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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Stuttgart and Halle 2018

Hey all, I’m back from a brief blogging hiatus and looking forward to seeing Roger back on the court in Stuttgart in just over 2 weeks time.

With Fed not setting foot on clay, I’ve neglected the blog somewhat with my last post being at the start of April and only thanks to Miss Elly’s fan story there being something in between then and now. I’ve still been reading all the comments of course but other than that I’ve been busy working to do much general tennis blogging. I have lots of ideas but they all require a bit of extra research to really make worthwhile publishing.

Anyway, onto one of my bread and butter posts, Roger Federer’s outfit for Stuttgart and Halle 2018. He’d also have been wearing this one at the French Open but that’s obviously off the cards. You can check it out below:


So a classic polo design here from Nike and it’s probably one of my favourite colour / design combos in a while. Nike calls it Neo Turquoise, Blue Force, and Metallic Silver. I especially like the stripe detail on the shoulder so depending on how it looks in non-stock photos it might be the first one I actually consider buying in a long time. The red polo on the end is the outfit for Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome which has gone unworn. You can also pick them up at reduced prices now they’re ‘out of date’.

What do you guys think of the outfit? And how much tennis have you followed during the clay swing? I’ve been following results but haven’t watched a great deal other than bits of Djokovic’s matches, some of the Rome final and Stan’s win in Geneva last night. Bring on the grass!


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Very nice shade of blue but not a fan of full blue from shirt to shorts. Prefer white or dark navy blue shorts or something like Basel 2012. I know you loved that outfit Jonathan 😉 Was in your best outfits post back then, might need to do a part two soon!

    1. Yes, white shorts with this blue would have been delicious. But, much as Roger has brought back the henley, I still love the polo more. So, yaaay!!!
      I’ve been cheering Sascha on clay. Damn the rain interruptions in Rome.

  2. 4th? We’ve missed you so much, J. Love the design and colour. Agree Conal, would be getter with navy shorts. Where does the red shirt fit in?
    I was watching Cinci 2015 the other day. That raspberry shirt…one of my favourites.
    Clay, clay, go away. Come again another day.

  3. Nice outfit. He will look tremendous in it. Cannot wait. The outfit is in no way controversial, thats the only minus. But why not one for once to be liked by all

  4. Welcome back Jonathan !

    Nice outfit !  Love the collar and stripe and the apatite-paraiba tourmaline-labradorite -chrysocolla-aquamarine colour !

    Though, I would prefer white shorts and socks (a better contrast on  the green grass to be seen on TV) + nicer to appreciate his “baryshnikovian” footwork !

    As the shoes seem rather dark … the contrast on the grass will be better if the socks are white, in my opinion, to watch what happens on the green dance floor.

    Never mind ! Go champion…
    18 days to go !

    PS : the Roland Garros Draw starts at 7:00 PM French time today (Thursday May 24).

  5. Why time doesn’t fly during the clay?
    Anyway, welcome back, we missed you Jonathan. I think the outfit would look great on you and so would on Fed 🙂 Agreed on the stripe and love the colour. Yeah, go for it!

  6. Nice outfit after a long time. Thank god they have done away with Indian Wells and Australian Open pattern. It’s the same color shirt Roger wore during that emotional and taxing journey towards title in 2009 @ Roland Garros. So I love it.
    Needless to say Jonathan that we missed your blog. I almost opened this site 1000 times in last two months.

    Few suggestions on what can be discussed on the blog during long absence of RF on the tour.

    1) Roger’s foundation work
    2) Quiz on RF’s not so popular achievements
    3) Fine technical aspects of RF’s game which were discussed on other sites can be mentioned here and open it for debate.Even our members can post their own views as well.

    1. I would say it’s the same colour shirt as 2010, not 2009 😀 so from that side it might be bad luck!

      Thanks for the post suggestions, I got lots of ideas for posts, just finding time to do them. I need to do regular work to keep the lights on here so all a balancing act of time. I’m sure I could procrastinate a little less though and write more posts 😀

  7. The outfit looks fine,thank God it isn’t pink.I watched the clay season which contained some interesting matches.The Rome
    final was mega frustrating,Nadal very vulnerable indeed and then down came the rain?
    It will be very good to see Fed back after so long.

