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Roger Federer’s Best Points of 2013

Hey all, a video post today from non other than 15 time first comment slam winner Conal aka RFswissmaestro aka Beechaii2. It features all of Roger's best points from the 2013 Australian Open right through to the ATP World Tour Finals that finished just last week.

I must warn you that this video is extremely misleading and after watching it I almost convinced myself that Federer had a decent season. Seeing some of the points he played and shots he was able to produce puts you in a trance like state so this was 30 minutes well spent :).

The one thing I realised from the video is that it is pretty obvious he played at a far higher level in Australia than he was able to anywhere else all year really. A tad disappointing in the end after starting well down under but hopefully this was a transition year and 2014 brings some much needed titles.

As for the video it's very well put together, all the points transition seamlessly and it's a nice reminder that Roger can still conjure up some magic when he needs to.

PS. I also know from experience via making my own “shot of the match” videos that are nowhere near as complex as this just how time consuming putting a video like this together will have been so great work Conal. Roger should be paying his fans for stuff like this.

Roger Federer's Best Points of 2013



Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Still haven’t gotten over that Berdych loss at Dubai.

    UG…SO SO SO frustrating.

    But these clips do remind me how good he can still be – and that the back really was an issue.

    …Here’s looking at you, 2014. And hoping for a better back – at least.

      1. That match was good before the end of the 2nd set tiebreaker (as you can see in the video!). Fed’s confidence crumbled down after that.

  2. If nothing else it does show you how utterly beautiful and strong he still is and at 32 with an injury just how strong he plowed through 2013. I maybe a little bias but I admire his courage and fortitude in the wake of all the naysayers saying he should retire. I mean there are a lot of younger players never getting to the top 10 or having that consistency. Now hopefully being fit and healthy for 2014 , I dream of him getting that one or two or more slams. He still has the desire, the want and the love of the game like no one else (imho) Here’s looking forward, the past is the past.
    thank you Jonathan for compiling this awesome video, I watched it with great pleasure!

  3. For Jonathan… Thanks for your posts you have done. You now deserve a holiday and rest until it kicks in again in 2014. Keep up the good work and have a good Christmas and Happy New year. All the best from Serajul.

    Ps Happy Christmas and Happy New year to all the the readers here at Perfect Tennis.

  4. As you said Jonathan what a lovely way to spend 30 minutes, thank you Conal, it may not have been the best of years but my god this man can sure can play tennis here’s hoping to a very good 2014 for Roger and all us fed fans

  5. Wow…thanks Jonathan for sharing this ‘utterly fantastic’ video. How could anyone not love his tennis? Hope to see some more magic from him in 2014. Hat off to Conal, you did a superb job!

    By the way, this isn’t the end of season/year post, is it? Hope not…. πŸ˜‰

  6. Thank you Conal, what a great time. Most I’ve smiled at Roger’s play all year πŸ™‚ . I especially liked the drop shot return against Raonic in Australia… and the drop-shot-followed-by-lightning-quick-volley against Janowicz…. and again the volleys against Djokovich at the finals. I noticed nothing from Halle where he actually won? Or did I miss something? As he says, he hasn’t forgotten how to play tennis all of a sudden. Here’s hoping he can reduce the shanks & increase the shots like these next year. Actually just reducing the shanks would go an awful long way all by itself.

      1. Ah yes! I did notice a couple of Youzhny points, I just had them at the wrong event in my mind – oops.

      2. Yeah, he’s still producing magical points at times, just not possessing that clutch he had in the previous years.

        I do remember watching that Janowicz match live, what a great way to break back in the set with the drop-shot and volley winner combo!

      1. ok…you get the favourite guest poster – as long as you promise to keep it up next season as well!

      2. I, TheCookieThief, do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute my responsibilities as a guest poster in 2014, to the best of my abilities. So help me God!

        *music plays in the background*


  7. Glad to see everyone is enjoying the video so far! Please keep sharing the video around to other FedFans (on Facebook, Twitter etc.)!

    1. For Conal… Thanks for this video you made. Really enjoyed watching it. It must of taken you allong time. So I appreciate your efforts made. Cool man !!! πŸ™‚ It was definitely a good 30 minutes that made the day much better. Again Big up n Massive Respect to you.
      Fellow reader, Serajul. πŸ™‚

  8. Ouch.

    You can see Fed’s in pain in a lot of these shots – especially on the clay courts. Take a look at his post-shot movement around 14:50 against Mayer. I remember watching these when they happened and thinking – “man he looks messed up”. Looks worse now that I’m not hoping for the best like I was watching in real time.

