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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Wimbledon 2021

Here's what the Swiss will be sporting from Uniqlo when he takes to the courts at SW19.

Grand Slam Tennis at the All England Club sees the return of all-white outfits, and Uniqlo has just unveiled Roger Federer's attire for Wimbledon 2021.

This is the third time the Swiss will have worn clothing from the Japanese brand at SW19, and like all his previous outfits, it's designed under the supervision of Uniqlo U's Christophe Lemaire.

While the design is simple to abide by Wimbledon's etiquette rules, the Dry-Ex polo for 2021 has a splash of mint green detailing on the sleeves and collar. Federer will pair it with matching shorts and his On Running tennis shoes.

You can see Federer's Wimbledon outfit below, along with related accessories.

Roger Federer's Wimbledon 2021 Outfit

federer wimbledon outfit 2021



Thoughts on the Outfit


Uniqlo has gone for a light checked design this year, and it reminds me of the gear Sampras wore at Wimbledon back in 1995. Albeit with less prominent lines as Uniqlo use a white stitch to create the check pattern.

Based on the images, I think it looks good. It has the Fila / Nike retro type vibe but with some more modern mint green detailing on the sleeves and neck, and of course, the overpowering red Uniqlo logo.

As I've said before on previous Wimbledon outfits if you're buying white tennis clothing to play in, it soon looks tatty after a few washes, so I think his French Open gear is a better buy.

But this should look good against the backdrop of centre court, and like usual, it will probably look slightly different to the pictures in terms of colours. You can see more pictures and pricing via Uniqlo.

What do you guys think of Federer's 2021 Wimbledon outfit? Does it top the ones he wore in 2018 and 2019? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Yay finally 🥳🥳
      Outfit looks really nice, different. It will most likely look much better on Rog, as usual.

  1. I’m sure Roger and Christophe will have designed this one with great care, being the outfit in which he will seek redemption. Looks good, a little retro as you say Jonathan. Mint green and red are a good match.

      1. Well that’s the question, how involved is he?? Given his stature and clear interest in style, I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t at the very least have a significant say in approving a design, if not put forward ideas himself. He’s never really shed light on this, wonder if he’s told not to discuss it in public.

  2. Those red squares seem even more obtrusive than usual on the white. That aside, it looks good – and we have RF caps again!

      1. Agree with both of you. The red squares aside it looks really really nice for my taste. Let’s hope to watch it in very many matches next!

  3. The sewn-in squares are great and the two-tone green/blue details looks kinda retro and cool. The squares remind me of Borg-era Fila too. Be great if they made the red logo a few shades lighter for this outfit though. Also, it always sits a little too high on the chest IMO! Otherwise, it’s a yes from me.

  4. Well, when I look at the outfit, all I see are big red squares everywhere. I really think they take away from the style. It does the opposite, makes me not want those clothes. Otherwise, looks good.

  5. I like the new Federer Uniqlo shirt for Wimbledon. His red Olympic shirt has been revealed as well.

    Regarding the Olympics, Nadal and Thiem out increases Federers chances. Djokovic stated he wouldnt play if theres no fans. I hope Federer plays singles as well as mixed with Bencic. They are great together, and their rankings of 8 and 12 = 20 so a decent chance they would get in the mixed draw of only 16 teams. Also they would only need to win two best of 2 set matches to make the semis where they would have 2 shots at a medal. So playing mixed in addition to singles wouldnt be a massive burden even at age 39. I also think with Wawrinka out of Wimbledon and seemingly not fit and a ranking of 28, it would be more difficult for Federer/Wawrinka to make the Olympic doubles draw. They have already won gold and Davis Cup together anyway. It would be nice to see Federer win Olympic singles and mixed gold for the full set of all 3 Olympic events gold. Also Federer turns 40 the day of the Olympic closing ceremony.

    1. It would be nice to see Federer skipping Olympics. Do you mean, It’s Federer-style to go for the win, if biggest rivals decide to skip?
      It looks like Olympics was not only without fans (maybe military or prisoners?) but with huge protests of locals on the streets.
      And what are doing 100% professional sports (including tennis) at the Olympics?
      From the old Olympics idea it’s only the name. Simply a big money and pro sport circus.
      And if Fed thinks about something more after Olympics (USO?), I hope, he skips it. Like many will. Only lower ranked come, smelling their chance for “big titles” when the top stays home.
      Fed+Bencic? They were great together, when Fed was great and Bencic at least on a mean level. Both is not true anymore.

