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Roger Federer’s Outfit for the Australian Open 2015

Hey all, a bit later than usual but here's Roger Federer outfit for the 2015 Australian Open. As you can see very different to what we're accustomed to as it's a non polo in a very bright electric lime colour.

I'm not really a fan of the crew neck shirt at first glance as it's just a bit garish. Nike use this colour a lot for some of their other sports products but it's the first time it's factored in the RF line. As is usually the case it might look alright once it's worn but based on the stock images big no from me.

The shorts too aren't a winner either and the only item that looks reasonable is the jacket but still no comparison to the WTF knitwear versions from the end of last year.

The Vapors look pretty decent but the remind me of a pair of Adidas Galaxy trainers I had when I was about 10 years old so not really looking to back there πŸ™‚

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Hi

    I personally don’t like the colour. I like either Black or Red on Roger, suits him better than any other colour.

    Even the blue in which he won the 2010 AO, would have looked better.

    Having said all that, I wouldn’t mind if Roger wins it wearing this πŸ™‚


  2. What no collar tee and lime green, oh well am sure it will look great on Roger. He can wear shocking pink so long he wins AO this year. I am praying for a good draw and drama free first week.

  3. Even shorter and tighter than last year’s pyjama shorts! It might work as a weapon if opponents were WTA players πŸ˜‰
    Not a fan of the neon yellow, especially the shoes, way to bright. No need to wear that, he shines anyway.

    1. *way TOO bright…sorry.

      Actually agreed with Thinker, I prefer those shorter shorts than longer, though not as short as 70s, please. I wouldn’t be able to focus watching Fed. Hope polos will be back for spring.

    2. Yeah, not like he’s playing tennis on a busy main road and needs oncoming traffic to see him :). Maybe it will grow on us if he progresses into the tournament…

  4. I like the shorter shorts. Anybody else here who was watching tennis in the 70s? These shorts are nowhere NEAR that tiny (thankfully). I think they come to a good place on his leg πŸ˜‰

    The color scheme is – interesting…. it will be okay, I think, but I do miss a collar on the shirt. Hopefully they’ve added a little length back to the shirt as well – last year’s WAS too short. I’m all for exposing a little occasional midriff, but OCCASIONAL.

      1. Haha! I agree. It sucks. Not for the ladies though. πŸ™‚

        Having said that, it’s a pathetic outfit. Hope his results aren’t like that.

    1. The shorts don’t look *that* short to me. But then I grew up in the heyday (?) of John Lloyd …

      Think I like the colour of the match shirts. But then I hated the colour of the training shirts, and TBH they don’t look that bad on him. But I don’t like acid colours at the best of times.

  5. The shirt looks like its from the Brazilian national football team’s kit, not too much a fan of it based on the on the photos. Especially since its not a polo. Hopefully it looks alright once he wears it on court!

    BTW, totally off topic: Did Roger not formally release his full schedule for 2015 like he traditionally does?

    1. I think it’s a case of ‘seeing how it goes’ this year; he has said he’s going to play a reduced schedule. He also said he doesn’t feel as though he’s had enough rest in the off season, so I think we must expect a big gap between AO and his next tournament. πŸ™ He must be adding tournaments as he sees fit this year – after all, no one is going to refuse him!

      1. If Roger had not won Shanghai last year, he would definitely have skipped Rome and MC this year. But now he has won Shanghai, so I think he will play Rome and MC. He will see how far he gets, if he wins it and will be the first to win all 9 πŸ™‚

      2. Dubai announced Murray, Djoker and Fed will all be at the tourney this year so not sure what “big break” Fed is going on about, probably just already putting out there he plans to skip DC.

      3. He certainly needs a proper holiday, because everything will catch up with him sooner or later – not until after the AO, though, please! I *was* a bit concerned post-DC because I didn’t spot any indications that he took a holiday at all (or maybe people actually respected his privacy this time and didn’t tweet about it!).

