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Roger Federer’s Outfit For Indian Wells and Miami 2019

Federer's Uniqlo Shirt for the BNP Paribas Open and Itau Miami Open

Here is Roger Federer's outfit for Indian Wells 2019. Unfortunately, Uniqlo are yet to unveil any official pictures or list it on their website for general sale but Roger wore it as part of a Wilson photo shoot in Indian Wells which you can see below.

Update: Uniqlo has produced a new mint green outfit for the Miami Open. No announcement he just turns up in them 🙂

Federer Albot Miami Open

Update: Roger is wearing all white at this years Indian Wells, not the blue he was sporting during a pre-tournament photoshoot.

Federer Gojowyczk Indian Wells 19
Federer Indian Wells Outfit 2019

It's the same design as Roger's outfit that he wore at the Australian Open and in Dubai last week but is just a darker navy blue.

Like I said about the other colourway of this design I think it's just ok. I'm not a huge fan of the collar as it looks almost formal with the buttons and how it sits so I hope they come up with a new style for the clay and grass court season.

federer indian wells 2019 uniqlo

I much prefer the casual stuff he's wearing in training and around the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens. The line he's wearing at the moment is the Uniqlo SPRZ NY line which launched at the companies 5th Avenue NYC flagship store.

All the items in the line are inspired by influential artists including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring. They were exclusive to the store but are now available on the Uniqlo website too.

Fed Uniqlo

View SPRZ NY Range

Also thanks to those of you that let me know Uniqlo gear was good quality on my last outfit post. I bought a Uniqlo hoodie earlier this year which is the first item I've owned by them and it's been a good buy. Something comparable of Nike's would easily be £80 and I picked this up for around £20. No brainer!

What do you guys think of the outfit? Are you a fan of the new colour for Indian Wells and Miami or do you prefer the Dubai blue? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I’m totally baffled why he wears this stuff on court when he looks so cool in anything he wears in training or walking around. Surely he must have some say. He looked like Andy Pandy in the Dubai outfit and to make Federer look badly dressed must be difficult.

    1. Maybe some of this clothes later this year will be ones that have had more input. I don’t mind the colours tbh, just the collar is not great.

  2. Can’t comment on the Federer Uniqlo outfit quality, but my go-to mono casual round-neck t-shirts are mostly Uniqlo. Well priced with decent mono colours. Can’t complain.

  3. I am just annoyed Uniqlo doesn’t promote his kits at all. In addition it’s seems the kits don’t have cool max technology as Roger is seen frequently changes shirts during the match more than he did with Nike. I know he’s getting paid a lot money I would just think the company would want to benefit from it.

  4. Nah. He always looks nice whatever he wears especially that last picture!! Im in love.
    Honestly I tweet the uniqlo that they must try new instead of changing colors. I know that their style was always simple, I know coz uniqlo was very popular in our country and I wore it many years, but oh well, maybe I want something new.
    Sometimes I miss Nike even if though their design was crazy sometimes.. 🙂

    The haircut,practice shirt and casual getup was approved!!!! Excited for this event.. 🙂

  5. He looks great in it, I like the navy colour. BUT as my comment on the outfit in previous post, I still want a new design, not just change of shade, for Goat’s sake. Simple/classy is good but love to see something a bit different like his practice Ts.
    Wondering if no more red outfit because of clash with the Uniqlo logo?
    When you think why we don’t see much of the promotion, well not about his kit but here it is!

    1. Just realised uniqlo social media is only 8 days old???… can’t rant enough about the pants and it’s the collar. Change it please….

    2. Hm not sure how they would do red outfit. Maybe just have the text but not the square, if their ‘branding’ team allows it. They better figure it out if he plays Davis Cup or Olympics though 🙂

  6. Peter Gojowczyk just defeated Seppi and will then meet Roger in 2. round. Did anybody watch? Fed has beaten him in their only former meeting in Cinc. 64 64 – didn’t watch that either. Is he a solid player or what?