      1. Federer plans playing the Olympics, if fit, whether rivals skip or not…I meant it increases his chances of winning if some rivals skip, obviously…Bencic/Federer is for sure a medal chance especially such a small field of 16…you seem to regard the Olympics as unimportant, its not an opinion Federer shares…he can play Olympics and US Open, it doesnt have to be one or the other, plenty of time in between the 2 events to be ready for the open

  6. No grass formula for Wimbledon seeding anymore, so with rankings used only and Nadal out, Federer is 7 seed…the seeds announced Wednesday, the singles draw Friday (hopefully Djokovic on opposite half to Federer), the order of play for day 1 announced on the Sunday day before play starts…if on opposite half to Djokovic, Federer first round would be the Tuesday

  7. Doesn’t matter what the outfit looks like because Uniqlo retail stores in Australia where I live never sell any tennis outfit. How freakin’ useless is their sales department?

    1. What about an international outlet in the Internet?
      Uniqlo not offering tennis outfits may have to do with copyrights, no? They don’t design many tennis outfits. Kei, Naomi, Fed. Who else?

  8. Agree Tino. The Uniqlo store inside The Emporium in Melbourne CBD NEVER sell tennis kits! Four levels packed with clothes and not one lousy tennis sock! Ha. No, I tell a lie…I once spotted a rack of three Nishikori shirts shoved in a lonely corner gathering dust! Their puny online tennis store is a joke too. It’s really half-baked and they sell out in the bigger sizes very quickly. I like the designs, but I don’t think the brand is very professional at all. Why can’t people buy the same kits as they can with other brands either in-store or online? It ain’t’ that hard. If it’s not worth the money to them, then why bother at all? The Lacoste store sitting diagonally across from Uniqlo on the other hand, sell everything that you see Djokovic wearing. Am I missing something here?!

      1. some items arent available until late June, some are online exclusive so not in store

    1. No news, the problem is arriving early for Wimbledon is a no go for players, as what is the point, you are stuck in a hotel, bubble life for longer than is necessary. Imagine what the history books will say about bubbles lol.

      1. How big crowds are expected to be allowed?
        Is Soho in a bubble too? 😉 Or you need to have your own?

      2. No doubles bubbles, but doubles with Djoker on Mallorca was an option 😉 Djoker didn’t have a partner and took some local player. Wouldn’t be nice to watch Fedovic doubles? And probably more than one match to play. The exhibition on Mallorca with Djoker, Ivanisevic and Haas +Lopez (plus Djoker’s hrother as Goran’s replacement, but it could have been better with Fed :). Well, it’s over, next preparation will be practices in Wimbledon and the first round match.

      3. Djoker’s doubles partner is one of one his long term friends. Played in Dubai in 2014 too.

        Federer playing doubles in Mallorca or Eastbourne could have been a fun/good idea though I think. Less physical stress, less pressure etc but still some practice.

      4. No, it was his younger brother, Marko ( It seems, he has no pro licence and no ranking, so he could only play in exhibition or Djoker would take him into the draw, but he didn’t. Maybe waiting for Fed’s offer? 😉
        BTW – I’m following Stuttgart and now Halle/London. And my conclusion is, the specific grass tennis is dead (actually not yet until Fed plays, maybe Lopez and maybe Evans of some other Brits).
        Just like Medvedev understood this year with clay game. It’s the same, if you are not Nadal or Thiem. Everyone, at least younger players, play the hard-court game and it’s OK, so long it’s not against Nadal/Thiem.
        And because there was here some discussion about Felix – he seem to have some basis problem with the movement. Probably because of his specific body-build. Relatively short legs compared to the upper-body and his weight balance is high, so he is not really fast on feet and has a kind of delayed start. That’s what Fed could eventually have exploited better in the Halle match.
        I remember, when Thiem was early teenager, Bresnik asked Paganini to do him a favor and come to watch Thiem in training to give his verdict about Thiem’s speed (which should tell Bresnik if Thiem has chances to be a top player in the future). Paganini made then a joke, which could have costed Bresnik heart attack or something 😉 After the control training was over, he asked Paganini “Nah, is he fast?” and Paganini answered “no, the boy is not fast (at this moment the world imploded for Bresnik) and adder after a while “he is fast like an arrow” 😉 And because this is inborn (relation of white and red muscle fibers), you cannot change it in training. If you were born fast, you will be fast, whatever you do. If not, you better try to throw the hammer or to box. So, I’m not Paganini, but for me Felix is not fast and also not fast like an arrow, he is powerful and solid.

