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Roger Federer Withdraws From ATP World Tour Finals

Hey guys, I'm sure most of you have already heard the news but Roger has been forced to withdraw from the finals in London due to a back injury. I briefly mentioned in my post that he may have tweaked his back during the tie breaker yesterday vs. Wawrinka and it turns out that was definitely the case.

If you watch the match highlights you can see there's no leg bend on the serve at 6-6 in the tiebreak and he also doesn't bend over to return serve on match point. I almost feel like the slice he hit on match point was a real panic shot and had it drifted long he might have decided to give up the match and put Stan through. As it happened though it landed in and he made the volley to win it but looked very disappointed at the net like he knew what was coming tomorrow. Clearly not the sort of guy who ever gives up a match but he did have a look of “did I do the right thing?” on his face.

Federer Withdraws

Roger addressed the fans on court immediately after the Doubles Presentation and revealed he wasn't able to play due to an injury he sustained late in the match vs. Stan. According to Chris Kermode, Roger rang him this morning and said he wasn't in great shape but would give it until this afternoon after seeing his physio. Things didn't go to plan and he's clearly in no fit state to play or make the match competitive which is why he has decided to withdraw. He also risks doing irreparable damage which just isn't worth the risk for one match so no complaints from me that's he's pulled out. He's only every withdrawn from a match twice in his career previously so this is a very rare thing.

Thankfully for fans Andy Murray has stepped in to play Djokovic in an exhibition match which is a decent gesture and should win him back some fans this time around πŸ˜‰ . There's also going to be a doubles featuring Henman and Rusedski which should be a good laugh.

The big question now is whether or not Federer can make the Davis Cup next week, it's just 5 days away which isn't long at all and certainly too short a time frame to recover from a back injury.

I'm of the opinion if he's injured then he should skip the Davis Cup and the IPTL and rest for next year, it's just not worth the risk to slug it out on the most physical surface of them all and I think clay has the possibility of exacerbating the back injury like it did in Hamburg and Gstaad in 2013.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Back injury, happened in the tie break I believe. Some fans spotted it at the time, I wasn’t sure but you can see no leg bend on serve and just his overall reaction after winning.

      2. Yeah Roger seemed very somber/subdued after winning the match, was like he already knew it was coming.

      3. Hey guys, after Roger won the match he looked in pain when he came to the net, but I think it was more to do about not wanting to celebrate too much, because he knew Stan gave it his all in the match and still lost….

    1. I am not disappointed he withdrew, but I am really worried about him. God only knows how serious it is!
      Praying for him to recover quickly. I don’t care about titles or DC if he ends up seriously hurt πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    1. I don’t really care about DC, but I’m just worried about Rog’s health. I say he go into hibernation till Brisbane.

      1. Yes! Looked pretty miserable making the announcement! All very sad being there!
        Credit to Andy who was playing Mario Kart (?) at home when he got the call at 2pm, said yes immediately to help out, recvd no fee.

        I am fairly concerned that he cld make things worse on clay, last thing he needs! Nightmare!

        With hindsight, wld hv been easier if Stan had made one of those damn volleys at 5-4!!

  1. Thanks for the up-date, Jonathan. I was panicked and worried hearing he didn’t turn up for the practice this afternoon.

    Sad end of WTF, but glad Fed learned a lesson from last year and decided not playing with injury. Question is indeed about DC…

    1. Ah I didn’t hear the news about not turning up. I had some suspicions about the back injury though which is why I put it in the post in the first place. Usually ignore all talk of injury but this one was a bit different.

  2. Roger has only withdrawn twice before in his career. So this must be serious. Let him skip DC and IPTL. I hope he does that. It is important that he be fit of Brisbane and AO. I pray he recovers soon.

    1. Hey Ani, first I didn’t believe it, I mean really…. in 1221 matches…. not once a withdrawel during a match and only 3 times before a match?? Seems too good to be true, but then I realised…. hey… they were talking about the Goat of Goats πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Unlucky roger. I’m watching murray djokovic now. Not a bad replacement. I’m so
    Gutted but it’s ok. It’s only for the best.

      1. Muzza apologised to Roger afterwards saying he didn’t mean to push Roger so hard on Thursday! Black humour!

      2. LOL Murray’s sense of humour is underrated big time! If he showcased it more, would get a lot more fans.

  4. y know when I saw the on court interview last night I thought Fed looked really troubled and upset, and i was worried that something went wrong.

    i hope he will decide on the next few days according to what’s good for him and not anybody else.

    1. Hey Mike and Jon, you know…… Roger might also just wait and watch. Maybe Seve will not let him play the singles on Friday and the doubles on Saturday. And if they then still need Roger to play to win, Seve might decide to let him play the singles on Sunday. You know, keep Roger as backup plan….

      Still I hope Seve and Roger should do what is best for ROGER and NOT for the team. Most of the tennisfans would not even have known that Switserland was a great tennisnation if it wasn’t for Roger. He put Switserland on the map for tennis. So the least they can do is protect Roger and his back. Even against Roger himself. Because knowing him, he definitely will want to play.

      And this will also be a good test for Stan… to show the world that he and Switserland can win without Roger. Because up till now, it REALLY doesn’t look like it πŸ™‚ Whenever they need something to happen, they call on Roger.

      Besides… from what I hear, Stan really asked and pushed Roger to play DC this year, but it has been mostly Roger who made sure that Switserland is in the DC-Final.

  5. Roger has played a lot of tennis this fall. A back is like a wire coat hanger. As soon as it’s bent out of shape it’s never quite the same.
    So disappointing for Roger, his team, family and all of us. I feel so fortunate that we’ve seen him play some amazing tennis this year.
    DC is a big if, isn’t it. What a dilemma.
    I’m wondering if his back was seizing up before the tie break. Why was he playing so passive? He had that look on his face that we’ve seen before.
    I think he should cancel India and give his back a proper rest.
    Thanks for the great year, Roger!

    1. I think it definitely happened in the breaker, but maybe he had a feeling it could go and wasn’t going all out prior tot hat. After all Ljubicic said he looked stiff in practice, could have been a damage limitation approach.

  6. What’s this from j-Mac that there was a big disagreement in the locker room between the two Swiss last night. Any ideas?

    1. Yh I heard something about that. Maybe it was mirka in the match or something or it could have been something to do with dc.

      1. Nah those has to be plain stupid rumors… I don’t belive something true in those… Rubbish I think

      2. All twitter trolls guys, Stan was arguing with a linesman, no idea where people come up with this trash.

    2. Did anyone ask JMac how HE knew that Roger and Stan were having a disagreement?? Did he hear it?? I mean, I am assuming that Roger and Stan would talk in their language, SwissGerman, or in French of German, but not in English….. Or did JMac just hear loud voices?? And what was he doing there?? Knowing Roger and Stan, but more knowing Roger, although he is not perfect, I do think they had an arguement (more Stan) and then talked it out (more Roger). There relationship is way older and goes way “deeper” then to have a small thing come between it. Because they know they will play and see each other for years and years to come.

      1. Pretty certain Stan doesn’t speak German, so it could only have been French or English. Johnny Mac might do – he *was* born in Wiesbaden, don’t know when he left Germany – but what was this fictitious “locker room” they were allegedly in? Quite frankly, if Fed took a couple of hours to come out for the presser, in the circumstances I’d assume he was getting physio rather than going 3 rounds with Stan …

  7. Good to see he’s learned his lessons from ’13. He’ll still get his winners medal if the Swiss win the DC anyway, which isn’t actually impossible if Stan can get 2 singles wins and Marco doesn’t choke in the doubles. Please Rog we know you’re a gentleman and want to please everyone but please just BE SELFISH and get healthy for 2015. πŸ™‚

      1. Hey Alysha, maybe Stan when he plays someone from France, can imagine in his head that he is playing Roger and then plays the match of his life and wins DC πŸ™‚

  8. Shayy. I’m gutted, but I have to admit that he made the right call.

    And I have to say. Respect to the guy for not even showing a sign of getting injured in the previous match. No clutching his back, no grimacing, no wincing. That is just class. How many times have we seen almost every other sports person resort to some form of muscle grabbing, in an attempt to garner some sympathy from the crowd- Murray, Nadal, Djokovic. Everyone. Definitely something to learn from this. Incredible.

    I’m definitely scared as to the extent of the injury. I can only wonder as to how bad it might be and how it might affect the next season. After all the hard work that he’s put in, I hope this isn’t devastating. Please no 2013 all over again. I guess we’ll get a better picture in the days to come. Davis Cup.

    1. I couldn’t care less about him not winning the WTFs. He’s played his heart out this year and has given us more than we could have ever asked for. What sucks, for us fans, is the period of not knowing. Federer never reveals his cards, and there’s no way of knowing whether, when he does claim to be feeling ‘great’, whether it’s 2013 great or 2014 great. Fingers crossed that it’s only a small niggle that he doesn’t affect his preparation for next year. I hope he skips IPTL. That was a bunch of rubbish in any case. As awesome as Davis Cup might be, if it comes to it, I hope he doesn’t try and be too selfless and play when he isn’t up for it.

      1. Hey Gaurav, I am actually glad that Roger doesn’t reveal all his cards. I like that mysterious thing about him and also the fact that he is not a “whiner”. Everyone from the players in the 1000 to the players in the top 10 get injured, have niggles and are not always a 100%.
        I saw a pic of Roger at Basel I think where he had blisters. Never mentioned it himself, unlike you know who. I love that Roger doesn’t tell a lot about his injuries. But to be honest……. sometimes I do wish I knew about them….

    2. Speaking of crowds, what the hell went down between Djoker and the crowd in the semis with Kei? Really pathetic from Novak here, is supposed to be world #1 and respected player, taunting the crowd is really low at this stage of his career and he should’ve known better. Don’t think Novak ever gets it that not everyone will love him, needs to suck it up and move on.

