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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Monte Carlo, Istanbul, Madrid and Rome 2015

Hey guys, here's Roger Federer's outfit for the pre French Open clay swing which encompasses Monte Carlo, Istanbul, Madrid and Rome. The good news is that Nike must have found the pattern to make polo shirts again as it makes a long overdue return 🙂

This outfit is in a very similar style to the ones worn at the Australian Open and for Dubai + Indian Wells with the contrast stripes across the chest and the strip down the back and the only real change is of course the colour and the fact it now comes with a collar.

The official colours are Light Retro/Teal/Key Lime and I think it's pretty cool. On the pictures I have currently it looks dark but Nike's own website photos never do the clothing justice as they always have a grey background and not much light. I'll update them when some higher quality ones are released. Just like all the recent RF Nike tennis shirts it's Dri-FIT, has mesh sides, no seams on the shoulders and a vented drop tail hem.

The shoes are definitely a winner too and I think all combined it should look pretty good. The jacket isn't one of my favourites but based on the images I've seen for the Roland Garros one Nike redeem themselves pretty quickly.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. And back into 5th of all time haha :p

      I really like that outfit, I mean teal looks good on RF with Polos (I think he wore teal in 09′ Cinci). Really always looks good in ANYTHING, but winning titles and beat top tier players is all that matter, be it in carrot gold or pajamas 🙂

      Did you know Fed has made at least 1 claycourt final since 2001?! I am calling another in Istanbul but really want him to win an unwon title (MC or Roma) before peaking at Wimbledon

  1. Welcome back the polo 🙂 I like the colour and I like you said “Good clay outfits mean good result”.
    I saw the purple version too, probably for FO? Exciting!

  2. Love the polo, the colour. And the shoes. The shorts have that big stripe and once again is that ill-fitting cut. Hate the shorts.
    The outfit in IW looked like he was on the challenger tour. Nothing went together.

  3. It’s a yes from me! Although I loved the crew he wore in Monte Carlo last year, I ended up buying that one.
    Hopefully Roger is actually pumped up for the clay this year. He’s defending a grand total of 790 points the entire clay season, 600 of which are in MC so it’s an opportunity.
    Thing is though, his last title on red clay was his French Open title. It’s about time he made some noise on the dirt. Preferably in the form of allezs and finger-wags.

      1. He hadn’t won IW for 5 years, before finally winning it again in 2012, so it’s certainly possible. 😀

  4. Well, teal is about my favourite colour for wearing, so I’m not complaining. And tangerine would have been a bit much on clay! Mac *will* be glad you’ve started a new thread 🙂

    BTW, I see the current temperature in Indian Wells is allegedly 36C. If it had been that way a week ago, it might have swung things in Fed’s favour. Oh well …

  5. Sue, I loved Fed’s outfit in IW! Orange is not my favorite color but he certainly looked good in it.

    One thing I noticed at IW which is not so apparent on TV, but striking in person, is that Fed’s posture and the way he holds his body, even when not playing, makes any outfit look good. OK, I am an unabashed FedFan but it’s true..None of the other players have that same charisma as the Fed.

  6. Allison, the temperatures posted on the right are not correct at all. It was way hotter, in the low 30’s.

    Donna, I liked the orange too. Like I said, hated the fit of the shorts. And the shoes didn’t match. So, overall, I’ve seen so much better on our guy.
    Yes, charisma is something Fed has that is so noticeable and enjoyable, lol.

    1. The temperatures given aren’t general, they are for the current time. So right now when writing this comment it says 24 degrees and it’s 3.50am in Indian Wells which is correct.

      When Alison posted her comment it was 4.27pm in IW and 36 degrees which was correct.

      1. Yes. I haven’t quite worked that out yet: the high and the low were both given as 36 when I was looking, and I bet it didn’t stay 36 overnight – this *is* the desert, after all! I came to the conclusion it must be the temperature in different parts of IW!

        Purple and red? Gulp.

  7. Nice outfit 😉
    I like it. In different note, what’s with the clay schedule for roger this year?! I see, somehow, he is focusing on clay season this year, I mean 4 tournaments as warmup for RG 😉

  8. I’m still favouring the “Roger not expecting to go particularly far, so going for quantity over quality” theory – although I hope I’m wrong. It *is* the one part of the year when he has the realistic chance of making some points up, though – later in the season will be difficult.

    1. John, I saw the match yesterday, actually today morning and I wish I didn’t 🙁
      anyway, I don’t think Verdasco played fantastic game rather than Nadal playing ketchup 😉
      He played very passive game the entire match, waiting for the error (like he did for the last half and set with raonic)
      I thought he played solid match that day, but was passive the other half of the match, but give credit to both verdasco and raonic for hanging on and utilizing that to their benefit

    2. Hi Shamtoot, that’s fair. I didn’t see the match but was generally used to players having to play well to beat nadal. I don’t really know what’s wrong with him at the moment. I would posit match fitness co,boned with the finally showing effects of his wear and tear on tour. Nor was he ever the most consistent performer anyway.

      1. Watched a bit of the match and Verdasco did play well + didn’t choke on MP which I was expecting. However, Nadal was throwing a lot of short balls and Verdasco was capitalizing on those. A couple of quotes from Nadal: ​”I gonna fix it. I don’t know if in one week, in six months, or in one year, but I gonna do it.” And, “Too much nerves for a lot of moments…anxious.” So loss of confidence clearly, but he’s struggling to get the length – too far back? And the moonballs/waiting for mistakes aren’t working and players getting wise to this now IMO. I feel he’s lost some power on the serve, lately players are breaking his serve regularly. So a mixture of physical/mental. If he’s ‘gonna fix it’ he’s going to have to look at a better time frame than one year! 🙂

      2. slamdunk, agree in most of what you said, Verdasco played well but not a waaw game, that’s what I meant. played enough to win a match that Nadal is struggling and he capitalized, and this is not to take credit from Verdasco, this is just what I have observed. he is struggling big time 😉

      3. “Nor was he ever the most consistent performer anyway.” totally agree John 🙂

  9. Yeah, what’s with Nadal these days. A new recipe in order?
    The clay season isn’t my favourite. Partly because it’s harder to follow the ball on the clay. Hey, why don’t they use blue clay?

  10. Like the colours and the return to polo shirt; love the shoes. Wish they’d get rid of the stripe – it’s crap. Don’t like the jacket. I love purple on Feds but is it really going to be teamed with red shorts? 😉

  11. I think the colours are heavy like a gloomy rainy day. But all look well on Roger, and nothing like that will effect his performance, I’m sure. So no reason not to look forward to soon see our handsome.

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