      5. What do you mean? Djoker is playing with Gomez-Herrera in the main draw, they are friends, played together in Dubai in 2014.

        I have not watched FAA that closely tbh, can’t really get excited about his game. He looks quick in straight-line speed on hard courts when I have seen his matches. So just not well adapted to grass?

      6. @Jonathan
        Ah, a small misunderstanding. I thought, you mean his partner in the exhibition. I have never heard about Djoker’s partner in the draw on Mallorca to be his old friend.
        Re Felix – I’m not excited too, but some here are (probably Canadians).
        No, I think, he has the same problem with movement on any surface, but it’s maybe more visible on grass. Grass is slippery and with his body conditions he may have to start the movement or change direction with more caution (actually most players must do this). Not Fed with his footwork and without fitness issues.

  9. Federer to auction over 300 items with Christies London…items open for browsing online from june 17 until july 13…the live auction is june 23…items are on display at Christies London from june 21…items are from 2000 sydney olympics up until 2021…bids start at 100 pounds as Federer wants fans as well as sporting collectors to be able to take part…Jonathan will you be placing any bids?

      1. Non-collector with a display case home? Rackets are looking good in Fed’s hands, not in a display case 😉 What about having a display case with small (but living) Fed’s clone? 😉

      2. The racket is the one item that can work when on display I think. With the right background and case, they look alright on a wall depending on the setting.

        Who wants a sweatband, a jacket or some shoes? I can’t imagine what you would do with them.

      3. And on big occasions (Fed’s birthday for example) you could even take the racket to the court and play with it 🙂 But if lost you should neverpost it here, hahaha …

      4. I just have an autographed Federer pic, thats enough for me haha…I saw the auction a year or two ago when Pink Floyds David Gilmour sold many of his guitars and musical equipment, some of the prices people paid for those was crazy, it will be interesting to see what prices Federer items go for, I might watch the auction online if they live stream it

  10. @Jonathan
    Do you know, what happens with ranking points from Wimbledon 2019 once this year’s Wimbledon starts?

    1. I was wondering from the beginning of the match, if his game (lot of slicing, not hard hitting as usual) was the tactic (seemed to work well) or he had something with the wrist before. He does not call the physio for every pain. And then the decision was instant and without trying to somehow win the first set (leading by one break).
      I guess, it’s not enough time to heal even slight wrist injury in 4-5 days, instead of playing matches or at least practicing in London.
      But staying in Spain and not flying to Vienna could mean, he wants to give himself a chance and the flight from Barcelona to London is of course shorter and more comfortable than via Vienna. If he feels ready (in terms of this injury), he will go to London and try to break his first-round-loosing streak in Wimbledon, but not going for a risk and giving up at first pain.
      As he just declared to skip Tokyo, he could then heal the wrist well and start the hard court season in Los Cabos. It’s the only part of the season he can still save somehow. He could also (if wrist healthy) do a complete 1-2 weeks preparation in Miami with Massú and Duglas Cordero, which normally should have happen in December like 2019 so it’s overdue.

      1. He told the Austrian media, he has heard a kind of “cracking” at that forehand, which is not good, but Stober told first it could have been a twist “only”. And first MRI done on Mallorca the same day didn’t give a clear diagnosis.

      2. Gstaad would be an option before the injury. And I don’t see Gstaad on his official short-time schedule. It ends with Wimbledon. Gstaad would be OK, but Los Cabos better. What the sense to play on clay after the season has actually ended and it was almost non-existent for Thiem?
        Where comes your news from about Thiem entering Gstaad? “Just entered”, you mean just after the retirement on Mallorca?