    1. Didn’t watch for the same reason I couldn’t watch Dubai.I have Amazon Prime but it will not work on my
      Mac computer.Even if it did it would be no substitute for watching it on television with sky sports or
      Eurovision.Fed up about it.As for yet another unspellable one,I have heard his name but never seen him play.Anderson is out,not sure if that helps Fed or not.

  7. I wish Uniqlo would design something that stands out more. Everything is plain and boring. I wouldn’t buy any of it. Roger had some amazing Nike outfits – great colors and patterns/designs. Boring clothes now…but he still looks good in everything he wears.

  8. £20 is an absolute steal for a decent hoodie, I might get myself one this month.

    O/T, agreed largely about the collar. But tbh, Nike’s stuff hasn’t been too great lately wither so I can’t be too critical, I think Uniqlo is learning and getting better and I like that their stuff is affordable.

  9. Wouldn’t surprise me if the tuxedo style collar was Roger’s idea. Nice shoes he’s wearing this year, classic – guess he still has some connection with Nike.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion.But as I am already paying for Sky and Prime,reticent about
        paying for another.Oh well.Tsitsi tired I think.Still only 20..A long way for him to go yet.

      2. Now I read that Feix has won all 3 of their junior meetings. So this is their 4. meeting, and Felix took them all…so far.

  10. Sorry, guys, but I MUCH prefer Roger’s uniqlo outfits to the Nike ones. They actually fit him (especially the shorts) and make him look streamlined, unlike the Nike ones which I always thought looked slightly baggy. And the single colours add to that effect. The dark blue looks great. I’m sure I’m not the only person to be thinking this! Oh, and the collar suits the outfit – without one it might look too spartan.

  11. The draw broke apart on the Djokovic half.
    I don’t see anyone but Zverev (maybe) who can beat him until the finals.

  12. Yes Jokers draw has opened up nicely for him.Monfils still there,at the moment.
    The Kyrgios defeat shows what a tricky first round opponent Kolschreiber was for Fed.It also underlines NKs lack of consistency.It is hard to see him winning a slam despite his talent.
    Fed tonight?

    1. Nick is no machine…his defeating Nadal (a match I watched) was with ultimate nails and a bit luck too. He was injured, too (his back was heavy stripped, and he needed a MTO). – Still won the tour. Now for sure NK needs a little resting/recovering.

  13. Don’t mind the dark blue outfit as long as it goes with white socks and shoes.
    Hoping for a good match, Indian wells looks as if it’s not the usual weather
    although it is usually windy so C’mon Roger be good x

  14. I think the clothes needs better designs. I’ll stick with classic polo collar and one color, but with some shades and details.
    And we need Darth Federer back.

    1. Oh God,do not say that.I think when he has an easy first set,he loses concentration but that was an
      impressive break back.
      What’s with the White,I thought it was supposed to be navy blue!

  15. Sintemal Roger Federer ist ein klassischer Mann, der weisse “Outfit” ist das einzig richtige fuer Indian Wells. He lookd a lot classier then many players who look like slobs. It goes with his classic playing anyway

    1. Not yet, maybe after the tournament but Uniqlo doesn’t seem to have much of a coherent strategy when it comes to tennis clothing worn by a guy they pay millions a year to 😆

      1. Yeah so far it is awful, people will buy everything Roger related if they release it.

        I kind of think/hope that things will get better after they acquire the RF logo? Maybe they are waiting on that last missing piece of the design element before going full steam ahead designing and pumping out gear for sale?

  16. Lose the collar please…Roger is playing tennis not going to a casual meeting. He needs to be comfortable on the court. Please get his input and listen to all of us watching as well.

  17. Whatever Roger wears always looks classy on him and I think he and Mirka approve of the style and colour. Mint green was a welcome change for Miami and well I liked the collar effect.

  18. To be honest, as long as Federer feels comfortable and healthy on clay, I’m happy for him as a Federer fan. Of course we’d all love to see him lift some more trophies on this surface, but is it practical? We’ll just have to wait and see.

    P.S. I created the original NEO Backhand video; I can’t quite believe that it’s close to 1mil views. Thank you so much!

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