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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the Rolex Shanghai Masters 2019

The Swiss will take to the court in a red, similar to his 2014 winning attire.

Here is Roger Federer's outfit for the 2019 Rolex Shanghai Masters which starts on October 5th, with maindraw action kicking off on Monday, October 8th.

The Swiss will be taking to the court in a red t-shirt which reminds me a little bit of the Nike gear he wore at the Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena in 2014, one of my favourite tournaments of recent years.

The outfit officially goes on sale on September 30th will be sold at the Uniqlo Shanghai global flagship store, the Shanghai Nanjing West Road store, the Guangzhou Victoria's store and the Uniqlo website.  

While Swiss buyers have so far hit a brick wall when it comes to buying Uniqlo gear, there's good news for Indian Federer fans as Uniqlo will open its first store in Delhi's Ambience Mall on 4 October 2019 and I'm guessing they will stock Federer gear as he's hugely popular across the country. Jai bhole ki!

Roger Federer's 2019 Shanghai Masters Outfit

Federer Outfit Shanghai

Full Shanghai 2019 Outfit Gallery

What do you guys think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. yeah!!! I like it, not as much as the 2014 kit you mentioned on the post but its rally good. Hoping for another title hehe


    1. I think the outfit is beautiful, especially the red colour! I like Fed in red! It lightens up his face! I am not sure about the pants, why beige? I would have made it navy or black, with red and black shoes… But if you people like it, it’s ok. I hope they try him in green and black in the nearby future. Have you ever seen him in green? Beautiful!

    2. The red is bold. I like alot. Play bold like you can Roger! It’s not about the outfit it’s about the experience, preparation, skill, and confidence of the player and RF has them all. Go Roger!

    1. I think it looks ok but will decide when it’s worn.

      The one thing about Uniqlo is that their photography isn’t heavily edited or photoshopped. That can be seen as a bad thing compared to Nike or whatever as it looks less ‘polished’

      But thinking about it, I like it. I’ve bought a few things from Uniqlo lately, and a couple of items off Nike. My expectations were higher on the Nike products as they looked good in the pictures, however, the Uniqlo gear is far better, better colours, better finish, better quality at half the price.

      1. the price gap is huge!!!

        That applies to clothing and even more for shoes… paying $140 por a pair of tennis shoes (which only last about 3 months) kinda hurts the wallet

      2. Well, I can’t say anything about the quality or the prices, just the looks of it.
        I just hope they use the RF logo as their brand, instead of that hideous rectangle. It would be much nicer to the eye.
        Federer deserves classic designes.

  1. Love the red , caps are great too may have to try and get a top and cap for Christmas presents! Where is the Uniglo store in London? Anyone help ? Thanks

      1. Used to be Bromley and Croydon as well – and probably far more around the country, I’d have thought.

  2. The red color is in honor of People’s Republic of China, which is celebrating its 70’s founding this year. Although I had expected the shorts to red as well though. Oh well.


  3. Uniqlo is definitely going for shy tone combinations.
    The red looks dull, so the similarly dull bege seems to have been chosen to bring a bit more life to it. A pure white would have made that red look like clay due to contrast.
    -In short: just win the bloody trophy.
    -In shirt: preferably with little sweat.

      1. No picture, either on a screen or printed will give an accurate representation of the real thing. This one looks neutral/bluish, but it can be much different. (1.5 years ago I bought a Pure Drive Wimbledon 2017 and the sky blue on the frame stripes is way, way duller than on the TW website.)
        And it can also look radically different if the light changes. I’ve matched a few reds 6-7 years ago and while they looked bright red under sunlight, they shifted to a terribly dull orange red under some artificial lights. The customer said they looked really strange… The bottom line is that one must be really careful when choosing the colorants, much more than most people realize.

    1. Yeah, same.
      Anyways, Uniqlo says that they won´t use the RF even if they get it.
      Why don´t they at least use the Go Roger logo on the sleeves?

  4. Uniqlo Tshirts are red
    Nike Tshirts are violet blue
    Two coming for chinese tea
    Chinese tea in the pot for two

    Good night, folks

    1. Ruby red shirts are for Fed
      Beige shorts are for him too
      The motley outfit is for Nishi
      But I prefer the Swiss cuckoo

      1. Personally, I wish hat they would change the Uniqlo logo colours depending on the tournament, rather like how Nike used to, I think the logo would have looked great in blue myself.

    1. What part of the world are you in? I don’t think the UK stores stock the socks etc. but the Japanese store seems to . Annoying as I am after some white sports socks and wanted to give Uniqlo socks a go, I have some of their trainer socks and they are well made.

      1. I’m in the UK. The socks have been released for Europe previously but the question is whether it will be available this time around.

        My guess is that only the shirt and shorts will be sold to Europe. The GOROGER T-Shirts may only be available for the Asian market. The Wimbledon and French Open T-Shirts were only sold in Europe, and the US Open T-Shirts were only sold in North America.

        I guess Ebay is the way to go in worst case!

  5. Looking at the draw in Tokyo, they might as well give the trophy to Djokovic. The 2nd seed is Coric, ranked 14.
    Beijing has way more top players.
    Change the weather, J?

  6. Uniqlo quality are pretty good but I find their design for Roger’s kit a bit too conservative and meh…cmon make it creative, Roger is god-sent model why waste it.

  7. I like this actually, the red makes the red square not such an eyesore.

    Will hope they’ve addressed the drape issues, esp on shorts…

    I’m sure I saw somebody mention you can get an account with a re-shipper – there’s one in – UK? – for Europe, and a different one somewhere else for the US – your account with them gives you a shipping address in a place Uniqlo will ship to, then they re-ship to you.

    1. I wish that said red square was able to be changed to different colours, maybe a light blue, or green, or white/black. I think it would look cool.

    2. I can’t see that reshipping thing being viable. Say I’m in Norway and I have a reshipper in the UK. I pay delivery charge to the UK address when ordering from Uniqlo (if the order is under £50). I then pay re-shipping costs, plus the goods are subject to import charges so VAT and whatever the tariff is. A £30 shirt suddenly became £80.

  8. The beige shorts didn’t look so bad at the French Open and Fed looks great in red. He’ll pull it off! How will he be coaching Alex Zverev in Shanghai though?? “I want a ‘let’s go’ and a ‘come on’ for every f**king point you win. I don’t want to see any negative shit.”

  9. So, it appears that Zverev is on the comeback trail. Could it be the inspiration from Fedal during LC? Every f****ing point is a celebration and no negative sh** .

    1. Zverev has been his own most formidable opponent.
      If he doesn’t change his mental attitude he’ll get chronically neurotic soon.

  10. Bonjour
    Je préfère ROGER en UNI QLO Les tenues sont bien plus élégantes pour ce très Grand Champion.
    Franchement Nike devrait revenir à des tenues plus harmonieuses, pourquoi ne pas conserver une règle avec des tennis blanches, des chaussettes blanches avec des liserés de couleur rappelant la tenue parfois les tenues des joueurs sont carnavalesques, il faut laisser un peu d’élégance aux tenues de Tennis!!!!!

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