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Roger Federer – The Sweet Escape

Hey all, the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated πŸ™‚ and although I haven't posted I have been keeping track of comments just haven't had chance to put together a post since the Davis Cup Final 2 week ago.

There's not much really to blog about in the off season but there's still some tennis left in 2015 as Roger's Indian Premier Tennis League stint is about to get underway. From what I've read he arrives in Delhi at some point today and plays his first match tomorrow.

I haven't had chance to watch any of the IPTL yet so have no idea if the format is any good. I noticed a few of you leave comments saying it has been good to watch so I'll try to catch some of Federer vs Berdcyh tomorrow. For those of you who are interested you can see the outfit he will be wearing below along with Monfils, Bopanna and Sampras πŸ™‚

Roger Federer – The Sweet Escape

Finally onto some more serious video editing πŸ˜‰ as Conal (@rfswissmaestro) has made a video that looks at all Roger's match points saved this year which span across 3 matches – Monfils at the USO, Mayer in Shangai and Wawrinka at the World Tour Finals.

Has Fed ever saved match points 3 times in a single season before? Seems unlikely. It's a great video and as we have come to expect from a Beechaii2 Production has some slick transitions and it flows very well with the music.

For those wondering the video has to be on Vimeo due to Copyright Infringement clamp downs on YouTube this year, bit of a shame really as all these videos promote the game in way far better than any of the ‘Official' channels are able to.

Also stay tuned for an β€˜RF Best Points of 2015′ video coming soon from Conal too which I will also be posting here.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Glad you are alive πŸ™‚

    No, I knew you’re working on something fishy, the iptl warming-up video, I had to watch it again and again LOL!

  2. Nice video Conal πŸ™‚
    To answer your question: no! 1st time in his career he saved match points 3 times in 1 year(let alone 3 months!). 1st time he’s ever saved match points in a slam(while coming back from 2 sets to 0). 1st time he saved 11 match points in a single season. All 11 saved at the age of 33 πŸ™‚

    Maybe you should make a post of your best matches this year or something like that! I know Conal will have his Best Points video(which I eagerly await) too…. I just need more points for the leaderboard :p

    1. I’ll try my best Brandon! Might have to be uploaded to Vimeo again though! I could consider writing to the ATP Media Group and requesting special permission to post the video!

    1. Hi there Monsour… can I ask you if you are the great Monsour Barahmi by any chance! !! πŸ™‚ lol. I was watching the exhibition match on tv at the Statoil masters at the Royal Albert Hall this afternoon. And he made me and all the people laugh at some of his amazing shots that he was producing at his age!!! Unbelievable, simply legendary. Anyway cool man !! If you are new here welcome to Jonathans Perfect-tennis. The best tennis post with really cool people here who regularly post there comments to high knowledgeable and thought provoking comments.

      Ps. For Jonathan glad to hear you are back from the dead!!! Lol . Man if you didn’t write your postaanymore I don’t know what id do. Simply aggreat tennis site to read up on feds matches, analysis, conclusion and summarys. Thumbs up and big up Jonathan! !! Keep doing what you are doing man!!! Cheers and thanks much appreciated to your hard work and dedication totthis site. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Love to watch over and over. I can’t seem to navigate through the IPTL site. Who’s playing when, etc. ATP is such a better site.

      1. That’s good news Alison – I think it’s been an excellent partnership. It seems clear they get on very well and Roger has definitely improved, and gained much more confidence in his volleys. We were treated to some fantastic volleying skills in the IPTL matches also. Whatever Sid says, there’s been some great tennis from Federer, and some breathtaking shots from his racquet. I think he really enjoyed himself and was clearly happy he’d made the effort.

      2. Yep, I reckon the Aces as well as Team Suisse have benefited from both Edberg and that bit of coaching from the Bryan’s coach πŸ™‚ I’ve only seen a few highlight vids, but Fed does seem to have been playing some great shots.

