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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the Australian Open 2016

Here is Roger Federer's outfit for the Australian Open 2016. First impressions are I don't mind it; Nike are classing it as a polo even though the collar is virtually non existent but design wise it's pretty good. Not too many colours just the contrast green stripes and a little bit of blue on the very top. The blue shows up again as a stripe down the centre of the back.

The vapors are pretty cool too but my favourite item is the training white training t-shirt with green pocket. The RF jacket is the same design as the World Tour Finals one just in a rainforesty green with a lighter green detail on the shoulders / arms. Not a fan of it though and all I think of when I see it is Pakistan Cricket Team πŸ˜† overall I'd say better than last years effort but not the best, hopefully it gets worn in the second week!


What do you guys think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Finally I got a first comment,I didn’t like the outfit when I saw it first but nike is trying something different and it might look good on roger.

  1. Funny how everyone is different. I think the training shirt with the pocket is a #fail. My wish would be that Wimbledon would relax their rules and these “mostly white” outfits would be for Wimby and it would be more flashy otherwise. I’m sort of liking the red version of this outfit, although it is only leaked photos and I’m not sure when he’ll be wearing it.

    1. It’s for Dubai is the red one.

      @Addey – 2014 the outfit Fed wore second week in Aus was for night sessions. All his wins up until the second week were day sessions until he schooled Raonic in the fourth round.

      1. Raonic? I thought he played Tsonga in the 4th round.
        Anyways you mean he ll wear the red one rotterdam onwards?

      2. Is this confirmed? The day session thing is fair enough, were used to seeing him wearing two outfits for Australia. I think the red one would be for Rotterdam, certainly, which he’s playing this year.

        As for Dubai, its quite varied, isn’t it?
        2011: yellow polo, not used in AO
        2012: black and red v neck, not used in AO
        2013: blue polo, used in round 1 vs paire in AO
        2014: black polo, used for most of AO
        2015: orange polo, not used in AO (3rd exit though)

        But then if it’s used for Rotterdam, it’s usually used for Dubai. With 2012-13 being the only examples in recent years.

  2. Meh. Why is that even classified as a polo?… T_T

    Oh well, better than the carve-my-eyes-out outfit from last year >.<'

    1. Lol I must be the only one who really liked the yellow outfit. Thought it looked really cool and was disappointed that we didn’t see more of it. Honestly, the outfit isn’t important as long as he gets some good results (sf,f or maybe just maybe a win but let’s not get ahead of ourselves). My favourite ao kit is either the 2009 or 2012. Those were amazing. Allez Roger lets get some wins

      1. I liked the yellow one last year VERY much and I think I said so!

        And this one I’m sure – that like most outfits on Roger – will look gorgeous when in play !

      2. That’s 3 of us, then. I far preferred last year’s. And this year’s looks like a henley to me. But still, as long as he wins a decent number of matches in it I’m sure I can put up with it for a while πŸ™‚

      3. All about dem wins! πŸ˜‰

        For what it’s worth though, 09, 10, 12, 13, 14 were the good ones for me. Personal favourite might be the grey one from 13, but it’s close.

        Last year’s I found too garish, and in my mind, minus points if it’s not a polo. Collar is the classiest of the sports shirts.

        This year’s looks a simple design, although I simply don’t see why they needed blue on the back and green on the front.

      1. haha…I like the outfit where he smash his racket I think the opponent is Djokovic in that time.
        or the combination of white and brown shorts… the simpler the better…. πŸ™‚

      2. Miami 09. I thought that year was filled with awesome outfits. Every major, clay season, cincy were insanely good shirts.

      3. What about AO2012? I have four of them πŸ™‚

        John, FO 2009 polo was impossibly awesome.

      4. I love it too πŸ™‚ but I often feel we obviously love it so much because he won with it. I also loved the us09 outfits, black and red for me just work perfectly together. Also, tweener town in the red.

  3. First of all, hats off to Daniel Nestor. 1000 match wins….before the Bryan Bros. He did beat Edberg in singles long ago. Anyway his last full year on tour. He played doubles with Fed in the IPTL, something he always wanted to do. Full of wit and sarcasm…never took himself too seriously.