    Glad he’s obviously doing better. Hope he can stay fit this coming year.

  9. Awesome Conal, this video just proves Roger still has a little magic left in his wand. Australian Open best tournament for Roger and tournament as a whole in the tennis season, well organised and produced matches of high quality. You can just see from that tournament Roger’s anticipation and timing were spot on and that’s what’s lacked after he got injured and fell back in his training and fitness. Also look at how arched that back is of his. These types of videos give you hope so who knows what 2014 brings huh? Just incredible and jaw dropping some of the shots this guy plays and makes you wonder why anyone else has a claim to GOAT. Roger’s DNA is tennis and tennis is Roger.

  10. Thanks so much to Jonathan and Conal. Great to watch the years shot making all over again. Yes, you can see Roger with poor mobility in a lot of these points….using his talent to get through the match. I’m glad he came clean, so to speak, about his back issues. Takes away from the people saying he’s not motivated, etc.
    Looking forward to 2014 and more great posts. And from you too, Sid.

  11. Great GREAT video Conal! Excellent work, it must have taken a ton of work, and for that IΒ΄m defintley going to watch it many times. And I must agree with Jonathan, the best play where in Australia but also at the end of season. If you look at Rogers foot work in Australia heΒ΄s way down in his knees when heΒ΄s moving round the court like we know him. but as the season progresses heΒ΄s getting higher up because of the backpains. Any tennis player knows what lower backpains does to your movement. If you take the rallies from Hamburg especially the last one at 14:50 when heΒ΄s done with the point he cant barely move!! And I was there to watch the match, the atmosphere after that point was crazy but he was struggling big time with pains.
    But at the end of the video heΒ΄s starting to get his movement back.
    A really great illustration of Rogers season actually, great work again Conal!

      1. At some point during the second set of that match he couldenΒ΄t barely serve, he also took on one of those classic tennis cutton tennis wests, to keep it warm but he took that of again when he lost the set πŸ™‚

      2. Oh yes, I remember that set, everyone was calling him GrandPa Fed πŸ™‚ I didn’t like that vest one bit.

      3. It is my pleasure to make and share Federer videos with all other Fedfans around the globe! So happy you liked it so much! πŸ˜€

      4. I totally agree with you Sid it was like he stepped back in the Rod Laver era to steal some of his magic to take the win but only managed to get Lavers cloth with him πŸ™‚ not pretty at all!

  12. I’m halfway through the video, will watch the other half tomorrow. But from what I saw, it looks like Roger might not have a good US Open. Can’t wait to find out! πŸ™‚

  13. “Et il le fait avec la maniΓ¨re” … This last sentence from the video sums it all: even in his worst, Federer still has some magic, some class, some beauty no one else has on tour. This video could easily give the impression that this year was not such a disaster by the GOAT norms even if we could see that he struggled physically at many points, but it really gives hope that what’s ahead can only be better!

    Thanks Conal for the video and thanks to you Jonathan for sharing it with us in the blog!

    1. Seriously, Alex? Can’t you just put the words *SPOILERS AHEAD* before revealing the end of the video? I watched only half of yet. Thanks very much for spoiling it for me 😐

      1. Oups… Sorry Sid didn’t mean to πŸ™‚ I didn’t translate it though :p unless you’re a French speaker πŸ™‚
        Besides, can something that is the very definition of Roger’s tennis be considered as a spoiler?? πŸ˜‰

      2. Well put!

        P.S. Je ne parle pas Francais tres bien main je peux lire et ecrire πŸ™‚

  14. Great video….we will not see Roger until 30th Dec. Roger still have what it takes to win more tournaments, just need to have self-belief again after a pretty dismal 2013 season. Can’t wait for 2014 to start

      1. If only they switched the Brisbane and Sydney tournament starting dates, then Roger probably would have choswn Sydney instead (where I live)! He has a good memory from Sydney, won his 2nd career title there in 2002 and hasn’t been there ever since, probably because it finishes a day before the Australian Open starts.

  15. What a fantastic bonus to the pretty miserable yr! Thank you J and Conal! Yes, the movement post Dubai thru to Basel is pretty off. Looks incredibly stiff! Th other thing I noticed is just how deep and aggressively he was hitting in Australia. Even in Paris and London, didn’t really get back to that depth. Needs to Plse!
    Oh, and how slow are the Aussie courts! and most of the others. Doesn’t do for his tennis at all! But, and it’s a big but, he can still hit shots no one else can, and this vid proves as much. Everyone else, just pretty monotonous baseline shots, with only Fed providing variation from anywhere in th court! Still fabulous!