    1. I think it’s just a laugh. Pretty light hearted, I’m watching now, can’t imagine I’d watch it consistently but been alright so far but clearly just a gimmick. Don’t think it will do anything for the game though.

      1. I agree. It won’t do anything for the game. I actually don’t mind if it’s culled. Pointless. Would much rather have Federer take time off and recover for the next season than take part in this.

        Could anyone gauge the condition of his back? It’s never nice to hear him bring up the word ‘injury’ without any provocation. Always gets the heart skipping a beat or two.

        β€œHere (in the IPTL), what I like the most is that you can be substituted. That releases a lot of pressure on me. I was considering doing it during the men’s doubles, and even in the singles, may be, towards the end and put (Gael) Monfils in if I was not feeling it so well, β€œ he said.

        β€œIf something was hurting, there was no reason to push it so to get injured. No one wants it…the fans don’t want it, the promoter doesn’t want it. I don’t want it.

        β€œAs long as I felt good, I kept playing. That’s why I decided to play all three sets. Tomorrow, may be, I’ll probably play just two. Today, I pretty much went 100 per cent.”

      2. “I doesn’t do anything for the game”…. What would is it suppose to be doing exactly? And don’t exactly get it?
        Tennis for us, humble watchers is just there to entertain us… Is IPTL entertaining?
        It seems, yes….By many aspects as I mentioned in an other post.
        Tickets sales, mostly in India, hasn’t been great so the stadium is quite empty and that’s sad… Seems like prices have been to high. But apart from that it seems that a lot of you guy have decided from the beginning that it was not interesting and so what ever happens you stick to that… It’s a natural human disposition called conservatism which can be very useful in certain circumstances. So is variety and flexibility.
        The question is finding the right balance between these different mindsets to be able to not only survive but also live and enjoy life…
        I feel a bit sad for those of who seem to be psycho rigid about this ITPL thing. Its purpose is just about fun and entertaining, and it’s fun (and competitive).
        The site is not great, ok, that doesn’t mean the all thing is not great… Shanghai Rolex web site totally sucks, I think we all enjoyed that master 1000, mostly this year πŸ˜‰ !

        I loved seeing Roger playing yesterday, I loved seeing the interactions between the players… Sampras sucked OK πŸ™‚ Roger interview sitting next to him and joking about was cool… Maybe I’m a cheesy fan OK, but I think it’s fun, again as I said IPTL and ATP don’t exclude each other, they complement each other…
        Anyway, tonight the UAE Royals will compete against the MICROMAX Indian Aces… So it’s Novak’s team against Roger’s… Up to you guy, I will watch, I will see Roger, and I know I will feel tension, amazement, fun and joy…that’s why I watch tennis!!!
        And by the way, Rob Koenig and Jason Goodall seem also to have a lot of fun and are doing a great job…

      3. Fair point Nath. I agree with your point of view actually. Although I still stick with my point that I’d rather Federer used his off season recuperating.

        Yeah, the ticket prices ere extremely high here in India, but they still got sold out pretty fast. At least the cheaper seats did. I don’t know about some of the seats that were priced at INR 50,000 (Almost a 1000 dollars!!- I don’t think many Grand Slams have tickets priced in that range, specially if you consider the fact that 1000 dollars is worth far more in India than say in the States (purchasing power))

        I was talking to a friend who works in one of India’s bigger sports media channels and he was telling me that the cheap seats were not worth the price. Too far back.

        I remember watching Wimbledon (Court 1) fourth round in 2009- Berdych- Roddick, Djokovic – Sela, Azarenka- someone for about 30 pounds if I remember correctly. 20 pounds I think was the admission and 5 or 10 pounds was the resale ticket (or the other way round).

        There’s no way I wanted my first ‘live’ Federer experience to be an exhibition where he plays for half an hour and looks like a dot from the seat I get. So I’ve decided to choose a tournament in 2015, and go watch him somewhere abroad. Might be a fair sum of money, but it’ll be worth it.