  8. Well thank goodness we have random draws?Anyone a threat to Nadal in the bottom half.Zrerev/Thiem could meet in the quarters.No wonder Nadal was grinning from ear to ear at that ridiculous draw ceremony.
    Only tiny ray of hope is Schwartzman is in Nadals half.The last two times Nads was beaten he had played Schwartsman in the previous round.Del po/Cilic projected for the semis,but do they do much on clay?Probably not☹️

  9. Hi Jonathan, good to have you back in action and how great it will be to have roger doing the same.
    I did watch a little of tennis, Nadal is annoying to watch bouncing the ball to kill!
    Welcome in Stuttgart, Roger! Can hardly wait to see you back, we all miss you.

  10. I love it, actually. Agree that a little contrast w/ the shorts might make it even better, but it’s SUCH a relief to have both a polo, and a design element that carries from front to back, and this pretty color… I’m not going to complain. I probably wouldn’t go all white on shorts anyway, we’ll get that at Wimbledon soon enough … maybe just a lighter shade of the same color.

    I’ve followed results, but the one time I tried actually watching, I couldn’t abide the constant howling groaning. Will be interesting to see how RG plays out, though it seems fairly inevitable right now. Seems like forever since we’ve seen Roger on court – such a relief that we’re down to less than a month before that happens.

  11. I like this outfit. It will fit well on the grass courts.
    Let’s hope he goes undefeated with this outfit. 🙂

    As for RG, why didn’t they give Rafa a wild card to the final? Could have been much simple. Now he’ll have to grunt through 18 sets of tennis. Such a shame…
    Actually, I read somewhere that in the 19th century, the champion of the US open automaticaly got to the final in the following year.

    1. that is interesting,they seem to be doing the same at RG the only difference being he has to go through the
      motions on court.

      1. Uncle Toni and the Mafia at work. Another joke draw. Sasha is our only hope, it seems.

  12. Actually I like when the outfit is a little daring to grow out of the oh so usual traditional. Last year’s AO for example. But the unusual point here may be the turquoise-like color, I look forward to see how it suits the grass green on court, I wouldn’t think it to be ideal court-suiting, but who knows. I’m sure it suits Fed though. Hope to have the chance to see him in it all matches through, and with the prizes as well.

  13. Welcome back Jonathan and hooray for grass court season to soon begin!
    Watched some clay court matches but – borrrring for the most part.
    I swear Nadal gets louder and bounces the ball a few more times every match. I’ve come to the conclusion his opponents give up just to get off the court so they don’t have to listen to his grunting any longer.
    I like Roger’s new outfit but would prefer different colour shorts, but happy to see him back on court in anything.

  14. That is a LOT of blue. I agree with those who would prefer shorts in a different colour.

    I watched a lot of the clay tourneys. I like following the youngsters, so was keen to see players like Zverev, Tsitsipas and Shapovalov. As a Canadian I have been watching Denis closely for a few years now, so was pleasantly surprised at how well he did on European clay.

    But bring on the grass!

  15. Roger to win RG 2018. BOOM. Called it. Nailed it. BOOM. 🙂
    Oh…. wait…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2 courses+exames passed, 2 still to go. Talk to you later after that. Also after the Goat is done with his holidays and the circus 🙂 “Rogerless time” sucks really bad. Like I say at work…. No Roger No Tennis…like you all say…just let the Grass season begin already 🙂

    Later guys

    1. Oh hey, boom indeed, Katyani Wisdom never dies!
      Yep, Fedless life sucks. A few more weeks to go swetie, just few more weeks.

    2. HI Katyani,
      Greetings from your old friend, Dolores! Keep up the good work, you are a charmer and BOOM Roger’s best tennis fan.

  16. @Sue,
    Well Sacha has begun well slaughtering his first round opponent.So annoying he has to meet Thiem in the quarters,
    Providing they both get so far of course.

  17. All I can say is….go Shapo!
    Sasha lookin good. Our only hope? Less fist pumping of late?
    Who will win the woman’s title? Any ideas?
    Jonathan, we have been in Wollerau for awhile and still no Roger joining us.

  18. The luck of Nadal continues.Two competitive sets with Bolleli,then down 3 love in the third.Then down comes the rain.Again.So Nadal wins tomorrow.?

  19. Nadal is playing well under his standards.
    Again he enjoyed a rain break just at the right time.
    But didn’t close the set easily this is good news for us. I hope someone smells the blood. So far he is very lucky: draw, rain, etc.
    I hope he’s not too lucky like in the last US open where he played mediocre tennis but didn’t face any serious opposition all the way to the title.

