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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the French Open 2019

Take a look at Federer's Ensemble for Roland Garros

With Roger Federer due to make his first appearance at Roland Garros since 2015 it’s only natural that Uniqlo would cook up something special for Federer’s French Open outfit and they’ve certainly delivered.

Check out his gear for this year’s tournament below:

Federer French Open Clothing 2019

Roger Federer’s French Open 2019 Outfit Gallery


It’s already available in store and online via the Uniqlo site where they class them as beige and off white. Both are Uniqlo’s Dry Ex fabric. I’m not sure who took the photo but thanks for sharing!

uniqlo store

So a very strange colour combo here and it reminds me of the New Zealand ODI cricket kit from the eighties with the beige and brown 😆 I can’t say I’m a fan based on the pictures of it on the hanger but as always I’ll reserve judgement until it’s worn on court. You can see more pictures and purchase from range on the Uniqlo website

What do you guys think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. Second one looks bit better that first one.. But he probably look good anyway…let’s see how it turns out..

      Seems like they wanted to design something just as FO tennis courts..🙊🤦

      1. Definitely not a fan… like you said, maybe Roger will look good on it but I don’t think I can pull it off. The RF logo is nowhere to be seen, right?

      2. No sign of the RF logo yet.

        I wonder how quick a firm can go from design, approval to production?

        We are still seeing Fed’s planned Nike outfits for the FO, and it’s over a year since they split, so clearly got a lot of stuff sorted in advance…

  1. The second outfit is not as bad as the first one…. I hope Roger will play well despite of this outfit…

  2. Don’t know that I’m a fan of this look. The red detail is slick and I like the collar better than what it’s been since the AO.
    How involved is RF in designing his gear?

    1. Supposedly he is hands on. The thing is that Nike outfits are planned well in advance, so Fed’s influence on Uniqlo stuff might be a few months off if it’s the same process.

      Which Uniqlo ones have you bought? Not all have been sold I don’t think?

      1. I’m not surprised he’s hands on. It’s probably a massive reason he went there in the first place. He’s very fashionable and I expect him to release a ton of fly designs post-retirement.
        I only have the AO blue and the USO red with the stand up collar.

    2. RF said he’s much more involved now, than he was with Nike. I’m afraid I don’t believe it.

  3. Cioccolato ? Cappuccino ? Caramello ?
    For the Maestro … Lindt is nicer than Raffaello
    Hoping for a mood always mellow
    To beat Cecchinato, Djoko, Fratangello
    Del Potro or Marcelo Melo
    Never mind the colours of the polo
    For fans, he’s precious as a Michelangelo
    And soon, we’ll admire him play in full flow !

    1. Nice, and thanks FBRF!
      Outfit no nice. But on Fed all is nice. Acc Rome, I was surprised he chose Madrid, as you say that Rome is more like RG. So I’m so satisfied that he likes to train the clay match-wise in Rome too before the big FO(e). And as I have subscripted TT for a whole year, the more Fed in more ATP’s the better.

  4. Not my favorite. But what might save it is the expert tailoring that Uniqlo has on Roger’s clothes

  5. Well they say you should never wear brown to an interview or at the office. The only advantage of brown is the orange clay wouldn’t show as much on it…however brown should be lthe last colour ever to be worn in any sports period!

  6. Looks horribly like something Djokovic would have worn to me. Don’t think I like – although perhaps it will look better on.

      1. Yes. Dojker always looked clean cut and smart in UniClo. He was my first introduction to the label and I got a good impression of it from his gear.

  7. Brown color – definitely NO
    Beige color – YES
    Think Uniqlo needs a new, better Fashion Designer

  8. I’m sure you would find something similar at the old folk’s home. It looks like thick and stretchy material like the other stuff. Doesn’t breathe and gets super baggy in no time. WTF.
    But, it is Roger Federer and he always looks good, eh.

  9. I hear the Rome tournament doubled the price of tickets the day Fed is playing. Is that possible? They should be shot.

    1. Didn’t they insult Fed when he didn’t play last year, saying it’s okay not have him cos the tourney is bigger than him?

    2. Yeah I heard that too about tickets, Fed said he didn’t agree with it I think.

      I’m pretty sure the Rome TD said Fed doesn’t matter or something as he follows Nadal 😆

  10. Brown is a least favourite colour,associates with dirt,Earth,sludge etc.Quite awful.
    The beige version is marginally better but not much.
    Just thinking of that lovely zinging red and orange top that Ferrer wore for his final match.
    That seemed to epitomise energy and passion.
    This on the other hand is as dull as dishwater.

