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Roger Federer’s Outfit For Brisbane 2016

I already posted this outfit earlier in the year as I thought it was going to be worn in Basel or Paris but here's Roger Federer's Outfit for the Brisbane International in 2016. He's also wearing it in the IPTL in Delhi, Dubai and Singapore.

The outfit is based on the exact same style as the World Tour Finals navy blue just a different colour scheme and I don't mind it. Perhaps the Vapors will change, there are some lighter blue ones floating around but they are the Sharapova shoe so who knows.

What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments. The Shanghai / Basel / WTF outfit came 2nd in the end of year outfit poll, so will this prove as popular considering only the colours changed?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. This is the first time I have a first comment on your blog
      I have seen Roger live wearing this outfit in Delhi.He looked stunning as usual.?

      1. Cheers Pranshul! My first experience watching Federer Play live Thanks to IPTL in New Delhi. Hi 5! I had goosebumps the moement I entered the stadium. Roger Looked great.

  1. Tell us about your experience watching Roger, Pranshul. From what I’ve seen on line, he hasn’t won a set, yikes.

    Colour is nice, good for the Aussie summer. Still hate the shorts. And then there is the dreamy unshaven look.

    1. Hey Sue!
      I have twice tried commenting and after hitting the enter button ,the comment just disappeared.I will try the third time .I got to see Roger 15 feet close and he even waved to us ( 5 lucky people who were at the right place at the right time).All the people talking about Iptl being crap ,I just want to say, ask any asian or indian who is not able to watch Fed or rafa just because they play in another continent .You need a huge amount of money to do that.Fed rafa play virtually the whole year in US and Europe .I guess tennis in Europe, US is just like cricket in india.We easily go to watch international level cricket because it actually happens in our area ,but I being a huge Fed fan and due to him tennis fan will find it very difficult to travel to another continent and watch Fed and as far as I know from this wonderful blog,also not being sure about watching Roger play because I guess the schedule in only out a couple of days before.2 years ago I never thought of seeing my hero and now I have a picture in my mind when he while waving he made eye contact with me for a slight second.IPTL no doubt sell expensive tickets,have absurd rules but that is the tool that has actually bought Roger to india twice in a row.He absolutely loved the crowd last year and this year too and so IPTL for us is a huge thing.All the people I met in the stadium were so happy after they saw rafa and Roger and it was a magical moment to see them live in a country where there is only 1 ATP 250 tournament.So Iptl is actually a blessing for me ,I don’t know about others.

      1. I agree with what you are saying. Nothing beats seeing Roger in person no matter what the situation!
        He is fully aware that he has fans all over the world and truly appreciates that.

      2. Yeah it’s definitely worthwhile for the fans I think. Like you say not many chances to see him. I would be surprised if it gets more than another year though, seems a bit of a failed experiment so far.

        Will you go to Chennai? I guess Stan plays again.

      3. Ok that’s a +1 on the comments disappearing J. Something to look into perhaps?

        I hope the experience was fun Pranshul. Personally I have to disagree with you though. I could have had tickets to IPTL last year (free). I live in Delhi so its right in the city. And I definitely remember considered whether to go. But I eventually decided against it. And I’m quite happy with my decision.

        I’ve never seen Roger play live and for me the thought of doing so has always had this almost sacred-esque notion (cheesy perhaps, admittedly). And although I know that its hard to catch him play live because of the paucity (or well, blanket absence) of quality tennis events here in India and the costs associated with the alternative- traveling abroad to a legit tournament to watch him in action, I decided that I wanted my first experience (at the risk of it never materializing) to be watching Federer play a real match- real tennis, with real stakes at a real tournament with (hopefully) a great audience.

        I know some would think that this is mind bogglingly stupid, but I’m perfectly at ease with not having picked up the tickets that day or finding out if I could get tickets this year, even if I never get to watch him play in person. I wouldn’t regret my decision. I love watching matches (alone) on TV with no one to disturb me. I love coming here to this blog after to celebrate with the best bunch of fans in the world when Fed wins and whine when he tosses 17 of 23 break points into the trash. For me that’s all part of the magic and the cheesy sacred-esqueness (if that’s a word) and in that world, IPTL just didn’t seem to fit in.

      4. I completely agree with you Gaurav.I guess you are more of a tennis fan who would not compromise with quality.I will honestly say,I was more excited to see Roger and Rafa live in person rather the matches.When he stepped out of his car and entered the stadium(20 metres apart),call it luck but I was there(there were only 5 people which made it even more sweeter) and I saw him extremely close.I will agree with you that IPTL is not competitive but the comment that I made about IPTL being a blessing was purely because of getting to see Roger this close.I too hope that someday I will get to see a competitive match and if somehow it doesn’t happen then I will be satisfied knowing that I saw roger with my own eyes.
        Well,he tossed19 of 23 BP into the trash?

