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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the Shanghai Masters and Basel 2018

Here's Roger Federer's outfit for the 2018 Shanghai Rolex Masters which starts next week.  He will aslo wear this at the Swiss Indoors. Unlike the Nike outfits pictures are hard to come by and there is absolutely zero mention of Federer's clothing on their website but I've dug out a photoshopped image of the outfit which will be released on 5th of October. You can check it out below:

Federer Outfit Shanghai Masters 2018

Quite hard to tell from this image but it looks like a light pink colour and should look pretty good against the purple Shanghai courts. Design wise it's very similar to the previous Uniqlo outfits and it seems like their product cycles are wayyyy longer than Nike's; as a result, we'll see Roger wearing only slight variants of the same product for the foreseeable future.

When will it go on sale?

I'm assuming this one will be for sale in the stores very soon based on the image having a date but it's hard to tell on the availability, the Wimbledon outfits that went up for sale post-tournament have only just shipped as I saw this video posted earlier. Cool unboxing experience actually:

Finally, I hope Uniqlo up their online game next year starting at the Australian Open. They are missing out on a ton of e-commerce business by not listing these items for sale or having them up for pre-order.

I know they have their own strategy which is more orientated around brick and mortar stores as opposed to online and it's fine to go against the grain. However, Federer is the first time they've had real global appeal so you'd think becoming an omnichannel type retailer for the Federer line of products makes sense…

What do you guys think of the outfit? Is Uniqlo's retail experience hindering you buying these outfits? I'd have been tempted to get the Laver Cup one if it was for sale…


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Guess Chinese? So about £30…

        @Dippy – I think I read March, but that could be totally wrong. Maybe once a shoe deal, if any, is sorted…

  1. Second ! I love the pink girly colour… it reminds me of another light pink Nike shirt à few years ago.

      1. The 2010 shirt could be Rodney Dangerfield…the regular guy look. Fingers crossed the shirt will breathe or else Roger won’t.

  2. Hi Jonathan! Looking forward to see Roger on court….I like the pink, like Cec mentioned, Roger looks good in almost any color.

  3. First off, love the grey sweater with the white shirt. Seems like Uniqlo will come up with boring and plain shirts. No pattern ever?
    I wonder if it’s thick and stretchy?
    Yes, miss the RF logo. And the red squares are too big. BUT, I’m sure Roger will look great as usual.
    Godsick talking the “R” word. Enjoy while we can!
    Saw a photo of Fed in the pasta aisle today at the local grocery store. He was drizzling oil on some pasta. I don’t think he knows how to boil an egg.

    1. Yes, enjoy – and fear the R-day. Well Roger said during LC that he didn’t want to retire. Kind of nice promise! ?

    2. What about the white jeans / chinos?

      The fabric is supposedly dry-ex, assuming that is like Nike’s dry fit stuff, so I guess his clothes aren’t that bad for sweating…

  4. Thanks Jonathan for another valuable contribution.
    Thank God he switched to Uniqlo. They are very stylish and fit with his classy style. Nike used to be that for years but in the end their stuff was just horrible. I saw what Nike intended to let him wear at the US Open this year in a Tennispoint Shop und my hometown Vienna. Very annoying – both the fact that they seriously designed such piece and the fact they sell it withough having him under their roof anymore…

    1. He hasn’t won a tournament wearing Uniqlo yet, so not a good switch yet IMO!

      Overall I prefer the Nike stuff he’s worn in recent years than anything Uniqlo have put out so far, but I don’t mind them.

      Like I say in my post though, if you look at the Uniqlo website their products are designed to be pretty safe / never out of fashion and their product life cycles are very long. Almost like for someone to buy 5 different colour t-shirts and wear one each day for work. So not the ideal one for the fans who like big changes for each tournament…

  5. Well I don’t know.I posted in the American Open thread that I thought Red was an unlucky colour and look what happened
    there☹️I don’t much like pink either.However Roger wears things well so I am sure he will look good.More importantly he has a lot of points to defend with Djokovic and The Possum breathing down his neck.Nadal has withdrawn though so will
    Roger be number one seed and Djokovic two?

