger’s idea as a gesture to Rafa. So his peers did what Roger wanted, of love to him – could be, no?

    2. Are you suggesting Fed told players not to vote for him and to vote for Rafa? 😆 “Guys I think Rafa should win the Edberg award this year”.

      And you seem happy if that was true ? that would be the weirdest, most arrogant almost disrespectful display ever. Absolutely cringeworthy idea. I really hope Fed isn’t as delusional to his grandeur behind closed doors compared to some of his fans 😀

      Maybe the players vote as per their own minds, could be, no?

      1. My response was forthright but come on, if Fed was distributing awards because ‘others deserve a go’ it makes the whole thing a complete farce. If I was in the sport and someone said to me ‘don’t vote for me this year’ I’d be thinking wtf are you on about ?

        It would mean he thinks he is bigger than the game. Also opens a can of worms for the integrity of the sport. Worrying you like the idea of Royal Roger giving Rafa the serf ‘his’ award for this year tbh.

        Anyway, I’m guessing Nadal got more votes this year due to him helping with the floods.

      2. Probably so. Nominated field for the SE prize is made somehow, probably by a vote among themselves? And when it’s given by the peers, I imagined out from my experience being on a board awarding prizes (in the cultural field), and sometimes in doubt or disagreeing about who to receive this time, – that the peers, among those possibly Roger the long time receiver, might give clean arguments for supporting this one or that one this time – doesn’t have to be any corruption in that -. But of course the peers might probably have no time for that, and not knowing how it’s done in the ATP tennis field, I might be completely wrong, of course.

      3. There is a list of 4/5 nominees and the players vote from those, this year it was Fed, Rafa, Djok, Nishikori and I think Anderson can’t remember.

        I doubt the players sit in a room and discuss who deserves a trivial award, with Fed at the head of the table saying don’t vote for me. It’d be a waste of time. Be a quick email vote prob.

  3. Katyani, he won because he picked up a broom, wore boots and got muddy. Maybe the players thought someone else should win for a change? Threats from Uncle Toni? I would love to know the numbers with all the votes! Anyone have that?

    I prefer the blue, my favourite colour. But, they look like baseball jerseys to me with giant red squares that can’t be ignored. AND Roger cut his hair…what was he thinking!

    I’m looking forward to the tennis next week. This week, I haven’t watched any Nextgen but might today to watch the Greek god in action.

      1. Haha you guys, what an award all can do 🙂 Nah, I am partially taking back what I said. Tenniswise Rafa does not deserve the award, for all the timewasting, etc. But…. ashamed to admit, I forgot about what he did during the Mallorca floods. I thought that was way and above what he did there, including giving space in his academy for the people. On that ground ofcourse he deserves the award.
        Glad that Roger won the Fan Favourite though 🙂

  4. The blue is a bit too red, a bit too saturated and a bit too dark. According to my work’s standards, it’s off-spec.

      1. Did you know that I matched a yellow for Penn US and we produce tens of metric tons of fiber for them each year? The chances are that sooner or later someone on this forum from the US will have hit a ball made with the help of this buddy of yours…

  5. Gone are the days when I really looked forward to the different outfits,
    for a longtime it looked as though Nike were just going through the
    motions, about the latest ones same pattern, and the colours seem so
    dense, makes the tops look heavy.

  6. Sorry Sue,
    Sent it to you by mistake.Thanks for saying that the young Greek God is playing,on now in the U K.Quickly dropping
    everything to watch?

  7. Here are the list of winners for the ATP awards this year:
    Comeback of the year: Novak Djokovic
    Most improved player: Stefanos Tsitsipas
    Newcomer of the year: Alex de Minaur
    Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award: Rafael Nadal Arthur Ashe
    Humanitarian Award: Tommy Robredo
    Coach of the year: Marian Vajda
    Fans’ favourite singles player: Roger Federer
    Fans’ favourite doubles team: Mike Bryan/Jack Sock

    Fed has won the Sportsmanship award every year since 2004 (save for two by Nadal) — and of course, Fed sets the standard.

