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Roger Federer’s Best Points of 2009 + 34 Facts Unusual Federer Facts

Hey guys, all quiet on the Federer front with his decision to skip this years Montreal Masters but I do have 2 things to share. The first is the latest video in Conal's ‘Best Points of' of series and this times it's 2009.

2009 is probably one of the best years on tour for Fed fans – heartbreaker in Melbourne, racquet smash in Miami, finger wag in Madrid, win the French, clinch Wimbledon in five sets and then just miss out winning a sixth US Open.

Kind of weird to think that had Fed won just a few more points in the two losing slam finals then he'd have won all 4 in a year; Nadal was looking fatigued but Fed let him back in and he should have gone up 2 sets on Del Potro. All ifs and buts mind with no guarantees if he won in Aus he'd capture the French but you can't get much closer.

One thing is for certain though and that's the sheer number of quality of points played which you can check out below (some you'll no doubt be asking why aren't they included like against Haas etc. but the video wouldn't get through without content claims if they were in there unfortunately)

34 Unusual Facts About Roger Federer

The second piece is another Murli piece that looks at 34 unusual facts about Federer to coincide with his 34th birthday. (I would have posted it sooner but didn't check my emails for a couple of days) Some facts you will know, others are completely off the wall 🙂



Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Hi there Wanda!!! Well done . Wow you are racking up the wins. Hopefully Federer can do the same once he comes back into action in Cinci. and win and go deep and preferably defend his title.

      1. Hey thanks Serajul 🙂 A pure luck for the win. I was feeling bored without Fed for a such long time so visited the blog to see if there’s anything fun. Thanks for the post, Jonathan. Look forward to Cincy!

      1. Yes – evening local time though so will be v. late for you.

        Ferrer out apparently, which they are saying will result in Nadal getting a first round bye.

    1. Hi there Alison. Lol I thought it was just me as I have a memory like a fish. So when it doesn’t remember my details I have to look for it in the book where I have written it down. I too would of been first a few times if only I was quick enough and my details. Lol anyway thats life.
      For Murli… Hello there my friend. Greetings to you. I wanted to say I really liked the picture of the mountain with the sports people faces on it. Each person legend of their respective sports they chose. Pretty cool. And again another dose of Federer related facts and fiction and knowledge. Keep it up Murli. Very cool. Thanks Serajul.

    2. Use Chrome Password manager for a site like this where there’s little to no sensitive information stored and it will autofill the login screen for you.

      Or LastPass will do the same with more security. But won’t work on mobile browser.

  1. Hope Jonathan and all are having Fedless but a good summer.

    Thanks for the fantastic video, Conal, keep going!
    Aha, I never knew quite few of the facts there…It was a great fun, Murli. Lovely gesture for Fed’s b-day 🙂

  2. Agree! 2009 was one of the best year Roger had, should he won Aus2009, don’t know what would be the outcome of the rest of the tournaments and winning FO that year! Nevertheless, like you mentioned, it started with sorrow, and kind of ended with joy, it was just a miss opportunity with Delpo I would say, but you can’t ask more can you 😉
    for me, it ended with so much grief though 😉

    1. Grief? Del Potro taking out Nadal? Impressive stuff that year from Del Po, wonder if he will get anywhere near his best level. He was playing well in 2013.

      1. Yeah, its shame that such a talent is waste because of injuries. he reminds me of the great Safin, injuries were too much for him, although this was not the only reason he didn’t show in most of the tournament, as he is moody 😉
        But, yeah, if Delpo can recover and reach to that level again, it would be beneficial for Tennis in general

  3. Murli, thank you! I bet it’s no coincidence that No. 34 is the best of the lot 🙂

    Jon, any idea why the site has stopped remembering our details again? I’d got really spoiled with it the previous way.

    1. Awesome Slamdunk !!! and thanks Wanda, Serajul and Gaurav. And Alison you are right and I myself was quite shocked to see that two of the greatest players in the world of tennis are almost born on the same day. Huge coincidence.

      Just noticed one thing. There is an ATP award called ‘the most improved player’award. Guys like Mcenroe, Agassi, Sampras, Becker, Safin, Goran, Nadal, Djokovic etc have won this award but not Fed.

      Thats because Fed is the most consistent guy ever and started off at such a high level that he required no improvement. So more than a blot on his resume, more a feather in his cap that he never needed to win this award.