    Regarding the AO outfit. I heard Fed isn’t a fan of green. What I like is the change in pattern. No racing stripe on the shorts. Hope the shorts fit better. The ones in Brisbane looked miles too big!

    I don’t like the different shades of green. Nike seems to do that. Different shade for the RF on the hat, vapors, and shirt. Maybe just the photo…but seen it before.

    Green for the Aussie fans, I guess. The fans going to tournament will have to tell us what the outfit looks like close and personal.

    1. Hey Sue, I saw Nestor at Wimbledon quite few years ago, 2009 semi I think. Didn’t he win it that year? Was brilliant. And I enjoyed IPTL with Fed, too. Who wouldn’t want play doubles with Fed?

      I didn’t know Fed didn’t like green… Yeah agreed about the shades of green for each garments.

      1. Hey, I’ve seen him play here and at IW quite a few times. Saw him beat the Murray Bros…Andy swearing his head off. You must have seen a good match that year, they beat Fish/Blake in the semis 10-8 in the fifth. And won in the final against the Bryan Bros.

        When Fed walks out on the court we’ll like the outfit better than the photos!

      2. Nestor said he would like the chance to play with several of the top players before he ends his career, and mentioned his doubles with Fed. Danny has won everything in doubles, all the Slams, all the Masters, Olympic gold. I think 88 titles in all. An amazing career that is not over yet.

    1. Ironically It was a white t shirt with some green detailing (although not exact) on it that he wore at the Australian Open 2006 if I am not wrong.
      #10 years and our man looks elegant as ever.

  4. A Classic Roger Outfit!
    Atleast Nike is Trying something different. Here’s wishing Roger 100% recovery and a good Australian Open.
    Cant wait for the draw to come out. Hopefully Roger and Novak end up on the same side. πŸ˜‰

    1. Addey ,I wanted roger to be number 3 for the same reason so that he ends up playing novak in the semis but right now I want roger to be in Murray’s half ,that is the only option which makes a stan joker semi match.I feel stan is the only one right now who can defeat joker so fed getting Murray will be an advantage.Fed defeating joker in semis is surely possible but chances are very slim and stan probably has more chances I hope for a roger Murray semi.

      1. Agree with your insights mate! But its not that I am looking for a Roger slam no. 18 , I dont really care if he does it or not, reagrdless will remain the greatest ever.
        Its a Personal thing (I want Roger to Face novak in the semis ) if you know what I mean ?

  5. Love the shoes glad the awful stripe down the shorts has gone. Lets face it he looks great whatever he wears here’s hoping that the tennis is great and he comes out on to

    1. Yes, glad to see the back of the shorts stripe, but not sure why it’s rematerialised on the back of the T-shirt?

      Anyway, nice timing – gets us off the previous thread nicely.

  6. No Night outfit for AO? he never has there, rite? Match outfit and training outfit seems alright. For sure jacket reminds us Pakistan team outfit…they should have done better on that…

  7. Like Trudi, glad to see the ghastly sateen strip down the shorts has gone. Not keen on the main shirt at all and hate the blue strip down the back – what’s that for? Doesn’t add anything. I prefer the trainer one like you. Like the vapors.

    Here’s hoping for a decent draw – like Pranshul I’d rather he was on Muzza’s side and our Stan faced off against Nole, if that’s the way it pans out. πŸ™‚

      1. Reminds me of the England rugby shirts for the World Champs in 2003: horribly tight, fitted and synthetic looking. Still, we *did* win that one …

  8. ,sorry but dont like the outfit..he looks good in dark colors..or maybe it looks nice if they use red stripes instead of green.since its a grandslam,dark colors looks nice..oh i love th outfit last the lemon color…anywayzzz.. The main goal is to win the grandslam!!!allezzz roger!!ahhh..need to control my heart beat beats fast whenever i watch a live match on tv..:)

      1. wahahaha..nice point….still i wanted to see him with the combination of black and orange color… it will give him a competitive vibes….hahahaha

  9. No tacky side stripes, yey! Agree with slamdunk, what’s the point of the blue line half way down on the back? Otherwise I don’t mind the colour and design so long as Fed goes deep in the draw, though this is technically henley, right?

      1. wahahaha..nice point….still i wanted to see him with the combination of black and orange color… it will give him a competitive vibes….hahahaha

  10. I think he will looks good in black with a lining or a bit of orange in the side of the polo,…he reminds me of a crow that always attacking to his opponent like his aggresive tennis… And also he’ s flying all over the court….