    1. Well,Botelli challenged him,without the rain delay may have won the set who knows.But of course he gets better,so really an early upset is the only hope.But his draw?Who seriously can challenge him
      There?However Schapo is there,could extend him perhaps.I don’t think he is quite as deadly on clay as of old.Seems to miss a lot of first serves.
      As for the other half they will all play each other out.
      Just watched our arch demon DelPo. Is he in Nadals half?Surely not,if so hmmm.Cannot make any sense of the Roland Garros website.Nor of a slam that does not have lights,a roof and a crap surface.

      1. I watch the draw at atp. The live scores are only on RG website, but the draw is much more understandable on atp.
        Delpo is on Nadal’s half of the draw, at the very bottom of the top half.
        The only notable clay players on that half other than Rafa are Fognini and Schwartzman. Other notable players are Shapo (potential 4th round match-up), Anderson and Delpo.

        Yeah, it’s the worst GS of the four, no doubt.

  20. I find the predictability of Nadal working his way back from a break down to overpower and win the set and match is becoming increasingly boring. No beautiful tactical display like Federer or even Zverev either. Just grunt groan whack
    I second Annie – all these rain delays are a bit silly and a roof is sorely needed.

    1. Nadal’s gameplan is play the same point over and over again. Nobody better at it. I know his fans will disagree but they are looking through rose-tinted glasses.

    1. Today it is quite sunny – thx God. No rain. But yesterday evening there was a huge storm over Roland Garros. Even the gods are angry because Fed does not play on clay … and they pour tears of sadness on the courts ! They keep the sunbeams for Wimby 🙂
      FrenchButteRFly living in Paris

  21. Just noticed,interesting match tomorrow between young Greek god Tsipas and Thiem?
    I must say I feel a changing of the guard.Lots of interesting young players now.Great,as long as they don’t challenge
    Fed of course.

  22. Hey Jonathan,
    Happy 7th (?) birthday!
    Wow, 7 years, am I right? Been so great having the blog in our Fedfans’ lives. Many thanks for your dedicated work. Keep going for many more years, please 🙂

    1. Thanks Wanda, you are right 30th May 2011 was my first ever post 🙂 almost got veteran status here.

      Tbh I totally forgot the milestone, been busy last few weeks and days so passed me by. So thanks for the reminder, and thanks to all who have commented, read, shared etc over the years to help make the blog fun!

  23. Watched two interesting matches today.Firstly Zrerev v Llajovik[apologies if names spelt wrong]
    A very interesting match.L began amazingly and would have had a set off Nadal there I reckon.In the second set S hung with him and came into the net more.Almost as good as Fed in overhead smashes,and that’s saying something.Z lost the third but then somehow the real match began. L visibly tiring now and not so accurate.Onto the
    fifth and Z powering away to the win.Important for Z after his first round loss to Verdasco last year.
    Thiem v Greek Godlet.A hard fought battle,tremendous hitting from both,suspensed because in the 21st century they don’t have lights.Unbelievable.I think Thiem will win tomorrow but it is a shame all the young talent is on this side of the draw.

    1. Agree on annoyance that the 2 young men with some of the best future SBH’ed hero-material are battling each other so early on. And Shapo is out too. But in a few years I recon they all 3 will be seeded enough high up to give us better satisfaction of defeating masses of boring 2BH’ers on their way deep in…Grigor is still on, by the way! And Gasquet? In some way I hope for Monfils, he and Goffin the only 2BH’ers still on (?) I really like!

      1. What a boring days play today.Nadal,Isner ,Cillic ,Del Potro.Groan.
        Tomorrow a lot more interesting ?
        They are all writing off Gasquet tomorrow but he has been playing very well so far.Lets hope.Grigor will choke I feel.
        Sad Schapo is out but he is very young.Plenty of time for him.

    2. I like Shapo but he just a flashy shotmaker. I can see his results being all over the place for the foreseeable future, huge wins and poor losses. Got some nice hype though, Laver Cup, Tag Heuer, few good wins, killing an umpire etc.

      1. Oh no.I cannot agree.A shot maker yes but with the right coach(not his Mum)he is going to be a great player.Clay may not be his best surface,but he is going to be so good.
        In my opinion ,which is probably worthless.How many of us would have known how great
        Fed was going to be at Schapos age?Not many I would say.

