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Roger Federer’s Outfit For The Australian Open 2017

Here is Roger Federer's Outfit for the Australian Open 2017. It's his first official tournament back since Wimbledon, and he'll be taking to the court in this Nike Advantage Henley styled shirt.

I'm not entirely sure when the Stadium Green will make an appearance, it could be a night session ensemble or for later in the year but I'm posting it now anyway.

As for the shirt, it's quite an unusual pattern but just three colours – black, white and a touch of Orange for the Nike/RF branding. And the other is stadium green, black and white for the Nike/RF branding. First thoughts are I think it's pretty good. Not necessarily one I would buy but when it's all pieced together as a full outfit, I reckon it will look decent. The shoes are loud and in the Flyknit style Nike Court has been pushing lately. They look cool but durability wise? I'm not sure. Not an issue for Federer though πŸ˜‰

Federer's Australian Open Outfit 2017

Australian Open Night Session?


Let me know what you think of it in the comments. Is it a winner for you?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. I like the colours, the pattern – something a bit different…
        As far as his chances at the Aussie go: it all depends on the draw, how he serves and moves.
        Looking at his serve percentage and unforced errors stats against Gasquet, he was over 70% first serves and only 19 unforced errors over both sets. With that in mind and providing he gets a couple of good wins in the first two rounds, he could make the QFs.
        I think the ideal draw for Rog would be someone like Goffin in the 3rd round and then obviously he’ll have a test in the fourth. I’m super excited though, who knows what will happen

  1. Quite like them both, green more so! Something different than the usual, love a Henley on him too! Not sure on the Orange shoes, but knowing Fed I’m sure he’ll pull them off as usual, and I’ll be looking to buy them,as usual! ?

    1. Shoes are cool, Flyknit’s are nice, but for playing tennis in? I dunno how long they would last. I had some Nikecourt X Federer trainers, had to send the first pair back as the stitching came out, not for tennis either just casual summer wear.

  2. I like the night session one better πŸ™‚
    Anyway, lets just hope he has a good AO!

    What he wears this year doesn’t really matter
    As long as he plays well and stays in the competition
    I might not admit it but I have such a great ambition
    An early loss might cause my heart to shatter

    (Early as in before R4… I am forcing myself to be as realistic as possible… :-p )

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    I like both outfits, think it great to have some different look plus like the pattern, too, all this is coming from an old 91 year big Roger Federer fan. Keep the curls but shed the beard!
    Go Roger!

  4. Love the white shirt. The green is ok too. The flyknit shoes are a great design, but these are not the best colors.

      1. Yep. Exited about the blue/orange colors comming up. If I get this white shirt I will match it with the black shorts from the green set, and then get the blue/orange 9.5s with orange wristbands, and a pair of white socks.

  5. Our GQ style man might have his work cut out pulling this off but seven wins could make this a winner ! I agree Dolores, the beard is getting a bit beyond handsome, time for a trim at least but should he remove it he will instantly feel super sleek and cooler !
    There was a picture of RF with oversize, super absorbent, bandage like wrist bands practising in the middle of the day, must be expecting plenty of these day matches ranked 17 !

  6. Been a fan of your column for years Jonathan but this is my first time to comment and get into some of the conversations. Love, love, love Roger, have tried 3 times to see him in person but to no avail; each time he has cancelled (all Rogers Cup tournaments) and suspect he won’t be there this year either, sigh…..but I will keep my fingers crossed. Anyway, to the point of this column, I’m afraid I’m with Sid, of course he looks great in anything and I will be up in the wee hours watching and cheering him on regardless.

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚

      Ah ye Rogers Cup seems to fall at a bad time the last few years. Just gotta wait and see for this year, prob plays less on clay so maybe he will play all the US Open Series…

  7. Well, my daughter and I agree tha Roger is such a hottie that anything he wears looks just great!,, Can’t wait to see it and hope he has an excellent Australian Open result!,

  8. 4 hours in, and still eighth?! Wake up, guys.

    Really not convinced about this one at all – but then I’ve made my feelings clear about henleys in the past. And I’m sure Roger will wear it well. Definitely prefer the green one of the two. But then, since we’re not expecting him to be in it for that long I dare say it won’t be much of an issue – and nor will the longevity of the shoes πŸ™‚

  9. Ah, ooh – I like it all – and the shoes are cheeky, and fresh to the whitish outfit. A new style both the green and white, and rather creative – good omen!