    2. “Thats because Fed is the most consistent guy ever and started off at such a high level that he required no improvement.”


      Those guys won that award because they showed vast improvement in such a short space of time. Fed was more a slow burner who gradually got better rather than almost overnight like Nadal etc. Turned Pro 98, early promise, moved up the rankings, big upset against Sampras, then in 2002 flops in the slams before really hitting the big time.

      1. Agree with this. Fed didn’t go from low to high just like that. His improvement was so gradual, so meticulously planned, that he never really qualified for the, “most improved” award.

      2. Nadal’s improvement from 03/04 – 2005 was absurd. He definitely trained hard in the off season…

      3. There was a thread on Reddit a while ago from a Belgian former pro doing an AMA who said it’s widely known that after he had that ankle injury in 2004 he doped up big time.

  4. Thanks to Conal and Murli! i was starting to think everyone was on an extended holiday with Wanda in the south of France.

    Anyone watching Rogers Cup?

    1. Not me, Rogers Cup without Roger, what the point?
      But seriously, what went wrong with Canadians in home soil, Sue?

    2. I think over half of my Tiger predictions are out the window already… sure didn’t see Donald Young coming through over Berdych, for one!

  5. Yes, a disappointment for the Canadians. i think they took a walk about to the Yukon.

    Raonic coming back from foot surgery. Still not healed properly. Pospisil taken out again in 3 by Isner. Bouchard lost to Bencic. Watched some of Peliwo play…small but like his game.

  6. I just read about the Kyrgios sledge. He told Wawrinka that Kokkinakis banged his girlfriend. That’s below the belt. How anyone can like this guy is beyond me. Leave that shit off the court. I mean, if this guy’s the future of tennis in a couple of years, I’m sorry, but I’m switching off the telly.

    1. Yes, a complete asshole. Acting like a 14 y/o. There’s no excuse for this; it is totally unacceptable behaviour, this is not racquet smashing, and I hope they ban him for at least a month. A fine is not enough in this instance. He should publicly apologise to Stan, and to Kokkinakis who must be mortified about what he said as well.

    2. It’s all good publicity for Kokkinakis, I doubt he cares. Prob got Hingis knocking on his hotel room door this week off the back of it.

      I dunno why Kyrgios said it, kinda weird moment. ATP will be loving it though, it’s got so many more eyeballs on the game.

  7. Yes, he is an ass. Wondering what Fed thinks now after defending Kyrgios a while ago. Insulting
    Stan, no class.
    Whether you love or hate the guy, he’s on the way up.

    1. I doubt the support is all-encompassing. I expect he just remembered what it was to be young and for people to have high expectations of you, and that it’s more difficult to realise those expectations than you might think. (Guilty as charged: did I ever mention my comment during a Wimbledon early this century, along the lines of “What’s happened to that Swiss lad who did so well in the juniors? Hasn’t really done anything much yet, has he?” :facepalm:)

    1. Fed, Rod, Pete and Sue, the b-days line up in the space of a week! This could add to ‘the striking coincidence’ that the tennis greats (Sue, you could have been one if you took up the sport) were born in August, Murli?

      Happy Birthday, have a lovely day and weekend 🙂
      Your wish is mine, too.

    2. Katyani has all the dates written down somewhere so she will know who else here was born in August. (Will come on and tell us she just has a good memory) 😆

    3. Happy Birthday Sue!! Hope you have a fantastic day.

      Wait, you have a wish and it’s for Fed to just win the USOpen? :p

  8. Yes Nick Kyrgios is a complete ass
    Talented but what he lacks is class
    But is armed with a stinky attitude
    Fed shoudn’t give him any latitude

    Happy Birthday Sue and hope your secret wish comes true for you and for all of us.

  9. Happy Birthday, Sue! May all your wishes come true, especially for Roger to win Cincy, and beyond? Why not.


    1. Yes indeed. Although right at this moment Montreal is looking so crazy that I’m regretting he didn’t play there! What, Novak just got broken again???!!! Will it be a cakewalk for the No. 2 seed?

  10. Current state of affairs vis a vis the Big Four

    Fed can beat everbody except Djokovic

    Murray can beat everybody except Fed and Djokovic

    Nadal can beat everybody except everybody who counts

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