      I agree Gaurav, DC and this is not worth jeopardising his career over and no one wants to see a repeat of what transpired last year. Difficult times for Roger here, only hindsight will tell us if he makes the right decision or not when it comes to DC. Yeah IPTL and the exho with Stan needs to go, needs to rest out the body after playing so many matches this season, he’s not invincible and can’t afford to risk it at his age

  9. It’s been a matter of pride for Feds never to pull out. Terrible decision to have to make but no one would blame him for this. I guess he’ll see how things go re back before he makes a decision on DC. He should definitely give it a miss though if there’s any doubt. It is a team event, so the others will have to do the best they can. Agree that he should def. give IPTL a miss and take a good long rest.
    Awful thing to happen, but that’s life/tennis. Hope it’s not too bad and some rest will do the trick. He could always take a leaf out of Nadal’s book and have stem cell therapy…
    Agree Tom, he should be just think about what’s best for his health; all that matters.

  10. I agree with you Jon, he should skip DC, definitely exho’s in India and even the one with Stan for his foundation. It is not worth the risk. His health is far more important. He is not 23 anymore and bounce back quickly. I say he should call it a day for the rest of the year and take 1,5 month to rest, to rest his back and body and to practise.

    And you are right Gaurav, Roger is classy and a gentleman. I didn’t even know about the back until today. Roger NEVER showed it on court. HOW MANY players can learn something from that?? Really… how many??

    1. Yeah guess we will find out in a day or 2 about Lille.

      Roger only had 2 points to play so don’t think he really had chance to show he was injured. 6-6 breaker I think it happened. In some ways the worst possible time as he had no time to actually think was over in the blink of an eye and he probably knew he wasnt plaaying the final as soon as he hit that winning volley.

      1. Agree and won’t hv had too much pain as warm at tht point. But I bet during those pressers it got cold and stiff and he prob woke up in spasm. He had zero celebration, hardly a fist pump so yes it was all very odd.

      2. Yeah, and that reminds me: the team needs to ban him from sitting in the bleachers and supporting them. Hours of sitting rigidly in what’s basically an outdoor stadium with a roof on, in late November, isn’t going to do his back any good.

      1. A bit πŸ™‚ Like 5% πŸ™‚ Sid, you seem to have it in for me or my comments. Calling them stupid and junkmail or whatever you called it before I left Livechat. Listen I am trying Sid. I told in my very first comment here that I don’t have knowledge of tennis. I just love Roger and the way he plays. All I am doing since then is trying to keep up with you guys. Which is not easy. Even the girls and “older girls” know so much about tennis πŸ™‚ So just bare with me and my comments. Neither I or they are perfect. And try to skip the ones you don’t like to read πŸ™‚ Like most of us did with Pablo. Where is Pablo by the way??

        But there is good news, I know now why Stan’s backhand is the best in the business. When it is on (like when he hits it with what seems to be 500 km/hour) it is the most beautiful thing out there (next to ALL Roger’s shots ofcourse) πŸ™‚

  11. So sorry Roger had to pull out but it is time to do what is best for him. it is quite admirable of him as usual to personally come out to speak to the audience. Time for rest and relaxation for Roger. I hope he does not push it to play Davis Cup.

    1. I’m expecting withdrawal. But will see. If its just a spasm he can probably play but dunno. I’ve never had anything like that to know how long recovery is.

      1. I was obviously gutted to hear this, but it’s absolutely the right thing to do. At his age, Roger does need to be careful about what he puts his body through, and it wasn’t worth the risk. Really heart-breaking, though. He did imply, in an interview they showed during the exhibition match, that he thought/hoped it was only a spasm, in which case I think it might clear in a day or two, but he was in what I regard as “PR” mode, and I never know how much to take his statements at face value when he does that. While I would love to see Switzerland get the DC, he needs to take care of his own body first and foremost.

      2. Good point Alison. Roger never reveals everything to the media and it wouldn’t be smart to tell everything to the French too. If Roger is feeling anything less than 100%, I think he needs to step up and skip DC.

      3. I’ve had back problems and although obviously was not playing tennis at a high level, having spasms is frustrating because what happens is so unpredictable. They can come and go very quickly or, as has also happened to me, cause problems for months. Let’s hope Fed recovers quickly and can play Davis Cup.

  12. Yes, Roger is all class. I noticed he mentioned his age twice during his announcement. Although I heard he is planning on a trip to France. Such a bummer for the Swiss. Their first and probably last chance to lift the DC trophy.

  13. I remember 2012 when Roget beat Murray and how he celebrated, he jumped and everything, and that was a two-sets match, so when I watched the end of this match against Wawrinka and he didn’t celebrate like he did in 2012 even saving 4 match points, I did find it weird, but I forgot about it after five seconds of thoughts because I thought It was not that big of a deal.. but I guess It was..

    I completely understand his decision, I’m sure he learned from last year, and like he said, at his age It’s very risky doing things like playing when he’s injured.. I just feel really sad, I’m sure he feels even worst, but I KNOW that If he could’ve played, he would’ve done it! So I’m really worried about this. I just hope he recovers soon!!! If he has to decide not to play DC, then he has to..

    But I was really excited for this last two weeks.. πŸ™

    1. I think everyone who missed the moment he felt the back assumed he was just being respectful to Stan but there’s more to that now, definitely subdued his reaction because of the injury.

  14. “I’m not one of those players that celebrates these particular wins, but I have to reflect on the whole season. This trophy is definitely the crown for all the achievements that I had this year” – Novak Djokovic, 16th November 2014

    Novak has been quite open about how it gets to him that he doesn’t get the same love from the crowds as Federer or Nadal. Saying something as conceited as this probably explains why he never will, especially as he avoided a match against a player to whom he has a losing record this year, as well as through his career, not to mention the straight sets drubbing he received off him last month in Shanghai.

    1. β€œI’m not one of those players that celebrates these particular wins, but I have to reflect on the whole season. This trophy is definitely the crown for all the achievements that I had this year”.

      Hey Boris, when Novak said this, I completely tuned out. I thought who are you kidding Novak? You are glad Roger pulled out. Even you knew there was a slightly chance that Roger would win.

      Kudos to Andy for showing up and playing. I loved his interview. He tried to be funny and it showed πŸ™‚ I like that about Andy, he doesn’t pretend.

    2. Hmm I don’t know I think you guys are taking this out of context. Novak was definitely the favourite going into this match regardless of Roger’s injury and he certainly would not have wanted to win the title this way. One match does not take away from Novak’s consistency this year and he was just stating that even though he didn’t win the final, it doesn’t mean he didn’t deserve it because he played a good season which is true. Also the H2H is quite insignificant because it’s quite close and Shanghai wasn’t any indication of what would’ve taken place in the final. Don’t know why you would see this as conceited, any player would’ve said the same thing.

      1. Hey Alysha, you have to forgive me a bit when it comes to Novak. Since the summer I have not been his fan. Not at all πŸ™‚ He may have said the rights things, but he also knew there was a chance that the SF against Stan gave Roger a lot of confidence to win the Final. Not a great chance, but a very very small chance. (I for one, really think that Roger would have won, very closely, and only if he was not too tired, because Novak didn’t look too great or unbeatable during his SF).

        But there is one thing that I do think Novak didn’t deserve. The way I heard it, he didn’t know Roger had definitely pulled out until he heard Roger give his speech. I think it might have been more professional if Roger had told him this in person before or even after he gave the speech.

      2. But…. you have to feel a bit sorry for Novak. Roger seems to “steal” his limelight away from him πŸ™‚ When Novak won Wimby, it was more about Roger losing it than Novak winning it. Now that he won WTF and is nr 1, it still is more about Roger and his back and playing or not playing DC.

        Well…. what can I say…. Karma is cruel πŸ™‚

      3. I’m pretty sure Roger or one of his team would’ve contacted Novak to let him know that he would be withdrawing because after Roger gave the speech, Djoker was right behind to come and lift up the trophy. I thought he was sincere in how he conducted himself as he usually is, Djoker’s problem lies with the crowd most times. I do agree though that his thunder is stolen by Roger a lot haha but he should be used to it and at the Wimbledon final I think Novak himself understood why Fed gets more attention than himself.

  15. Hi all. . Man a life I was gutted but I think it was the right decision not to play. I like the rest of the fellow readers think if his back is not to match fit then he should skip dc and definitely miss the iptlIin India. I really thought he would of beaten Djokovic although it would of been really close of course. I hope Federer recovers quickly and is back to healthy again. What a real shame. Mr Smug Djokovic wins, total bs bs bs!!!!! You could see the crowd that was pro Roger, they were definitely gutted like myself. You should of seen Djokovic face when he was playing is exhibition match with Murray when he was serving someone in the audience shouted out “come on Roger!!” Djokovic was getting pissed off and squirming. He absolutely hates it when the crowd even when he isn’t there the crowd are mentioning Rogers name. Lol. Anyway a real disappointing end to what was a fantastic season by Federer.
    Ps I do blame Stan a bit for this injury as like usual he decided to play against Roger. When lets say if he won Djokovic like before routed Stan. Mr Stan you idiot why why why. Stan would of never have won, and now because of this he might have ruined the chances Swiss winning DC if Fed cannot recover in time. Mr Stan what have you done. Not good at all.

    1. Check out the vine on twitter if you can find it where Djokovic is trying to entertain the crowd and Mourinho is just looking at him like what are you doing? πŸ˜†

  16. I’m Stanislas Wawrinka, and I’m sick and tired of these commenters here at PeRFect tennis.

    First, they, especially one particular reader who I dare not mention, blamed me for not putting up a fight against Novak, and then showing up against Roger. What about me? Shouldn’t I be blaming Roger for giving it his all, denying me four match points, then sitting out of the final? That’s what chickens do. That’s not what GOAT’s do!

    How sick do you think I’m feeling feel now? Couldn’t he have like, withdrawn in the third set, and given me a shot at the title? After you, you wanted me to beat Novak, right? No, he had to play his heart out. Why, Roger, why? See what’s happened? We have taken each other out and that chump from Belgrade is celebrating with an exhibition against none other than Andy Murray. Murray, yup, that guy who you were playing ball with, and shouting, “Good doggie…good doggie!”. That Murray gets to play Novak. Not me.

    You guys make me sick. But wait, that’s not where it ends. For over a decade, you singularly blamed me for not being good enough to help Roger win the Davis cup. I kept reading your painful comments on how I’ve lost form right before the Davis cup, and how I willy deny Roger the Davis cup, just like I denied him Monte Carlo. I did enjoy Monte Carlo, I must say.