      4. Yeah I wouldn’t pay to watch this stuff, save your cash for a proper tournament.

        Like I said Nath it’s just a gimmicky tournament. More about marketing than anything else. I have no issue with it though, no different to the Gillette Tour really.

      5. Well, I was watching the team tennis at the Albert Hall last night: that was fun, too, but there’s no way I’d want to watch “normal” tennis like that. And I too would rather Roger were off recuperating and recovering from his back injury, but he’s stepped in and decided to play this, too. My bet is that he wouldn’t have accepted had it not been India – or possibly Dubai, since he’d have been at home there. But those prices – they’re obscene, some of them! (And yes – Wimbledon Β£20 ground pass plus maybe Β£5 on a returned ticket – but I think “proper” tickets are heading up and over the 3-digit mark these days).

  4. I thought you might have just been on a pre-Christmas drunken spree Jonathan…

    I’ve enjoyed the IPTL matches I have to say. OK, might be glorified exho matches, but there’s definitely been a much more competitive element than you normally see in exhos. I think it’s great fun and it’s been good to see some of the legends take part, and to see Fabrice Santoro on the court – I always loved that guy, he had a great never-give-up attitude, full of surprises, and win or lose, always looked as though he was having fun.

    Fantastic start from Feds (I’ve particularly liked Sania Merza as well, she’s been great), and it was good to see him putting the Birdman (who actually looked very serious) in his place. πŸ™‚

    1. Nah I am T-Total πŸ˜†

      I saw Santoro just take on Goran, he still has wheels. Sampras looking like he would rather be at home but will take the pay cheque πŸ˜†

      1. T-total – that’s very healthy of you!
        Yes, poor Sampras – a shadow of his former self – he just couldn’t find his range; I felt sorry for him and it was rather embarrassing. Santoro is still very quick around the court – and he’s won most of his matches; he even manage to pull back a couple of games in this one. Goran was taking it very seriously I thought. πŸ™‚

      2. I really like Santoro: I’d heard a lot about him, but never really saw him until he was on the Champions’ Tour. I missed not having him this year. But can you imagine a doubles match with him and Roger on the same side?!

      3. Didn’t Sampras play well vs. Agassi not long ago indoors? Think he still has some skills.

        I think the fact he just got off a plane didn’t help. Tough conditions too as the court played quite different I heard someone say.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I felt like I had to make a video because its not everyday you see Fed win three matches in three months saving multiple match points in the process!

  5. Two things:

    One, great video Conal

    Now, for the IPTL. I’m extremely disappointed that the man who I believe is singularly responsible for adding beauty to the game of tennis, is now, for a few millions dollars more, pandering to these clowns who are turning the sport into a freak show.

    What’s even more disappointing is that we as Federer fans are sucking it all up like it were, as we would say, the best thing since sliced bread.

    Not to mention the format itself is a blatant rip off of Word Team Tennis in the US. Congratulations, Bopanna and Co! You are retarded, and a thieves.

    1. Think what you like Sid, I don’t claim to enjoy this format more than normal, but “retards” for earning a couple of million dollars for a few days work, no matter how much of a “sell out” you think it is, is a little harsh. Particularly people like bopanna who have every reason to want his sport given more exposure in unusual places.

      1. I don’t care what Roger’s motivation is to take part in the league. It is good to see the players involved to promote tennis and not act stuck up because it is a different format. I like they are using a format so people you normally don’t watch tennis would come watch. The only people who are “retarded” are the one’s acting like this is death of tennis. Federer and Hewitt is going to play an exhibition with a different format in Syndey, too.

      2. Nopes, that wasn’t for you, John. I used too many carrots. It was this someone else. I said I was disappointed with Federer fans, and I was told I’m a retard, and an asshole πŸ™

        But just for kicks, though it wasn’t intended for you, what if it was? How would you have responded? πŸ™‚

      3. It’s just a gimmick. I wouldn’t pay to watch it in a million years.

        Don’t think it will do much in terms of promoting the game as this will be forgotten about by January.

