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Roger Federer’s Most Popular Outfit of 2015

The votes are in and Federer fans have chosen their favourite outfit of 2015! Over 400 people voted and you can see the official results below:

Federer Fans Favourite Outfit 2015
The Winner: Cincinnati

The winner, which will come as no surprise based on the comments on my poll post, is Cincinnati which scooped 28% of the vote. The Shanghai / Basel / WTF ensemble was in 2nd place with 19% of the vote and after that it's very evenly spread between the rest of the field.

Strangely Brisbane got the wooden spoon, which surprised me considering it's easily one of the better ones. Perhaps many see it as a 2014 outfit rather than one for 2015. The full breakdown of votes is below for those of you who are interested:

Tournament Actual Votes %
Brisbane 17 3.92
Australian Open 23 5.30
Dubai / Indian Wells 24 5.53
Monte Carlo / Istanbul / Madrid / Rome 28 6.45
French Open / Halle 24 5.53
Wimbledon 35 8.06
Cincinnati 121 27.88
US Open Day 30 6.91
US Open Night 47 10.83
Shanghai / Basel / Paris / WTF 84 19.35

What do you guys make of the results? PS – the pie chart and percentages may change slightly as they update dynamically when more votes comes in as I've left the poll open.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Cool…SABR wins…

      I thought USO night outfit looked very good.. That might be winner if Roger had won USO I guess..

      1. Yeah good point I was going to mention that in the article but got sidetracked.

        Did Cincy win because it was his best tournament of the year?

  1. Despite the henley, yeah it was my favourite, too. Probably for me he won the title and the debut of SABR as Nambi and Jonathan say. Though I still voted white Wimby…

  2. The appealing attraction to Cinci is the shade of grey and the shirt has a velvety look to it. That velvety look is unique.
    My 2nd favourite. But looking at the above photo, lookin good!

    Watched some of the tennis in India today. Roger looked rusty or what. Trouble serving and so many errors. Not used to the court and Nadal is? Not good for the psychology of the game.

    Hopefully Fed will do better in Dubai. Was anyone at the match?

    1. Roger *is* only just back off holiday, as far as we can tell, and from his Twitter account I’d guess it was pretty much a last-minute thing arriving in India. Has probably barely lifted a racquet in the last 3 weeks …

    2. I wouldn’t read into it. Fed beat Djoker last year in the IPTL, didn’t aid the psychology much come Wimbledon 😉

      I’m not a fan of the IPTL tbh, just a money spinner, tickets pricey, paid streaming, Goodall and Koenig having to go hell for leather on the commentary hyping it up. I wouldn’t go if it was free.

      1. Yeah, I wonder how much Goodall and Koenig are getting paid for IPTL. I would guess a lot, otherwise wouldn’t one be burnt out and wanting to go home.

      2. You’re true about the IPTL not being a huge deal tennis wise, even I second that. But for us, it was a dream come true watching Roger and Rafa play, even though the level wasn’t right up there. And I turned out to be the luckiest when I managed to get a table just beside him when he was having lunch at the hotel. It was such an overwhelming and unbelievable feeling! I could hear Roger talk, I was that close to him. Didn’t manage a photograph with him though or an autograph due to the ridiculously high level of security. But, my day was made! And I’ve nothing else but IPTL to thank for it 😀

      3. Wow, how lucky are you! Who was he having lunch with?
        Not too many people in the world have seen a match live between Roger and Rafa.

      4. He was having a fun time with the veterans, there was Goran, Fabrice, Nestor. Cilic and the UAE Royals coach were also there, while Sania and Bopanna were on the table beside him! Roger was so animated throughout and seemed to be having a great time. I was so mesmerized by him that I didn’t realize until 15 mins that Aga Radwanskaa was sitting just beside me! 😛

  3. Hi Katyani… I have made a comment for yourself but it is on the previous Federer post of Ljubicic is Federer new coach. I thought I let you know just in case you miss it. Thanks. Cool.

    For Jonathan. .. My thanks for all your posts this year. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    For all fellow readers wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a happy New Year! ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Yay! The best won! Echo those sentiments, Thks Jonathan for keeping the Fed blog flying all over the court!! Few more years yet?!

    Iptl is exho for Rog and about getting tennis to more fans! Yes rusty, yes not used to court, but still took Rafa to TB… Roll on Training block and Brisbane!! I hv high hopes for Aus Open after LY…Merry Christmas!!

  5. Highlights of the Fed Nadal match. Even though it’s an exho and technically doesn’t mean anything, I still hate to see “vamos”.

    I see Roger is wearing his new Aussie outfit. I thought Santa was bringing him that and could not be worn until after Christmas.

    Hey Susie, I thought you’d be happy with the voting results!

    1. Very happy! Cincy was peRFect in every way!

      The outfit is Brisbane only apparently so getting some court time now!!

      1. Me too Susie. The correct result and def. my favourite for lots of reasons, not least the win against Djoko for the trophy. I hope we see that gorgeous raspberry colour again, but that Nike lose the tacky strip on the shorts. I don’t think one person liked that.

        Thanks again Jonathan for all your hard work, and even keeping us going in the ‘dry’ period.

        However you celebrate the festivities, I hope you and everyone on this blog have a great time. 🙂

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