    1. Glad you are enjoying the video Susie! Yeah, the back injury really limited his consistency and screwed up his confidence as well. But good to see he is playing better again, with a decent ending to the year.

  16. Thank you so much to Conal for putting this together and to Jonathan for posting it. Amazing video. You really can see the back problem in evidence can’t you. And I don’t care what anyone says I LOVE the Jailhouse Rock outfit and hope he wears it again next year πŸ™‚

    1. I like it too Rita. I wish the pattern extended onto the back – I hate the modern trend of decorate-the-front-only – but I like it way better than the insipid number he replaced.

    2. I must say I hated it in the beginnig but got to like it more late Bercy and through London. But with that said, the season is over so is that outfit!! and I think it has already returned to the 90Β΄s where it belonged πŸ™‚

    3. I must say I hated that outfit in the beginnig but got to like it late Bercy and through London but now the season is over and so is that outfit!! And I think it has already returned to the 90Β΄s where it belonged πŸ™‚

  17. Conal, brilliant video man! I couldn’t watch it in one stretch, which tells me how much effort you’ve put into it.

    Some suggestions though. I know this is a “Best points of 2013” video and it’s already epic. But this is what will make it epic epic; add short one line clips of some of his interviews at various points in the video, and add the standing ovation he received at Basel. That will truly take you through 2013.

    1. Hmm, not a bad suggestion. With the interviews you mean during points or between points? Haven’t tried anything like that yet, so it may be worth a try. I was actually planning to include the match point ace in the Del Potro match at the World Tour Finals, such an awesome ending to an epic match and Roger put his hand on his heart.

      1. Between points, a few lines from the interview about what he thought of the match, the tournament, his own struggles, his outlook for the future. You must add the match point vs Del Potro. It represents a high point, which were very few in 2013. And you can’t possibly exclude the Basel ovation.

        The video would then be a perfect 2013 snapshot of Federer.

    2. I disagree, adding interviews of Roger speaking only works in tribute style videos. This is pure points and shotmaking so it won’t work.

      Seeing him a hit nice shot against Murray at the AO and then talk about how the loss was disappointing won’t flow very well. You are also going to be hard pushed to find any meaningful comments that relate to the point you just watched so it will get very disjointed.

      I like seeing interviews in the tribute style vids that have more of a story to tell, like a low into a high, so Miami 2009 where he goes “Yeah I don’t care any more, the hard court season is over, moving over to clay, new chapter” and then the clay action kicks in works really. But in a point compilation video, nah.

      Del Potro point is a good one though. You could have his best points video and one for the most meaningful….

      1. You’re right. That’s why I said, it’s a best points video, so my suggestion would be to make something that would some up the highs and lows of 2013. I mean that would be awesomest Federer video around on YouTube.

        Too bad I am nowhere near Conal when it comes to video editing skills or I would’ve made one. Wait…I’ve never made a YouTube video, ever πŸ™‚

      2. I’m still learning with the software I use. The best videos made are from the likes of 1893stuttgartschwabe, jacktennis25, KiLLuCH, theRFmaestro … etc. They have made epic Federer videos for years! Not sure I can pull it off, maybe we could request someone to make the video for us?? πŸ™‚

      3. Oh, that 1893StuttgarSchwabe dude is like the GOAT of Roger Federer videos. I mean, he puts his heart and soul into them. I think I may have watched RFMaestro too, darn good. Don’t know about the others.

        You will be as good as them soon. Roger isn’t going anywhere so time isn’t an issue I think πŸ™‚

  18. Great video Conal! Breathtaking points…

    This should labeled as “the tennis textbook”… THIS is real tennis, not moonballing like a certain someone…

    Well well, we’re looking at you now, 2014! πŸ˜€

    Allez Roger!

    1. Yeah, can you imagine watching a 30 minute compilation of Murray or Nadal’s best points? I just can’t.

      But, Roger will continue to dazzle us with his matchless shotmaking! I’m sure 2014 will be a better year and hopefully, another Grand Slam won!

      Cheers πŸ™‚

    1. Wilson is releasing a new line of ProStaff racquets for next year, but I doubt it would make a significant difference if Fed continues to play with his 90 racquet.