      4. Hey Alysha, it also seems weird that he would think about skipping Dubai. Isn’t that one of his best tours??

      5. Katyani, yes Roger always has success at Dubai hence I was surprised he announced in Melbourne he was going to take somewhat of a break after the Open since he said he only had 8 days holiday in the off-season before hitting the practice courts after all his exhibitions. But it’s confirmed he is playing so not to worry. Roger has ALOT of points to defend this year and Dubai is probably the fastest hard court on tour so probably one of his best shots at defending a title with a quality field. I think he skips Miami though and has another break before Madrid comes around. Looking like his schedule might be similar to 2012 possibly.

    2. Thanks for all your inputs!

      From what it seems, I personally think he’s probably a lock for Dubai since:
      1) He’d have at least a good 3 weeks rest between the end of AO and the start of Dubai
      2) that’s more or less been his 2nd home, so travelling shouldn’t be too big of a factor.

  6. As far as it is Roger, he will look really nice πŸ™‚
    I’m just disappointed we aren’t having a dash of a very bright color to give it a very shocking appearance

  7. Try to have a look at the Australian Open website which shows RF wearing the kit in practice today. He seems to wear it well despite I agree I love the polos and classics on him and as he ages the no collar look on a sinewy neck is a no no. He just gets away with it this year I believe and he did have great movement in the stripey play suit when his game lifted in 2013! I’m hoping this has the same effect, he may as well change his look as everything else he has done has worked and the fashion in tennis wear seems to be going fluoro and shorter. If he is cool and comfy and freely moves , in the likely brutal conditions, I am all for it. The jacket is sleek and a good look if he were to receive the Norman Brooks trophy!
    It is the Happy Slam afterall, let’s see a reborn AO contender, building on his current form and reprising his past successes down under.
    PS Its not as if he is getting the tattooed, bejewelled or be sleeved look favoured by some on tour.

  8. Ok there are lots of pics now showing him wearing it, and look on Twitter too. Yellow looks better than the above photos, and helped by the RF tan! The shorts are really short. Great to see so much RF thigh but hope they don’t split! Pretty tight compared to LY but he must hv road tested them. My biggest beef is lack of polos!! No one wears a polo like RF!
    Presume there will be a night outfit as well???

    1. I’m not a fan of any of it really, practice t-shirt is ok and vapors look aight but that’s it. I think the match shirt will prob look ok but shorts nahhhh.

  9. The shorts are a tad short for my taste, but at least Roger has great legs to carry them off ok – not too “muscly” just above the knees! Hate muscly knees!! πŸ˜‰

    The shoes and jacket are fine and I actually like the green top – the grey colour of the shorts tones it down a bit. From the practice pics, Roger is looking really good in this colour – it says “Australian summer” to me! πŸ™‚

    Also, I think it’s infinitely preferable to RN’s bright pink outfit!! πŸ˜€

    1. ‘Hate muscly knees!’ Ditto – that’s what always puts me off Berdych – that thick pad of muscle just above the knees – uurgh!

  10. Can’t say I’m a big fan of this colour, or the shorter shorts – although as Puffin says, at least he’s got the legs. I have to say I prefer the darker colours – blue, red, purple (haven’t seen that for a bit), and black. But I guess it’s a nice refreshing colour for tennis down under…agree with most, prefer the polo. Like the jacket. Rog looks good in most things so I’m sure I’ll get used to it – hopefully seven matches’ worth. πŸ™‚

      1. Fair enough Katyani – he has great legs so I think they look OK – in the end he generally looks pretty good whatever he wears. I’ll be happy to see that lime shirt appearing long into the second week. πŸ™‚

    1. Nah far too short. If anyone else was wearing them like Berdych etc then he’s getting slated in live chat. Blind worship fan mode for Fed half the time.

      1. Hoping he doesn’t get sunburned on the usually-hidden patches of skin. This *is* Australia, after all!

    1. I moaned enough a year or so ago when it was first announced, so I’ll hold fire on this occasion. It’s taken them long enough: they filed a trademark application a few days after his Wimbledon victory. I thought it was ill-advised then, and I haven’t changed my mind since, but there you go.

