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Roger Federer’s Best and Worst Outfits Of The Decade

A look back at some of the best, and some of the more questionable fashion choices from the Swiss.

With 2019 drawing to a close, it gives us a chance to reflect on the some of the outfits Federer has worn in the last decade. 

The noughties ended with Federer wearing some classic Nike polos whereas this one ends with Federer decked out from head to toe in Uniqlo gear but what were some of his best and worst outfits of the last 10 years?

I've picked out my nominations for the best and worst across periods of two seasons, although in reality it's more favourite and least favourite as none of them have been that bad. Each best/worst has up to four picks although finding multiple ‘bad' outfits wasn't that easy so they all just have one.

And thanks to Brandon for giving me the idea for this post on Twitter and coming up with his own nominations 🙂 .

2010 – 2011

The decade started with Roger winning the Australian Open in a classy light blue polo (one I actually purchased I liked it so much) so no surprises it's one of my four picks here, along with the iconic French Open 2011 outfit.


Federer Outfits 2010 2011


Federer Fo 2010


2012 saw Roger collect his 7th Wimbledon title and it was also a strong year for Nike with lots of blues and purples in use. 


2012 2013 Federer Outfits


Federer Wtf 2013


Two of my favourite outfits of the entire decade here with Wimbledon and Cincinnati from 2015.


14 15 Federer Outfits


Fed Ao 2015

2016 – 2017

The classic zebra outfit that everyone hated, then everyone suddenly loved. I wonder why 😆 I only picked three best outfits here seen as though 2016 was a short season due to injury meaning two or three outfits pencilled in, were never won.


Outfits 16 17 Federer


Fed Uso 2017

2018 – 2019

2018 created shockwaves when Federer turned up at Wimbledon sporting Uniqlo gear, ending a long time deal with Nike. While the Japanese brand hasn't been able to please all Federer fans, they have had a couple of cooler designs this year.


Federer 18 19 Oufits


Fed Fo 2019

Remember, the above are just my picks. Let me know yours in the comments if you think I've missed any great outfits or placed styles in best that you'd put in worst!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. The zebra outfit isn’t good. Everybody loved it because of what he achieved with it :D. And I don’t think the worse outfit of 2010 2011 is bad, I liked it lol.

  2. I loved:
    2010: AO, IW, Miami, Madrid/Rome, Wimbledon, Shanghái/Basel, London.
    2011: RG, USO (day), Basel/Paris.
    2012: Miami, Wimbledon, Cincinnati, USO.
    2013: IW.
    2014: Brisbane, AO, IW/Miami, Monte-Carlo/Rome, RG, Wimbledon, Toronto/Cincinnati, USO (night).
    2015: Wimbledon, Cincinnati.
    2016: Brisbane, Monte-Carlo/Rome, Stüttgart/Halle.
    2017: IW/Miami, Montréal,
    2018: Halle, Cincinnati, USO, Paris.
    2019: AO/Dubai/IW, Miami/Madrid/Rome, Cincinnati, London.

    1. Correction: * I liked.
      The ones I truly loved are some of 2008, 2010, 2014 and almost all of 2009.

      2013 was his worst year in everything. Clothes, haircut, results, injuries.

    1. Honestly, Nike’s clothing looks so much better than Uniqlo. Fed should have signed another deal with Nike. Uniqlo keeps making clothing that looks like 2000s style…baggy and long. Nike is actually keeping with the times. Honestly, he could have signed with On, instead. Their clothing has the more trim look that everyone agrees looks good on Roger

  3. My favourites are all Nike. Several are my favs including IW 2012, Cinci grey and raspberry, RG 2011, AO 2010.
    I feel Roger has gone from one of the best dressed tennis players to one of the worst. And he looks good in anything.
    I still don’t like the zebra shirt.
    The only Uniqlo one I like is Mercedes Cup. The rest are thick, stretchy material that gets baggy right away. Poor fit, poor designs. I might never stop ranting about that company.
    Today Djoker and Nadal look far sharper on court.

    Hey everyone…Happy New Year. 2020 has a nice ring to it!

    1. Realized the Mercedes Cup one is Nike. Nike did start moving from the classic polo to some crazy patterns that were awful. I wonder if they will get back on track. Adidas had some decent ones lately.

  4. Nike overall has better design and cut while taking some crazy risks, Uniqlo till today has downgraded Roger from best dress tennis player to one of the most boring ones. Colors are too safe and boring, not to mention material and cut. Their design for Kei has been good but Roger…seems to be downgraded to 2nd tier ambassador. The biggest question-what happen to RF logo??

  5. 😊
    Some of my favourite outfits this decade featured a pale pink solid shirt with contrasting shorts. Pale pink is a shade that really suits Roger. Jonathan you’ve included the Shanghai/Basel 2018 outfit as one example. My fave of the pale pinks was Rogers Cup/Cincinnati 2017. Rogers Cup/Cincinnati 2010 was a cool look too.

