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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the US Open 2013

Hey guys, here's Roger Federer's outfit for the US Open 2013, as usual he has both a day session outfit and a night session one. I'm happy to report Nike have used a polo for both which is good news.

Design / colour wise I'm not a massive fan but I think they are okay, certainly not as good as last year and the red trainers leave a lot to be desired but I think once they are on they'll look much better.

The polo follows the trend of the one he wore in Cincinnati as it has a stretch woven collar with mesh inserts, three-buttons, a mesh back panel for breath-ability, a sublimated all-over graphic print and of course the customary RF logo and Nike Swoosh.

Federr US Open Outfit Montage

I'm actually a little unsure as to which way round the Shoes and shorts will be worn, as there's a few photoshopped images that seem to contradict each other. I don't think the blue shorts complement the night session polo though in the slightest. Along with red / orange shoes there's a real clash.

Roger Federer US Open 2013 Day Session Outfit

Roger Federer US Open 2013 Night Session Outfit

What do you guys think? Let me know.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. The day session one, I think looks great. On the other hand, the night session outfit is a mess. Those blue shorts, why combine them with black/grey shirt and black/red shoes? I hope the change that one a bit.

      1. Probably, he can wear White shorts in the night session and blue shorts in morning. That would be better.

  2. Not really a fan of this season’s wear so far. I wish he goes back to 2007, all black outfit heck USO organizers even went along playing Imperial March as his theme – Darth Federer. That is such an awesome name and still it till this day.

  3. Red shoes are fun but what are they smoking if they’re honestly gonna go with the black/grey polo and the blue shorts..!?! US Open ’12 night polo was easily my favorite, whilst ’10 and ’11 were also great, shame he couldn’t win any of ’em, 2011 still hurts!

  4. Fashion disaster show goes on, I dont see how the red shoes match any combo at all. Wish Fed has said No.
    I miss his subtle outfit in 2012 USO, and the shoe with dark red sole, too bad , i wish i could buy them back on street again

  5. It’s ok, not really feeling the design tbh (well at least the polo trend continues) but the red trainers look SICK. Wonder where I can fetch a pair…

  6. Not a fan of both outfits, and I wish he would keep his current outfit from Cincy. The light blue looked amazing on the Cincy courts and I imagine it would still look stunning at the US Open. I went to a tennis store today and found RF’s US Open day session polo already up for sale! No way I was going to buy that, so I bought another one of his branded t shirts and a rare one – the blue polo he wore in his doubles match with Wawrinka against Nadal/Lopez in Indian Wells back in 2011. I really like that polo and funny thing it isn’t a RF branded one. You usually don’t see Federer wearing anything on court that wasn’t designed specifically for him or his own branded outfits.

  7. No fan of the day polo, but I like the night one (bar the pink). But just what did Nike do for the night outfit?… It’s like they had a hug pot and drew random color out… I just bought the cincy polo, that thing is a beauty 😀

    1. Yeah, odd to see Nike go with these kind of colour combos, commonly used by Adidas. The only good outfits Adidas make are all the women ones, mens ones look terrible.

  8. Don’t like the night outfit at all. Too much colour and different shades of blue. Day outfit just better but we are far from the level of last year us open outfit, especially the night one which is one of my favourites from last couple of years

  9. Roger Federer always looks professinal. I like the color it looks good. the trainers look fantastic. Cant wait for the US Open to start!

  10. Average from Nike yet again. Having said that, Roger would look cool playing tennis in a chicken costume. I’m sure they’ll look better on the man himself!
    I do agree with you about the night outfit though, those shorts really don’t match. But if he beats Rafa wearing that thing it’ll become the stuff of legend, so it’s all about the tennis really 😀

  11. Have got no problem with anything except…how can those blue shorts go with the dark shirt? Nike and RF’s fashion sense must have gone to take a walk!

  12. Seriously though, I think that night polo is alright in isolation but the whole thing is generally a mess. Nike seem to want to dress him up like everyone else on tour’s grandfather.

    1. I’m really digging the shirt, man. I already saw this before in tennis warehouse and it really says a lot. More than the shirt.. he must deliver! 😀

      What do You know.. he surprised us in Wimbledon wearing the banned and orange soled vapor 9. He might have an outfit in surprise or.. have a serious run this time, not necessarily winning the USO (but it’s good when he takes it) that he is still a forced to be reckoned with at 32, ranked no. 7 in the world with a 90 sq. in. racket 😀

  13. all of his 2012 grand slam outfits were marvellous!this year, his form has diminished and so has his outfits…..

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