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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the Australian Open 2020

Check out Federer's Uniqlo Gear for the First Grand Slam of the Year

Roger Federer is already in Melbourne prepping for the first Grand Slam of the year which starts in 10 days time and Uniqlo has just unveiled his outfit for the 2020 Australian Open. You can check it out below.

Federer Australian Open Outfit 2020

Roger Federer's 2020 Australian Open Outfit

Here are a few more of the product photos. There's also a white version, I'm not sure if that will be used as a day session outfit or for later in the season when he plays Dubai, Indian Wells and Miami as per his schedule.

Thoughts on Federer's Ensemble

Based on Uniqlo's creations for Federer so far, I'm sure this one will continue to divide opinion but I like the colours they have chosen.

Perhaps not an ideal colour for the extreme heat in Melbourne but the navy and purple work well together and it's an improvement on last years outfit for sure. 

The gear goes on sale in mid-January but there's no word on how many specific regions it will be available in.

What do you guys think of Federer's outfit for the Australian Open 2020? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Stan has worn some pretty good Yonex gear, his AO 2020 shirt is good.

      I think most fans will like this Uniqlo one tbh from what I’ve seen on twitter…

  1. Boringggg….. Uniqlo is trying to cut cost by not hiring designers? Don’t like it don’t hate it….just meh. All will be forgiven when a Roger wins this year AO2020 😍😍😍

  2. Hello,
    the outfit is quite ok, nothing specail, but ok:) This will be definitely the night session outfit, for the day session he will wear the white shirt with purple shorts.
    I have one question… why his outfit for sale is not quite the same as the one Roger is wearing on court???
    The one he wears has special patterns, both trousers (straight lines) and a T-shirt (If we look closely; this has been the case all along).
    Kind regards,

    1. All that lines and small details make it look premium and without them looks like its fake, but I guess only Roger can wear the original desing, seems fair to me

      1. Yes they are slightly different. The logo’s for example are different and not heat transfers. Material is slightly different too.

      2. The kit he’s wearing does look different than the ones in the thumbnail. Pete and Roda are right, it looks much better, a premium design. the thumbnails look typical of what we’ve seen with Uniqlo — cheap and naff

      3. Uniqlo are a very frustrating brand. The public can rarely buy the same full kit as Federer! Their website is a joke. I can’t believe they try and fob off cheap knock-off versions of the ones Federer actually wears himself?! (Why bother?) Not professional at all. Stick to the major tennis brands. They may cost more, but at least you pay for what you get.

  3. It reminds me a bit of the outfit of the US OPEN 2017. I quite like that lines and all that small details. I think UNIQLO is focusing more on creating clothes that fits rogers preferences rather than please the public and that is good for him.

  4. Exactly, it looks premium. And the outfit that we buy a little bit like fake;(.
    I don’t think that’s right, Djokovic’s outfit, as well as Nadal’s, are both the way they actually wear them. Unfortunately, you then feel like they are selling you second-hand goods.
    Not to be misunderstood, this equipment is of good quality too and I’m happy with it 🙂

      1. Yes, this can be seen on pictures or equipment worn by Roger, which is with certain patterns … the equipment we buy is left without (smooth material with no samples in it). It is also good quality, but not the same as Rogers… .

  5. Is Federer wearing coloured shoes ?? He looks Fabulous in them TBH .
    I hope he is not wearing the shoes as shown in the photo . Otherwise rest of the outfit is Awesome .

  6. I can’t tell you how much I hate this. The “dusty rose” shorts with the red square is just plain awful.
    I saw the Adidas gear, so much better that this.

  7. I hate it. But what I hate more is that AWFUL RED SQUARE in everything.
    Just make a decent monochromatic logo with the colour he’s using at the time.

  8. Thanks for the quick info, Jonathan !
    I love the combo.
    Great harmony of colours on the Melbourne blue background and the white shirt could easily be combined for day-sessions with the pink shorts.

    Pink Tourmaline
    Is for Myla and Charlene 👭

    Dark blue Lapis Lazuli
    Is for Leo and Lenny 👬

    … and AO twenty-twenty
    will be for their precious Daddy ! 🐐

    #GoRoger #Bel21ve #104 !


  9. Hey Jonathan thanks for the post. Had a good break?
    As for the new outfit. Haha, love or hate, hah. Me, yes to the colour combo, no to the shape (due to the material or the cut? Maybe both…) I still hate the red squares, never get used to it, sorry. But I don’t care if he wears pyjama so long as he brings us the trophy. Allez!

    1. No break really, been working on the site over Christmas quite a bit 🙂

      Yeah the Uniqlo logos are a bit strong but that’s their thing it seems, can’t see it changing.

  10. Navy blue shirt with white shorts is a classic that one can never go wrong with. But I don’t think that this combination is part of the deal…
    The pink shorts look very ugly.

  11. I’m sorry, but the Uniqlo outfits always look cheap. The fabric is thin, sometimes the shirts looks poorly sewn together and don’t lay on his shoulders correctly and the colors are ugly.

      1. To give you an idea on how big is the profit of the sports clothing business, one kg of dyed polyester staple costs less than 1.5 €/kg, so every customer is 100% entitled to complain about the slightest glimpse of bad design and low quality confection (cutting, sewing, finishing, etc).
        It’s a complete rip-off.

      2. Yeah, all the cash is spent on marketing. I would say Uniqlo gear slightly better quality than Nike. Nike does have some products that are nicely made, but others are pretty cheaply done.

  12. The AO is when the new Nike and Adidas “uniforms” arrive on court. The players wear a variation of it. Depending on the ugliness, I get pretty tired of it. Some years are great. Some years are not. And then we have the “shiney dusty rose”.
    The big question is how will our man fare without any warm up tournament? Has he ever done that before?

      1. Ah ye 2013. No lead-up and made the semi-finals. 2006 he played Doha. I wonder why he didn’t play anything in 13…

        Kooyong was ages ago, 2009 I think.

  13. As far outfits concerned it’s good… Combination of wearing should be different… Day mode Roger will go for white T-shirt and White Shorts… Night mode Navy Blue T-shirt and Pink Color shorts…
    Instead this combination will be better if he wear Navy Blue T-shirt and White Shorts during night matches…
    White T-shirt and Pink Shorts during day matches …
    This combination looks better for Roger

  14. I’m really sick of Nike overdoing the men players in pink. It’s clear as to whose designing these awful, dreadful pink pastel colors across these men’s chest. Did you see Dimitrov in large patches of pink pastels pasted across a cheasy-looking Shirt, Tiafoe with the same pattern shorts and a pink headband to finish if off, but Kygrios makes those dreadful patterns look somewhat decent. And if I see Rafa in another pink outfit! You would think these multi-millionaire men players would object. I don’t even like Osaka’s get up—it’s like they were trying to hard to make her look cool. Awful Nike. Most of these get-ups should be hauled off to the rummage sale!!

  15. I forgot to also mention the horrid splattered purple print Nike also designed for the men. It’s like they are deliberately trying to make the men look more feminine!
    And if Nike had some awful theme in mind as if these outfits would be so blazing to out top the fires, that is sheer stupidity and an insult to the country!

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