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Roger Federer’s Best Points of 2013 Updated

Hey all, not much to blog about since the US Open so I thought I'd dedicate a post to Conal's latest video in his “Best Points of” series. This new addition is for 2013 which was a year Federer struggled with back issues and only managed 1 title; yet he till managed to pull plenty stunning points out the bag though which you can see below.

At the time you never really knew how big a deal the back issue was but check out that extended point against Mayer in Hamburg when he can hardly walk after hitting the winner.

Let me know your favourite point in the comments. Mine is probably the backhand vs. Stan or the one vs. Del Potro in London. Speaking of JMDP it looks as though he's back training on court and he's ditched the old K Factor frame he was using, can he make it back to Top 10 level?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. To those who have used both the K factor and the PS90, what’s the difference between them? Just cosmetics and brand name?

    And I’d love to JMDP, but have to wait and see where his level and espcially fitness are :-/

    But god this feels long without any decent tennis to watch… -.-

    1. The ones available to the public? Yeah just different paint job and marketing spiel and Tennis Warehouse has the PS90 listed as being slightly heavier strung weight than the K factor (based on the one they playtested).

      Shop boughts racquets though are way way out of their spec range. I never really thought about it until I heard Wilson QC is bad, and so are most main manufacturers; so I decided to actually weigh them, find balance etc of my own K 90 and PS95 – they are way off what they are said to be.

      I demoed a PS97 – 370 gram strung, and I demoed another at a later date – 350 odd strung. They are supposedly the same racquet – yet wildly different weights, swing weights. If you bought them thinking they were a matching pair – you aren’t going to be happy.

      Check out your own – weigh it and see where it comes in in relation to the specs. Some might be dead on but who knows. Ever since they mass produced in China I think QC has deteriorated.

  2. As usual another quality video from Conal. Thank you…. Here are couple of my Favs,
    1. Drop return on Raonic Service
    2. Against Tomic in AO..he is defense position until that last winner

    now looking on that , its clearly visible how bad his back on that point against Mayer…

  3. Thanks, Conal. Another great video. Too hard to pick just one. I always like points won against Nadal. Ha.

    Yes, his back was very bad most of the year. He should never have played Hamburg, Gstaad, etc. I remember people saying he should retire and I’m saying no his back is a huge issue.

    The bigger the swagger in his step, the looser his back is.

    Thanksgiving here this weekend and then Fed back in action.

    1. That bh against Nadal was quality. Shame he went onto lose that match, looked like he was just finding form before USO then Robredo happened 😆

  4. Thanks for the great video. I do see now how Fed could barely’s heroic how he kept his non-retirement record alive and also played a fairly full schedule. He also kept his record of consecutive GS tournaments going… Just more reasons to love RF and confirmation of him being the GOAT…

    1. I’ve played with an injury before and made it to 10 consecutive practice nights when the weather wasn’t great and I don’t get paid so by definition I am the real GOAT.

  5. Glad you guys enjoy the video. I added in a new point which I did not include in the original best points of 2013 video which is the match point save against Stakhovsky much due to the request I still remember from Katyani two years ago!

    1. It was a great pass, felt at the time like it was gonna swing the tie break for him if not the match but he played that next point way too nervously then put the backhand tamely into the tramlines.

  6. The point against Wawrinka was wonderful,if anyone else would have produced that shot I would have called it a fluke but Fed can do anything.
    I didn’t watch the mayer match and it would have been hard for federer to play.
    I just love the backhand overhead smash and they become my favourite and Fed places them peRFectly.

  7. Our hero is a HERO! Always brave, always confronting challenges, always loving the sports and always finding some way! Cheers to Roger, and to Conan for this interesting clipping, showing us how admirably Roger is fighting!

    1. I think admirable is a better word for Fed’s 2013. Maybe if he’d done 2 tours in Afghanistan before coming back to Tennis then he’d fall into hero category.

  8. Although I don’t comment every time, I never miss your video post!
    2013 was painful year for us Fed family, but thanks to you, the clips reminds us he played well enough and delivered some great points. Fantastic job, Conal.

  9. Yeah, I second Wanda’s comment. Thanks Conal. No matter how bad things were during that year, we can always guarantee that Federer will give us some beautiful/awesome shots.

    Seems like an eternity since Feds last played; not long to go now thank goodness. 🙂

    1. Yeah does feel like ages. Not much going on really tennis wise until Beijing started but I’ve not had chance to see any yet. Djoker prob a lock for the title.

    1. A bladder full of hot air, is what this Vilas guy is. He holds the clay titles record, which is going to be broken by Nadal (has it already been broken?). He is nothing but a clay bully. Sure, he has won a title at AO, and USO, but other than that, just a clay beast.

      As for beating Federer? Could he have beaten Federer? Yes. Especially on clay. Outside of that, Federer would’ve schooled him like there’s no tomorrow. Federer would’ve exploited his single handed backhand too, something he can’t do against Nadal. It would’ve been a great match up for Federer.

      Vilas is delusional.

  10. Long time no see people!! Hope everyone’s doing great. Shanghai is just around the corner and I can’t wait. Shouldn’t the draw have been out by now?

    1. And I’m just watching the Beijing Open. Djokovic- Isner is on right now.

      I have NEVER seen such fabulous returning. He’s winning 50% of John’s first serve points. If I didn’t know Isner had one of the biggest serves in the game, I would have thought that Isner was an average server. Jeez. Scary stuff. I don’t think I’ve seen more than two serves go by Djokovic’s racket.

  11. Finally got to view this, and I think I’d agree that my fave is probably the one against DelPo – not only because it’s a great point, but because the commentary is in French, and reminds me of when I was living with a tennis-mad French family many years ago – almost seems more normal to hear tennis discussed in French!

    That was the match where I walked out on Fed towards the end of the first set when he was, what, 5-1 down or something? Decided if he was going to play that badly I had some shopping that needed doing.

    And the Gasquet point – I must have seen that one, because I was there 🙂

    1. Try again Sue. I typed in Shanghai atp tennis draw – and the one I saw was great. But here’s my take:

      In bottom half Feds will get Sam Querry for his 1st round, probably Tsonga in 3rd, possibly Kei Nishikori in quarters, maybe Stan or Nadal in SF (although that quarter is rough; Rafa could get Karlovic in his 1st round, then Raonic, then Stan or possibly Cilic.

      In top half Ferrer/Gasquet and Djokovic could meet in the quarters, Murray maybe Berdych in quarters, then Djokovic and Murray in semis.

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