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Roger Federer – Property Developer?

I don't often post about anything other than tennis here but seen as though we're in the off season I thought I'd have a quick look at Federer's blossoming career as a property developer 🙂

I did a post almost 2 years ago about Roger building a holiday home in the Swiss alps in an area called Graubunden near the village of Lenzerheide, South of Chur which I think is a ski resort.

Now according to a report I saw on Blick, a daily Swiss Newspaper, this property is now complete and I've posted some pictures below along with the main one above.

Federer bought the land in 2008 for a reported 12 million francs; there was already an existing property but it was a real eyesore so he's had it demolished and rebuilt a new villa from the ground up.

Federer Lenzeheide

Fed New Villa Valbella

This is a double Villa so his parents can live alongside him and Mirka + twins and the new build cost around eight million francs and includes 150-square-meter swimming pool and wellness area. That puts his expense on this one at around 20 million francs. Or as he would call it, pocket change. Just check Federer's net worth for confirmation.

Strangely the article on Blick is no longer live so I can't link to it, I'm not sure why, perhaps they were asked to take it offline for privacy reasons so if my blog goes offline and you don't hear from me again then you know what happened. If any of his PR team are reading this and want it taking down please send me a Wilson Pro Staff 95 + an expenses paid trip to the Australia Open and I'll comply.

By my reckoning that means Roger now has 3 or possibly 4 homes in his growing portfolio, there's his main home in Wollerau which was chosen because taxes are low, smart move, along with his training camp / holiday home in Dubai, potentially a villa in South Africa and now this bad boy in Valbella.

There's More – Herrliberg on Lake Zurich

Herrliberg on Lake Zuric

After doing some Googling I also found some digital renderings made by a Swiss Architects called Arndt Geiger Herrmann. The visualisations are of a new property on Lake Zurich and are believed to be another of Federer's property investments.

In 2011 he spent 29,000,000 Swiss Francs on a vacant 5,800 square meter plot on a slope above Lake Zurich which is why this is rumoured to be a new Federer residence. It's somewhere in the Laubhölzli area of Herrliberg which is a notoriously wealthy place.

These are probably only concepts but it looks like there will be a large garage underneath a giant circular cut out ring, lots of glass-railed terraces over 3 floors and of course a great view over Lake Zurich.

There is also a smaller secondary building which could be for his parents, an outhouse or a place for the nanny, along with an outdoor swimming pool and to top it off it's just a stones throw away from the TC Herrliberg tennis club, a private tennis court although from the pictures it looks like there's one on site too. Sweet!

I'll let you know if I get an invite ;).


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. FWIW, I’m pretty sure that Graubünden is a region rather than an actual place 🙂

      I’m not sure that someone building his own home is such a big thing in Switzerland: certainly it’s done a lot more in Germany than it is in the UK, and I expect that attitude extends to Switzerland as well. And I could understand him wanting the pictures removed: you know how protective he is of his privacy, and understandably so.

      1. Yeah those houses that cost 8 figures spread across hundreds of acres with tennis courts spring up like nobodies business, can’t get away from them these days. Bet nobody batted an eyelid. Lol.

  1. He’s been doing up the place near Chur( yes, it’s ski resort) for ages!! He is a great skier but hasn’t been able to ski for yrs due to injury risk, not very compatible with Tennis! Clearly got it marked for the day he can ski down those slopes with impunity!
    On another note, did you see the article by Chris Evert, about her hugely emotional reaction to Roger on court! Summed it up well! He just has that effect on his fans, with that beauty he has in his game! Hits you deep down! It’s brief but effective ( Katyani, take note!)

    1. The top half of your comments read as though you are living across the road from him and have watched the house been built. Lol.

      Good share. Full article on The Tennis Space.

    2. Yezzzzzzz Susie, I finally took note !!! Did have to read your comment like four times before I understood the suttle request/suttle suggestion/suttle…….. But I got it. As Roger would say, it’s locked up !!!
      Sorry to say, I did leave a long comment for Conal, but he just made such a great video.
      And personally, maybe some day I will understand Susie why, even if I don’t comment for a while or like now for more than a week, I still see suggestions that I comment short or like you say, brief but effective…

      As for your question, Roger deserves to have more houses or vacation houses. He works hard for it.
      BUT eventhough it is Roger, I cannot understand why celebreties, sportplayers and stars need more than one villa and one vacation place……. What’s up with all the houses people???
      Great point is that Roger is also making a place for his parents.