      1. From a far distance, you won’t be able to see the gold detailing at all, just looks like the old nCode used in 04-06

    1. I think I said “The Library” in chat once as a joke meaning I have a library of books with all the stats in a room somewhere. But I don’t πŸ˜›

      I don’t use any sites for stats so can’t recommend one. TennisAbstract?


      1. Well, I guess that explains why my hunt for the ‘tennis library’ ended with google sending me to some shady French ‘libre’ site.

      2. Now, that’s funny. You actually Googled it and though everything will be magically in one place? You are a statistician, and a good one at that, maybe you should float your own online library πŸ˜‰

  19. I just rewatched the atp uncovered video of Roger in South Africa. If you watch closely, when he steps out of the van, he can barely walk. And that was in Feb.

    1. Just saw it, he clearly wasn’t comfortable at the time, and it was just after the Australian Open, where he was already wearing a vest under his shirt for the matches. I reckon he shouldn’t have played Rotterdam.

  20. Final point on the Vid! Had forgotten how much I liked the AO outfit. That elegant grey and pink combo. Yes, even the shoes! Very metrosexual! And also, how did he lose to Berdych in Dubai? Remember watching the denouement in utter disbelief as did the Sky boys! That was the real beginning of the confidence loss I think. Can’t wait for Brisbane! Only 5 weeks away!!!

  21. Hey Conal, finally weekend and now the weekend is already over. But, I finally got the time to look at Roger’s best points of 2013. And Conal, I have some comments and a little “complaint”…..
    1) First of all, a big big thank you for making it !!! Me, I am in the “knowing how to link an article”-stage, so to see this video you made is great. Thank you for the time and effort it must have took you.
    2) Second of all, so bad to see him in pain after the 14:50 point. How can critics say he is declining? Can they not see how much pain he had this year? They should see this video. So should Rafa. He looks like he is in great pain and then still has the greatness to play and not complaint. Makes me respect Roger even more than I already do.
    3) Third of all, so good to see all his good points. The 30 minutes go by so fast. With “all” the bad play, you almost could forget that he played some great great tennis. Just like he did at AO. Man he was good there. That is why I agree with the Great Mister Laver. Roger will win AO 2014 !!!
    4) Fourth of all I can understand why you did not include the RG match against Simon where Roger won the point across the net (the one that was posted everywhere). Afterall that point was kind of exactly like the first AO point in the video.
    5) Fifth of all, I agree with you, it would be nice to add that point in the WTF match against Delpo where Roger had his hand on his chest after he won. So great to see. And I do agree with Sid that it would be nice to end the video with the standing ovation he received at Basel. Afterall, you cannot end it with Roger vs Rafa right???

    BUT BUT BUT…. dear dear Conal…. an itsy bitsy tini tiny little “complaint”……how can you not include the Wimby point at the Hanescu match with what Roger won the first game??? How… can you not show that Goat point too??? I mean, come on, it may not have been his best point, but can you imagine any other player than Roger doing that?? I don’t even think Roger saw the ball, he just played it on gutfeeling. Me personally, I had to see the replay like three times just to see what Roger had done and why the crowd made such an awe noise !!!
    And the reason I think that point screams Goat is because after Roger made that point he just walked back to his chair like it was nothing !!! Like he does that everyday. Goat.

    Sorry Conal, just had to say that about the Wimby point. But really really great video. Cannot wait for Roger to see more beautiful points he makes in 2014. Bring on 2014, Roger’s year !!!

    1. It’s to do with copyright infringements Katyani. If Conal included footage from the French and Wimbledon the video would be deleted and then you would have nothing to watch. So blame IMG and the other content owners not Conal πŸ˜‰

      1. Hi Katyani,
        Yeah, what Jonathan said πŸ™‚
        Not possible to include Roland Garros points or Wimbledon. Unless you want my video to be blocked in Holland and about 200 other countries around the globe!

        I was considering to include the match point ace in the Del Potro match at London, don’t know why I left it out πŸ™

      2. No no no Conal, not blaming you at all, hope you know that !!! I did not know about what Jonathan said. My mistake, I thought if it was on YouTube you could kind of “borrow” it from there…. Shows you how much I know about this stuff.
        And Conal, I don’t want your video to be blocked anywhere !!! Seriously, with all the critics saying about Roger beeing slower, aging, declining, not keeping up, it was SO GOOD to be reminded that he has played great tennis this year, even with backpain.
        He played great during AO you know.

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