    But look, this isn’t about me. This is about you. Yes, YOU! When I kicked Nadal’s butt all the way back to Mallorca, or wherever the heck he came from, you celebrated like nobody’s business. I read a special post that was made about it. Now, when I fail to beat Novak, you have all turned against me? Damn hypocrites! I wonder what you will have to say if I end up losing both my singles matches in Lille. Wait…that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

    Stay bitchy, my friends!

    Stan, the man.

      1. If that’s your conclusion, then you’ve entirely missed the point of my comment πŸ™‚

      2. I fully understood and it did put a smile on my face though I must admit. πŸ™‚
        But I’m real worried for Fed.

    1. Dear Sid,

      Stan doesn’t know, and if he did, wouldn’t give a toss what anybody here, or on any other blog thinks, supposes or says. He’s just fine and requires no one to defend him. He’s a great player with probably the finest single backhand I’ve seen. Inconsistent perhaps, but who cares when he’s probably earning more in a year than I will earn in a lifetime.
      I wasn’t posting when Stan won AO, but I remember I was truly happy for him – always in the shadow of ‘the boss’ – this time he was in the spotlight, and I hope he gets another chance again.
      You are a very angry man Sid. Go out and get very drunk.

      1. If your conclusion is that I’m an angry man, then you have, like Scooter, entirely missed the point of my comment.

      2. Right, seems I should put the dunce hat on πŸ˜‰ Clearly not au fait with your brand of sarcasm/humour. I’ll just laugh at everything you say from now on. πŸ˜‰

      1. Yeah well, I’m fucking hurting here and all you can think of is an autograph? πŸ™‚

    2. True, I also thought about how Stan must be feeling when he saw Roger not play the final. I know Fed fans felt the exact same way when Nadal was injured in the AO final not too long ago. Also don’t know why people keep on repeating that Stan should’ve turned up against Novak, tennis is all about matchups and it just happened to be that the Fed/Wawrinka match saw two competitors who knew each other’s games inside out make a match of it. Stan can’t be blamed in this scenario at all and it annoys me that people out there are doing it.

      1. Hey Alysha, I understand what you are saying, but I do disagree with one thing. I don’t think anyone here is BLAMING Stan for playing the way he did. I mean, how can we blame him? It is his right and his DUTY to play the match of his life and do everything withing reason to win. That is obvious. He is not Roger’s hired help that he should lose. He played all year his heart out to make it to the WTF, so he should do everything he can to beat Roger.

        But can you blame us for wondering why he didn’t show THIS fight when he was playing Novak? I saw that match. The first 2 games he played, I honestly thought he would beat Novak. One winner after another. The same unreturnable winners he used to beat Rafa, Novak and Roger. But then… after Novak broke back….. he just simply disappeared. And I mean disappeared. After that it had nothing to do with bad matchup or Novak playing wayyy unbeatable. Stan just stopped trying. He did not give up, but he just stopped trying. And that is something that most of us are wondering, why didn’t he show the fighting spirit against Roger in the match against Novak?? Even Cilic and Berdych kept fighting, why not Stan? I saw the match, he stopped trying.

        That is why I for one go very “overboard” with my question “Why do they play the match of their life or play in the zone against Roger?”
        If I was an upcoming player or had played for a few years, I would have thought that Rafa was way out of my league. That I could never ever ever beat him. After that I would say that Roger was the one I could never beat. Because of the way he plays and all his varieties. After that I would have thought that I could beat Novak if he had an offday. But the one person I would really think I had a chance of beating was Andy. Because although he runs after every ball and gets it too, he is the one of the top 4 that looks beatable.
        So why do players play the match of their life against Roger?? So they can say that they beat the Goat??

        And beeing a Fedfan doesn’t mean that nobody deserves to beat Roger. If you play better, you deserve to win. As simple as that. I wouldn’t like it if someone beats Roger, but hey, that’s tennis and that’s life. Stan played better and deserved to win. But Roger also deserved to win because he hung in there, kept fighting and fighting, kept believing and most important, never gave up.

    3. Alysha, understood your comment. However, I am one of who feel that Stan had planned for things to happen this way – fully taking the advantage of the weakness of the round-robin system. There is absolutely no way for Stan to become a lion from a pussycat in a matter of a couple of days – the way that he lost to Novak was pathetic. He knew too well that trying to win against Novak in the RR was a bit meaningless so that he tanked it. His professionalism could be challenged. No one blames him for wanting to get into the final. But he would be out of order, if he shows any kind of reaction to Roger’s withdrawal. At least, Roger played within the rules. Journalists (including JM) often talk rubbish and create contraversy so that they just give themselves something to talk about.

      1. I think Fed fans are just looking for someone to blame as usual.

        What is Fed is to blame, maybe he didn’t do his warms up thoroughly… who really knows.

        Pointing the finger at Stan for struggling vs Djoker and then taking Fed to 3 sets is a bit daft. They are 2 different matchups.

      2. Agree with Jonathan, just playing the blame game at this point. Had Fed not been injured and played the final, would’ve heard none of this nonsense.

    4. Hi Stan, if you wanted a shot at the WTF title and Novak. You could have done it in the RR. The way that you played that match to Novak was pathetic, call yourself a GS champion, sorry mate. You don’t deserve the chance and blam yourself, if you are pissed. Players who try to exploit the system should not be rewarded, even though we know that there is one who got away with that a couple of times in the past.

      1. I think that’s nonsense tbh. Stan played a poor match and lost, nothing more to it. He has a 14-2 record vs Djoker, it’s been a very one sided matchup, he hardly tried to exploit the system.

      2. I don’t understand how you can be mad at Stan for losing to Novak who is on a crazy indoor streak… Yes he played a bad match, but come on, this is BS…

    5. Hey Sid, just spotted this on the ATP site, thought it might amuse you, and others:
      F: Stan, beside we had deal that you will never win over me we clearly agreed that we can’t play matches over 1.5 hours. I am 33 years old now, do you get that.
      W: But Roger, my friend, Mirka was talking s***t every time I was serving”. And it wasn’t her first time, remember Wimbledon?
      F: Shut-up, first off all we are not friends we never were and newer will be. We only have to fool everyone into that. I am the Batman of tennis and you are Robin, you do what I say.
      W: I am sorry Roger, I won’t do that again.
      F: Well, It’s to late now. What I need from you is that in January you win again over my biggest rivals, Novak and Rafa, and I do not care if they are sick or hurt or otherwise limited in the match against you. You go there and you beat them.
      W: But Roger, how come do you expect Rafa to compete against me if he is hurt, aren’t he suppose to withdraw, haven’t you just give match to Nole because your back is supposedly hurt? Do you remember that in Monte Carlo Novak battled you until the end even thou his wrist wasn’t OK?
      F: Listen kid, I am reminding you again not to question me. Ever. Novak is Novak, he doesn’t give s***t about his image. I have legacy to protect here, I am Roger Federer, The GOAT, the best thing that ever happened to tennis.

  17. Chill Sid. I don’t blame Stan for anything. Although I wonder if Roger’s and Stan’s relationship is always on the best of terms. Seems testy at times throughout the years.

      1. Don’t be greedy Jon πŸ™‚ With this successfull blog, your work and your tenniscareer, don’t you already have enough money?? πŸ™‚

  18. What a fightback against Stan! So courageous, for his spirit, 10/10!
    I am gutted with his injury. I agree with the most of you – Roger should drop the rest of matches this season, including DC ones and tries to recover as completely as possible. My heart bleeds … and wish Roger to have a full recovery!

      1. Hmm, Fed says he’s gonna fly to France and check out DC. Don’t think they’ll be making a decision until the wire Jonathan, is Swiss Tennis playing games with the French?

      2. French are definitely taking advantage of the situation and manipulating it into some saga about a Fed/Stan feud involving Mirka. Tennis media has to be amongst the worst in all of sport.

  19. Hi Jonathan,

    I was wondering if you could potentially write a post explaining what happened with Stan and this whole incident where he apparently yelled at Mirka? I have looked for video or audio but I can’t find any proof. I do remember Stan yelling and walking over towards the fans and the chair umpire trying to stop him right towards the end of the match during Stan’s meltdown. And then McEnroe said that Fed and Stan had a long argument in the locker room afterwards and that there was yelling?

    We never get this sort of drama with Fed since he is always so classy and such a gentleman. Would be interested to hear what your thoughts on the whole issue (conspiracy?) are and what possible repercussions this could have for the Davis Cup final. Some people are even saying that this was orchestrated by the chair umpire (who is French!) and that Fed withdrew due to the incident with Stan and not because of injury. Although I think those last couple of points are pretty absurd, but who knows?

    1. Nah I’m not going to get involved with all that malarkey. I’ll leave that to the professional tennis journalists who spend more time tweeting rumours than anything meaningful. Like I tweeted the business model of any mainstream media is to increase consumption of absolute nonsense along with any messages from the state. Its the business model of fatal masturbation πŸ˜€

      I remember Stan talking to someone in the crowd at 5-5 deuce but no idea who. French photographers said it was Mirka but who knows. I wasn’t there so have no idea. Not worth worrying about and I’m sure it’s all blown over.

      As for JMac and the locker room thing sounds like he was just looking for something to talk about. What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room. I doubt Stan or Federer will speak of it again. And I highly doubt Feds withdrawal was due to a locker room incident. Maybe we will learn more this week if either of them get questioned on it but I doubt it. All been blown out of proportion with all the journos getting on board with it.

      1. Agree. John McEnroe is being an asshole, as if he isn’t already a big one, trying to bring locker room banter out into the open, even if it were true. I saw nothing wrong with the handshake at the net, and the hug. Just normal stuff.

      2. Couldn’t agree more Jonathan. McEnroe’s like a small annoying dog, continually yapping, and to no purpose. It’s not anybody’s business whether it happened or not; like you said, it will all blow over, and the journos will turn their eyes elsewhere pretty quickly.