        Don’t have much against it though, just like the IPL really. Cash cow.

      4. Haha, not much different, probably asked you to explain in clear words exactly how taking a couple of mil for two days was stupid, all in a vaguely passive aggressive tone πŸ™‚ but I do feel that the players who at least come from these countries have every right to play and hope it works out.

  6. I haven’t been watching it but I caught the Aces full match on YouTube today. The whole thing is comical, but the players seems to be loving it and most are playing for less than 25 minutes. Berdsh*t looked mighty upset at the end there because he couldn’t even defeat Rolexerer who had only warmed up for 20 minutes πŸ˜†

    I don’t think any part of the IPTL rules will be making it’s way into ATP/ITF tournaments. Though I wouldn’t mind the shot clock being implemented to deal with those serial rule breakers *cough*

  7. Sid, I believe Tony Godsick convinced Fed to play in this tournament. I haven’t watched it myself and find the web site very poor but the players seem to be having a good time. What doesn’t make sense to me is the players are complaining and suffering from such a long season.

    1. Roger has a mind of his own and doesn’t need Tony Godsick to “convince” him of anything. So anything outside of the ATP/WTA is a “travesty” to tennis?

      1. Probably Bopanna convinced Fed to participate as a decent compensation for Nadal. The ‘good time and smiles’ are pretty easy to act in front of the cameras, you don’t really have an idea what’s really going inside their heads. I reckon half of the players are only playing due to pressure from the league organisers to promote tennis in South-Eastern Asian countries.

      2. Sue, I’m sure Godsick played a huge role in all this, and with Nadal out, maybe he wanted to just fill in. Either ways, poor choice.

        Conal, glad there is at least one other person on this blog who sort of agrees with me πŸ™‚

      3. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Roger won’t able to sleep because of his decision to participate. NOT!

      4. Hey Sid, I think you have the wrong impression of IPTL man. Look Federer played two singles matches over two days and the total time was less than 90 mins. And rest was doubles maybe for around another 90 mins. Look in India we don’t get to see any tennis. And I think Federer enjoyed it a lot. I saw every minute Federer was on court on TV and he really really enjoyed it. I remember the South American exhos and I thought even though he enjoyed it he played far too much. IPTL was nothing like that. And I think you should learn to respect what others say. I mean I try to always see your point of view. And you know what, I love Federer much much more than you can imagine. Even I was super scared what would happen to Federer and I really didn’t want him to play. But he really played well, played freely without injuries and he really enjoyed it. I think it served all the purposes it was meant to. He had a good time in India, got a few bucks and had a decent hit without overplaying !!

      5. By the way, all I said was I’m disappointed with Federer, and his fans for sucking up this macabre form of tennis, and I was slammed for that.

        This was never about the millions Federer made, or how much he enjoyed it, or how much it boosted Rolex sales etc. This was about trying to promote a joke of a format, a freak show.

      6. @Ajay – ” I think it served all the purposes it was meant to” out of interest what do you think the purpose of the IPTL was?

        I personally don’t think it had one, was just a money making exercise really with a bit of tennis thrown in the mix.

        In terms of watching it I thought it was alright, the bench of players were involved and had fun but all looked a little contrived to me especially with the OTT clearly under instruction commentary. I certainly wouldn’t be waking up at 3am to watch it like an Slam match.

      1. Rolex wearing Federer (with a bad back hangover) technically beat Novak today. 6-5. And they were playing pretty darn seriously. It was no fun and thrills. They were playing to win.

        Since his team was was trailing up until the start of his match (and was still trailing despite the scoreline being 6-5 in Federer’s favour) they could carry on playing up until Roger lost a game. In order to catch up to UAE Federer (after having beaten Novak) would have to beat him 6 games in a row.

      2. Oh right, there’s me thinking it was because he is sponsored by Rolex and he is under instruction to wear it πŸ˜†

        Tbh he should have installed a Jura coffee machine next to the bench and taken up the role of Head Barista for the Micromax Indian Aces. Sampras looked like he needed an Espresso.