    1. Roger will 1 seed and Novak 2.
      That’s because Roger has 2,100 points from 2017.
      Novak will likely be the year end number 1.
      He’s only 1,000~ points behind Rafa, who’s not going to add too much points considering his knees and Indoor/Hard being his weaker environment.
      Roger has a slim chance and Delpo is also in the mix.

  6. Roger looked good in uniqlo clothes based from pictures taken in Tokyo. Looking like a model omgggg…. delicioussss.

    Uniqlo got to up their game by introducing pre-order sets for upcoming kit not when the tournament that has been over more than 2 months! Design wise, more variety not just solid colors even though it looks nice on Roger. Lastly as what Jon commented, yet to win any tourney since wearing Uniqlo, do we need to hire shaman or witch doctor to break the duck??

    1. Yeah I’m surprised they don’t sell them online, I have no idea on how many Federer tops Nike sold but it’s definitely going to be a few. I couldn’t tell you where my nearest Uniqlo store is, probably London. So how do I get one if I want one?

  7. I am on a train coming back from Geneva for business… Not a single ad for the Sept. 2019 Laver Cup in the city yet … What a shame 🙂 (I’m kidding).
    I confirm what was written a few days ago by one of you on this forum. Life is expensive in Switzerland.  In a café inside the Cornavin station : one espresso + one cappuccino for 8,60 Swiss Francs (7,99 euros). Guys, if you want to spend 3 days in Geneva for the Laver Cup,  start saving money now…

    1. Yes,our four day trip to Basel last year was extremely expensive.I don’t begrudge it though,saw Fed three times and Basel is a very interesting city.We shared a taxi home one evening with a couple who live in
      Geneva who said what a beautiful city it is.So I would love to go but the expense is daunting.

      1. Well,I don’t know Jonathan.The times we have been to the O2 we have stayed in that great little
        Premier Inn that is tucked away behind Borough Market and then taken the ferry down the river
        which is a great way to arrive there.The tickets were expensive of course.Perhaps there are less
        costly places to stay in Geneva so perhaps it needs a lot of research.We have a Swiss friend but
        he lives on Lake Zurich,what a pity its not lake Geneva?

    2. I live in Geneva, and yeah it’s expensive!
      However, get a hotel in France right next to it! 2 times cheaper there (Pays de Gex, or Anemasse). It’s a 10-30min bus ride down to Geneva depending where you are 🙂

  8. Just hope the sweat licking properties of this Uniqlo gear is upto the mark. The USO experience (not just Fed but also Kei) kind of gave Uniqlo a bad rep.
    Fed looks good in pink. In mostly everything, really.
    And yes, like all of you, waiting for the first trophy in Uniqlo. ?

      1. Even he was sweating buckets in his Uniqlo! I saw Kei putting the collar up and off his neck. He usually seems to be a guy who looks less hot and bothered on court. I know the heat was uncomfortable for everybody, but there was an article at Deadspin where the writer specifically mentioned the Kei and Uniqlo (and Roger) and the heat factor.

  9. Yeah, the not being able to buy online thing really hurts them globaly. Feels like a waste of Federer because I doubt even the most ardent fans will travel across the country to get the outfit especially.

    I know a lot of high end merchandise and what have you in Japan goes up for pre order online and then ships after that period ends, but afterwards typically isn’t available to just buy online without a huge markup price. Maybe something like that would work for Federer – that way the e-commerce thing wouldn’t ruin their physical retail strategy too much (as the only way to actually pick them up on a whim is by visiting one of their stores) and fans of Federer will have a chance to get the stuff they want as long as they order while pre orders are open. Not a perfect solution but I think it’d work out as something of a middle ground.

    Seems like a few players have effectively ended their season early. I know I was previously advocating for Fed to shut his down (which I’m starting to walk back because the length of time between matches has been rough as is), but I’m not sure I love it as a trend, it feels like we’ll eventually get to a point where the season will basically end in September. Maybe I’m looking to much into it but it feels like more and more players are focusing on the big big events a lot more than previously. Maybe it’s just because the average top player now seems to be in their 30’s.

  10. Nike don’t seem to be selling this particular colour variation (dark blue with red logos) of the Vapor X Zoom shoes either. Shame, I really like them.

  11. That pink colour looks the same as when you forget a red sock in the middle of your whites when doing laundry.

    And yes, I don’t think that UNIQLO are capitalizing on this Federer deal.. yet.

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