      3. ClownEnroe is just trying to remain relevant. Next thing we’ll hear is that they actually came to blows.

      4. How did JM know what happened in the locker room since the players each have their own private rooms? Utter rubbish!

      5. McEnroe obviously seeing this as another chance to be relevant again in the tennis world. He cannot be serious right now.

  20. I’m glad he withdrew . There was something wrong about the match with Wawrinka. At some point, he reached out for his back and then shrugged it away. He shd b fine for DC. I hope he skips I PTL, the exhibition and Brisbane.
    I hope Stan ends up being the man and makes up wt Fed. He hasn’t been tweeting madly the way he does since the match ended.
    I hopethey sort out their differences

    1. There’s nothing to say they even have any differences. Didn’t look like there was an issue at the net.

      I’d be surprised if Fed plays DC. Clay is a very physical surface.

      1. All that disagreement things are blown out of porportions, but the old say “thereΒ΄s no smoke without a fire” almost never fails. All that about Wawrinka shouting at the Fed camp and Fed should have withdrawn from the match due to a conflict is way out there. But if they should have stayed late in the locker room chatting seems a bit strange giving Roger schedule the next day. That chat could have been about a conflict but it could as easily has been about Roger having big concerns about his bag and he maybe could not play in the final the day after and maybe even not play Davis cup, and maybe Stan was being a friend and giving some comfort to his good friend. But I guess itΒ΄s easier to give everything a negative spin to sell some news πŸ™‚

        I think Roger will do everything he can to play that Davis cup final, simply because of his love and passion for the game and wanting to win that title.
        But the worst thing would be to carry a bag injury into 2015 like in 2013 so he will defintley make the right decision whether it is playing or not.

  21. This may be a supid question, but does this count as a loss in the H2H statistics? I hope he recovers soon. Would be nice to win the Davis Cup, but I honestly don’t think it’s that important. Certainly not worth aggravating his injury over. Recovering for Aussie Open and getting some much needed rest should be the most important thing now.

  22. It’s insane to think Fed would withdraw from the finals because of a rift with Stan. Makes sense to me that clay is the most physical surface….but why does Nadal do well there considering all his injuries. And he complains about hard courts?

    1. I think clay is physical only in so far that it tends to lead to long-drawn-out rallies. The surface itself, like grass, is natural and actually more forgiving as there is more ‘give’ in it and thus less impact on joints etc. That is one of the reasons – aparts from his astounding success on it of course(!) – why Nadal, with his dodgy knees, prefers it over the hard courts.
      Whatever the surface, it’s clearly not a good idea to play when you have a problem with your back.

    2. Clay is the most physical surface by a long way and uses different muscle groups to most other surfaces because you’re sliding.

      Based on Gstaad and Hamburg that’s no good for Fed’s back.

  23. Still gutted about Roger’s withdrawal. Thanks god I got to see him for 3 hours yesterday in that thrilling match against Stan. Replacement programme was fun with Murray (kudos to him for stepping in) vs Djokovic. After that doubles with John McEnroe/Murray vs Tim Henman/Pat Cash. These old guys still got some crisp volleys.
    I hope Roger won’t take any risks concerning Davis Cup. If he is not feeling OK, he should skip it even though it is a unique chance for the Swiss to win it.

  24. Very unfortunate circumstances here but what can you do, Roger has been incredibly lucky to not be injured as much as other athletes and it seems almost surprising when it does in fact happen. Disappointing way to end the season but Fed has had a fantastic season, and this certainly does not take away from that. Congratulations to Novak for his three-peat and for sealing year end #1, seems the fifth set in Wimbledon decided that…

    I guess 70 matches eventually caught up with him and it makes me wonder if playing Paris contributed or Fed would’ve tweaked it in the tiebreak regardless. Sucky schedule for Roger once again, and WTF needs to probably reconsider its decision to play back to back semis-finals or in Novak’s case 3 days in a row?

    I watched Fed’s interview and he’s still keen to play Davis Cup. Roger is in a very difficult situation here, once again the timing is just the worst. Does he risk play DC and further aggravate his back? Or does he step on court regardless because a whole nation’s hopes rest on his shoulders? He’s got some huge decisions to make here but we will have to trust his experience to make the right call. I do agree with you Jonathan that DC is not worth the risk and if he does play it, I think he needs to cancel any commitments following and focus on resting and preparing for 2015. Last year was a good example of the consequences Fed had to incur when he didn’t put his health as a priority, really hope we don’t see that again. Still very sad over what happened but big hug to Roger in recovery and that he can get back to 100% in due time.

    1. I don’t think you can really look back and say oh he should have skipped XYZ then this wouldn’t have happened. Unlikely to be caused by overplaying, can flair up at any given moment based on what he’s said before.

      I think if anything the more matches he’s played has prevented the back getting injured again as it’s kept him in great shape.

      1. I agree and the chances are that it cld hv gone in the final v Novak or in 1st DC match, so this cld turn out to be a blessing in disguise!!

    2. It is not even 70 matches. Fed had played a staggering 83 matches this year and has won 72. Amazing at the ripe age of 33! Potentially still two more matches to go.

  25. The injury saga reminded me about an article I read in the Tennis Magazine circa mid 2000. It was about how Tom Gorman surrendered his match so that his fellow countryman can play in the finals. Googling this incident brought me to this:

    Not saying that Federer should have done that but just would like to share this……………

    1. That’s what the McEnroe’s were talking about earlier on ESPN. The bad McEnroe was adamant that Roger should’ve done the same, in a way, implying it was unsporting that he didn’t. It’s not like Roger knew right there and then that he wouldn’t be able to play.

      I wish there was some sort of rule in such a situation that would’ve let the “lucky” loser to play the final.

      1. Actually I was thinking the same thing, but I guess it wouldn’t be fair on the other semi-finalist.

      2. My humble opinion – tanking a match at final few points does not do any justice or respect to game of tennis and opponent. It’s natural for a professional athlete to go W even though they are injured especially someone like Roger. JMac is being a total ass for insinuating that Roger should tank his match as he was a pro athlete himself. I really dislike him for trying to speculate riff between Stan and Roger behind the locker room. Yes, it was intense match furthermore playing against fellow country man is never easy. Its competitive and it should be the right way regardless. We will never know what happened behind the closed door and we should leave it that. Focus should be on DC and Roger’s health. Hop Suisse

      3. Slamdunk, you mean not fair to the other semifinalist who lost to Djokovic? Djokovic would’ve played so that spot is already taken.

        A title shouldn’t be awarded without a fight. Think of it this way: lucky losers from qualifiers could get entries into the main round, and win it all. Wild card entrants can potentially win a tournament. Why not have something similar for tournament finals? There are other things to consider that can make it very impractical. Just a thought. πŸ™‚

  26. Honestly, I’m not disappointed at his decision to retire at all. I am actually glad he did because he knows his body more than anyone else and there is no point of risking the Davis Cup finals as well as the years he’s still got left in him.

    The fact that he was that close of becoming year-end no. 1 is a huge testimony of the type of season he’s had and to me he doesn’t necessarily need this title to “prove” anything. On the other hand, I hope he can use this extra week of rest to prepare for the Davis Cup finals, which to me and probably him, is more meaningful to him at this point of his career. Would love to see him win this very few missing trophy in his overloaded cabinet. Giving up this year-end title in exchange for few more years of magic on the tennis from the GOAT would be something I’m sure we’re all willing to take hands-down all day, everyday!


  27. One journalist said about Roger’s withdrawal that it’s like hearing Superman can’t fly any more. It does feel a bit like that, doesn’t it.

  28. Why all these speculations about what happened and why Fed withdraw and the incident with Wawrinka?!
    Can’t it be just simple? Roger had back injury, tried his best to win, knowing that he might be fine tomorrow. Comes the day, he felt bad, and withdraw, full stop.

    By the way, 70-11 mark is not an easy business, congratulation to Roger, well done

  29. How about this article/blog:


    First I got really upset during reading, then it all got so ridiculous I almost laughed!
    So many things wrong with that but it shows how things can snowball in the media circus!

    1. I saw the title and closed it. No point reading that as it’s typical click bait πŸ™‚

      Definitely not linking to it either so I removed it from the comment, the more pageviews they get, the more ad revenue they make.

      1. Thanks for the warning. I take it that was the Eurosport blog garbage? Total misinformation: misquoted Fed (I’ve just replayed his interviews from BBC2 last night) to support his thesis. Nasty piece of work, and has unfortunately attracted a few haters as well. I was going to go on there and do some head-bashing now I’ve got Roger down verbatim and could quote him, but now you’ve pointed out the pageview thing, I won’t.

        Talking of ad revenue, I’ve currently got Mariokart showing on here as your sponsor. Never miss a thing, do they?

      2. Good point Jon, defintley not linking to such crab again, just wanted to show how everything can be used and turned around in the media.

        Maybe sometimes you could use the smae standards and delete some of the comments in here πŸ˜‰

    2. Horrible writing and poor journalism, he sounded petty and spoilt. Anyone of us here can write better than this Alex Chick, must be doing on purpose to get good hit rates. Pff things ppl do now to get air time #pathetic

    3. I read it. Good to see that all the comments following it have put him/her firmly in their place. This is definitely going to be a minority view – minority of one so far. What is gaining wider attention is the idea that he sacrificed WTF for the DC. As if he would have fought so hard in the semis if he was planning to do that. Roger is much too honest and straightforward to even think about it. And let’s face it, probably too sure of himself not to believe he couldn’t do both πŸ™‚

      1. LOL πŸ™‚

        Could see him sacrificing DC for WTF, but not the other way around, I don’t think :). As you say, if he’d wanted to sacrifice WTF he could probably have overhit a couple of balls and Stan would have won. No need to court bad publicity by making headlines as he has.

      2. ItΒ΄s a week apart, it would never be an issue to sacrifise the one over the other. More ridiculous is it that he should have sacrifised the final over a controverse with Stan. I would say I believe more that USA did not put a man on the moon that I would believe any of the above πŸ˜‰

      3. Er, Mark, have you *seen* Capricorn One? πŸ™‚

        And unfortunately it’s only 5 days: not long to get your back back in working order and get some practice on the clay πŸ™

  30. Well guys I think Mirka did say something to irk Stan. I am gonna quote a comment I read and then clear proof of what happened. First the link:,AAAB3OVQoyE~,bQIJFW4YgkSAcqiAMKK4W3j6jM523fde&bctid=3894620532001

    Listen carefully here but its pretty clear what is happening.

