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Roger Federer – Madness 2012

It's not quite Christmas but RubinJJ has delivered an early present to all Federer fans with another epic video to add to the collection. It's probably about a year since the first Madness video came out which is equally brilliant and this one covers all the genius, magical, incredible, JesusFed points of 2012.

Like I've said before, you tend to forget some of the great points played over the year because there's so many of them but luckily Federer has fans who have slick video editing skills, good taste in music and are able to mash it all together to make great compilations like this one. Enjoy!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I know, Right?! It’s great! You should do a collection of the best tributes this year. If you don’t mind, reveal your playlist!! πŸ˜‰

  2. What a treat it is to watch this every time πŸ™‚ There were a few in there, that I forgot again (I know, how is that possible?) and a few I can’t see often enough…

    I hope there will be a little compilation coming from the exho’s too, as he did some amazing stuff there too and was (literally) flying (high) at times!

    It’s all promising for the new year. And I can’t wait for that to start. But first of all, Christmas break πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for putting this up here!

      1. What did you actually think of the exho’s, other than it was great fun to watch? I loved not just that (the fun), but also Flying Fed, some crazy shots, a few insane tweeners (and some not so good ones in the last match, okay ;)…), basically a lot of variation (even more than usual)… I read somewhere today that it felt like he was trying all the shots that he has up his sleeve simply because there was no real pressure and there was room for it… And sometimes that didn’t go so well, but most of the time, I thought it went quite okay πŸ˜‰

        I was thinking that it’s a shame players will never play that freely during “proper matches”… Makes sense that they can’t, but stil…. But if he manages to stay in the form he was at times during the exho’s, he will be off to a very good start in January!

      2. I haven’t seen all of them just the highlights, they were ok but I can’t get excited about exhibitions really! Always fun to see a slam dunk smash though.

        Yeah I know the feeling, even just when you play on public courts, warm up and play every shot imaginable but when you start playing a proper set you reign it in a little bit so I guess it’s the same for Fed and other pros even at the top level.

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    Forget my first comment. Let me tell you something about myself. My name is Katyani and I’m from Holland (which means my English won’t be always that good, but I’m hoping you guys will see through that).
    I’m a Roger fan (don’t be surprised), but with a twist. Not only do I think he is the best tennis player I’ve ever seen and that he is the Goat, but because I love him. He is so down to earth, humbling, nice, kind, perfect and yet not perfect. I look on the net for articles and sites about him. Today I stumbled on your site. Wow !!! I am so impressed with your articles, your comments and comments of other fans. This is really what I’m looking for. I do leave comments on Roger’s official site, but on his site the other fans don’t exactly participate with you (only occationally). Everyone just leaves a comment and thats it. I was so impressed to see that you reply to almost everyone who leaves a comment and I really hope you would do that for me too. I really like someone to reply my comment, because I love to talk about Roger !!! He is so amazing. If you would see how much love and adolation he got from his SA-Tour, it is unbelievable. The Brazalian, Argentinian and Colombian people treated him like he was a rockstar. Screeming and chanting his name, so fully deserved. So this is the first time I came across your site, I totally love is and this is the first time I’m posting. I hope the other fans and you would like my comments.
    One thing I do have to say…. I don’t think all of you will like to hear this, but it is the truth…. what I do not like that much is how some of you (including you Jonathan) write about Andy or Serena. I love Roger, I want him to win everything, which is not possible, but you do have to acknowledge others. It is oke loving or liking Roger and respecting others. I do not like some of the tennis players, but that does not mean that you cannot talk respectfully about them. Just like Roger, they too train everyday hard, leave family and home to do what they love the most, play tennis. If Roger is respecting them and that, then so can his fans.
    That is the main reason people don’t like Roger fans (or Fedtards as they are called), because they do not respect others. And that is unfair I think. You can be a Roger fan without trashing others. If you know how many sites, critics and people are trashing Roger….. that does not mean we have to do the same thing we don’t like people doing to Roger. Maybe now you are thinking… what and why is she saying all this… well I really love your site. Too bad I did not know about it sooner. Count me in as one of your site’s fans. I love it so much, it is now six o’clock in Holland and I’m still reading everything!!! I especcially love the article, one day in the life of a RF Fan. It is so funny. Love your articles and your site. Hope to see some other stuff too and some other comments too.
    From a Roger fan, Katyani

    1. Hey Katyani,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Glad you found the site and more importantly that you enjoy it. I try to post after all his matches so stay tuned in 2013, which is hopefully another good year.