      3. Yeah poor Roger getting paid millions of dollars by Rolex to wear one of their expensive watches. He’s their brand ambassador. Leave Sampras alone this is probably the most people be around.

      4. You heard that, Gaurav? Leave Sampras alone. And she is not going to tell you that again πŸ˜‰

      5. @Karen nobody is criticising Fed for earning big bucks for a Rolex sponsorship deal. I am saying – he’s wearing a rolex to play in, that tells you everything about the tournament, it’s a marketing exercise, it has little to do with Tennis.

    1. Might include that point in my video! One of the best smashes I’ve ever seen, a shot Djokovic can only dream of executing!

      1. It was a very poor-quality display on my screen. Roger did have his back to the net when he hit that, didn’t he? πŸ™‚

      1. I thought it was Jimmy Connors?! Robbie Koenig said it was Connors. No way Courier could have executed a skyhook smash, he was a baseline offensive player!

    1. Haha maybe he can play with ear muffs. It looked like a light hearted set from the highlights I saw. Goodall and Koenig were talking like it was a clash of epic proportions. Sounded very fake which kinda ruined it for me.

      1. I’m not the biggest fan of the IPTL, but I saw the full Federer- Novak match. It was as serious as an exhibition can get. A marked contrast from some of the preceding matches. They were fairly relaxed after points, celebrating with their teams and what not, but once the point was on, it was pretty darn serious business. I would put it as a serious exhibition. At around 80-90% match seriousness.

  8. I hated everything about the ITPL, hope the event goes away to be honest. People interested in promoting tennis in India should work on building better real tennis tournaments in India (maybe try to make the Chennai open a ATP 500 event instead of 250). India has become good at macking a mockery of sports (IPL for cricket, ITPL for tennis, and the weird soccer league).

    1. That makes you a retard, and an asshole πŸ™‚ That’s not what I said, that’s what someone told me.

      I agree with you. This IPTL thing is a joke, a freak show, a disgrace to tennis. Hey, so long as the organizers make money, and there are people paying to watch this crap, it’s good business, right?

      1. You calling IPTL a freak show or disgrace is not going help tournaments the Chennai Open to become better. You put you in charge of what is considered “real tennis”. I hope the IPTL while different brings more interest to tennis in India which can lead to helping the Chennai Open grow. Tennis has evolved otherwise men will still be wearing long pants and jackets while women wearing long shirts. I love tennis but tennis fans can be such snobs.

      2. Hi Sid,
        Just a little correction here

        People (including you) have the right to have their opinion about IPTL, whether they think it is good or they think it is bad.

        But from what I’ve read, someone call you an a**hole not because your comment/opinion about IPTL, but because you write “^^^Perfect example of a fan sucking up anything dished out to them.”

        It is 2 different thing, I guess.

        yes, you can have any opinion about anything, but what you wrote to a fan who also want to share opinion (just like you), is a little bit too much. Please dont take this in an offensive way πŸ™‚

      3. Amar, read the comment right above that comment of mine where people who didn’t like the IPTL were called, “retarded”, by the Mommy of this blog πŸ˜‰ I did not start it.

    2. Of course, you have the right to not like the IPTL but what I don’t like is being called “retarded” or “suck up fan” because I decided to watch and give it a chance. I watched because I like tennis and wanted to see what the league was about. I enjoyed it if I didn’t understand the scoring. The scoring being different and the team concept along with the participants made me want watch. Sid was the one calling people names for liking the IPTL so you not fooling anyone. The rants about it not being “real tennis” is crap. Of all the professional sports fans, tennis fans are the snobbish when it comes to something different regarding tennis.

      1. For the record, I never called the fans retarded, it was the organizers who I called out. You are so wrapped up in your love for the IPTL, you can’t even think straight. Yeah, and calling you a “suck up” fan deserved a retard and asshole. Really, Mom?

