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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the French Open 2015

Hey guys, here is Roger Federer’s outfit for French Open 2015. It’s in the same style of all his apparel this year and inherits the same sort of detailing and darker sections on the chest area and stripe down the rear.

Nike describe the colour combo as Persian Violet/Ink/Hot Lava or as I like to call it purple :lol:. First impressions are I quite like the polo and the colour is cool too. It’s been a while since Fed wore this shade and I was a fan of the World Tour Final 2012 outfit so naturally I like this one too.

The only thing I’m not so keen on is the shorts, they’re described as Hot Lava by Nike like the accent colour on the polo but they look more of a salmon colour to me and I’m not sure how they will match up with the shirt itself. The jacket is definitely a winner though and the trainers look decent too.

A Poetic Look at Fed’s 17 Grand Slam Titles

Finally Murli sent me a poetic presentation on Federer’s 17 slam titles which you can check out below. I can’t get the audio working in the embed so if you would like the original Powerpoint file you can download it here.

Let me know what you think of Fed’s French Open outfit in the comments below.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. The Polo is great, the shorts not so much
      But as long as Roger plays grest i dont really care


    2. Hi there Emerson! ! Good on ya, another Title. But aren’t you supposed to be winning the Australian Open for 5 years in a row (6 in total) instead of winning the French Open thread ( title). Lol. Me I can’t even win a challenger title lately. My record for 2015 is Zero titles. Lol. Too many good baseliner players. I think I need to practice on my volley s. Lol.
      Anyways regarding Feds outfit I really like it. And the shorts will probably look better than it looks when Fed wears the full range. Normally when the colours clash, Roger seems to pull it off. Apart from a few times when Nike have totally got the style and colours wrong.
      To be honest I don’t usually fuss too much on his clothing line!!! As long as Roger is playing and playing toa good standard. Preferably winning and not losing to guys like N Krygios who he knows he can beat him 9/10 on any ggiven sunday. I just hope he finally gets a resonable draw but most likely he w get Nadal, Berdych, Tsonga, Dimitrov, Nishikori, Cilic and all oother potential banana skins. And Mr Djokovic will probably get D Ferrer again with 4 or 5 rounds having to play crappy players that are outside top 50 plus to 200 atp ranking. And It will be players that are more hard court players than specialist clay courters.
      Oh well what do you expect the French have probably done with Nadal so this year they definately give Nole a cake walk draw and let him complete his CV. I can already see it coming, but I really wish I am wrong. Come on Roger have a decent tournament. If he can get to the semis or quarters I will bhappy. Anything more by Feddy bear will be a bonus.

      Ps. Thanx Jonathan 4 all your posts. Iv read them but have not commented recently. So much appreciated for these posts. Cheers. Serajul

    3. Good win Emerson.

      @Serajul – Yeah the draw is going to be interesting. I was reading a document the other day that said it was virtually impossible that the draws for the last X slams fell naturally. I’d be pretty sure they are rigged just to ensure matchups go to plan.

      1. Hi Johnathan, but why is that almost all of these draws seem to disadvantage Fed?? Don’t they want him there for as long as possible just for the bloody money’s sake?

  1. Not so sure about that one… Not so lively to me… Let’s see if it comes with flawless tennis and a lot of wins and even a breaking streak number one upset match win over you know who, then maybe I’ll start liking it! Might be surprised when he wears it anyways!

    Any bets on who’s going to get Rafa for the quarter? I put my bet on Djokovic. Roger will get Ferrer… He’ll get n easy draw this time I feel! (I don’t mention that I wish, because that ‘s trivial and irrelevant) πŸ™‚ !

  2. Well last year’s outfiit was pretty ordinary, and so was his FO campaign. This year the outfit is quite good, hopefully so will his performance.

  3. So here is a question:

    Did anyone think Fed’s language about Novak before and after the final last SUnday showed an unusual amount of negatively?

    Usually Rog is so polite and respectful – going out of his way to say things like: “I know it’s going to be a tough match…have my work cut out for me…he’s playing great…” end of story.

    But I heard him say things before the final about how he is the one who has given him trouble this year… and even “well – he’s not Rafa” regarding the challenge of playing him on clay. After the win he pointed out why Rafa s still his favorite and how even though Novak was very strong in 2011, look what happened at the FO.

    I know Roger and Nole are not warm, but I can’t remember Roger speaking with such a high level of negativity about an opponent without some obvious pretext – (like Berdych saying he likes playing Roger because he knows how to beat him.)

    I just thought it was a bit much and I worried it fed Novak.