      1. Hey, only kidding! I love reading yr comments! Long or short! Fed fans one and all! Take it as a compliment!

      2. Hey Susie, no worries… Me and commenting is a work in progress !!! Still learning.
        By the way, sucks right, this Rogerless time. I loved Conal’s video. So good to see.
        And all the articles about Roger…. If it is not about retiring, then it is about something else.
        Why don’t they just leave him alone and focus on the other four. Boring, but still…
        Did love the article you linked. Honest one about Roger. But I do believe he will have a great 2014. I have to have hope right??? All Fed fans do right??? Hope I will see him play soon….
        This Rogerless time is so bad….

  2. For some reason, I thought I saw photos of a home Roger was building, but it didn’t look like this. Maybe, different angles of the house? It looked like two separate homes joined in the middle maybe by an indoor tennis court. Anyone recall that?

  3. The property above Lake Zurich looks like the one he was in when he did that advert for Nike (trying to get rid of a fly). Kinda.

  4. Wow, hope your demands come true 🙂 and as your reader, I am expecting detailed report from each of his matches at AO2014 :-p

  5. Woow nice places for sure, I diden´t mind getting an invite for some private tennis lessons on the court at the mansion at Herrliberg 🙂

      1. Actually….. Berdych is a very handsome guy you know. Not Roger handsome, but still.
        So glad he won the Davis Cup, so he too has atleast “one title”.
        But Andy is also on that list???? How???

      1. Well, it looks like Murray is set to win this year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. Personality….seriously? It was great for him and UK winning Wimbledon if not Roger, I guess.

      2. Wanda, I think they only ever introduced the “personality” bit because it stopped them from having to go for the clumsy “sportsman/woman”. Can anyone remember what it was called before then? I can’t, although I didn’t think it was gender-specific.

        Virtually the only time they voted for a sports “personality” was Paul Gascoigne …

    1. Great article Susie. Especially these lines:

      “The 32-year-old got through the tougher of the two groups to make the semifinals despite age-related dips in his timing and movement, displaying his vastly underappreciated competitive fire. Hustling, defending, sweating, scrapping and fighting like an alley cat for 2½ hours against del Potro while playing for a spot in the semifinals, he illustrated that you don’t pile up 17 Grand Slam titles, reach 23 consecutive Slam semifinals, make 36 straight Slam quarterfinals or win eight times from two sets down on talent alone. I loved watching him fight for what once came so easily”.

      Great comment. I hate it when Rafa’s/Novak’s/Andy’s/others fighting spirit gets praised and with Roger it is like, oh it is only talent. He always fought and won, but now he has to fight more, he cannot rely on talent alone. Others have caught up, but he is still hungry enough to want to fight. So much respect for that.
      I kind of miss Roger……

  6. Love that we find the same articles on Rog!! Treated myself the other day, watched 2012 best points as offered by Jonathan on this blog! No words! Just feast yr eyes!

  7. Well I finally found something to do during this Rogerless period. Have been in hospital having my gallbladder removed. I wouldn’t recommend it much as a pastime though 🙁

    Great looking house on Lake Zurich. Sort of Frank Lloyd Wrightish. I love that sort of open, modern architecture.

    So, how many more hours is it now until the next Roger match?

    1. well that´s a drastic way to get the time go by 🙂 But that´s what a real Fedhophile needs to do in this really Roger-dry period. Joke aside, hope you recover quick and get well. But I know how you feel, this off-season is already feeling so long and every day I´m searching the net for the slightest Roger news. But soon it´s christmas and then right after that it´s Roger time 🙂

      Ps. I will guess Roger´s first match will be played tuesday 31th or wedensday 1st of januray 2014, so to be the optimistic person I am I´m hoping and believing it will be the 31th of january so there´s 35 days until Roger will play at Brisbane, and the time here in Denmark now (Central Europe time) is 8.15 pm and with Brisbane being 10 hours ahead in, and assuming Roger will play the late match in Brisbane at maybe 8.00 pm local time, my guess is Roger will play in 36[day] x 24[hour/day] – 10[hour] – 15[minute] = 853 h 45 min 🙂

      1. Thank you 🙂 I didn’t know we had a mathematician amongst us! And we’ve already lost two and a half hours since you posted. The time is just flying by!