  11. Hi Jonanthan

    Not keen on the colour – but usually he can wear anything and look good, as long as he is comfortable and winning I really do not mind what they put on him. Straying from the topic – What do you think about Murray now having his own logo? – cannot see it ever being as big a brand as Fed – perhaps he should have waited till he won a few more slams!!! would love to know your thoughts – presuming of course you were not advising him via twitter!!

    1. I think the logo is a joke. I have a few issues with it:

      1. The design is poor, it doesn’t look like a logo and doesn’t appear like much thought went into it even though a designer will have had plenty time to do it, not like Murray’s success happened overnight so it wasn’t a rush job. He’s been around for years.

      2. It looks like the Schutzstaffel insignia from WWII

      3. I don’t really see Murray as an athlete who needs a logo either; he’s not going to be a big seller of merchandise, he isn’t really someone brands want as an ambassador as his likeability is low so what does he need it for? He’s just been relegated from a big sports brand to a lower tier company so seems like an odd move.

      4. They’ve incorporated 77 years into the design of it. Seems like his PR team think he’s peaked and that’s what he will be remembered for? What if he actually wins some more stuff?


    2. Hey Trudi and Jonathan, I think the intentions of his logo were good. I do see an A in it and an M and also 77. But it just looks too harsh. Maybe a different lettertype or color?? The black looks too “harsh and mean”. Like you said WWII.
      Roger’s logo is just great. Novak’s logo could have been a bit better (lettertype). Rafa’s logo is also oke, but he should have had his initials or the word Rafa on the picture of the bull.

      1. What were the good intentions behind it?

        I think Fed’s logo is alright, bit serify but it’s been around for ages so I think it’s synonymous with him. You could show Murray’s logo people in a couple of years and nobody will know what it is.

  12. Oh my gosh! From the twitter pics , Roger is wearing briefs instead of shorts :p !
    I hope it is enough to distract his opponents though

  13. Just watched the You tube link too, do you think the longer shorts was hindering movement?
    Well, I guess he was true when he said he wants to lay it out for his fans πŸ˜‰
    I’m quite certain his twitter & FB fanbase will increase during the OZ πŸ™‚
    Thank you Australian heat!
    #heartbeat #panting

  14. I like Roger’s outfit, but the bottom line is how well he will play at the Australian Open in his quest for his 18th major. I think that he is playing great after his historic 1000 match win.

  15. Thanks Wanda for legwork video – gorgeous! Also the training video, thanks Puffin! A big change of outfit – but I think Roger looks really GREAT blitzing around, can’t wait for the “real thing”! And the length of shorts is peRFect to Roger, in my opinion, and may make him even more distracting indeed…

  16. Didn’t think I’d like it looking at the colour, as I’m a fan of muted. But watching the practice session today, I love it. Btw, has anyone seen Andy’s new logo? Looks like a broken swastika. Terrible, terrible choice.

  17. Well Simon, I hope your ‘yucks’ bring us the AO title πŸ™‚
    I can’t believe. I am staying awake for the draw ceremony!!.
    Do not hex us Wawrinka, give us a cakewalk so we save energy .
    Besides, I do not think I want Stan in our half πŸ™‚
    #wail baby wail

    1. Don’t worry Utch. Roger won’t get Stan in his half. With his luck he will get Delpo in his half to get him tired for the next match and ofcourse when Roger plays well, he will have Rafa in his draw….

  18. I also feel the draw could have been nicer but If Roger is a possible winner it’s because he is supposed to beat them all! He needs to be able to match any day any of those players at their very best… And at the moment I feel that Roger at his best can beat them all (including Murray) but maybe Nadal… So he has is chances…
    I’m not saying anything very deep and consistent here but I’m just trying to build some confidence! Let’s get it on!!!

    1. Of Course Roger at his best can beat them all including Nadal, but what I meant was that at the moment he seems to be able to raise his level whatever the circumstances to the level of his opponent at least, and at last, to get the win… He right now needs to do it 7 times in a row and we’re done!!! 18!!!

      1. I was thinking the same Jonathan – there have been times we’ve felt he wasn’t challenged enough in the beginning of a tournament, & he struggled later as a result. He should start off with a good match here.