      2. Well, there was a lot expected of him, even if it took a while to materialise …

      3. One of the things that impresses me about Shapo is how self-aware he seems to be at such a young age – he was apparently talking about knowing he needed to work on his returns, for instance. Sure, he’s got flash and flair too, but I’m not going to hold those against him (!) particularly as he’s working on the whole package. He’s making an effort with respect to the media angle, too – he’s better really than Fed was at the same age (has a language advantage for one thing, we’d have to get a German speaker to tell us something about Fed at that age in his actual native tongue – must be some archival footage on YouTube…) – & is even joking aroung with reporters: apparently Carole Bouchard had got her recorder all set up on the table prior to his arrival – you know how there’s always just a sea of recorders & iphones – & he commented something like, what about if I turn it off??

      4. I like Shapo. Actually, his mother and father run a tennis academy in Canada. His mom fills in when his coach Martin Laurendeau isn’t around. She coached him when he was young. Laurendeau was a player and Davis Cup captain for many years. He gave up Davis Cup to focus on Denis full time. Both nice people. He will give us some great matches to watch down the line.

      5. I think what Shapo needs is a good team. I believe that his team probably aren’t the right people to take him further.

      6. I am not saying that there is anything “wrong” with his team. I just believe that if they are aiming Shapo to be top 10, then of course he needs to improve on his side, but his team should also expand and get some experienced people who could maybe drive him a bit further.

  24. Well now we are depending on Sascha(taken to 5 sets twice by people we have never heard of.
    Which shows how important best of 5 is. This sorts out good players from champions.
    Also Thiem still in this.

    1. ? wellwell I wouldn’t notice. How did he manage putting them on…? (Fast very fast not opening just drawing on..)

      1. Those gold Wimby outfits are ott for me. Especially the “16” jacket. I did love the old school cardigan though. I think some people thought he was arrogant. Cute about the pants though!
        Feels like the clay has been going on for years.
        So, white shorts now, Jonathan?

  25. Del Potro has been quietly progressing through the draw winning in straights.Could meet Nadal in semis.Perhaps the
    only player capable of taking it to him in that side of the draw.

  26. Who is going to stop Nadal? Is he really going to win his 11th tittle? This is insane. I’m really disappointed with Federer not playing RG, he might have had a chance.

  27. Delpossum on his to the QF, and this reminds me of IW when he said he doesn’t look on the draw because he already knows it’s the hardest possible.
    So next time he’s whining about a draw, I wish someone reminds him of this RG draw. He was on weakest part of the weakest quarter of the draw.
    He had to face Mahut, Benneteau, Ramos-Vinolas and Isner (who’s ranked 9 but never gets far on GS and not a good clay player) to get to QF.

  28. Michal Samulski

    Roger Federer’s first practice session at TC Weissenhof in Stuttgart is scheduled on Sunday, 10 June


    Roger Federer will play his first match in Stuttgart on Wednesday, June 13 ! Go Roger ! Hopp Roger !

    (If not too many storms…). I guess there is no roof in Stuttgart, no ?

  29. Following Live-score (on/off): Thiem won vs Sascha – convincing acc. to stats. Nice for SBH’er fans. Did anybody watch?

  30. An Italian fairytale winner. And SBH’er too! But is he fast enough? I doubt it a bit judging from highlights. Anybody watched the qf vs Djoko?

    1. I watched the Sascha vThiem match.Very disappointing as Sascha pulled a muscle in the fourth game and couldn’t play very well after that.I was very impressed by the way he finished the match to
      give Thiem the win rather than retiring.I only saw a few bits of the Djokovic match.Thiem played so well that I would imagine the fairy tale will end in the next round.But what a run,PCB,Goffin and Djokovic,none of them slouches on clay.Djokovic talking about perhaps missing Wimbledon ?
      I still think Delpo will be a threat to Nadal,but he has to get past Cilic first.For the first time Nadal facing some serious opposition.Lets hope the curse of Schwartsman works for the third time.

  31. Yes,it seems absurd they have neither roof nor lights.If Louis the 14th could install street lighting in Paris in the 17th
    century surely they can light up a court in the 21st.?
    How interesting this match is.The curse of Schwartsman seems to be working.Whatever happens Nadal has to play at least four sets on consecutive days.Then hopefully Delpo in the semis,we must hope that Cilic doesn’t take him to five,although their match was rattling along quite quickly.And if he gets through that hopefully Thiem in the final.?

    1. Delpo has no chance against Rafa. The only hope is Thiem, well really the only hope is Rafa not playing somewhat close to his level.

