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Roger Federer’s Best Points of 2012

Roger played 83 matches this year and if you're anything like me you've forgotten some of the awesome points that were played out during the year.

You get at the very least one “Federer Moment” each match and in most cases it's usually more! The one problem with there being so many is that you can't possibly remember them all.

Luckily one of my friends who reads this blog, Conal Tang aka Beechaii2 has put together 2 great compilations of Roger's best points of the 2012 season.

Part 1 features all the points up to Wimbledon and part 2 covers everything from Cincinnati onward through to the World Tour Finals. I like these videos especially because they only contain the best points, I've seen a few on YouTube that seem to contain even the standard points, of course Roger makes even the routine look stylish but I don't want to see them over and over.

All the points in this video are top of the tree; from insane half volleys, backhand smashes to that point in Shanghai against Murray. Anwyay, enough talk, just watch!

Federer's Best Points of 2012 Part I

My favourite points in the video:

  • The backhand up the line against Del Potro, such immense wrist strength at 20 seconds.
  • The backhand pass against Davydenko in Rotterdam at 1 minute 15 seconds. Roger 3.0.
  • The rally against Lopez in Dubai at 2 minutes 5 seconds. Pure entertainment.
  • The volley against Raonic in Madrid at 4 minutes 40 seconds. Such a great dig.
  • The crazy rally against Ferrero in Rome at 4 minutes 50 seconds. The overs 30's showing us how it's done.
  • The backhand flick up the line against Raonic in Halle at 5 minutes 56 seconds. Nobody else can play that shot.
  • The GOAT volley against Murray on set point at Wimbledon at 8 minutes 43 seconds.

Also, check at the end when Roger wins Wimbledon at the redhead (dyed) woman in the crowd behind him with probably her Mother. Neither of them let their face slip! Why are they there?? It would be far better to have some young tennis fans in the crowd, who might get inspired and start playing that game than those two miserable cows.

Federer's Best Points of 2012 Part II

My favourite points in the video:

  • The flick backhand against Wawrinka, such great racket head control – 55 seconds.
  • The backhand smash against Phau at the US Open at 3 minutes 20.
  • The sliced backhand pass where Berdshit falls over at 5 minutes 20 seconds
  • Probably the best point of the year against Murray in Shanghai at 7 minutes. Epic.
  • The forehand against Del Potro to save break point at 9 minutes 35 seconds. Clutch.
  • The half volley down the line backhand against Murray at 11 minutes 45 seconds. GOAT.
  • The Volley/Retrieval passing shot against Djokovic at set point down in the final at 13 minutes 5 seconds.

What were your favourite points of the year? Are there any points you remember that aren't in the videos above?

My personal favourite is the backhand pass against Davydenko in Rotterdam at 15-30 and a set down. it just signified Roger 3.0, the true GOAT and setup great things for the remainder of the year.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Fantastic Videos – what a treat. Thanks to both you and Beechaii2 for sharing these. It is extremely difficult to decide which one I favor out of all of them but I think it’s the very last one of the year. Roger’s reaction time, footwork and precision all in one! And still not lacking in grace and elegance, as usual. Love it! And this makes me so excited for AO and the new tennis year anticipating more awesome RF moments! P.S. signed your twitition early on – great idea.

    1. Thanks Wendy.

      Yeah great selection of points, where would Fed fans be without YouTube huh? And to think like 6 years ago it didn’t even exist.

      Thanks for signing my twitition πŸ™‚

  2. The most important points to me are: the 3 winners that gave Federer the 3rd set against Djokovic in Wimbledon, a BH crosscourt, a FH down the line, and an overhead. The GOAT drop volley plus the set point volley to give Roger the 2nd set in the final. The carved dropshot against Murray. GOAT rally in Shanghai. Oh there was 2 points were Roger hit 8-9 BHs in a row and gained advantage with the DTL BH, one against Djokovic at Wimbly and one against Tipsarevic in WTF which wasn’t shown in the video.

    1. Ah yeah I remember that BH at Wimbledon that sent Djoker scampering. Like Kyle said in the comment above Roger hit so many good shots this year! And come to think of it, he has done for the last 10!

  3. Wow Jonathan, thanks for the great article. My Federer moment of the year was ‘the Volley/Retrieval passing shot against Djokovic at WTF’, it maybe too obvious but it was so dramatic that I thought it could be the turning point for winning…. and is still fresh in my memory, I guess. Look at the face impression of Djoko’s afterwards! I also liked the sliced backhand pass against Berdych, US Open, too. Actually my Federer experiences are usually his back hand half volley down the line or smash, they are always amazing and exquisite.

    I didn’t have a twitter a/c but I have signed the petition! Hope it would make a change!

    1. I know what you mean, when he made that point at set point down against Djoker I thought he was going to win the breaker. Just a shame he blazed the next BH wide. Still a great point though, terrible approach, GOAT volley and then quick reactions and awesome racket head speed.

      Thanks for signing the petition! πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah I believe that the Olympics and French Open aren’t included in videos due to copyright. I remember a couple from the Del Potro match and the Goffin one. Probably a few from the earlier rounds too that I’ve forgotten. There’s a user on youtube called hykha02 that said they’ll be uploading some highlights from those events so wait and see.