    1. There may be a deep concept behind it. The colors are totally contrasting to Fed’s character and attitude. Maybe the hidden message is like: “If Federer can wear it, you MUST”.
      Your tennis is probably not so exciting, but THESE COLORS!!! Nobody wears something like this – only FEDERER and YOU 😉 The best tennis player ever wearing the ugliest outfit ever. Not yet convinced? OK, we offer you 99% discount 🙂

    2. Yeah I don’t like the colour at all. There was one kit with a brown – Miami 2009 with some sky blue, I had that one and it looked good, but this is way too much.

  11. I think the deal with Uniqlo for Fed is off-court outfit not on-court kit. They spent so much money for it and no money left for the design. Haha some Fedfans taking it as a “personal insult” 😆

  12. Did anyone of you see the match Kyrgios vs. Medvedev today? The best parody of tennis I have ever seen.
    You can have no coach, wear shirt and short from Walmart and you can make some thousands people laugh like it was Chaplin or something.

    I was a bit sorry for Medvedev. but his tennis is perfectly boring.
    Every player with boring tennis, should at lest every second tournament meet Nick early 🙂

    1. Unfortunately I missed this match.
      Pleasantly surprised that NK managed to play three sets without checking out,mentally or physically .

  13. Fed vs Sousa at 11:00 am Rome time tomorrow.
    Barilla pasta for breakfast then….go champion !

  14. Ever since Fed moved on from Nike, his outfits have been horrible; solid, ugly colours, no remarkable design.

    The mint green Miami was nice, but that collar! So bad

    And now his shoes no longer match his outfits at all! He looks like some middling tour player out there now, it’s annoying. At first Nike was matching the Uniqlo colours but now, it’s just bleh

  15. At least in the pics, these kits simply look boring. As some people said, maybe they will look better when Roger is wearing them. Let’s hope so!

  16. When I zoomed in on it, I thought – the burgundy piping might save it. I almost wish it were a bit more prominent. In any case, I agree with whoever said it’s better than the totally plain pastels he’s been wearing. We can argue pros & cons, but this is at least an outfit. Interested to see how it hangs on him. Agree I like the one with more off-white better.

  17. OMG. It is hideous!!!!!
    The brown reminds me of my school uniform, not a good association. It is a particularly dull brown and I can’t see that it will pop against the Terre batu. What were they thinking at UniClo? I was hoping for something like a teal blue which is a very in colour at the moment. Never mind. I hope it man will carry it off with his usual aplomb and casual elegance.

      1. Hey! I posted a link to highlights from Kyrgios match yesterday on my Dropbox account, but I don’t see the post.

  18. A stylish beige cane with brown handle and would nit nicely this old gentleman’s outfit 😉 And specially for today a fitting umbrella for a majestic “walking in the rain” on Foro Italico 😉

      1. Maybe some purple (Purple Rain) straw hat would also fit His Majesty Walking in the Rain?

    1. Somehow I lost a part of the text 😉 It should have been “…with brown-beige handle in a shape of a tennis ball would fit nicely …

  19. The longer I watch the outfit, I’m starting to like it. It’s teddy-bear”-like. Is Roger not a lovely teddy-bear (especially when winning) 🙂

    1. I wonder if having had very serious surgery he may be tentative about going for shots,running down
      drop shots etc.
      Plus lacking confidence/match play because he does seem to have had some tough draws recently.

  20. Federer plays tomorrow second match in day session. The session starts at 10:00 am (partly sunny, 15°C)

  21. Nadal plays his match on the grandstand. Seems odd not to favour the defending champion for Centre Court.

    But then they seem to be acting oddly all round. Not really cricket to refuse to refund todays ticket holders. Sure, its the weather and it can’t be helped. But you just have to cut your losses and remember the customer is King.

    1. N, it doesn’t. They all will have to play 2 matches (if first won) and for the second (more important) match Nadal is set for CC and Federer for GS. Would you expect Nadal to play both matches on CC?
      When weather rules, there is no optimal solution.
      The match is a match. Whatever he court, all Top10 are assumed to play 2 matches today. Have not heard any complaining voices.
      “To favor” has btw nothing to do with sport. In the business part rules money, which may be annoying but is natural.
      Big names are always favored somehow and if it’s not fair taking only aspects of competition, it’s acceptable somehow. And not really so important for who wins.
      1 or 2 of big3 are assumed to reach the final. If they do, rising to their status, there is no favoring anymore. So what are you complaining about?