    2. This is funny. Thiem has nothing in his official schedule after Wimbledon. Also Kitzbuehel has not yet the entry list for 2021.
      Playing Kitzbuehel has always had a bad impact on his America Swing.
      But Los Cabos a.s.o. is only my idea, not his.

      1. In my opinion at least the whole summer of Thiem is in doubt. He reduced training during the the last months and his body is not used to match intensities anymore. His can not conduct the same movements without the muscles needed for that but still he does. That’s the reason for the current situation. If he has bad luck he will get another DelPo (hopefully not). So it does not really make sense to speculate about clay court swing/american swing or whatever…

      2. @DrEvil
        One of justified speculations. Yes, he lost recently some muscle mass and the time is not right for bodybuilding.
        He still pays for missed off-season preparation. Massú was Covid-positive at that time and could not fly anywhere and flying to Miami for fitness preparation with Cordero was probably not possible because of Covid situation in US. In December in Austria you can only go to the gym but Thiem is used to do fitness preparation in the nature. So he started the season actually without off-season prep. In Australia there was heavy quarantine an Massú was still not there. IMO he needs now (after wrist healing) to take another long break and try to do the missed preparation in Miami just before the US tournaments. Maybe this helps, maybe not.

      3. @DrEvil
        An additional reply to your comment.
        I think, of course Thiem, Massú and esp. Stober know the thing with missing muscle mass and hot to play in such situation. You probably didn’t watch the match in Mallorca. I did. Thiem was not playing hard, lot of slices, so he knew, how he needs to play with not enough muscle mass. The injury was probably the effect of an instinctive shot (you cannot think on every shot, how to play it) and it was just too hard. But he was obviously avoiding hard hitting and his slice is not bad and worked well against Mannarino. So such things simply happen and don’t mean, the player has no brain and don’t understand his limits.
        Otherwise we would not have so many injuries (some of them accumulating for years, lik back or knees for Fed – no one can totally escape injuries.
        And I’m sure, Thiem had hit tons of such forehands in practices and nothing bad happened. So he had no reason to expect something like this and simply let the ball go, if the ball was within the reach.
        And no reason to compare with DelPo, because Thiem has different hand skills and had no hand injuries before. Rather minor but chronic problems with knees (probably inborn) and with ankles (because of the footwerk = heelstriking).

  11. Generally I think, he is just paying a toll for all the 15 years of extremely hard training and maybe needs a “general overhaul” with a break for a whole year. It’s the old story and not everyone know it, but Thiem, when starting with Bresnik at 12, was everything but not a candidate for a top player. He had some good preconditions (speed and passion for the game and ability to learn), but physically he was still looking like a boy, when his age-mates were looking like adults 3-4 years earlier. Not everyone starts his tennis career at 16 years old with the all-extreme-sports guru (Sepp Resnik), running uphill with heavy logs on his arms overnight. It make him hard, physically and mentally, but it could have ended with a big crash. Maybe this crash has just come. Maybe not for ever but probably 1-2 poor seasons or a total break from tennis for a year.

  12. Thiem is out for longer. 5 weeks with a splint and then maybe another five for functional rehab and some time for fully regaining the competitive fitness. May cancel the America Tour.

    1. It would be good for him to sit out until the end of season and start off season prep strong so he can be fully fit for next season.

      1. This time doctors will have saying. I don’t care if he would no more play until December, but after doctors give green light, he will decide. Unfortunately players are not always taking the right decisions in terms of their health. Sitting out longer than necessary could bring mental disadvantage when coming back. Sometimes it ends worse than the player was hoping (like with DelPo or Andy Murray or Wawrinka or even Federer).
        Yes, I’m sure, he needs a regular off-season preparation before competing again, which he almost completely missed in Dece,ber 2020.
        Maybe it would be possible to make such preparation in Miami before US Open, but this is not in our or his hands (physically it’s actually just “in his hand”.

    1. 6. or 7. seed does not change anything. The easiest way to avoid Djokovic is to lose before QF 😉 There are many others Federer would like to avoid on lower stages. One thing is guaranteed. He cannot avoid all players and cannot get W/o’s until the final 🙁

  13. Hey guys, how come Roger’s shirt has the RF?? Just watching his 1st round match vs Mannarino… but when I look at Uniqlo’s website in the UK, it does not show with the RF… I want it with the RF so badly!…

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