    Here is a comment from some Swiss guy in some other post.

    I am swiss and I can tell you what happened, its in the papers here.

    At 5 all and deuce in the 3rd set, between first and second serve.
    Mirka is cheering very loud.
    Stan interrupts Rogers Serving motion.

    Mourier asks in French: “Whats up?”

    Stan looks to Mirka and says: “Not just before the serve..”
    With that he means, she should be quiet between the serves and not cheer so close before the serve.
    Then she replies: “Cry, Baby, cry.”

    And the Stan gets mad and answers to her: What?!?”
    He adresses Mourier: “Did you hear what she say?”
    Stan also says: “She did it already at Wimbledon..”

    1. Haha yeah it does sound like that. I knew it wasn’t a line judge though as the angle was all wrong where he was facing.

      Pretty sure Susie sat directly behind Mirka for the Stan match though at Wimbledon? The box is quite high too so wouldn’t be easy to hear her from there.

      Anyway sounds like much ado about nothing. If Fed hasn’t withdrawn I don’t think we would even hear of this again.

      1. Haha! Very quiet at Wimby, no sledging at all! Not sure she and Stan are that matey and she is fiercely protective of Fed’s legacy etc. Stan is also capable of getting very hyper in matches and he was well up for this one! Fed less so, I thought, looked uncomfortable throughout and I think the back was possibly stiff beforehand. ( as spotted by Lub).

        It is clear there are two separate incidents.
        1) minor spat which they discussed after the match
        2) the unfortunate and badly timed back pull.

        Sadly the press are linking them together. If Fed had played the final, the spat wld never have surfaced. This is sport at the highest level and tennis is 99.9% professional compared to something like Premier league Football in the UK where there is an unpleasant incident every week.

        Fed is damned if he plays and damned if he doesn’t, as Rafa found out in Australia. No win situation for a pro athlete.

        None of this Wld happen if the Davis Cup had been binned years ago as really doesn’t fit in with the modern tour which is all about the individual and globalisation of the sport.

    2. (Arnaud Cerutti, Geneva journo, tweeted after the semifinal but BEFORE the press conferences, ie before this whole thing blew up, that Stan was addressing someone behind Mirka, not Mirka herself. For what it’s worth.)

      1. I mean, let’s face it, the intense interest in this yrs DC final is purely down to Federer and absolutely nothing else. Even if you are not a FEd fan, for journos and the ITF it is massive, hence the overblown press coverage and trying to make a story out of everything!

      2. Yeah Susie IΒ΄m totally on board with you, canΒ΄t belive that it would be Mirka, it would have been well known before if it was something she would do. I mean look at Fed, even though heΒ΄s Mr. Cool and pokerface on court, once in a while the old, wild, racquet smasching Federer appears and so would this so called behavior from Mirka had did in one of the about 1000 matches she has attended.

        And also agree on the massive hype DC is getting, I saw a clip in the abourt Federers arrival in Lille and it was like Bono or some other celeb was arriving the journalist was acting those animals they are in the modern days of journalisme.

    3. Hey Ajay, I heard the vid you posted a couple of times, but I cannot hear Mirka shout “Cry baby cry”. I don’t actually think she said that. Wouldn’t some fan close to their box already have tweeted it if she said that? And in case she did say it, extremely bad and childish of her. To be honest, most of the times I see her during a match she seems disinterested because she seen sooooo many already. I cannot see Mirka saying something like that, even if she is very protective about Roger and his legacy πŸ™‚

      And lets be honest, part of the reason why Roger is still playing is because of Mirka. If she would have said, enough is enough, now it is familytime, he would not have another choice than to listen πŸ™‚

      1. You can definitely hear someone (the person who annoyed Stan) saying crybaby just around 0:15. Whether it’s Mirka or not is hard to say, although I really don’t think so. She’s literally been to 1000s of Roger’s matches without any kind of incident and now she suddenly calls Stan a crybaby lol. πŸ™‚

    4. [Stan looks to Mirka and says: β€œNot just before the serve..”]

      There is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that he was looking at Mirka. Just because a Swiss guy made a comment on some blog somewhere, doesn’t make it true. There is no proof that Mirka said something. I could only make out, “cry”, in a feminine voice.

      Stan totally overreacted. He was clearly flustered being unable to convert two break points, potentially match points, considering what happened in his previous service game. He may also have used it to disrupt Roger’s focus at a key moment. Very poor from Stan, in my opinion. If someone did say, “Cry baby”, it was the right thing to say.

      1. Oh come on Sid. It was pretty clear. If they had just showed who Wawrinka was talking to. it would have been really clear. But the journos there no doubt would have had a clear view. I am 100 percent sure it was Mirka. Or else there is no reason why there would be any fuss at all.

      2. Thank you, Sid, you said it better than what I wanted to say. To add, some journalists simply assumed that Mirka might react because Stan rattled Roger. If Stan pointed a finger to Mirka, that would be extremely disappointing and it is sure to damage their friendship. Stan did say something but there is simply no proof for that being related to Mirka and whatever Mirka said or did, if anything.
        Things just don’t add up here. Stan is no way near ones who have given Roger grieves over the years. Why should Mirka react in such a way as rumoured? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! If Mirka dislikes Stan that much, should she encourage Roger to do budy-budy stuff with Stan? ridiculous! We didn’t see Mirka doing anything in all those matches when Roger lost to Nadull, did we?
        If Stan overreacted and could not prove that Mirka said anything at all, he should apologise to Roger! She was not sitting in a cubicle. If she said and did anything as rumoured, there must be dozens of people sitting around her who have heard and seen it. Where are these people?
        This is more likely that Stan lost cool, reacted badly, suspecting something that he should not have and refused to apologise to Roger after the match – so ‘the discussion’. Roger was on court too. I am pretty sure that he could have heard it, if his wife shouted something, especially at the improper time as accused.
        Even both Novak’s and Andy’s mums have mellowed over the years, Mirka is simply not that type.

      3. “She was not sitting in a cubicle. If she said and did anything as rumoured, there must be dozens of people sitting around her who have heard and seen it. Where are these people?”

        Hey Gang, lets assume it was Mirka who said that. Wouldn’t all the camera’s be faced immediately in seconds on her?? Wouldn’t the photographers also not be clicking her photo?? Wouldn’t someone tweet something write away?? And what about Roger? Eventhough he is concentrated, wouldn’t he hear his wife’s voice and look at her??

        This is just like the time Stan asked during USO for the crowd to support him. Like Sid said, he was more frustrated that he couldn’t close out…..

      4. From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty rare for Mirka even to get vocal. This sort of behaviour seems most out of character for her. Apart from anything else, she’s an ex-tennis player herself. In my case, it’s too engrained in me for me to shout out and disrupt a point, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same with her. And as Katyani said, surely it would have been focused on at the time? What were the cameras focusing on after it happened?

        A lot of sense being spoken here, it seems. Shame it won’t counteract the garbage elsewhere on the web. She was trending on Yahoo! when I logged off at lunchtime, and I see even the Daily Telegraph has stooped that low.

      5. Ajay, please, it’s all conjecture. Agreed that the fact that Stan said, “She did it at Wimbledon too”, means that it wasn’t just someone random from the audience. But you can’t single out Mirka.

        Besides, it was Stan who was completely at fault. He was just flustered, like I said. Worse things are yelled out during the service motion, and players don’t stop receiving it. So why did he pick that particular moment? It was clearly an attempt to throw Roger off. It didn’t work. Oooops!

        Look, Mirka has four kids. She knows a cry baby when she sees one πŸ™‚

      6. Katyani, the camera is never panned on the heckler, or in the crowd during such incidents, to clearly discourage others from doing the same, and getting some undeserved air time. Panning into the players box is an even bigger no-no for camera guys.

        The only things Cedric Mourier did right that night was to try to calm Stan down. I would hold back on the electric chair judgment for now, Jon πŸ™‚

      7. I never said Mirka was at fault here. Infact I think Stan showing him his racquet like that might have got her angry. That’s no way to talk to Roger’s wife. In his own words the Boss’s wife !!

  31. Don’t know if there was any kind of dispute between Federer and Wawrinka, but Roger flying to France in his private jet plane, and Stan taking the Eurostar, sure is a strange kind of teambuilding.

    1. Yeah I thought that. Eurostar to Lille is a short journey. Thought Fed would have done same. Unless his family are on it too and going back to Switzerland straight after.

      1. Yes, do we know where his flight came in from? May not have been London?

        Alternatively, possibly flying might be better on his back than Eurostar? I’ve never been on Eurostar, so don’t know what the conditions are like. But actually taking the family home sounds the most sensible solution – they’ve got to get home somehow, and even Paris is a 4-hour drive, which they’ve avoided before this year.

  32. Ps Jon, I am liking your twitter page more and more everyday πŸ™‚ How do you come up with such funny tweets?? Keep them coming by the way πŸ™‚

    “Fed has only withdrawn twice in 1221 matches that combined with 2 sets of twins proves he doesn’t even know the meaning of the word pull out”:)

    “Mourier having a good day in the Chair. Shame it’s not an electric one.” πŸ™‚

    1. Jonathan’s mind and mine were obviously running on similar tracks – certainly as the first one is concerned πŸ™‚

      That reminds me: surprised to hear what I believe (from what the R5 Live comms said) was Mourier calling one of the players, Stan, I think, “tu” rather than “vous”. Thought umpires were supposed to keep a professional distance from the players, not get pally with them.

      1. I noticed that too Alison that he was calling Roger “Tu” while he was explaining the whole – oh-yes-I-overruled-and-then-I-announced-the-score imbroglio. Wondered if there had been a cultural shift since the last time I used French regularly.

      2. It may have done. It’s a long time since I lived in France, but since I work regularly with the language and I haven’t seen any references to changes in the use of “pronouns of power and solidarity”, as they’re called, I wouldn’t imagine there’s been a huge shift.