    On the other hand…maybe Roger is trying to goad Novak into either A) losing his cool B) getting so revved up he keeps Nadal from more slams

    Conspiracy theories I know. Maybe he just says what he thinks and that’s all there is.

    1. But it’s a fact that Rog has more trouble against Rafa, purely from a matchup prespective. Whilst Novak and Roger match up great, and aggressiver attacker and an “aggressive defender”. Roger will ALWAYS have more trouble from Nadal then from Novak.
      I actually feel Djoker and Feds have warmed up since the last couple of months. And there honestly isn’t much to say: Novak is playing great no, end of story, gotta play greater to beat him ^^

    2. I don’t think he has been negative. Some newspaper in french even transcribed the interview with Roger saying “if someone can maybe scare him, it could be me”

      I thought that he humbly said that if some lately caused him trouble, it was him. And I would add that his body language when he said it was quite even more moderating his words. But he said the truth.
      Same for Nadal. Regarding with has happened so far, (that includes Djoko schooling Nadal at Monte Carlo but still losing in Roland Garros for example), Nadal with 5 set match is still the favourite.
      I read almost everything in english and in french, watch interviews and press conference, Roger has not been negative. Always remember to put what they say in the context, precisely in the context of the question they are asked. They don’t come proactively with their statements but generally answer a question asked… That’s very very different. The press then takes their answers, sometimes reformulate them and then present them as proactive statements. That’s disgusting!!!

      Before seeing Roger’s interview where he said that he caused trouble to Novak bla bla bla, I read an article from french euro sport site with the title : “if someone can maybe scare him, it could be me”
      I was mad at Roger for saying thinks like that but when you see the interview, it’s a different story!!!!!

      Nole totally admires Federer and Federer despite the frustration of being behind him makes the effort to acknowledge his achievements. So I don’t see the problem between them seriously!

    3. I think Fed was just trying to get himself into a mentality where he could get the upset over Novak. These two have played a lot in the last year, and there’s been a certain resurgence I guess you could say about their rivalry following the Nadal/Djokovic stronghold.

      When it comes to clay, Fed will always back Nadal over Novak, as would most people. Fed/Novak never known to be best friends but I think they’ve both come to a stage where they respect each other’s accomplishments.

  4. Interesting thoughts Alb! I too thought Fed was unusually vocal before the final. Not sure choosing to receive was the best way to start…. The rest is history. Proud that he reached the final tho after an indifferent Madrid…

    Roger is always tanned so colour works for him, but not a great fan of the shorts. But willing to be swayed…
    Had a sudden thought! Can you imagine this outfit on Andy Murray…. Scary thought!
    Btw, Murray was already practising in Paris yesterday!! So much for tiredness! Very poor that he pulled from Rome after playing one Round imho….

    1. Not a fan of the short either. I love it when he wears white shorts. His legs are never more sexy than in white shorts πŸ˜‰ !!!

    2. Yeah also think it was a mistake for Fed to receive but even if he had served first, Novak’s level on the day was just way too good so not sure it would’ve made a huge difference.

  5. Love the shirt and jacket – always like the darker colours on Feds. The shorts will show off those flashing legs don’t you think? πŸ™‚

    It would be good to see some surprises at the French…

      1. OTOH, better than shorts made out of picnic tablecloth a la Stan. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Jonnathan

    Love the shirt, jacket and shoes – hate the shorts – but whatever he wears does not really matter as long as he plays well and goes as far as he can – not expecting the final but you never know!! Here’s hoping. Plus point Wimbledon is now just around the corner and I actually got tickets from the ballot – for round three matches – the only downside is I am on court one so not expecting to see the man himself (unless he happens to be on a practice court – How do you find out?) – but you never know I may get to see Stanimal.

  7. Love the purple polo! I initially freaked out to hear that the shorts would be red colour but it’s not red and doesn’t look too bad. Let’s see how Fed pulls this off. Hope his tennis, too.

    Hi Murli, that’s so brilliant! Some clever words. But can’t get the audio work even in the original, any suggestion?

    1. Probably something to do with the file I uploaded, must strip it out.

      It was the background audio of the Rudyard Kipling poem that Fed read out at Wimbledon once.

  8. Hi Guys, Lucky you Trudi, on my bucket list to go to Wimbly.

    Love the shirt but once again itès the same ill-fitting shorts! The crouch is too low, bad fit. I think the colour might work. Most things look good on that man.

    Yeah Murli, for me the presentation was flipping all over the place. Thanks for the poetry, very nice of you.