    1. If Rafa got the SE award for helping clear up after the floods, that’s not exactly sportsmanship, is it? More like being a decent human being. But hey, whatever …

      I like the blue on Roger better than the green, which is coming out just a little yuck from my screen.

    2. You could argue Fed winning it so many times hasn’t been for sportsmanship either though tbh. I would guess Rafa’s flood stuff played a part in some people’s votes, who knows.

  8. Watched the Tsitsy/Rublev match last night.Very exciting,love the new format.What is a really great idea is the towel
    rack so the ball boys and girls do not have to handle those sweaty towels which always seemed very unhygienic and
    demeaning.Of course in Nadals case it is two towels and sometimes they have to mop the floor up after him as well.

      1. For him yeah. So far I’m not a huge fan of this guy, last night I saw him smash up the headphones used for on-court coaching. All players get frustrated but why smash up something that doesn’t belong to you? I’m sure he will make up for it with a nice Instagram picture of him looking out an aeroplane window along with some platitude.

      2. Tsitsi: I read his site some years ago before he got famous, it was something like a very sympathetic, considering, knowledgable and intelligent block’ish thing. But he seems changed in a different direction, at least sometimes. I hope he’ll mature….as I want to like all SBH’ers, at least as performers, and wishing all of them to win vs the DBH’s slugs

      3. How long has he had a website? He only registered the domain he’s using now in the middle of 2017 when he broke into the top 100 and you can tell he is heavily prepped for PR / endorsement stuff, full of fluff and a ‘story’.

  9. @Jonathan,
    Well I have to say that I think the towel rack(on screen it looked like a box )is a great idea.However I agree that the thing with the headphones was ridiculous.If he didn’t like the advice he didn’t have to listen.Also his shorts are too
    short.?Still they are all very young and emotions can be difficult to control in the heat of the match.Personally I feel
    that a pair of headphones smashed is preferable to a rather expensive racket.Now who started that awful business,
    I have a feeling it was Djokovic.

    1. I don’t think it’s preferable at all.

      There is a big difference. The price is immaterial. You own the racquet. It’s your own item (either paid or supplied), in a way you are free to do what you want with it.

      You don’t own the headphones. That’s destroying someone else’s property. Not a good look.

      Smashing racquets isn’t good either of course, many people can’t afford something like that so to see a player just smash it to pieces is not a good look either. But smashing your own property > smashing someone else’s property any day of the week.

      And not at all, Federer has likely smashed as many racquets as Djokovic. Just not as many on the main show courts.

      1. Well I have never seen Federer smash a racket but I have seen Djokovic do it many times.
        As for the headphones I had no idea who they belong too, I presumed they were his,but I
        did say it was ridiculous to do it anyway.Smashing anything up is not part of tennis I feel,
        but you cannot blame the young ones if they follow the example set by their elders and err betters.

      2. Fed did that a lot early in his career. He was quite a hot-head guy. More recently (year?) he smashed his racquet (in IW?) on a match against Djokovic. It gets better with age, at least for some…

      3. They are supplied for on-court coaching.

        Fed used to smash racquets all the time, he was doing it very regularly, surprised you haven’t seen. He calmed it all down in 2001. The loss to Squillari often seen as the turning point.

  10. Very disappointed by Uniqlo so far… It feels like the photoshop is done by someone roughly my level of photo-editing (and in case you were wondering, I suck…), feel like their logo is too prominent (big red square), and miss the RF logo :/ hope it’s just this year and they’ll pick it up next year, but I have my doubts…
    Anyways, if he wins, I’m happy! How many years in a row has Federer won the fan favorite award now? Since what, 2003? 😛

    1. We all miss the RF logo? I think Fed mentioned he missed it too, and hoping to get it back soon. The story about it missing is of course connected to the separation with Nike, so there may be many hidden details we’ll probably never know.

  11. RT @lequipe Masters de Londres – Pierre-Hugues Herbert : «Comme un gamin» de m’entraîner avec Federer

    Pierre Hugues Herbert (French player to play the doubles WTF) was very happy to train with Roger on Friday. I translate some herebelow.