  19. Wow! Draw doesn’t make things easier for Roger, does it? Thoughts:

    Roger will be okay through to the quarters. I’d prefer him to play Grigor over Murray, purely because of the match up. Pre-quarters, Kyrgios on red hot form could cause trouble, but on a slow court, you’d fancy him to wilt a little. Assuming he makes it through, the semis is an interesting case. I think it comes down to two possibilities:

    1) Nadal plays well: gets to semis without much trouble, Berd-fricking-choke awaiting him in the quarters. Frankly, the draw couldn’t be much easier for him so IF he turns up we could be in for the blockbuster semi.
    2) Nadal doesn’t. Dumped out early. PROBABLY Berdshit in the semis, which historically is an issue for Roger, but you’d think Berdych may well lose earlier too, frankly.

    Nadal we’ve discussed, and Murray and Dimitrov remain the challengers for the rest of that half. I’ll pick Murray to make the quarters, but should think Fed will have too much. I just hope it wouldn’t be a Pyrrhic victory 5 setter resulting in a tired Fed playing a tough semi.

    As for the other half, well, Djokovic probably couldn’t have asked for easier. It’s difficult to formulate a theoretical draw where seedings are consistent but Djokovic has an easier path. He will remain untroubled until likely Raonic (Isner floats around, but likely will go out early), who simply doesn’t benefit from AO conditions. Clean path to the semis for Novak.

    Now for the interesting quarter. Wawrinka, Ferrer, Nishikori. Wow. Assuming it gets to that, Wawrinka Ferrer should be a good encounter, and I think Nishikori has the consistency to get to quarters, in which case, that quarter with Wawrinka looks like it could be a top top match. Hard to pick which one has a better chance of dethroning Novak in the semis. Wawrinka, probably.

    So, to summarize, I’ll pick Djokovic for the title (safe bet, I know). I’ve absolutely no idea how well Fed can do. Murray and Nadal are the players that get to him most, and taking on both in a row would be a tough ask, as proven last year (he’s a lot better now though). Nadal to flop, I suppose, is also a reasonable pick. Murray to definitely make it to quarters. And optimistically, I’ll pick Fed for the final! πŸ˜€

    Sorry the post was long guys, I haven’t said anything in a while and wanted to share some thoughts!

    Oh, and will hope DelPo gets a nice run into the tournament.

    1. Yeah not sure what to make of the draw to be honest. On paper, Federer definitely has the toughest route (nothing new) to the semis. Can’t really presume on the other three as still not sure how good their form is coming into a slam, first week will be good indicator though. Don’t think Delpo will make it past Jerzy to be honest, couldn’t hit any backhands in Sydney but so nice to see him back in competition, he was missed!

      Let’s all at least hope that the bottom half gets to play on Monday.

    2. Nobody can dethrone Novak. The throne is Stan’s – for the moment, at least.

      I reckoned Nadal’s quarter had the toughest selection of players, but as usual we’ll have to wait and see how things pan out in reality.

  20. One of the worst Federer slam outfits ever? Nike needs to be fired and Roger even moreso for even giving the green light for this. Not sure why he ditched the polo in Oz like he did in Roland Garros.

    The kit however is not more gross than the draw. Now that is something to cringe at…

    1. This kit is hardly feminine. Why do want Federer to wear the same kind of kit over and over? I like Federer is trying different colors and styles. You guys act uptight. Federer doesn’t act uptight.

      1. I’m assuming you meant this comment for Ganesh. But relax Karen. It’s not the colours that are the problem IMO, it’s the design, no polo shirt and the shorts are way too short. Fed looks better in the classic kits and especially for slams, it’s always good to keep it simple but each to their own I guess…

    2. Fed can do no wrong for Karen πŸ˜† I’m pretty sure if he quit tennis and joined Boko Haram then we would get a comment on the blog along the lines of:

      “Roger is willing to try new things and make a change of career, leave him alone”

      1. Ha! Ha! It’s better than always crying about how he should wear a polo and his his shorts are too short and my personal favorite the color are too bright. You want Federer to act old. Federer doesn’t want to wear a polo!