        One thing though – isn’t there an exhibition match first?

      2. As an engineer I sometimes needs to calculate things, but no important things like this 😉
        Yes the times flies by quickly, or something like that 🙂

        Isen´t the exibition match before Australian open? I think so othervise I csould just hand over my graduating papers at ones 🙂

    2. Get well soon!!!
      Brisbane starts 3rd Jan. exho is just before AO. Wish I cld go!
      So interesting that there is hardly any coverage of the Nadal/Djoko Exhos but there was masses on Rogers last year! I see Rafa let Nalbandian win, and then let Djoko win!!! All very pally pally! Meanwhile lot of articles about Roger because he is so much more interesting and always will be! Even when he is not playing!!!

      1. Brisbane starts 29th december with final 5th jan, I coulden´t possible wait until the 3rd for it to start 🙂

      2. Yeah, only stuff I’ve seen is protest about Rafa and Djoko polluting Patagonia with their balls! 🙂

      3. Hey Susie, I tried to watch the exho’s of Rafa and Novak. Not because I cared, but to see how much reaction they would get from the crowd that treated Roger like a rockstar.
        But I did not see a link on Streamhunter. While last year it was not only on Roger’s Youtube but also on Streamhunter. Man, last year Roger got so much coverage.
        And you are right. After WTF he has not played at all, but daily there are articles about him. Well, guess he is much more interesting than the “current big four”.
        Ps: Did you see the picture he tweeted where he sits in his car??? Man, he is one handsome dude !!!

        Oh and Susie…. I don’t believe in this pally pally friends stuff between Rafa and Novak.
        Not anymore… something has changed between the two of them….

    3. Hi Rita! Wish you a quick recovery! I know how it feels since I went through it all last year… during the off season too! Take care!!

      1. Thanks Alex and everyone else for your good wishes. I suppose if you’ve got to get ill the off-season is the perfect time to do it 🙂 Feeling much better and stronger all the time. I’m glad to see this blog is staying alive and well during the famine.

      2. Hey Rita, also from me wishing you a very speedy recovery. But…. isn’t the tennis season a perfect time to recover instead of the off-season?? I mean, you can heal laying on your bed with your laptop watching our Goat all day????

    1. No surprise there. These two, Nadal and Djokovic, are proponents of polluting all that is pristine. They are doing to Patagonia what they’ve done to the beautiful game of tennis, desecrating it.

      1. Nopes, here’s what a local penguin said recently,

        “We prefer watching Roger Federer. Why you ask? Because he is the coolest one, no? Now, if you’d excuse me, we have a lot of cleaning up to do. Some idiots hailed us with tennis balls, would you believe that?”


  8. Hey guys, does anyone know when the Tournament schedule 2014 will be released? In recent years (2011 and 2012) It was revealed in the last week of November, if anyone knows something new, I’ll be glad to read.

    1. i saw something that was, I think, speculation. Brisbane, AO, Dubai, IW, Madrid, Rome, RG, Halle, Wimb, Canada, Cinci, USO, Shanghai, Basel, Paris.
      Seems about right though.

      1. Yes my opinion is that Federer won’t be coming back to Rotterdam in 2014 & even Richard Krajicek (tournament director) confirmed that Federer won’t be playing in Rotterdam in 2014. The big question goes on Miami due to the IMG problems.

      2. Yes guys, I read somewhere too that Roger is not coming to Rotterdam. No worries, means I will have to wait till 2015 to see him in Holland. Not giving up on seeing Roger in my country.
        Besides…. Krajicek does not deserve to have him in Rotterdam…. The way he talks about Roger…

  9. Hi Jonathan and all,

    Finally caught up with you guys and it’s great that you are still hanging around discussing about Roger and tennis after the season ended. Thanks Jonathan for the web space we Fed fans can freely come by and exchange infos.