        IPTL is a blatant, and utter destruction of the sanctity of the sport of tennis. Glad you love that unfolding in front of your eyes. Cheer!

      2. Yeah, because I am the only who liked watching the league and its participants? Then when Roger decided to take Nadal’s place after he couldn’t play certain posters implied he participated only because Godsick put him up to it. Roger would never participate in a “blatant, and utter destruction of the sanctity of the sport of tennis”. Your analysis of IPTL is so over the top just like your rants about Nadal and I don’t even like him. Mom, really?

      3. At least I’m simply stating my opinion in an over the top way, and not telling others what to do, or not, or what to like, or not. You, on the other hand, told poor Gaurav to leave Sampras alone, didn’t you, Mom πŸ˜‰

        Like I said, glad you enjoyed watching the IPTL. As Jonathan quoted that interviewer after the Fed-Djokovic match, “that was worthy of a Grand Slam final”.


      4. First of all, I wasn’t telling anybody what to do or think. I am just trying to figure out why some are so harsh against the IPTL because it’s not “real tennis” or a “disgrace”. There is play on the ATP/WTA tour all the time that shouldn’t be considered “real tennis” but you are not as harsh. Murray’s second serve, now that’s a “disgrace”. That comment about Sampras was joke because he acts like he just stays in the house all the time and not socializing with other people.

      5. Alright, alright, I’ll leave it be with that last comment of yours. Let me find something else to rant about and we’ll continue from there. πŸ™‚

    3. I agree Sridhar. Like I said above, promoting sports starts at grass roots level. You don’t just pump more money into the top end of the game. Football is crap in England for that very reason.

  9. Great video Conal. Loved it. Keep up the good work.

    About the IPTL, What the fuck with wrong with people involving Bollywood in every single thing? I mean when you interview one of the greatest tennis players in the planet, you invite Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukon for what?? such a lame. rather call Sachin or other famous sport personality to conduct or to be part of the conversation. Very embarrassing LOL.

    I think if you really want to promote tennis, I would say you start comparative tennis in the country and invite top player to participate otherwise it will be nothing but a gimmick with of course a lot of fun but no real outcome.

    It is extremely difficult to prompt Tennis in India as majority are cricket lover and unfortunately nobody gives a damn about other sport. very sad.

    1. I agree Phantom, I saw the IPTL, it had its moments, was a bit of a laugh and players looked to enjoy it but there are no long term benefits.

      Whenever you buy tickets for something like that you have to remember you’re being exploited to the hilt.

      If you really want to promote tennis in India or anywhere in the world for that matter it starts with making it accessible and fun to play at grass roots level. Not at the top of the game with a gimmicky tournament.

  10. Trying to solve the copyright issues with this video. There’s a claim from ATP and UMP for the soundtrack. I could find another soundtrack, but obviously it will not complement the video as well the original! Not sure how I can bypass the ATP claims, but doing research I can actually buy a license to use the current song legally on my video. Sent in a request for a quote. Obviously if its too pricey, there’s no point purchasing the licence, but guess I’ll have to wait to find out!

    1. Can you not ask Gaurav to compose a new song for it? Wanda as lead vocals πŸ˜€

      I’m musically inept though so maybe I can play tambourine in the background.

    2. Conal, I could send you my tracks for any future videos. I don’t have the epic trailer music that you usually use (which always goes so well with Federer’s play), but if you’re looking for a change in mood, some indie- electronica, let me know and I would love to share them with you. We could even edit some tracks to fit your cue points if you’d wish. It’s a lot of fun.

      1. Ah, are you are professional song composer and an author Gaurav? Never knew you were so talented! How is the ebook going by the way?

        Thanks for the offers, I could do with some fresh soundtracks with future videos! I’ll contact you whenever I may need a track and we’ll see how it goes! πŸ˜€

      2. Yeah, I’m doing music professionally. I have a show tomorrow night, in fact. πŸ™‚ Anyhoo, yes, it would be a DREAM to have my song on a Federer video. You’re one of the best out there, so there’s no better person I’d rather give my tracks to. Plus, I think it might be a lot of fun helping out with all the audio work.