      1. I wouldn’t write off Delpo too quickly.That possum like exterior hides a ruthless competitor.
        Nadal has not been convincing against Schwartzman,the only decent opposition he has had so far.The first rain break was very timely for him as against Sascha in Rome.We shall see.

  32. I know it’s coming but a roof should have been on for years and especially lights. The tennis gods love Nadal these days. But there is still a glimmer of hope.
    And hope for the future when we witnessed the Thiem AZ match. Them boys are growing up.
    The longest clay season in the history of tennis. Bring on the goat eatin up the grass!

    1. Awesome, Wanda. How can one compare these shots to anyone else? I love watching the opponent’s reaction.

  33. Wonderful ! This video should be prescribed by doctors to anybody feeling blue… it is a treasure ! And it covers only 1.5 years of his career… 🙂

    For info :
    Mercedes Cup Stuttgart : The draw will be done this Saturday (June 9).
    Around 6pm the draw will be online.

  34. Well that was a load of pathetic rubbish,from Del Potro.All those break points in the n the first set and didn’t convert one.I switched off after Nadals first service game In the second set when he made goodness knows how many errors and still the Possum couldn’t break.And what was up with his forehand?Nothing on it.
    Good luck to Thiem but that slam has been a travesty of tennis.
    Rant over.
    Does anyone know when the draw is for Stuttgart?

    1. Tommy Haas and Lucas Pouille will attend @MercedesCup main draw ceremony at Dorotheen Quartier (GANT-Store) on Saturday (today), at 4pm.
      Yees ! The grass is back 🙂

    2. Del Potro was poor. I need to do a post on him actually about Uncovering the biggest myth in Tennis – Del Potro would have been a multi slam champion if he didn’t have wrist injuries?

      I don’t think so, if you look at the CV of all the guys who have won multiple slams, Del Potro doesn’t share many similarities at all.

      1. Del Potro wasn’t ever going to beat Nadal on that court best of five but I do think he would be a multiple slam champion if he didn’t suffer all those injuries. He has the game to beat anybody on hardcourts.

        IMO he is more talented that Wawrinka (a multiple slam champion).

  35. Watched Thiem-Cecchinato and it was a good match. It seems Thiem has matured and he is much more steady than he was in the last couple of years.
    In the second set tie-break, that was excellent btw, Thiem hit a beautiful forehand return winner to take a 6/3 only to blow it away with bad calls and a brutal unforced error, missing a simple volley. But he hung on, saved a couple of set points and got himself another chance for the set and made it.
    I don’t like his chances against Nadal, but if anyone has a chance it’s him. No matter what’s tomorrow’s result, Thiem is the only player to defeat Nadal on clay and he can be proud of that.

    1. I like Thiem, but has he got a Plan B? It’s usually go harder with plan a, i.e. hit bigger and bigger.

      I noticed he served and volleyed a few times, nice mix up. I don’t rate his slice though or his net game.

    2. The best ally Thiem can have is the weather conditions. It looks like it can be a humid day which Nadal hates.

      Having said that I don’t see Nadal loosing that deep in the tournament. On clay the better player wins more often than in other surfaces, it requires a lot more skills.

  36. Is it true that fed is leaving Nike and moving to UNIQLO? Supposedly for $30m/yr or something. I thought his contact with Nike was lifetime, and UNIQLO was actually pulling out of tennis line. (There was actually a rumor in japan about a yr ago after Shoko left UNIQLO that Nishikori is also leaving. )
    To me it’s unthinkable as Nike=fed, fed=Nike and also uniqlo is out of line with Roger’s brand image.

    Do you know anything about it? (And it’s not April 1st…)

  37. There are reports of Federer leaving Nike to join Uniqlo for 10 years until 2028($30 million usd per year) after his 10 year Nike deal expired March 1. If true, the Stuttgart and Halle outfit is potentially the last Nike outfit he ever wears after wearing Nike since 1994, if the Uniqlo deal kicks in for Wimbledon 2018. As Uniqlo is a Japanese brand, its potentialy good news of him playing on at least until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Uniqlo used to sponsor Djokovic before he joined Lacoste, and Uniqlo currently sponsor Nishikori. I personally find Uniqlo supima cotton t shirts a very comfortable fit, and good value for money. If this happens Im assuming Federer will continue to use Nike shoes, but he probably wont wear RF logo anymore on anything as its owned by Nike. Nothing confirmed, but many reports suggesting its likely. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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