      1. I wasn’t complaining. I was comment-passing. And feeling sorry for people who bought tickets yesterday,

  22. A young, fresh and hungry Coric is lurking for Fed in the second match of the day. Damn, bad luck. We couldn’t the rain start at 1PM?

    1. You would prefer if Coric was lurking in the first match of the day?
      Yes, you could start the rain, whenever you want, making the tournament null and void. Not only Fed is concerned. They all are.

      1. Too much of speculations. There are more concerned. Thiem has Verdasco first and if he wins then Khachanov (and tomorrow, should he pass, he has Nadal and doubles). They are there to spend some energy. Or they may sit home and play video games.

  23. In this case hoping that it’s not the clothes that makes the man
    but the man that makes the clothes. Rome at the minute has
    the makings of a complete shambles, 2 matches I one day for
    any of the players is too much, going to be Cincinatti all over

    1. All Top10 have 2 matches today. Or they may pull out from the first, if they don’t like it 😉
      Two matches in a day is not so bad. Some have train ed yesterday in the rain to not lose rhythm 🙂

  24. Well, I didn’t realize it before. Thiem has 3 matches. Third is the second round double. And I’m sure he will n ot pull put, even potentially having tomorrow a Nadal QF.

  25. It looks like they are trying to replicate the design of the kits Roger wore in the early 2000s. I can’t say I’m a fan of the colours but Im glad they’ve finally tried something different with the design.

  26. The Fed express steaming away at the moment.
    Let’s hope he doesn’t have the usual second set wobble and gets out of there quickly.
    Thiem out.How bloody lucky Nadal is.
    Verdasco is a pest .Always very dangerous on a clay court early in a tournament.

    1. Well it does mean Thiem isn’t playing three matches today, lol.

      Seems he didn’t like the sich yesterday either.

      Well done the FedExpress! Nice shot making. You’ve won one, even if you don’t win the next.

  27. Oh well, I suppose playing 5 sets in a day might actually be good practice for RG. Not too sure I like his chances of getting past a well-rested Coric, though.

    1. I believe that they haven’t met on clay before so that is rather an unknown.
      I suppose Fed will have to take his time away as he does against these boring grinders.
      Fed looked very sharp I thought,apart from the usual breakpoint conversion rate😊
      I think he will win.Hopefully those pesky women will drag on for hours,the way they usually do.

  28. Today (the first part of the day) I’m neutral.
    I feel sorry for João Sousa, but from what I watched, there wasn’t much he could have done. Especially when Fed erased 3 breakpoints in a row in set 1. That demoralizes anyone.

  29. I’m starting to wonder if Roger has lost his taste. In some ways, an intriguing outfit, but come on, a talented designer can do better than that. These past years, he’s worn some pretty strange outfits, sometimes just outright feeble attempts, with a few exceptions along the way.
    What Nike offers its Nikecourt team, i.e. Delpo, Dimi, Kyrgios, Shapo, Khachanov etc. is just so much better. I wonder how much of it was actually Rogers fault. He seems to have a certain inclination for 2 stripes running along a shirt, sometimes diagonally… What’s more, Nadal’s outfits for last year, all the same shirt but in different colors, were actually really stylish.

  30. Please bring the half collar polo shirt back. A single colour would have been better than a combination of dull colours.
    It is a big disappointment and I’m definitely not buying this series. It looks like Fed has just shat on his pants…#NoBrownPants

  31. Have you seen the pics of Nike’s RG kits? They are truly terrible. Patterned shirts with patterned shorts. Rafa, as usual, will have his own kit, but the other poor lambs will be stuck with these.

      1. So where could you buy his AO, Dubai, IW shoes?

        The ones he is wearing for the FO are last season’s 2018 Spring collection. I don’t think they are for sale.

      2. do you know why he hasn’t had matching shoes this year? Kei’s match is FO’19 outfit

  32. From the picture, they posted on the official Roland Garros page from Roger it seems it is an old model…

  33. I do like these outfits. Something different and not too flashy like the Nike Roland Garros collection. I just wish Uniqlo would also released the jackets.

  34. I think even Rogers seems having difficult to pull these outfit together. They really need to change to better designer.

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