        What was Roger calling him, did you notice? There are all sorts of implications πŸ™‚

      3. Whenever french speaking players and umpires are talking together they totally use the ‘TU’ (see with Pascal Maria too ) so you can tell the way they talk to each other that they are familiar to each other, which makes sense as the umpires know the players since they are kids, before they become big stars and all…
        I remember Nadal arguing with Carlos Bernardes, and the way he called him ‘Carlos’ sounded very familiar too… It makes sense!

      4. Maybe there was a “love story” there that didn’t happen and Roger got in the way?? I mean…. from far…. Stan’s wife does look like Mirka…. same build, same haircolour πŸ™‚
        Nah, I am just kidding guys…. Ignore this one πŸ™‚

      5. “It was a poor World Tour Finals but we learnt Alison has a dirty mind”

        I was going to say I wouldn’t be able to show my face on here again, so why am I posting? :facepalm:

        “Whenever french speaking players and umpires are talking together they totally use the β€˜TU’ (see with Pascal Maria too ) so you can tell the way they talk to each other that they are familiar to each other, which makes sense as the umpires know the players since they are kids, before they become big stars and all…”

        Oh, right, thanks for putting me right there. So Jon Wertheim was wrong about umpires having to keep a distance from the players in “Strokes of Genius”?

  33. Sad and disappointing, for us fans, but probably for Federer too. Though of course, he made the right decision here, Health>>>>>>.

  34. From what I’ve read about McEnroe’s (the bad one) comments about the so called “Fed-Wawrinka” incident, I can tell you the John McEnroe is indeed an asshole, of the highest order. When commentating, he shows a lot of respect to the players, and outside of it, he does everything to reveal what happens inside the locker room. He is an unashamed, unapologetic, unmitigated asshole.

    No wonder he is a huge fan of Rafael Nadal. He sees in the doper from Mallorca, a part of himself, living and thriving in front of his eyes. Birds of a feather, flock together, so do pigs and swines. Utter classlessness on the part of John McEnroe. He is nothing but a vulture, a scavenger, and will do anything to hog the spotlight. Keep drinking that Toni and Rafa Nadal protein shake, John.

    Shame on you, John McEnroe, shame on you!

  35. This has to be the strangest WTF ever. I don’t think I’ve heard so much bs. You see, the French Tennis Federation payed J mcEnroe, journalists, etc millions to create chaos before DC.

    They even switched the mattresses in Fed’s hotel room.

    Well Sid, I agree. J MacEnroe is an ass. His brother, Patrick, seems like an ok guy. And he’s a decent commentator. John Mac is all about himself, totally subjective when he commentates. He and Mary Corillo can be extremely rude and offensive to some players. Sometimes making fun of their performance.
    I stopped watching tennis because of J Mac. Then Fed brought me back.

      1. Well… JMac got his wish….. Limelight and 15 minutes of fame. Last night Worldsport on CNN mentioned the incident (which is obvious), but they showed the clip of JMac talking about it… He has his 15 minutes of fame…. too bad over the back of Roger.
        What happened to what Jon is saying “what happens in the lockerroom stays in the lockerroom”??
        And why is no one asking him how he knows, who’s lockerroom, what he was doing there in the first place, why he was eavesdropping, and for God sake how it is any of his business !!! And… if it was Rafa and Ferrer, would he also make a big deal about it??

        He has jealousy of Roger all written over his face. I noticed it after Roger won Wimby 2012. Why should he be jealous? He has had a nice career himself right?? I read a great comment about how shameful it is that such a great player is now more known for his “you cannot be serious”…. Too bad JMac….

    1. Say what? Switched the mattresses? Where did you see this? If true, I actually think that’s the story journos should be paying attention to, & should lead to the disqualification of the French team for attempting to nobble the opposition – you think a mattress doesn’t have an effect on Fed’s back?

    1. Yes, okay, it’s funny, and I laughed too, but at the same time it’s irresponsible. This could go viral, and not help matters at all.

  36. They say Fed skipped final practice but hopes he will be good enough for the singles rubber. I hope so too.
    France may consider playing Monfils against Roger to test his back. Would Roger want to risk a crazy Monfils?

  37. From today’s presser:

    It’s in French though. I’ll post the English version once I find it.

    Obviously they had to ask him about the most talked about story in planet Tennis since Sunday. He said that with Stan they’re friends not enemies. That they talked about it and it’s no big deal. That should calm the storm πŸ™‚ Along with the funny picture on Twitter πŸ˜‰

    What worries me is that he’s still not feeling much better. Hopefully he takes the selfish decision come Friday and put his health first πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. “How do you feel after your back injury?”
      Not well enough to be in a position to start training. I would have hoped for it to go more quickly. It’s just a tiny bit better than Sunday and Monday. We’re progressing by teeny tiny steps. But I have confidence. Well, I hope to be able to play. If I came here, it’s for that. Thankfully my buddies are here, that allows be to be in a good place mentally, to be positive.

      “You have already had back problems before…”
      You could say that I have a lot of experience. I’ve had some that were worse, some better. Here, it’s not good, or I would have played the Masters final. But it was too severe.

      “Are you worried?”
      We’ll see. I’m naturally more likely to be positive, so… but at the moment I have no point of reference. I walk a little, I stay sitting. I’m not doing much, honestly. I do my treatments and I wait for the others to come back to the hotel.

      “Can you tell us more about the incidents which put you in conflict with Wawrinka after your semi-final?
      I wasn’t on the same side of the court. I was quite far away, in fact. And there was a lot of noise at that moment of the match. But we talked about it and we’re totally okay with it. We’re big enough. (ed: could also translate as, we’re adult enough, or mature enough.) There’s been a lot of noise around all this, but we’re friends, not enemies. I really don’t know why it’s being talked about so much. For me it’s not a “big deal”, frankly. I would have preferred that Stan won the semi-final (smile). Even if it became a historic match, there wouldn’t have been any talk about the back, there wouldn’t have been this whole situation… here, we’re relaxed, we interact every day. We’re all having a good time together.

      1. Roger and Stan aren’t ennemies, but they aren’t friends either, far from it.
        Their relationship is purely professional, and has nothing to do with friendship.
        They just happen to represent the same country, Switserland.
        Stan’s best friends among professional tennisplayers are by the way french, from France.
        Also Roger saying in this interview that “he would have preferred that STan won the semi-final”, lacks all credibility in my view, if it’s true that he said that.
        Roger badly wanted to win the match himself.

      1. Yes, I saw that picture too; sure implies that the back was starting to act up BEFORE the match with Stan (as Ljubicic thought), and not during; though I suppose it also makes sense that a stressed back could have actually given out during the intense tb.

    1. I’m not buying it Ajay πŸ™‚ This presser will just lead to more questions and more talk πŸ™‚ Roger and Stan should have practised how to smile more and atleast mean what they were saying πŸ™‚

      I loved this comment I read: Novak got one headline, Bryan Brothers got one headline, and the rest is all about this nonsence.

      Seriously, why can’t they leave both of them alone? They are friends, have been for years, so ofcourse there will be frictions (ever saw the way Rafa and Ferrer look at each other?? Friends, but also competitors).
      I still don’t buy it that Mirka said it. I think Stan was just not happy that he couldn’t put Roger away in so many chances…

  38. Federer’s wife did call out “Cry Baby” and her overall conduct was sufficient for her to have been ejected from the court (had she not been RF’s wife). You don’t have to take my word for it, it is all over the web with video evidence. For Federer to withdraw from the final with Noel on the basis that he thought he could not give an appropriate contest is one thing, but for him to diminish the prize giving for not standing up for it and let Dojovich have his moment is unacceptable to most fair thinking tennis fans. PS: McEnroe was not the first to report the altercation between Fed. & Stan – it was a French journalist team.

    Favour Fed. as you wish – but this is not a glorious moment in his career.
    From Fair-minded Kate

    1. Hey Kate, I see what you are saying, but lets say Roger did come for the runner’s up thing. Would the same people say, well he didn’t play but did come to collect the pricemoney and award? Wouldn’t the same people say that without playing he was stealing Novak’s moment?? I mean, people would say things when he would show up and when he would not show up…. No pleasing everyone in such a situation….

      1. And Kate one more thing, if Mirka did say that she really is the most stupid woman around. Why say something in English that 19000 people understand? Why not say it in their language what maybe 10 people there understand?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    2. Er nothing to do with him personally actually. He was playing the match. Mirka v supportive protective of her man, intense sporting moment! Stuff happens. Only human!

    3. Kate, please think rationally. Ok, she yelled something right before the serve, but to single her out with his racquet is not very gentlemanly.

      You said, “her overall conduct was sufficient for her to have been ejected from the court (had she not been RF’s wife)”. I’ll say if she wasn’t Roger’s wife, she wouldn’t have been singled out like that. Stan was completely in the wrong on this occasion. Uncle Toni doesn’t get ejected for illegal coaching. Mirka’s offense is nowhere near that bad.

      I’m very happy that Mirka gave Stan as good as she got.

      And what do you mean, “Federer diminished the prize”? Please elaborate.

  39. This is the latest on ‘the story’ if you haven’t seen it:
    “Fed clears the air…”
    “…”We’re friends, not enemies, but obviously it was one of those heat of the moment situations. But I think you did a really nice job of making it big, but I don’t think from this point there’s much to say about it anymore.” Federer says they’ve put it behind them. “We had a conversation after the match and everything’s totally relaxed about the situation. We’re old enough.” Wawrinka says they have no problem with each other.”

    Love they way he pointed out how the press made a bigger mess of it. ;))

    But there’s no real news on Federer’s back, except that it’s a little better than it was, but not enough for him to practice. Doesn’t sound great unfortunately.

  40. Firstly, I wished I could have seen Roger’s match against Murray at the end of last week. It sounds like it was quite some display. The only other time I can recall Roger dishing out such a drubbing to a top player was in the 2005 Tour finals, when he despatched the 2004 FO champion Gaston Gaudio without the loss of a game. Incredible. On that occasion he looked uncomfortable as well, as he doesn’t like to humiliate an opponent. Beat him, yes – but not humiliate him.