  21. LOVE IT. Really looks good. I probably will get the top and shirts, once I see how well he plays of course haha.

  22. The outfit could be better. Very feminine. The draw is not all that bad. I think Roger would pick Murray over Raonic as a QF opponent. Dull in his current form should be easier than playing Stan. I know it is silly to forget the dreaded matchup issues with Dull. Hope he can find a way to win his half and make it to the finals. It’s about time he beat dull.
    Come on Roger!!

    1. On slow hard courts I disagree, Murray much tougher on the baseline to handle than Raonic. Nadal has a pretty good draw for his lack of matches and will play himself into form, if he’s close to 100% would probably make him a favourite to win. You just know that the Australian Open is the one title Nadal and Toni are after following 2012 and 2014.

      1. Agree with Alysha. Murray for me is the next shift in momentum for the top four. I think he’ll have a good season and make it back in there, and he’s dangerous at all the slams bar the FO. On plexicushion, based on his record, Murray should be a tougher opponent than Raonic, and probably by some distance.

        The other thing is his record at the AO suggests he doesn’t tend to exit early to slouches

        From when he reached his first GS final in 08:

        09: Verdasco 4R
        10: Federer F
        11: Djokovic F
        12: Djokovic SF
        13: Djokovic F
        14: Federer QF

        That run of results from 10-13 shows how consistent and challenging an opponent Murray is in Melbourne, and to his defence, in 12 he put up one hell of a fight in the semis against Novak who was really the plexicushion king back then.

        I don’t want to sound like I idolize Murray, because I despise his style of play, but very few players make 3 GS finals in ONE particular GS without winning it.

  23. I watched tennis in the 70s and hated short shorts back then. And I still hate them today. Roger 7 inch is short enough already. Check out the difference in Rogers shorts and Severens. Night and day. Wished there was a collared shirt too. Arent we picky, people.

    As Roger says, we talk about the draw and they play it. His seems the toughest but sometimes that seems to be a good motivator.

    Andy…what were you thinking!

  24. Hey, why are we stopping at the shorts? Maybe we should be checking out his underwear range as well?

    If this was a Serena blog I wonder what some folks would make of a lot of guys drooling over her apparel.

    1. Haha yeah there are a lot of Fed perves these last few days. Shows a bit of leg and sets them off.

      In other news my restraining order on Ana Ivanovic expires in time for Wimbledon this year.

    2. I think we’ve been VERY restrained actually richard, but point taken. πŸ™‚

      I do hope they don’t get any shorter than this. And as I think I’ve said, they could do with being a bit looser already.

  25. I’m glad Stan and Raonic and Gael and Kei are in the upper half!
    I’m not glad about Ivo the bomber in Roger’s half.
    And I like Roger’s blitz yellow a lot, and better than his black training today, making him look thin!
    And the short’s length is classic! You guys just have to get used to the change, I think!

  26. And as for some thinking his new gear as feminine – well so what? Is Roger’s grace feminine? Some may think so. Don’t you know, that androgyne is the new “black” (sort) as we say in Denmark? I hope Roger sticks to this outfit, at least during this tourn, and that we will see him all the way (in it), lifting the trophy as well!!!!!!

  27. Well well well, I was kind of kidding about it, but again Rafa in Roger’s draw. Everytime Roger plays great… there they put Rafa in his corner. But he has to face him. Roger cannot “avoid” Rafa forever. Especially since he is Roger 5.0. But this Roger is not the AO-2014-Roger, so he has a good chance.
    And to be honest, Rafa seems to have problems with big hitters, so he might not even make it to the SF.
    Taking it one match at the time, but still bel18ving πŸ™‚ Go Roger. 18th is waiting for us πŸ™‚

    Oh and lets not underestimate Stan or Nishi. Novak in the final is not a dead lock you know. He could be beaten before that πŸ™‚

    1. I’m with you Katyani – we’ll drive ourselves mad with the potential Dull meet-up. Let’s hope for No.2 on John’s list – for one thing I could hardly bear a Berdych vs Nadal match – aargh! Wawrinka’s the toughest; Djokovic’s draw a joke until Raonic (if he makes it). Certainly not underestimating Nishi or Stan, but if it goes to seeding they’ll be beating each other up in the quarters! Djoko must be rubbing his hands with glee.