    “Moi mon rêve de gamin quand je le voyais à la télé, c’était de le jouer en match. Pour l’instant, ça m’a toujours échappé. A l’US Open cette année j’étais à un match. Donc à chaque fois que je peux jouer avec lui à l’entraînement, je suis trop content, je suis comme un gamin.»

    “My dream as a child when I watched him on TV was to play against him in a match. For the time being, I have not been able to do it. During the USO this year, I was one match away from it. Thus, each time I can train with him, I am so happy. I am like a kid”.

     «Tu sens que Rodge à l’entraînement, il met en place son jeu. C’est vraiment quelqu’un qui travaille. Il ne joue pas du tout de la même manière qu’en match. Il tente beaucoup, il essaye de sentir la balle. Il n’est pas du tout dans le résultat»

    “You feel that Rodge when he trains, sets up his game. He really is somebody who works a lot. He doesn’t play the same way in a match and in a training session. He tries a lot, to “sense” the ball.  He is not at all concerned by the result”.

    Go Fed for tonight !

      1. I’m not accountant. The video is for sure not the all-time collection. I like Fed smashing racket.s Still a bit of human 😉

  12. Any UK readers, please note: exceptionally, it’s tonight’s match that’s being televised – BBC4 at 8 pm. I guess there was too much Remembrance and rugby stuff on during the daytime, so the BBC negotiated a change. Just when I was thinking I’d have an early night …

  13. Really poor from BBC, I have Sky but it’s sore to bear when Rudeski
    keeps saying ‘Novak is the best player on the Planet’ it may well be
    true but surely he can find another way to compliment his man. It’s
    almost as bad as Barry Cowan whose fav quip is ‘he just keeps asking
    the question’ Enough of that rubbish C’mon Roger x

  14. This may be Fed’s worst match of the year so far, and is a candidate for worst of the year between top players. Ungodly error totals, low serving percents, horrific shanks, blown opportunities, bad errors in winning positions, too many fluke shots, poor play in big moments. It’s like a club match. Fed will get jacked by Anderson and Thiem if he cant beat this Nishikori.

    1. Agreed that this is one of the poorest matches Federer’s played in some time. But I don’t think he ever played Nishikori in the opening round here in London–each time he had already played a match or two and had a chance to get used to the conditions. Coming in cold and trying to find form while playing against Nishikori is a huge ask.

      Anderson and Thiem are streaky players themselves, they have a lot of ups and downs that Federer can take advantage of. Not like Nishikori whose level is steady and who has to be beaten through consistent, aggressive play.

      Anyway, best for Federer to wipe this match from the mental hard drive and focus on the next one. One unique thing about this tournament, it’s possible to win even if you lose a match or two. Just practice more and look towards round 2.

  15. Another embarrassing and stupid loss, punctuated by shanks and double faults, inability to return, and the now typically horrible play in important moments. Fed looked like a punk pusher out there, against a pretty average opponent.

  16. Bad, bad match. Very poor match from both sides, but oh my Roger. So many chances, so many balls blown out in the stands. Super frustrating to watch… Unfortunately, with this kind of play, I don’t see Roger winning any of the remaining matches. Stupid match, frustrated to have watched it till the end

  17. I am shocked at how absolutely terrible Fed played. Kei 1st and 2nd serve was not that hard to handle. Don’t expect Fed to beat Anderson or Thiem the way he played today. I just hope he doesn’t embarrass himself by being shut out without a single set win.

  18. Well my tennis season is over. Take care everyone till next year. I just hope someone other than Djoker wins this tournament.

  19. Horrow show from Fed. I don’t know about him enjoying tennis
    because he certainely isn’t enjoying this. For whatever reason
    he doubted himself from the first game, never looked as though
    he was certain. Theim must be rubbing his hands it’s so sad
    to see Federer so UNfederer like.

  20. This season is done I think. The wheels have come off the Mercedes. Fed is going to have to do something drastic to stay in the top five next year.

  21. Fed’s been mediocre since Miami 2017 but good enough to be a challenger.
    This year though, he has had some abysmal matches.

    In the end of the day, even rest can’t fix these things. Needs to call it a day someday.

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