  4. One of my favourite moments was at Indian Wells after the match against Nadal. Federer always throws his bandanna and wrist bands into the crowd. He threw his wrists bands into the crowd and then paused. Fed then stuffed his bandanna into his tennis bag. I guess that one was his trophy!

  5. 1) The break point Roger converted against Malisse in the first set (Wimby 4rth round). It’s pretty similar to the Murray match stop volley, almost the same tense situation.

    2) The drop shot against Kudla in Indian Wells (sorry, it’s taken from you blog).

    3) I actually didn’t like that “epic” point Federer won against Murray in Shanghai. I felt that Federer could very well have lost that point, it was somewhat more amazing that Murray could not get to it/the shot didn’t go out, than Federer actually playing that shot. I don’t think he was in control of that last stroke of his at all.

    That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll add to it when I get the time.

    1. Yeah that Indian well drop shot is immense against Kudla. Couldn’t hit it any sweeter.

      I enjoyed the point in Shanghai, Roger was on top in the rally, Murray showed great defense to keep in it. He then crunches a backhand DTL and Roger shows his defense with a squash shot forehand. Murray should win the point next shot, blocked lob and then finally the angled drop shot. Like you say he wasn’t fully in control but the way the advantage kept swinging and the crowd going wild. Was the one highlight in a poor Fed match for me.

  6. Hi Jonathan,
    Sorry, no I don’t have a clip. I suppose it’s one of my favourite matches because Fed out foxed Nadal. Fed also stalled and stalled so he was the last on court for the coin toss. Nadal tried to unnerve Fed by a bathroom break. Also, a short rain delay before match point. Fed fired an ace for the win. The whole thing was quite entertaining!

    1. Yeah that ace after the rain delay was pretty fantastic, especially given Roger’s trend of losing concentration against Nadal.

      Also, the Djokovic Match in Wimbledon was great in terms of shotmaking quality from both players.

  7. Wonderful videos, thanks Jonathan! My favorite points are; each point when the opponent stops with amazement, a commentator on TV not know what to say, and Federer smiles! And the such points was very common to my joy and delight! Best regards to all!

  8. Great compilation, each point are amazing stuff from the GOAT. Roger has shown us even at his age he can still pull jaw dropping stuff. Since we are on topic of Roger’s best point, I would like to expand it further to my favorite Federer matches of 2012

    1. Wimbledon Semi-Final
    2. Olympic Semi-Final
    3. Miami Semi-Final
    4. Madrid Final
    5. WTF Final
    Special mention – all RG matches despite Roger struggling from RD1 till Semis, still amazing stuff

      1. Ops no 3 is actually Indian Well Semi Final not Miami. I do prefer matches that he won but any match he plays now is a gem considering he will leave tennis anytime after 2013 – yikes!!

  9. I can remember a point. Federer vs djokovic at roland garros. It was a 36 shot rally, djokovic made a great lob. I thought fed was going to make a TWEENER but the ball bounced very high. Fed returned it very deep with his brilliance. Everyone was awed, finally fed won that point

      1. That’s an awesome point. And here’s the thing. Roger is trying, again and again, to get to the front court but he knows the surface won’t allow him (sure, it’s clay). This is a case in point that no matter how well he plays, Roger will be restricted from playing his aggressive game. He may have won this rally, but he will lose a majority of them against a Djokovic or Nadal.

  10. Where to start?? πŸ˜‰ First of all, thanks for putting those up there. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of that (again) πŸ™‚ I think with the majority of these points, it is amusing to see ‘the other side’ having this expression on their face or seeing it their body language of almost ‘not believing what just happened’… πŸ˜‰ With one of the best examples, indeed, at the Volley/retrieval passing shot against Djokovic…
    My fav are, I think:
    The Volley/Retrieval passing shot against Djokovic
    The forehand against Delpo to save breakpoint
    The backhand smash against Phau

    And there was a great point in the 2nd video at 11.28 against Ferrer.

    Well, choosing is actually impossible, but if I had to come up with a few, these would be the ones today…

  11. Really great selection! Thanks for the memories! I was lucky enough to be at the 02 for the Fed/ Djoker final and that set point save was truly exceptional although agree Ε΅ith earlier post, the approach was poor. The speed of those rallies is not at all apparent on the telly, so his athleticism is all the greater, although credit to Djoker for digging out the volley. In terms of points that really mattered, the 2 stop volleys to win the second set in the Wimby final were clearly the 2 most important points he played this year. His anticipation to approach the net was quite incredible as Murray had been all over him to that very game! Looking forward to the Oz Open!

    In terms of matches enjoyed, Cincinnati final, Wimby final and semi, Indian Wells semi, WTF semi and final, and last but not least, Oz Open match v Tomic( 4th round?) when he put the young Aussie firmly in his place!

    Hv watched a couple of the exos in South America. His enjoyment is so palpable, you just cannot fake that sort of thing. He has given so much time and energy Ε΅ith a smile, has been a great success. Frustrating that we cannot see the Delpo games as for some reason the RF YouTube channel not available!

    1. Thanks Susie.

      Wish I’d caught the Fed/Djoker match live, even if it was only to see that get. Epic.

      I’ve not watched any of the Exhos as I don’t really follow the, caught the highlights though and the GIF’s that the fans make. I think the Del Po matches are available now, maybe they had to hold off a few days while a TV channel showed them or something.

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