    The worst? US Open 2018, the maroon Uniqlo sweat machine. Simply horrid!

  6. Seeing so many kits at once, I think Roger looks best in strong, solid colours, especially blue. Am looking forward to seeing what he wears in 2020.

  7. Same here, Sue. None of Uniqlo was on my LIKE list. Only Wimby’s and green one (liked the colour) at Cincy this year are okay for me. Agreed with Dippy on the Uniqlo’s design for Roger’s outfit compare to Kei’s or even Novak’s before. I really don’t like its baggy cut for Fed.
    I have a similar taste to yours Jonathan. Loved AO 10, FG 11, WTF 12, Miami 14, Cincy 15 and didn’t like the most of your ‘worst’ outfits plus RG 13.
    Wishing you all a great new year!

    1. Maybe, if Uniqlo starts cutting Roger’s clothes more trim, and if they figure out that THEY SHOULD CHANGE THE COLOUR OF THE LOGO DEPENDING ON THE OUTFIT, I will start liking them. However, until then, I absolutely loathe their outfits.

      1. Oh, yeah, and the RF logo. They didn’t care about Djokovic’s logo. They need the RF logo.

  8. Uniqlo outfits are not bad but my frustration with their line of clothing is that they are simply difficult to purchase. Either that they produce such a small amount that its sold out quickly or that they only release part of Rogers gear. No headband, no jackets, no bags which are the things that would interest me as a consumer. Its almost as though they just want Roger for their advertisement and actual sale is of no importance to them. The only time they released the full gear was for 2018 wimbledon when Roger first wore the uniqlo outfit and this set was sold out quickly. At least Nike sell everything you see him wear. In terms of best and worst outfits, 2012 Nike line was by far THE BEST of all time. Whoever the designer was for that year deserves every accolade.

  9. My favourite outfits are :
    – Cinci 2010 (baby pink).
    – Cinci 2015 (fuchsia pink).
    – Indian Wells/Miami 2017 (zebra green).
    – Cinci 2019 (emerald green).
    – Shanghai 2019 (ruby red).
    – Every Wimbledon as white is classical and elegant.
    – Black ones.

    And a special mention for this most recent outfit too…

    For Jonathan and every reader
    A Happy and Healthy New Year
    Let’s start a decade full of every colour
    Always searching to be better
    Always aiming to fly higher.


  10. Ugliest: Australia Open 2015, 2016, 2017 (yes, you read it right) and ALL purples.
    Nicest: Miami 2019, Cincinnatti 2015, Australia Open 2014, US Open white shirt/dark shorts.
    Most unqualifiable : Roland Garros 2019. Like Richard Hammond said of the Nissan Sunny: it’s not good nor bad, it’s featureless. It’s like opening the front door in the morning and realizing that the weather is neither good or bad because there is no weather.

  11. Fed can do no wrong by me in terms of the actual tennis outfit but those Wimbledon add ons when he takes the court and just before they warm up are mostly atrocious.

  12. Defenitly one of the worst collection, the legendary Nike Australian Open 2017 when he won the trophy. Federer him self was very critical about that collection and explained the design as a big truck with his wheels drove over those shirts by mistake and Nike got a kick out of this drama and made it the Federer 2017 collection…good night and good luck!!!

    1. Nadal’s outfit at the AO17 was also terrible but in a different way: it looked flat and poor. If the purpose was minimalism then it backfired because the idea that transpires (pun intended) is that no one at Nike cared to design it. Instead they sent an office boy to a suburban street market with a $10 bill to buy the cheapest kit he could find, ask for an invoice and give account for the change.

  13. Great list. Personally I got severely triggered by the 2013 indoor/London outfit being put in the “worst” category. It’s one of my all-time favorite Fed outfits. Regardless I love your content and have been a follower of your website for some time.
    I’ll do my own version that absolutely no one asked for:
    2010-11: 2010 Indian Wells and 2011 London best, 2010 Cincinnati worst
    2012-13: 2012 RG and 2013 London best, 2013 Wimbledon worst
    2014-15: 2014 Cincinnati and US Open (both day and night) best, 2015 Indian Wells and RG worst
    2016-17: 2016 Halle and 2017 Sunshine Double best, 2017 Indoor worst
    2018-19: 2019 US Open and London best, 2018 AO worst of all time

  14. I agree with most, but I have to disagree on you for the worst for 2014-2015.
    His worst is actually the ’14 AO, the polo looked loose, the colors are pale, make him look like a grandpa on tour.
    The volt yellow from ’15 is one of his best, its bright, goes contrastly well with the blue aussie court.

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