        Here’s a link to a few of my tracks:

        So if there’s a particular mood/ track you like (they’re all different), and say you’d like to remove a certain element (like the vocals for example) to better suit your video, I can do that pretty easily.

        The ebook’s coming along very nicely. Still a long long way to go though, before it’s near any stage of completion.

      3. I just heard “martians in the sky”. Did you guys seriously make that song Gaurav ? Man it was awesome !!

      4. Yeah this is quality! I’m into indie electro pop kinda stuff. Like this was on today’s playlist –

        Not sure what I was expecting when I opened soundcloud. Def not this though. You should have posted them sooner πŸ˜€

        Who does the vocals?

        Now the question is who will sign Gaurav? Sidco is well placed to help you crack America.

        But then the Wanda Music Group has the Japanese market covered where sales could be good πŸ˜†

      5. Sidco LOL Sure, why not!

        First, let me admit, I’m not into Indie etc. I might not be a good judge of this kind of music, but I’ll tell you this, that sounds like some really good stuff. Well done! πŸ™‚

        You really need to post a video with a live performance. Who did the vocals in the first song?

        And yes, can you post the tabs for the main riff please? I’ll try to play it on my Stratocaster πŸ™‚

      6. Woah woah woah. I wasn’t expecting you guys to check it out πŸ™‚ Haha. Thank you.

        The tracks are all me. I literally do everything- compose them, record them, mix them and then share them around. I’m not a natural singer, so if my voice doesn’t suit a particular track, I ask someone whose voice I do think will fit. So in this case, it was Aradhana, the girl whose voice you hear on the track.

        Haha, yeah the Japanese market would be pretty cool.

        Do you actually want me to post the tabs Sid, or was that an SJ (a Sid-Joke)? Sometimes I can’t tell πŸ™‚

      7. Ooh yeah, WMG was definitely impressed! Gotta see a performance in person. Any chance?
        Seriously Gaurav, forget about tennis carrier πŸ˜‰

      8. I wasn’t kidding, Gaurav. Please post all of it (the guitar parts) here, or you can email it to me, if that’s ok with you. Please take my email address from Jon if you want to send them directly to me. πŸ™‚

  11. IMHO, its nice to watch some ‘light’ tennis during this off-season. Most hilarious part was Goran almost breaking his racquet over Santoro, magician indeed. Can’t wait for AO to start, I hope 2015 will be the year Roger wins his 18th GS.

  12. Tbh the more I think about the IPTL the more I think it’s a bit of jokey marketing exercise.

    The guy who interviewed Fed and Djoker after their match started by saying “That was worthy of any Grand Slam Final” Ok mate, nice one.

    It’s also not going to do anything for the game, India would be better off investing at grass roots if they want to produce players.

    IPL only worked because cricket is already a religion over there. I think if cricket was relatively obscure, and somebody took the IPL to India, there’s no way it would be a success or get more kids playing.

    1. Agree with everything here.

      Talking about interviews, I was embarrassed to watch one of India’s biggest news channel heads interviewing Federer and Sampras (along with an Indian actor). It was by FAR, the most awkward, poorly scripted (sport) interview I might have ever seen. And coming from someone, who, ironically in the very interview, claimed that he had interviewed some of the biggest politicians, monarchs, state figures etc. Horrible horrible horrible. And to top it off, like always, they had to Bollywood-ise it.

      1. Yeah that was just such a shitty interview. The one he gave to Boria Majumdar was much better. Prannoy roy made such an ass of himself and showed Indian Journalism in poor light !!

      2. Cannot agree more. The channels simply think that just by doing some research (in most cases googling) on somebody, they can ask questions like expert on that particular sport. The interview really felt like a manufactured one. No spontaneity. However, our hero turned out to be the smartest of all in answering the questions. He made Pronoy Roy (the host) look like a complete novice. Most of the times, it was boomerang back.

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