      1. Well….I’ll be. We are part of the Commonwealth you know. She’s on our bloody money.

  9. Oh my what color combo, has Roger gone bonkers. Oh well if anyone can pull off salmon pants it will be Roger. He can wear neon pink so long he is playing great tennis. I am excited about this Friday, wonder who get Nadal in qtrs. I hope stars are aligned for Roger – he needs a decent draw.

  10. Will any Federer outfit ever reach the peak of the Roland Garros 2011 one? Probably not. This is just another disaster colour combo from Nike yet again. That type of red and contrast with the clay just isn’t going to work. Not sure if black shorts could’ve saved this ensemble as well.

    1. I think I’ve said this before, I have four Federer 2011 RG polos. Yes, you heard that right, four of them! πŸ™‚

    2. Agreed about 2011. Sid proved.
      Not just the polo but with white shorts & shoes and that single digit finger, the outfit was his RG best!

    3. “Disaster colour combo”/// Love that expression! Totally agree!
      And effectively RG 2011… Just PeRFect!

    4. Sadly I lack the 2011. But in terms of outfit, am I being too sentimental when I say I thought ’09 was very nearly as good?

      1. I have the French Open 09 one too, minus the orange strip in the front on the collar. That is a classic!

      2. Haha true, true. Jonathan did a post on his best outfits ever before. I think the 2011 came out top, which is fair. But tbh I think his outfit range was great from 07-12 until more non polos came in.

        The IW12 and AO12 ones are masterpieces, but any of the 09 series where there was a slight highlight on every shirt was good.

      3. Oh wait…and did you know that I have, three AO 2012 polos too? πŸ™‚

      1. So Sid, how many RF polo/shirts in your wardrobe? As many as Fed himself, maybe…and hey who’s got the most in the PT community I wonder?

  11. Am I the only person here that tends to think how well Federer does in Grand Slams depends on how good his outfit is? πŸ˜›

    1. Hi TheBigFourFTW
      You’re not the only one to think that. I don’t remember Federer winning with bad outfits (except maybe the USO 2005 ;)). And since this one is not really his top, I’m not getting my hope very high.
      The colors are too girly and a little bit Nadalish. I hate to admit it but for the first time Nadal’s outfits are better.

      But I hope he proves us wrong and win it all πŸ˜‰

  12. I’m not sure about this outfit so far, but experience suggests that things always look different in reality, so I’ll wait and see.

    I just want Novak’s “Invisible” outfit to turn out to be a failure and for everyone to be able to see him coming a mile off πŸ™‚ And I hope none of the women turn up in loud floral sundresses like whoever it was last year!

    1. Wondered what you meant on the ‘invisible’ outfit Alison. I see now – the shirt, a kind of dun-coloured orange which may ‘fade’ into the clay I guess. He needs all the help he can get though to avoid another FAIL at RG. If he can’t manage it this time against an obviously rapidly declining Nadal, I wonder if he ever will?

    2. I’ve seen a few of the women’s stuff, navy blue looks to be on a few. Sharapova’s outfit probably best. No doubt Serena will turn up in some horror show ensemble.

    1. I have seen these Sue, but never tire of watching them again. Fits quite nicely with the Federer records article I put up too!

    1. Thanks for this, slamdunk.

      Wow, intersting!
      “Federer once went 105 points without an unforced error. Yes, that’s right a whopping and unbelievable 105 POINTS!
This was against John Isner in US open 2007!”

      I wonder who has the second best record and went how many points without errors? Anyone?

      Do you know you can also look at his records here? Just in case…

    2. Seriously annoying that they have to split them over 20 pages just to boost pageview numbers. I avoided reading them for that very reason.

      20 pageloads and 20 clicks, no thanks.

  13. Fuck you, Rafael Nadal. Take that “Grand Vermeil” award and shove it up your you know what. It should be named, “Grand Vermin”. A country full of doped up athletes, presents the greater doper in the history of tennis, with the “Grand Vermin” award. What a freak show!

    *slow clapping*

      1. Hey FedFan, which brings me again to my question….. has Dull THAT much power that Carlos hasn’t umpired his matches since Rio?? πŸ™‚

        Ps: Goat… You are one bad dude Roger, winning games in 42 or 47 seconds πŸ™‚ How dare you πŸ™‚

      2. Katyani, it would seem they (Tio et al) do! I wasn’t even that surprised to be honest. The guy is so selfish he wanted 2 year ranking system, quit players’ council because he didn’t get it, Tio said it was unfair that WTF is not played on clay etc. but the mainstream tennis media kept pushing the humble champion narrative. Now that he isn’t winning so often, they are ready to call him out. But the ATP cannot ever be totally unbiased IMO. The big players bring in the fans, the money.