    However, I wasn’t able to catch the matches at the end of the last week. But I did manage to see some of his match against Stan (and – controversy aside – it was a hell of a game.) Which brings me to my second point. I did notice something going down on court with Stan, and I heard the umpire intervening. I thought maybe Stan was getting bothered by courtside photographers or spectators taking ‘flash’ pictures, but Mourier didn’t say anything. Anyway, it appears from subsequent reports that it almost certainly involved Mirka. So I will say in defence of McEnroe and other media who reported this, that it is significant if there were repercussions off-court between the two great players and Davis Cup team-mates based on something that happened on-court – or more particularly, involving family and supporters. It’s newsworthy and tennis is more than just forehands and backhands. Commentators like McEnroe are entitled – even expected – to tell us more than what we can simply see with our own eyes.

    But what I have been reading here is a kind of blind hero-worship of Roger, extended to Mirka, that they are people beyond any criticism, and anyone who even hints otherwise must be reviled. Pretty childish stuff. It may come as news to some who regularly comment here that Roger is different from the rest of us in only one significant respect – his outlandish talent. Period. It actually demeans that talent to accord him the drooling adulation normally given film stars or pop idols – who may have none. And it offers little more to readers of this blog than an unfortunate insight into the shallowness of the views of the writer.

    By the way, I well remember when Roger had issues with some of Uncle Toni’s courtside behaviour and how he also sailed into Novak’s parents on one occasion – telling them to “shut up”. Sterner words than anything that came from Stan.

    1. Please…you are the one who is being childish here. All Mirka did was yell something at Roger, in support. Everyone does that. I just happened to be at a bad time, when Stan had just lost to chances to break Roger. Stan is the one who stepped away, walked towards Mirka, pointing his racquet to her.

      Was he right? You think so. You know what, fucking news flash. You are wrong! You are also way the fuck wrong about McEnroe being right on reporting locker room details.

      What Mirka said after that was pure reaction. The fact that she knew Stan well didn’t help.

      Get over it. Nobody is a blind worshiper. You sound like a blind hater.

      By the way, Uncle Toni admitted to illegal coaching, so Roger wasn’t wrong. And he didn’t sail into Novak. He told them to, “Be quiet”. Not, “shut up”. Way to spread lies.

      Now, go away.

      1. Well, that oozes maturity. Maybe some of Roger’s fans should care less about this stuff than he apparently does.

      2. Thanks, Richard! Given how hight McEnroe’s has set the standards of maturity, as a player, and as a commentator/journalist, I’ll take that as a compliment.

      3. It’s basically a non story. Hence why I haven’t bothered making any sort of post on it.

        “By the way, I well remember when Roger had issues with some of Uncle Toni’s courtside behaviour and how he also sailed into Novak’s parents on one occasion – telling them to β€œshut up”.”

        You have to trawl Youtube to even find a clip of that or any articles mentioning those incidents above as it wasn’t newsworthy in the slightest. And he told Dijana Djoker to “Be quiet”.

        After a poor tournament overall and no final this was just an excuse for the press to make some headlines when they needed them most. I dunno why people are making such a fuss about it, it hardly decided the outcome of the match.

      4. I would have been surprised if you made a post about it Jonathan. It’s as you said, a non-story. Roger has been been controversy free for the majority of his career so with this incident, it’s like Christmas has come early for some whilst others have waited 10+ years or so for something resembling a “Scandal” to happen that will be linked to him.

        Also after that “Be-Quiet” comment to Djokovic parents, the audience clapped. They had been insufferable since he came on tour and they still are. “The King is Dead” πŸ˜†

      5. Jonathan, the ‘biggest fuss’ appears to have come not from the media but indignant commenters on the net, like this blog. Sure, the incident didn’t decide the outcome of the match but it happened. It also appears it led to a long post match talk between Federer and Wawrinka. Hardly the stuff of scandal or gossip – but still interesting. By the way, Sid, McEnroe has won 7 slams – can you tell us again what you have done?

      6. Richard, comparing me to McEnroe by numbers of slams is a naive thing to do, if that’s your only line of defense. You and I both know the answer. I am going to answer it for your sadistic pleasure. I have won zero slams. I’m considering Wimbledon 2015 though to give Roger a run for his money.

        We look up on athletes. We make some our role models. This is not about how many slams I have one. This is about an athlete who has won seven slams (and tons in doubles), not being cognizant of the fact that what happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room. Would Federer have wanted this incident to come out in the open? Absolutely not! It’s these two bit journalists and commentators who are doing it.

        Slam or no slam, getting such details out into the public is a very discourteous thing to do. But then again, given how well McEnroe conducted himself on the court, it’s hardly a surprise.

        I didn’t start his fuss. I was merely replying to comments that were putting McEnroe in the right, and Mirka in the wrong.

        Granted I went over the top replying to your original comment. Part of it is due to how much I dislike John McEnroe.

      7. “getting such details out into the public is a very discourteous thing to do”
        Totally agree Sid

      8. As do I. If there had been an on-court bust-up between Stan and *Roger*, then yes, I think it might have been appropriate to tell us that it had been settled off-court, but there wasn’t, as far as I can gather. The trouble is, whether people will it or not, in simply relating what is reported to have happened in their own words people can create a sort of “Chinese whispers” effect which distorts reality, usually in a way such as to exaggerate it. I saw one report which had the two of them “duking it out”, and someone else’s “10 minutes” turns into JMac’s “late into the night” or whatever it was he said.

    2. “Commentators like McEnroe are entitled – even expected – to tell us more than what we can simply see with our own eyes.”

      Maybe, but that doesn’t extend to behind-the-scenes gossip which should stay private.

      And what the hell (pardon my French) is this about Mourier talking to the press? Rene Stauffer tweeted it.

      1. Sid, it is very apparent you don’t like McEnroe. But as far as I am aware of he wasn’t indulging in gossip – as some have accused him of here – or breaching confidences. He stated that the two players had had a lengthy discussion in the locker-room after the match – information, incidentally, which according to other reports, was supplied to media by an official. He didn’t divulge anything that was said in that discussion, but in view of what had happened between Stan and Mirka (and involving Mourier) it was surely relevant that it occurred. There isn’t anything sacred about a locker-room – it isn’t a confessional, or even a private phone call. If on-court issues continue off-court between two champions who are countrymen and even friends then there is a significance in that for followers of the game. It looks like Roger and Stan have resolved their issues – which must be a good thing – but saying it didn’t matter and we shouldn’t know about it misrepresents it, because it mattered to Stan and Mirka at the time, and Roger after. It happened in public so this is no private spat.

        McEnroe may be a pain in the eyes of some, but he is a professional commentator on the tour. He was doing his job talking about this stuff. He didn’t make anything up, or even give his opinion about it. I would cut him some slack. He is regarded by many as one of the few geniuses who have played this game. His views should be worth hearing.

  41. Maybe they’ll have Roger play doubles Sat and a singles on Sunday?

    I have back issues and it’s so unpredictable how one will feel one day to the next. It’s not like other injuries that are more easily diagnosed.

    I think Roger will take the outcome of this better than most of us.

  42. ‘I think Roger will take the outcome of this better than most of us.’ – You’re right there Susie, no one accepts a disappointment better – or more philosophically – than him. For us, it’s a quandary: we’d all love to see him play in this DC final, but are terrified that he will make it worse, and really f*** up 2015. No one wants that.

    1. Sue πŸ™‚

      Injuries are part of the sport.

      I don’t really care if he plays DC or not. I couldn’t get tickets so I’d cancel it tbh, full of corporates πŸ˜€

      1. Oh yes, ‘Sue’ – sorry about that – always good sense from both of them.

        Davis Cup has never been high on my list – I’d be happy to see it ditched – but I do think it’s important to him. For that reason, I would be very happy (so long as there was no chance of aggravating the injury) to see him play. Doesn’t look very promising though.

  43. I am gutted as Fed couldn’t play the finals and most likely won’t play the Davis Cup final as well.
    But I am more worried about his back condition. Hope he will get well soon as I personally don’t care about the Davis cup or WTF. I am more worried about the 2015.

    I think we should stop discussing about the rift between Roger and Stan. It happens in tense matches and nothing right or wrong in that. It just that you have to control your emotions which I think only Fed knows how to handle the situation. Stan will learn from Fed eventually.

    Well look forward to see Fed play Davis Cup hopefully. Wish him luck for his speedy recovery.

  44. Having trouble posting and have lost two long replies tonight but quickly wish to thank everyone for their insights as I have been away and missed all this drama and been playing catch up since the Stan Fed match ended. So disillusioned with the press JMac and Simon Briggs comments and articles and the umpire was not the greatest anyway but managed the situation during the match and then fuels it further by commenting after. WTF!
    Next few days look interesting lets hope RF can get his back and game on track and participate in whatever he wants to in Lille and that he can resume his winning ways and end his season immersed in Swiss glory, or at the least confident about his health and game for 2015.

    1. Last sentence: I’ll second that Katie…still no definite news. He may have practiced in secret (on Lisa Wawrinka’s twitter, mentioned in French). I just hope he doesn’t push himself to play if he’s not 100% confident on his back.

    2. Yes, I’m guessing Briggs won’t be getting to see Roger’s pics of Leo and Lenny any time soon. Anyone remember when the Telegraph did quality tennis reporting?

      1. At least Roger’s withdrawal made the front page on (US). That’s how much of a big deal it was πŸ™‚

    3. Any mainstream media outlet stopped doing quality writing in any area long ago. The only decent journalists are ones who aren’t on the payroll of one of these places and are usually crowdfunded to report on things.

  45. Roger is finally training… only for 20 minutes but that’s a start!!! But it’s so cold and apparently smelly in the stadium…

    1. You been reading Stauffer?

      Personally, I don’t know what possessed the FFT to pick an outdoor stadium at this time of year. Oh wait, they wanted to nullify Roger’s advantages, didn’t they? (How’s Chiudi on clay?!)

      1. Something from “L’EQUIPE” first I think (for the cold and the smell as the french arrived first in the stadium). Now it’s all over the french “dΓ©pΓͺches”…

      1. I thought he looked a bit stiff – and cautious. I’m worried he’ll exacerbate the problem if he plays. Not good for next year.

