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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the US Open 2019

Here is Roger Federer's Uniqlo gear for the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament of the year

Here is Roger Federer's US Open 2019 outfit from Uniqlo. The outfit will go on sale on August 19th  some UNIQLO stores and online ahead of the tournament kicking off on August 26th.

Like his previous outfits, this is another collaboration between Uniqlo Japan and the Paris research and development centre led by Christophe Lemaire.

The fabric is said to have a high wicking and quick-drying properties thanks to the performance material “Dry EX” jointly developed with Toray. Will it keep him cool in the New York humidity that derailed his US Open last year against Millman?

In terms of colours and design, I like it. Uniqlo says it's a one-tone design inspired by a tuxedo, suitable for an elegant playing style. Not sure on the flat collar but I like the detailing on the sleeves.

Federer's 2019 US Open Clothing

federer us open gear uniqlo 19

I wanted a full body black style for the design of this US Open, I received a proposal from the design team for a wonderful and sophisticated outft. The details and concept of the design are based on a vision that goes beyond sports based on LifeWear's philosophy. Thanks again to UNIQLO's design team for providing special wear for all tournaments. Federer on his US Open 2019 outfit

You can also see his practice t-shirt above which has a US Open court print on it. For me, it looks a bit low budget like the sort of thing you could produce on an online t-shirt designer using a stock photo of a tennis court but I'd need to see the finished article and print quality to make a final judgement.

federer us open 2019 outfit

What do you guys think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. And white details stay for white flowers belonging to funeral ceremony.
        But not good for lifting a trophy. Well, for that Roger can use his well-looking all-white tracksuit 😉

  1. Hmm, I love black on Fed. Though still looks pyjama to me, too loose. But hey anything will be great on him.

    1. VERY TRUE! It is the right direction but I must say I am disapointed at UNIQLO, they are amateurs on this. How hard can be to do nice fitting and looking clothes???……

  2. I love :
    – the white trim which draws the silhouette (shoulders)
    – the association of white socks and white shoes : easier to appreciate the footwork.
    – the ROGer cap with nice embroideries

    I dislike :
    – the straight collar (I preferred the RG/Wim polo ones)

    I wonder if :
    – there will be a white shirt for day sessions (with black trims ?) : better to play under the sun and absorb the heat.

    Anyway, I like the outfit… With a tuxedo-like outfit, we need a champagne tennis to go with it !!! Come on Ro-GO-ger !

  3. Hey, as long as the material does what they promise. That’s the biggest thing. Otherwise are they going Darth like Nike.
    Looking at the hat, I’m thinking Nike isn’t giving Fed his logo back until he retires. Uniglo stopped waiting and now are producing the REGOR stuff. The gear is improving.
    Is Roger wearing this at Cinci too?
    Where are you, Dippy?

  4. Colors look ok but fit looks loose and pajama like, neck is not well tailored, too large droopy.

  5. Cincinnati last year was sharp, elegant and most of all, simple; navy blue with very fine red detail. Wimbledon looked good too, nice collar.

    Meanwhile, old Fabio Fognini is now the best dressed player on tour, since he’s teamed up with Emporio Armani !

  6. If anyone has shopped at Uniqlo you know the quality of the garments and their production is low; poor quality fabrics and finishing. I’m a sewer so I notice sewing details. I thought the brown outfits (French open?) looked especially bad with puckered shoulder/neck seams and poorly fitting pants. I think this black/white is a bit more sophisticated look but agree that a day version is needed. I couldn’t really tell from the photos about the sewing. That shows up as he moves around in the garments.

  7. I like it, except as always for the massive red square. Agree with the hope there’s a reverse for day. Also hoping for a better drape on the shorts.
    I think I read somewhere that Nike has released the RF but Uniqlo doesn’t intend to use it; which might conceivably make some sense philosophically (we want “our” brand, that’s “his” brand) but makes no sense whatsoever from a marketing standpoint. And it could just be hearsay, too.
    Much positive energy for a happy excursion in Cincy – allez Rodge!

    1. Funny, I actually like that it’s wider – I thought the thinner burgundy on the brown outfit really didn’t show up on court.

  8. Another Federer-Thiem final in sight 🙂 This time Thiem will be happy with runner-up status 😉 Runner-up to Fed is not a shame 🙂 And he has some plans for US Open and is not greedy 🙂

  9. Looks like a pajama set I owned once, only in a short version. But much better than the UPS Delivery Man brown outfit he had before – which lacked only a large cardboard carton to complete the “look.” He will roast and toast in this during the day.

  10. Its already sold out! ISo BAD UNIQLO that they dont make enough sizes to last for more then 3 days! This never happend so fast with NIke! I am so disapointed with the switch he did!

  11. It’s a nice change. Nice and Simple. Happy to see Federer in the dark. This is one of the finest in my opinion. Ready to rumble in new jersey

  12. Hideous outfit, clown suit. It’s difficult to make him look bad but they have achieved that. Shoes fine.

  13. Saw the warm up jacket last night when Fed talked to BG before the walk out to the Negal Match. Looked sweet. Had a Fila Borg vibe to it (collar and sleeves). Hope Uniqlo sells those too.

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