  14. Hi Jonathan!
    The outfit should be okay if you replace all the “Hot Lava” (how on earth is that an accurate name for that color? Can people just go around naming colors like that? Whaaaaaat?) with the jacket grey? Or even white! Nike have just started using Nadal colors because they’ve run out of colors? I like the top though! May be Mirka is off the outfit committee and the twins are on instead!
    “You know which color Papa will look good in? Pink. Or purple.”
    “How about both?”
    “Woohoo we have the RG outfit!”
    But he might not actually wear these shorts, right? Has happened before, no? He shows up in different ones on court?

    1. Marketing πŸ™‚

      I guess he could wear the white shorts that he practised in but I think he will wear the hot lava ones. White shorts won’t look right with this polo either IMO.

  15. What time is the draw out today? Any predictions? (not like it really matters to be honest). I’m putting my money on-

    Nadal Murray and Djokovic in the same half. Federer draws Ferrer and Nishikori. Who said being optimistic ever hurt!! :p Fingers crossed!!

    1. Predictions??
      1) With Roger’s LUCK Dull will be in his half…..
      2) Novak having the mother of all easy draws, but still not winning RG.

      3) The “Surprise Surprise” for RG: Muzza πŸ™‚

      4) Roger winning RG πŸ™‚

      1. Roger’s not winning RG ^^ Not now, not ever. He grabbed his chance in 09, not gonna happen again unfortunately… :/
        Think Muzza’s gonna go far? I was predicting the opposite, guess we’ll se ^^
        But as usual, I’m thinking Roger has Nadal in his half/ quarter, and Djoker waltzing the the semis, probs winning it all for me.

        Anyone think that Novak has a chance at a Grand Slam this year? Scary thoughts ^^

      2. Hey Simon, Roger doesn’t enter tours to get matchplay or to go deep, he plays them to WIN, so why can’t it happen again?? He believes, so I believe πŸ™‚

        And I don’t know… I think we are all underestimating Muzza big big time. I don’t buy this “I suck on clay”-act from him. He will be the surprise I think. Maybe this is just his tactic. “Don’t mind me, just came here to play, no intention to win” πŸ™‚

        And well… what do you know… Rafa not in Roger’s draw. But… so hoping Roger won’t find this an easy draw. He does better at tough draws than easy ones πŸ™‚

        And personally… I don’t want Novak to win RG.

      3. Oh and Simon, Roger plays Monfils and may end up playing Nishi….. scary thought already….

      4. “Anyone think that Novak has a chance at a Grand Slam this year? Scary thoughts ^^”

        Scary if he gets it because everyone else’s game has dropped off, certainly.

        I was completely convinced we were going to get a Fedal semi. But I’ll keep the rest of the comments for the draw thread.

    2. Wait a minute!!? Do I get to say I told you so!?

      I’m on my phone so I can’t make outtoo clearly but it looks like Nasal Murray and Novak are in the same half?

    1. That’s the bummer Nath, but Clownfils is still recovering from knee problem, although he does say they’re feeling better day be day. Nishikori is a tough one, though Ferrer (despite the obvious lop-sided h2h) wouldn’t be a walk in the park either. Overall Feds’s has got it easier than RN/ND/AM. Hope springs eternal in my heart. But what is it with landing La Monf lately!

  16. Overall, it is a very decent draw. The only obstacle to the 2nd week is Gael Monfils in the 4th round, if Gael makes that far. Roger in final! πŸ™‚
    Allez Rog!

  17. Excellent draw. It would be stupid to complain about players like monfils when nishikori, Murray, and the big dopeman have been avoided for a bit. Fancy fed to do alright here. I think winning is beyond him, and tbh monfils in the 4th (if he gets there) is a challenge. But semis or better would be an adequate showing at what is fast becoming a grind of a major for Roger.

  18. Well the draw could have been *MUCH* worse. But still, one match at a time, zero expectations here. Okay some expectations πŸ˜‰
    Hope he does well, RG has pretty much sucked since ’11 SF beauty.

  19. For me the most horrible apparel ever seen on Federer! Looks like little boy tennis collections. They need badly a new creative crew. Australia and Pal;m Springs was very nice. Than they lost me totaly.
    But we see what happens in Paris with Roger. Gael Monfis will be the very challanging big first test. If he handles that in 3 sets he should do well in the other matches.
    But everything else than not a Novak win would be a big surpriese. I love big surprieses!!!

  20. Sorry to bump this one, Jon, but did Roger use this outfit for the grasscourt season too, or did Saturday’s Daily Telegraph photoshop the picture onto grass for some reason? I can’t find a post for the Halle outfit for 2015.

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