    By the way, have any of you come across this old piece about Roger before? Can’t remember how I got it though. When somebody tells me Roger is arrogant, I let them read it. It’s not a discovery but still lovely to read 😉

    1. Yeah, I liked that piece! Wow, we all dig deep. There are so many varied articles about Roger on the Net! Everyday, something different!

    2. Hey Wanda, loved the article you linked. I read it like three times. So great.

      I loved especially two things: The one that Rod Laver said. He really is a nice guy. I don’t know if I like him more or Roger…

      And the second one is this:
      “One day, in Roma, we met him, he was wearing a tracksuit with a big number 2. I told him, ‘This is not the right number’ and he answered laughingly, “It is, on clay, it’s the right number.”
      No wonder they call him Dorkerer…….

      1. Hi Katyani,

        Yeah, that ‘number2 on clay’ episode is one of my favourites, too. It tells you Roger’s true nature, some of his great personalities, just as Jim courier described as ‘very special lightness of being that the other players marvel at’. I would love to be in ‘the light energy around him’ one day…

        P.s. Have you read the article Pete Sampras said of him as ‘a total prankster’, haha 🙂

  10. Hey guys, something that has got nothing to do with tennis at all, but I just have to say it because I am THAT proud: Our “small” Ajax just beat the almighty powerhouse best team in the world Barcelona !!! Yesssssss, Go Dutch. Of course, now some of you will say, well, it was Barcelona’s B-team, but let Holland be just proud of this accomplishment. Almost like David beating Goliath !!!

    1. Barca were just fooling about. It’s a flesh wound. A draw at home vs Milan would be enough to top the group 🙂

      1. Oh come on Sid, let Holland and me be happy… Even if it is for a little while…and somewhat meaningless….
        So this win….. is it like Stakhovsky beating Roger or Monfils beating Roger??? Goodnight all…

      1. I missed that. I though Basel blew it after conceding that late equalizer in their first leg vs Steaua. Good job! Second group win over Chelsea.

    1. Thanks Katyani for sharing this articles, it sums up Rafa 2013 and I totally agree with him especially on this statement.

      “am I fully buying into Nadal’s 2013 hardcourt turnaround? I just can’t. I give him credit, he played incredibly well and he was the best, most consistent guy, but to me 2013 was a “down year” in the sport and Rafa took advantage.”

      But all credits to him to take advantage and be so consistent

      1. Hey Shamtoot, I agree. It was not all luck, but a great part was. I mean, would Rafa still have won that many titles if lets say Roger did pull out on time at IW and only came back when he was a 100% ready or if Novak and Delpo did not have kind of a letdown period in between or if Andy was not injured.
        There have been times when Roger was lucky to win some titles, or Novak was lucky or Andy was. But for some reason they never say that about Rafa, until deservedly now…….

      2. Yes, the rest of the “Big Four” were all “off” their game to a greater or lesser extent (and we all know who the “greater extent” was 🙁 ) in 2013, but even so Nadal did incredibly well

    2. I ain´t buying in on it, you only need to beat the guy on the other side of the net, there´s nothing more to it! What if Roger diden´t have had his back problems? What if Novak kept his level? What if Murray diden´t get injuried? Ans so on, but these things did happend, and Nadal won beat the guys on the other side of the net, and so Nadal was the best in 2013, nothing more.

      Or else I would only stick by one statement: “they are all lucky Roger wasen´t at this best in all slams because then he would have won them all” 🙂

      1. Nobody’s arguing Nadal wasn’t the best in 2013, though the last few tournaments brought him back to earth (and I know the reasons why, it wasn’t Djokovic). But it’s wrong to glorify what he achieved. The guy was practically near the top when he “took a break”, lost points, was well rested, then came back to win a whole bunch of titles.

        Comeback of the year? Excuse me, he won the French Open in 2012, then had an expected early exit at Wimbledon. His game hadn’t deteriorated. It comeback wasn’t as glorious as they are making it look like.