  10. Not sure, might look good on him, and it’s definitely something he hasn’t worn before ^^

    Though I do like the regular tee a lot πŸ˜€

  11. Oh, dear… A Black & White TV set badly tuned… And a broken green phosphorus monitor to go with it.
    Someone brave enough go to the roof and fix that damn antenna, please.

    1. Haha – right on Rui! But sometimes signals, games – and Fed(s) are out of control, and there’s the new experiences on the treshold….

      1. Nike is trailing on Adidas for the most horrendous outfit I have ever seen (and this includes my worst nightmares following a badly digested dinner): the black and white twisted stripes T-shirts worn by Thiem, Tsonga and others last year.
        Absolutely blargh.

      2. What about Under Armour? Murray is always with white or black.
        To be honest, I like New Balance outfits the best. They are always clean and nice in design. (not too complex) Every time New Balance come with a bad outfit, the bad outfit is WAY better than the bad outfits of Nike, Adidas….

  12. I think it might grow on me, change up is long overdue since almost every other player are wearing solid colors. Roger is trying to live up to his GQ award πŸ™‚

      1. Fed fans will either
        – Rig the election πŸ˜€
        – Put Fed on the list (logical)
        – Put Fed as the only candidate on the list πŸ˜€
        – Steal the trophy, and give it to Fed
        Could someone invent other stuff, I am out of solutions… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  13. Don’t like the outfit.

    But I do like the idea of Fed playing in Tokyo in 2020. Cause I like when Fed plays tennis.

    From CNN:

    “And the former world No. 1 isn’t ruling out the possibility of one last shot at the only major title still alluding him: an Olympic singles gold.

    By the time Tokyo 2020 comes around, Federer will be 38 — his 39th birthday is the day before the closing ceremony.

    “I hope so,” he said when asked if he felt he could still be in medal contention by then. “But it’s still such a long way a way that I can’t be thinking this far ahead.

    “I did win the gold in Beijing in doubles with my friend, Stan (Wawrinka), so I do feel like I have a gold. But, of course, in the singles, I don’t. It would be amazing to win the gold in Tokyo.”

    1. I mean… Of course it’s long off. Who knows, right?

      But I just love that – fresh off all of 3 matches back – he’s actually wondering about 2020 out loud to the press.

      Fed feels good and loves this sport like nobody’s business.

      And the outfit is terrible.

  14. Fabio Fognini’s outfit in Sydney was also very nice, yes, sir.
    The perfect work uniform to have the usual squabble with the umpire.

  15. i think it’s awful! Like many as his last outfits also. Was way better in the past. Fault by Nike there.

  16. Not a fan of these outfits particularly the green! Makes me feel dizzy by just glancing at them. Is this part of the game plan?

  17. Wimby can be an even greater tournament, if they allowed all kinds of colours, and not only white.
    Just look at London 2012, all those colours made it lovely to watch…
    Anyway, fuck tradition? πŸ˜€

    1. Nah, gotta respect the tradition but they could allow some colours. Fed’s orange sole vapors were cool.

      But gotta remember, give an inch, people will take a mile and start pushing their luck. Before you know it it’s full colours.

      I’m going to pay a third world qualifier this year to get peRFect Tennis tatooed on their forehead. Wonder how the AELTC stops that one?

  18. Hi Jonathan, hi everyone, missed you guys.

    Happy new year! I’m totally late for the party, hah? Yes, I couldn’t even watch Roger’s come back, bad fan I am yeah πŸ™ But anyway, great have your post back, Jonathan! And our old man in town!

    Not a fan of shoes but come on guys, I like the black and white one. It’s cool, unusual design. I would definitely hug him wearing that. Beside, the outfit goes well with new matte black racket! Who cares, anything will good on him πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Sweet Wanda, what’s up girl? Long time right? No worries on the outfit, Roger makes everything look good, even if it looks very blah right now πŸ™‚

      Afterall, he made every outfit work…. except…. the WTF “Zebra”-outfit…. tried to like it on him, I did like it, but…. no… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  19. Hang on, Roger shown training in a T which is none of the above – solid white down to about chest level, and then the mad patterning below that. Better, in my opinion.

  20. Very optimistic for Fed’s draw.
    First two rounds, faces qualifiers.
    3rd round, could face Berdych who should give a challenge, but I expect Fed to win.
    4th round, could face Nishikori who should give more challenge, but if Fed plays well, I think he can win.
    He could face Murray in QF, if he gets there, it’s excellent. I think if he gets into the heat and gets to QF, I think he can give a tough time to Murray. I wouldn’t still necessary bet for a win here as already QF would be OK.
    Draw is OK, I expected worse, so I’m happy. πŸ™‚

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