    2. Pardon for interrupting in between Sue. Pranshuk might be a little too overwhelmed as I am 😉 but as soon as they announced Rogers name my heartbeats shifted for sure. I dont remember the last time I had these feelings probably when I proposed someone 7 years ago :pp. The last where Rog made a sort of a comrback against Rafa winning back to back games was truly amazing (experience-wise). And made me realise one straight truth : I-cant-watch-Fed-play-a-competitive-match-Period. I would pass for sure. For those who regularly do from our blog – Hatsoff.
      I wont shy away from saying this , that sitting yards away from Federer was overwhelmingly emotional.

      1. Every time I see Fed, it’s the same….heart in my throat. Don’t know what it is about that. Roger has a certain aura that is hard to explain.

        Off to Star Wars today!

      2. I have to join you guys. When I watched Fed first time, I couldn’t even take photos because I didn’t want to miss any second of his movement seeing in my naked eyes. Totally overwhelming, emotional experience.

        How was Star Wars, Sue?

      3. No Mickey Carlo for you Wanda? You’ll have to somehow get a ticket to Wimbly.
        Haven’t see Star Wars yet…I’ll let you know.

      4. No 🙁 Yeah, dreaming Wimby continues. Would I survive queueing and tenting…?
        Lucky you got IW! Not going to Toronto?

      5. Queueing and tenting wouldn’t be for me coming from Canada. Kind of gave up on Wimbledon.
        In my books IW way better than Toronto. Roger goes there every year without fail. Toronto is iffy. Also, Toronto is a big city. IW is small, beautiful weather, no rain threats, easy to get to the Tennis Garden from where we are staying.
        For me a dream. Oh, and Roger plays doubles too because it’s a 2 week event.
        On and on I go.
        Just saw Star Wars, great but a big upset!

      6. Wimbly 😆 come on it’s Wimby. Pet hate.

        Sue you could come to London for a holiday, stay in a hotel then just camp for one day to get in – cheap tent from Go Outdoors is all you need really. Then back to hotel after play and carry on with the holiday.

      7. Expensive trip with no Roger? I’ll go to Wimbly the year you come to Canada to watch Raonic play Davis Cup.

      8. Sue- Star Wars + upset!!?

        I’ve read such fabulous reviews online. So good that it made me wonder whether Disney spent half their budget on paid reviews? Without any spoilers- why were you upset?

        PS: I haven’t seen the movie. Its a week late here in India

  2. Jonathan, would you worry about Fed’s IPTL form ? One set to Rafa could be classified as a one off event. But 5 consecutive sets lost ? Which is the last time that happened to him ? (exhibition notwithstanding). Remember also that he made it a point to mention that IPTL is NOT an exhibition.

    I didn’t watch these matches so it is a little hard to assess, but I wonder if he is playing at level B just to conserve some strategy and not go all out at the ITPL

    1. If he has to stress to people it’s not an exho. What does that tell you? 😆

      It’s a mickey mouse event. I am unsure if it will last, crowds have been poor.

  3. Now Roger is 0-6. Maybe he is getting paid an extra million to loose. He seems to be flat again. Serve sucks.

    No idea whats going on.

  4. Hello all.. I personally think its not that bad I kind of like the pastel colours scheme. Mind Federer has a habit of making crap looking colors look good. Apart from the pyjamas style shorts that even the great federer couldn’t pull off.
    I was watching some of federers old you tube videos and I thought his outfits back in the day were miles better compared to now. I also liked his black and white 2004 Oz open trainer’s and the 2005 Oz open ones. And I don’t know if it’s me but flipping heck he was so fast and some of the shot winners from Federer is just unbelievable really. I think people tend to forget what he accomplished as people who don’t know Jack Shit about Tennis bang on about Novak. But Novak has just dealt with the slower conditions to benefit his game style and therefore just winning playing like a wall. And no matter how many angles and power the Novak crappy wall style will win like he has been doing. And I think all the previous pros and experts and pundits know that Novak doesn’t simply compare to Federer. There was a recent article regarding if Djokovic 2015 season was better than Federers 2006 season and all the stats and figures came down even though it was pretty close Federers 2006 season was still better statistically with a higher percentage plus all the pros and cons for each player. Tbh when I initially read the article I thought it was going to a biased Novak thing. But it had a good analysis of each season.
    Anyway can’t wait for 2016 season to start but going off Federers IPTL play it has been really poor.
    One last comment regarding clothing I remember when I was young and I told my dad that I wanted some new Nike trainers. So my dad went to the city centre for shopping and said that he will get me a pair of new trainers. I was so excited that I told all my friends, when my dad did come back I did get a pair of new trainers but instead of Nike my dad bought me Nicks trainers as my dads English reading language wasn’t that good. Oh well. My friends laughed at me but I held my head high and said with these new trainers they will make me run faster and funny enough I remember beating them all in a race in my street. And I scored the most goals when we played “Cuppy”. Yeah alls well ends well.