      2. Hell no, I aint praying on his comeback, his game hasen´t evolved and looked all new and refound or something like that. But to say he has been lucky to achieve what he did has no way, you have to beat every one who´s in front you and he did that, what more can you ask him?
        The question of how he can return after 8 month at his usual level is a different story I´m hoping will come out at some point. But until that he was the best, tougher than rest and of course uglier than the rest 🙂

        So why was the reason of his slight dip in form at the end of the season? Give to me your gold 🙂

    3. My reaction? With all the endless articles praising Nadal’s extraordinary achievement I’ve been wondering when someone would notice. I’ve thought this all along but as a Fed fan it would simply be sour grapes to say so, wouldn’t it? Now that someone else has done it though, I’m happy to jump on this bandwagon with the proviso that it IS true that you can only play the person opposite you and no one knows how much he would have upped his game if he had to. I suspect though that his season would have been a little less glorious with stronger opposition. The cherry on the cake, or the last straw depending on your point of view was the WTF draw! And STILL he didn’t manage to win it!

      1. No Novak finished the strongest, and the way he played in the finals at the WTF was amazing and outclassed Nadal, but Nadal did what he had to in his easy group, he won easily only to lose to Noavk in the final. But Nadal did beat Djokovic in the finals at US open just to sour the cherry on the cake. And Novak and Rafa are 3-3 this year which means they have challenged in 6 finals against each others and to do that they both had to deal with the challenge thay face on the way, that´s all they could do.

        I´m not saying Nadal did super good, he only did what he can and that he can do like no others no matter who he faces. But to say all his hardcourt results this year is based on luck is ridiculous and pure speculation. Just like all the speculations about Roger being in a weak era, which is a discussion I have been trying to avoid because it´s at such a low level of content and it maybe comes from the same people who´s trying to promote “The lucky Nadal”.

  11. I needed a Fed fix. I just watched the 2007 USO quarter finals against Roddick. Interesting match to watch 6 yrs later. Roger played with so much conviction. Very few errors.
    Katyani, I read the article. Nadal did have some incredible easy draws this year. Especially at the USO like 2010.

    1. Hey Sue, when I need a “Fed fix” I watch the Wimby final 2012 from second set 5-5 (not before !!!) or the AO QF or SF (don’t know which year) when Roger destroyed Roddick !!! He did it so bad, I really felt sorry for Andy !!!
      And the article, in my opinion, finally someone saying that Rafa had it easy. Am tired of critics saying stuff like that about Roger (you know the weak era argument or the top 3 beeying babies then…..).

      1. you want to know in which year Roger pummeled Roddick? 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 😉

        but at the aussie that was in 2009 😉

      2. I usually watch it from Andy serving in the second set at 5-6 30-0. And then, something happened…

      3. Hah Sid I thought the same. Almost never beat him before, then the year he retires he beats him twice 😀 (though one exho)

      4. “Hey Sue, when I need a “Fed fix” I watch the Wimby final 2012 from second set 5-5 (not before !!!)”

        Good place to start: gives you time to appreciate just what an amazing “volte-face” it was. I for one didn’t see it coming at all.

      5. I also needed a Roger fix so I´m watching the wimbledon semifinal 2012 against Djokovic, I needed to see Roger beat Novak I could feel 🙂 But amazing match from Roger, after 1h 58 min in the beginnig of 4th set he had only made 9 unforced errors! That´s what we need to see from him again.

      6. Hey Simon, yeah… Roddick was not so lucky with Roger right !!! But the one I meant was AO SF 2007. Roger really destroyed him. I think that was the first match with Connors as coach, who tried to keep Andy hopefull !!! You should watch if you can second set, Roger is up 2-0. The first point he makes in a similar like the one he made at Wimby this year. Not exactly the same, but a point he makes where he does not even see the ball and the crowd goes wild and awe… And the next three points he makes just breaks Andy’s spirit.
        He kind of killed Andy his whole career with “kindness”……

      7. Hey Sid, you know why I also love to watch Wimby Final 2012 from second set 5-5 up?
        Because of Mac Enroe. When Roger won the set he was silent. The first thing he could say after that was something like “I thought we would be preparing for a tiebreak”…
        He is so jealous of Roger it is not even funny anymore.