    1. Federer likened to a crow. An annoying bird with a raucous voice that feasts on dead carcasses and preys on the weak πŸ˜† and are usually associated with death.

      Safe to say he doesn’t remind me of a crow πŸ˜›

  11. Polo? Shouldnt it be henley’s and no night gear. Actually green strips is quite a nice change, we probably see more of different color strips throughout this season. Agreed with Jon, we want to see him wearing into week 2 πŸ™‚

      1. Why you don’t the Henley? Why does Roger always have to wear a polo? And yes, I call him Roger because he’s my son.

      2. Me: “Roger has joined ISIS”

        Karen: “Why is this a bad thing? Roger is his own person and has made his own decision. I respect that!”


        Polo is just a better look than the Henley.

    1. actually I miss a simple polo, no fancy tripes or bright colors.. Classy outfit.. But I love that he mix colors every year… Lots of 2009 outfit were great!!! πŸ™‚

    2. actually I miss a simple polo, no fancy stripes or bright colors.. Classy outfit.. But I love that he mix colors every year… Lots of 2009 outfit were great!!! πŸ™‚

  12. I actually like the front. Blue at the shoulder adds nothing imho. Object violently to the back being completely unrelated, & to the nonsensical vertical stripe as others have noted. Object to their calling it a polo when it isn’t.

    One thing I like a lot is picking up the green in the shorts edging. If they had done a better job tying the front & back of the shirt together – I mean they haven’t even tried – I’d quite like this, though I’d still prefer it with a collar.

    I wonder if they chose a jacket that would sell in Pakistan on purpose, or if that was completely accidental? (Tend towards the latter guess!)

    1. The only link to Pakistan is from me saying it looks like something their cricket team would wear πŸ˜† it wasn’t a Nike decision. I saw Nadal met some of the Pakistani team the other day actually, Hafeez was one of them. He played for my old team in early 00’s. Best batsmen I ever saw play.

      For anyone reading from Pakistan – what is the average salary there? Would a typical working person be able to buy an RF jacket? My guess would be a no, they are hardly cheap, dropping Β£70 on one here in the UK easily.

  13. Potential R4 matchups:



  14. Federer’s projected path:

    1st round: Basilashvili

    2nd round: Dolgopolov

    3rd round: Dimitrov

    4th round: Goffin

    Quarter Final: Berdych

    Semi-Final: Djokovic

    Final: Nadal/Wawrinka/Murray

  15. Yeah, interesting draw for Roger..Dolgopolov could be irritating opponent if he plays well but may not be much now…Dimitrov, Goffin, Tomas not a cake walk match ups…

    Still one match at a time…

    1. Grand slams aren’t supposed to be cakewalks πŸ™‚ Although I must admit that getting Dimitrov in round 3 could be a pain, now he’s actually managed to get a set off Roger in competition. Heck, Berdych could be a problem if Roger plays the way he did the other day πŸ™

  16. How cool to see the “possibility” (see that word, “one-match-at-a-time” crew?) of Fed seeing Djoker in a GS semi instead of a final. Rather like that.

    Wish it was happening in any other GS tourney though.

    One match at a time.

    1. It used to be that Roger and Novak were always in the same half of the draw…. AO 2008, Wimbledon 2008, US Open 2008, AO 2009, FO 2009, Wimbledon 2009, USO 2009, AO 2010, Wimbledon 2010, USO 2010, AO 2011, FO 2011, Wimbledon 2011, USO 2011, FO 2012, Wimbledon 2012….

  17. Wow, the draw seems pretty fair for once… πŸ™‚ Not one of the big guys having a cakewalk. Gonna be an interesting one this year! πŸ™‚

  18. Not a bad draw for the Feds, although Grigor (simply based on their last match) might be a toughie in the third. Nadal’s draw seems the toughest: two big servers – Anderson, Raonic – on his side. Tough for Zverev – who I see as a possible champ in a few years – to get AM in first round. That’s a shame. ND the easiest for sure – ?Simon in 4th round? That’s shit. Nishikori in QF *might* pose a problem, *if* he’s free of any niggling injuries. πŸ˜‰

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