  5. Points off for no collar. Many points off for slapping a plain white back on this shirt. I might actually have liked it, even sans collar, if they’d made the back match the front. Color doesn’t really bother me. Better actually in my mind than the boring all-navy we saw him in last.

    Wonder what the deal is with all these lost sets? Hopethere’s no physical issue; though I haven’t really been reading that he’s moving poorly, just that his shots aren’t there.

  6. Disappointing that Fed won’t start 2016 season with a fresh design. Nike is lazy just changing the colour and recycling the outfit. I don’t mind it in the same season but not two year in a row. I’m with Sue, especially the shorts! Couldn’t Color 13 afford to sponsor him?

    Anyway I like the colour but prefer practice t-shirts as I mentioned before. When will we see polo back?

  7. There’s nothing to worry about with these IPTL losses. The 2016 season starts in a few weeks, so he’s not going to over-exert himself and risk injury, especially against Nadal and Murray. He’ll work on the parts of his game that weren’t so sharp in practice, and he’ll be ready to go in Brisbane at the start of the new year.

    1. That line struck me too. Also his comments about every player needing their own reasons for playing IPTL, & offering some ideas as to what some of those might be. It seems to me that a LOT Of the players get a lot out of having teammates rooting for them on the sidelines.

  8. RF must carefully choose where he will play next year to stay fresh till december (and with olympics in summer) .. so he skip 4 of 9 master tournaments … madrid, rome, miami and monte carlo .. well, clay is not for him anymore

  9. Lol has anyone seen Rogers schedule for 2016. No clay warm up tourneys (although I’m sure he’ll add 1 at least). Seems like he’s given up on clay (and so have I). Hopefully he can get 1 grandslam. I still believe he can do it. Rather him win Wimbledon that Olympic gold

    1. I’m assuming he’ll add something to it: not sure I’d want to go into RG with no warmup. Guess Istanbul is too dicey at the moment.

      1. well, maybe he just realised that his chance to win something on clay (French Open) is not very high (with Nadal trying to make big comeback there and Djoko trying to win his first clay Grand Slam) and then he decided to concentrate on tournaments he has bigger chance .. Wimbledon and Olympics ..

      2. I think if he goes deep in all the tournaments on his schedule then he won’t play any clay. If he loses early in them then he will add something on it. So all hinges on that really.

        Second half of the season is packed, no point wasting energy on the most physical surface if he can avoid it.

    2. Which one is it that is actually supposed to play like RG? Not Madrid, I remember, because od the altitude.

      Heck, he took a last-minute wc for mc last year, & made the final. Maybe there’s hpoe yet Wanda 😉

      1. Yeah Rome like Sue said.

        Although I think Roland Garros meant to be quite unique in how it plays. Do they use same balls in Rome and Paris? Madrid use Dunlop, maybe Rome does too. But I think Paris was using Babolat.

  10. Wow, surprised by Roger’s schedule. No clay and playing Toronto. Huge break in there. Thank the tennis gods he is playing Indian Wells though.

      1. Haha. He always meets Gavin Rosedale and Gwen Stefani and their kids there every year. I wonder who will be there this year? All their friends seem to get divorced.
        Jonathan, I have everything booked, so don’t mess with me.

  11. Surprised about omission of all clay masters…he usually gets about 600-1000 points on that Swing, Wonder how much difference it makes into Ranking next year (even for Wimbledon)

    He kind of tries to make that up by playing Toronto, Cinci, Shangai + RIO it looks….

  12. Looks to me like he’s saying “f*ck it” to clay, and really wants to work on that grass game? Seems to me like his major objective this year is Wimby, maybe putting too much pressure on it? :/

    Anyway, we’ll see! 🙂

    1. Well it’s definitely the least likely surface to bring a title, also the most physical. Long season with Olympics etc. Maybe he can steal a march on the guys that play full clay seasons.

      1. “Correlation not equalling causation” – ah, an intelligent answer…I have to think about it again. Muscle, movement, being less confident…age? Or condition of the modern game? You say the below “slower court”, meaning if the court is faster, it would look better no matter the size of the frame? If Fed used a larger racket in the good old days, his FHs still would have looked magical like in the video? Certainly he was super confident back in the days, wasn’t he?

      2. Yeah, he does look super confident. Maybe more confidence painting the lines with the older racquet.
        Hate the slower courts.

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