        BUT…… I do have to praise Mac Enroe for something. When Roger was losing at Wimby to Stakhovsky, I thought Mac Enroe would destroy and burn Roger. But after Roger lost, he was kind of silent and did not make a bad comment at all. I listened carefully, but Mac Enroe I think actually felt for Roger when his streak was over.
        I guess talking about the streak ending for years and then it finally happening, the feeling (gloating) is just not the same…..

      8. Hey Alison, you are right. Before the second set 5-5 it was very disturbing. Kind of the Andy show. No matter what Roger tried, Andy had an answer. After Roger won the second set, man, when Roger gets “his prey” he does not let go. After the second set he was not the hunted, he was the hunter. He did not let go of Andy…. Today I watched Dubai Final 2012. It takes real guts to beat Andy (am afraid to think how dangerous he will be in 2014).
        He really really really chases every ball, runs after every ball and…. makes it too.
        If you have to play him, is that not getting to you?? No matter where you play the ball, he chases it and plays it back. I have never seen anyone do that. Only Novak comes close. Roger and Rafa and Novak sometimes let a ball go when they see they cannot get there in time. Especially Roger and Rafa, but Andy??? He chases EVERY ball….
        I think it gets so annoying and tiredsome to have to play especially him….

        Ps Alison: What is a “volteface”? What does that mean??

      9. Mark, I agree, it was a great match. I’m only sorry I didn’t catch it at the time (but not as sorry as I am that I didn’t record the Olympic SF, because you can’t get that on YouTube!). But then, I’ve come to the conclusion this year – can’t remember whether I said it here or on MTF – that Djokovic isn’t really a particularly good grasscourt player, Wimbledon title or no.

        Katyani, it’s French for a 180-degree turnaround, only I couldn’t think what the English was at the time (and knew I couldn’t do a degree sign on this machine). But, chasing after balls? I thought Rafa was supposed to be the champion at that par excellence (and sorry, French again 🙂 ). I know Andy is pretty determined, too, but thought Rafa was the one who never left a ball.

      10. Hey Alison. I think you´re right about Djokovic not being a great grasscourt player. Of course he can play the surface, he´s got the Wimbledon title like you also says, but you got the feeling that if Roger is on top of his game the match is on his racquet on grass.

    1. I forgot how well Roger played in that final. Thanks guys.
      No news of his 2014 schedule yet. Kinda late this year.

    1. I was just going to post that 🙂 That indeed is a great interview, some good insights in how big a problem the back has been for him this season. And you can almost feel the motivation he has for doing well next season. And yes the racquet testing is good news, for one it can help his game and second it is also a sign of motivation and the willingness to get back on track next season.

      Bring Brisbane already then 🙂

      1. Dhruv the article is new but the videoclip with Wessels, Roger and the others are old. And in the article I can´t find anything about the racquet Roger trains with? That could be because it is lost in google translate due to my not so good Dutch reading abilities 🙂

      2. it was in the starting translated using google.
        Training with Roger Federer in Dubai. Robin Haase in two weeks a scoop , Peter Wessels become a fixture in December. Last week he was back twice on the track with the Swiss tennis greatness. “He just came back from vacation, so we are very easy going,” said Wessels.

        “He thought about it a little income. He had two weeks no racket touched,” added the former pro, who put an end to his career in 2009. “It was very quiet balls twice. All standard stuff. Nothing special, such as a new racket or new grip.”

        Wessels working in Dubai for a tennis school and Federer has an apartment. The Swiss is preparing in the winter for a new season. This is the third year in a row that the two train together.

      3. Okay, thanks Dhruv. It´s probably Roger he´s talking about, nothing mean said about Wessels but news value of him switching racquet or grip must be low 🙂 But we will get an answer in a little months time though.

  12. Something else he said in the interview “I had other setbacks of a kind I had seldom had in the previous 10 yrs”. So, something else was interfering with his tennis. Who knows what he was talking about.

    1. That ties in with what he said after his defeat against Tsonga at RG, then.

      Interesting – if maybe a little bit of a concern – that he says it will take until April until he’s back on course with his training. And I’m wondering what language he gave that interview in: the English sounds slightly stilted, which makes me wonder if it’s been translated.

  13. Love the look of the house in the Swiss Alps, but would have thought he could have afforded something more convenient than a portaloo 😉

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