  46. Replying to “Thinker” and Katyani

    This is a composite to both you guys – and thank you for considering what I said.

    1) Firstly, on the subject of the award – I accept that RF could have been misunderstood for appearing for the prize-giving. However, he would only have been following the rules of the Tournament. The losing finalist is obliged to attend or pay a penalty of Β£5,000 – a painful back issue as he defined is insufficient to release any player from that obligation….he was able to walk, to speak to present his position to the audience.
    2) In fairness, I do not know whether he has paid his dues i.e. Β£5,000. But I do know that Murray refused to accept payment for providing a form of entertainment and refused to take payment. (For the record I have not found out why Lopez who was the 2nd spare after Ferrer did not face Djokovic in place of Federer – given that Raonic was replaced by Ferrer and went into the tournament with Raonic’s tournament rating. Interesting to think that Lopez could have gone in holding Federer’s rating!!!!!!! (Perhaps he was already back in Spain as I understand the Tournament had only an hour to replace RF – hence Murray who was local).
    3) There is a wide range of shades of grey between Uncle Toni trying to furtively coach Nadal and Mirka deliberately trying to put Stan off his game and calling him “Cry baby”. Mirka had knowledge of Stan’s temperament and played upon it – in support of RF. To be fair, I very much doubt that RF welcomed this input – but after all she is his wife – you can’t always deal with it properly. Hence no blame to him, except that he did benefit from it. Or did he benefit – given the acrimony caused between RF and Stan. Nobody can tell me that the Federers and Stan will be truly “kissing cousins” for a very long time.

    1. Here we go again. Poor, saintly, Stan the man, getting all his wrong buttons pressed by that brat Mirka. Stan should never her engaged her to begin with. He started it. You cannot blame Mirka at all. She did not start it.

      Toni Nadal admitted that he has illegally coached Dopal, and has also used game slowing tactics when playing Roger. Nothing furtive about it. I’ve seen him talk directly to Nadal on the baseline several times during matches.

  47. I suppose it’s debatable whether you can call someone a “losing finalist” if they don’t actually take part in the final, though. Perhaps Roger felt that, since he hadn’t actually played, it wasn’t appropriate for him to be there – I don’t know.

    1. In any case, since Chris Kermode walked out with him, it’s clear they had been talking. There are codicils in the rules about “unless certified by a doctor”, that sort of thing. In my mind, the brief interview with ATP may have been intended to fulfill his press obligations. (and by that I mean, intended by both Roger and Kermode.)

      I read somewhere, in the French press I think, that at its worst he couldn’t sit down.

      By the time he came on court to publicly withdraw, the Swiss DC team doctor would already have been in London and would have already had a look.

    1. Thinker, I’m sorry that I have to say this. That was a horrible article. Any one of our readers here can write a better one πŸ™‚

    1. Any DC fans out there? Must watch to get you primed πŸ™‚

      Instant goosebumps, and I’m not exactly a DC fan! Roger Federer and the soundtrack made. Thanks Sue!

    2. Thanks Sue – stirring stuff – Federer in full flight – awesome. It’s why we love him. And his reaction – if we have any doubt what it means to him – says it all.

      And thanks Thinker for the article – she was absolutely right too – shame she was a Nadal fan!

  48. Hey guys, it is kind of sad isn’t it? After the TERRIFIC year Roger had (after he showed all the haters and critics how wrong they were to write him off)… now the tennisworld is more focussing on the Mirka story than on what an amazing year Roger had…..

    This may sound terrible, but I mean it…. I hope Roger won’t play DC matches. We all know Stan pushed Roger into playing, but it IS actually Roger who got Switzerland to the final, so now… let Stan take care of the winning. Let him bring the trophy home. It is the LEAST he can do after what he did to Roger. And I mean that. Roger should not play DC and the Exho’s in India and the one with Stan. Let him rest, rest his back and take care of his health and practise and then come back in January to roar !!!

    1. Katyani, when Roger decide to play DC he plays for Switzerland and not for Stan.
      I could easily tell how much it means for Roger to win DC for his country and to add that title to his resume.
      if the back still hurting, he should not play, but if its not, then he will play and won’t care about anything else

      1. Hey Shamtoot, I understand what you are saying. Do you know that tomorrow I have the half day off JUST to watch DC?? Never done that, but that is HOW MUCH it means to me to see Roger play DC. I seriously want Roger to play SOOOOOO badly. But Shamtoot…. at what cost?? Yesterday he only practised about 20 min. When he has to play Tsonga and Monfils you can bet it will be 3 hours long and, knowing Roger is injured they might take their time just to make him tired.

        So trust me, I think I am one of the few people here who has taken time off work to watch Roger. But if that means that Roger makes his back worse, then no thank you. His health is much more important. DC will be there next year and the year after, etc.

        I want to see Roger play at DC, but not at the expense of his health….

    2. I think we all agree (and his team also no question) that Federer should most certainly not play if there is any danger at all that he will aggravate the back problem. It seems very unlikely – judging by the bit of footage of him practiising – that he will play tomorrow if at all.

      I like your posts Katyani, but I’m afraid I shall have to disagree with you on Stan. He surely can’t MAKE or PUSH Federer to play; it’s more likely that (because it’s important to him) Federer puts pressure on himself. To be honest, my feeling is that Luthi, as DC captain, puts pressure on both of them: there was some indication that Luthi was trying to persuade Roger to miss one of those last three tournaments, and in hindsight, he was right. But Federer probably saw a chance at the beginning of the year, with Spain and Serbia out (both historically strong teams), of a crack at the title. He makes his own decisions and we shouldn’t be blaming anyone for what has happened. It’s just bad luck.

      1. Hey Slamdunk, you know…. I seriously don’t get that…. why if you question someone you obviously also are blaming them?? I don’t get that. Who says I am blaming Stan?? Yes, I am questioning him but not blaming. Roger is a grown up and certainly not perfect. I am not a blind follower. I can see through the things Roger does you know. I know he wants to play DC and that it is important to him too, but from what I read Stan also pushed him into it. That doesn’t mean I am blaming Stan, because Roger does know how to say “no”.
        BUT… it does bother me that it seems like some here think Stan is some kind of a saint. He is not a saint and neither is Roger. They are both not perfect.

      2. Sorry Katyani, but you did say:
        ‘We all know Stan pushed Roger into playing, but it IS actually Roger who got Switzerland to the final, so now… let Stan take care of the winning. Let him bring the trophy home. It is the LEAST he can do after what he did to Roger
        I appreciate you’re not saying that Federer doesn’t know his own mind(!), but there did seem an element of blame attached to Stan in your sentence.
        All I’m saying is let’s not look for a scapegoat here; no one is to blame for this, like I said, just very bad luck.

      3. Yes, I too don’t subscribe to the “Stan pushed him into it” theory – nor to the assumption that he waited until Djokovic was out before deciding to play. I still believe that, having realised that Stan had made noticeable progress that year, he decided that with two good players it was worth having another stab at it.

        And as for “injured”, well, is he? If it’s a spasm and it’s un-spasmed itself, then he could be fine. Sure, he won’t have had much clay-court practice (apart from that little bit a few weeks ago), but it’s not exactly as though he hasn’t played tennis for ages, is it?

        Just as long as he doesn’t injure himself again …

      4. Hey Slamdunk and Alison, the reason I wrote that Stan pushed Roger into playing DC this year, is because I read it and Stan did say something like that in a presser. Maybe I heard or read it wrong. That doesn’t mean that Roger is some litte kid who will listen when someone says he has to play DC. He has a mind of his own. He knows how to say no. I also think like Alison that he might have said yes this year because he saw Stan’s progress. Which is good because the 4 of them got Switzerland in the final. Not just Roger. And not just Roger and Stan.

        And Slamdunk, I don’t know how else to say that I am NOT blaming Stan. I had hoped I had explained that well in one of my comments above. Stan is not Roger’s hired help who has to bow in front of Roger and lose to him. But I do question some of Stan’s motives, even before 2014. That does not mean I blame him for things or Roger losing or not beeing able to play. I hope I made my point, because really… I don’t know how else to explain it πŸ™‚

    1. As far as I can see Utch, there’s no indication of who’s playing who; probably they were waiting to see where Federer was re the back. I can’t see him playing tomorrow frankly. Maybe he’ll have a short practice this morning and they will see how he is feeling. There was this short (and rather excruciating) interview with Federer on the DC site but no real info. We’ll have to be patient.

    2. Here it is now Utch – looks like Feds is going to play!

      First Tsonga-Wawrinka followed by Federer-Monfils on Friday.
      Doubles on Saturday, Benneateau-Gasquet vs Chiudinelli-Lammer.
      Sunday first Tsonga-Federer followed by Monfils-Wawrinka.

      I’m certainly not going to question the champ; he knows his own body, but I am rather worried.

  49. Someone else mentioned this I think, but honestly, how crap is this? A Swiss journalist reported that in the Stadium Pierre-Mauroy, which cost 282 million euros, they ‘forgot’ to install central heating and it’s so cold that the organization has fixed 26 huge heaters to the headlights and will provide 20.000 blankets for the 27.000 spectators; and what happens to the 7,000 spectators without blankets I ask?! Mind-boggling incompetence. πŸ™

  50. And this comment from Federer: FFT ‏@FFTennis [email protected] : ” je ne prends pas un risque Γ©norme en jouant demain. J’ai confiance en mon corps. Je suis optimiste ” #FRASUI #DavisCup

    (I do not take a huge risk playing tomorrow I have confidence in my body I am optimistic.)

  51. Esteemed owner, could you please create another post as this one is getting too long. Call it DC Chat Thread or something πŸ™‚

  52. thanks so much slamdunk. i think i wanted him to play really. i doubt he can sit through the tension of watching his team mates play.
    Scooter, don’t worry, there will be another post tomorrow after our Swiss successive wins tomorrow:)
    Hopp Scwitz (& Sid don’t mock my Swiss attempt πŸ™‚

  53. I think the Swiss will take the doubles by surprise…the most important match of the day: Stan vs Tsonga. It’s a must win for Stan.

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