      My only worry is that Feds admitted that he was feeling tired after his exho match with Hewitt. I said at the time that I wished he had not played those IPTL matches – OK they weren’t that demanding, but it took almost a week out of his ‘off season’, then the match with Stan. Oh well, he’ll have had just over a week to rest up, let’s hope it’s enough. Go Feds! πŸ™‚

      1. Just noticed that Nadal could potentially meet Rosol in third round – could there be a repeat! Now that would be a laugh… πŸ™‚ )

      2. Hey Slamdunk, to be honest I was also one of those fans who didn’t want Roger to play IPTL. Not because it is an exho, but I was afraid he would be too tired. But after I saw Roger play it…. no way… it was a GOOD thing that he played it. Like Ajay says, it was not a lot of tennis to play. But the love and adulation he got there…. that is just priceless. Indian tennisfans ADORE Roger sooooo much. It is also good to know for Roger that he is loved there so much. It got him through tired moments, because lets face it, he was tired at the IPTL.

        BUT THE BEST THING ABOUT IPTL…. ROGER BEAT NOVAK TWICE πŸ™‚ For that alone IPTL was a good decision.

      3. Fed was feeling tired after the match with Hewitt because he played an extremely physical and mental match in Brisbane the night before and had to fly the next to Sydney and do a tonne of media and play another dragged out affair with Hewitt. Can’t blame him can you?

        Roger played a lot of matches last year so I don’t think the off-season was as imperative to train as some people make it out to be, maybe Roger has missed out on some resting time but he’s experienced enough to know how to handle this. He played a perfect week in Brisbane and should be raring to go on Monday no matter what the draw says on paper.

      4. Yeah, the matches certainly, but I factored in travelling – at least two days there and back, plus a bit of jet lag No need to be aggressive!

      5. Fair point re beating Djokovic Katyani – and I do think Djoko was going for it too – so def a confidence-builder…still I think he should have given it a miss as per his original decision. He knows better than anyone how to manage his schedule though so…

    1. I’m wondering the same thing, Roger said it was only for the 2014 season and they’ve made no announcement on if they have decided to continue the partnership. Guess we will find out when we see who is sitting in Roger’s playerbox when the AO begins.

      1. I think if they won’t work together that there will be a run for Edberg πŸ™‚ He will be very in demand. But I cannot see that happening. They still have a lot to work on together. And the respect both have for each other seems to be very great and real. I think Stefan secretly hopes that he can hand over the AO trophy to Roger. Would that not be something special??

        It is actually a compliment I think for “Fedberg” that more players seem to come more to the net. Roger still showing the others how it is done??

  28. Now, you have got us worrying Slamdunk! Smh!
    Federer’s quarter may be hard on paper but may end of being the easiest for him.
    He knows all players in his quarter and he is aware of the threats they pose, better than a wildcard I think.
    Here’s hoping for the best…..

  29. Even with Federer’s tough draw, my diehard heart still put him to win the tournament in the tiger tennis challenge :d
    Too emotional to think straight πŸ˜€
    Good luck Roger, I hope your half plays first before any other.

    1. Speaking of the Tiger Tennis Challenge, when do they announce which qualifiers go in which slots? Seems like it could make a radical difference, since there were some surprising names in qualifying (Mahut? Paire? Although I think they actually lost…)

      On second thought, it may make absolutely NO difference what we put down, since as others have said, there are always surprises.

      I like that you just double-click on the name you want as the winner in the tiger tennis bracket to advance it to the next bracket, very simple. And if you change your mind, just double-click the other name. Just don’t forget to click Submit at the bottom of the page before going, say, to read the FAQ, or you’ll have to start over. (Ahem.)

  30. Fantastic Alysha, I would like him to play ahead of the pack so he doesn’t play catch up like last year.
    Jonathan, you shouldn’t be responding, you should be busy with the new post πŸ™‚

  31. LOL Utch! Actually I was thinking – we need a checkbox or something to “move comment to another post” so we could get all these draw comments on the draw post, which is surely imminent…. would probably just be a mess in practice though.

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