      I couldn’t agree more with what you say about Fed, on and off the court he’s a great ambassador for the sport.

      As for slating other players, I don’t think it ever gets out of hand on here as it’s often justified and fans are entitled to their opinions. Most of it is just for fun too, Mugray etc rather than completely trashing. I’m happy to allow anything as long as it’s not what I’d deem out of order.

      Look forward to more of your comments πŸ™‚


      1. Hi Jonathan,
        I just wrote you twice a long comment, but when I push the enter button, something goes wrong!! So here I go again. Thank you for replying me. I love your site and I love to read all about Roger and watch a lot about him.
        I hope you did not mind what I wrote about slating others. I mean it well. I’m not a saint myself, but some people overdo it. On your site it is not that bad, but on some others sites (like Eurosport UK), it goes too far. There, people are just trolling for the heck of it. They start with a comment about tennis and then they just insult each other.
        So again, I hope you did not mind my comment. I would also love to read what you think about Roger’s exo’s. I saw the majority of the matches. It was so nice to see him having fun, trying to dance (he is honestly speaking not a good dancer!!!), laughing, beeing humble, showing off (yes, he did do that too). It was so nice to see him just laugh. And the crowd….. O my God, they really love him. They were shouting, chanting his name. And what an honor for him, to have an exo tour named after him with so many other great players to choose from. No wonder people love him. He goes on to those tours (away from his own family), does press conferences, lunches, speeches, goes to his clinic for kids, plays with the kids, signs autographs, meets the president, mister Pele, plays football, goes to the market, goes sightseeing, does more press conferences, signs more and more autographs and takes more and more pictures with fans, and stll playes matches at night and entertains the crowd!!! He is so amazing. No wonder the world loves him. Maybe there will be another player in the future as best as Roger (has to be), but there will NEVER be another Roger Federer.
        Mark my and almost every fans word…. 2013 will be his year!!!
        Form a Roger fan, Katyani

      2. Weird. What does it say when you tried to comment first time? Let me know if you have the problem again.

        I haven’t seen all the Exhos as they were on quite late so I’ve only watched brief highlights. Some of them were fun, others a little boring as his opponents played quite seriously. But there were some cool/crazy shots that’s for sure. I’ve seen the tweeners and the slam dunk smashes.

        You’re right though, he is loved at that side of the world and I bet the fans were over the moon they finally got to see him play live on their own continent.

        Hope you’re right about 2013, I’m not expecting too much but you never know with him!

  4. Ah okay… Exho’s are just not really your thing… That’s it. I was wondering… I can see why.

    Obviously (as you have gathered ;)…) I think differently: I like the change (and the absence of nerve-wrecking moments for us) and the fact that you see more of the players than what you normally see… I have a few music friends and it can be compared to when they do a one time only little tour of gigs with people they really like to play with but that are not normally in their band… They’re very different then. For them, the scenery is the same, but the ‘players’ are different… Here it can be either or not at all, but at least no one hΓ‘s to win or lose. Both create relaxed people (most of the time). It just reminded me of that πŸ™‚ I organised a few of those tours, so there are tons of memories πŸ˜‰ But, as said, I can see why you say that…

    Now… here is thinking who has the most impressive backhand…? πŸ˜‰ More tennis videos to watch…

    1. Well… I’ve spoken to soon… I’m not up for the task about the one handed backhand;) Wrote that too quickly. Been watching tennis for many years, but I guess it does help when you play yourself Γ‘nd I only started watching more ‘technical’ about 2 years ago, so I need to catch up before I say something that makes sense…

      I’ll keep following the discussion about the best one handed backhand, cause it is really interesting and I’m catching up (and learning!)

    2. Hey,

      I forgot about this comment. I quite like the music comparison. A little bit like when a big band plays a really small venue for a change in their own town. Guess that’s a bit like an Exho.

      I like the concept of Exhibitions and think they are great for the fans but just not too interested in watching on TV. If I was in SA I’d have liked to have watch live though.

  5. Hi there – just came upon your 2012 best hits of Roger’s it was fabulous to see – thankyou I am a very mature federer fan (that means not as young as I use to be) but he is wonderful – I saw him live in Wimbledon in 2011 it was a dream come true (my darling husband got tickets for me an my daughter) – I will certainly come back to your site again – and hears hoping for a wonderfil 2013 with Roger ruling large

    1. Hey Trudi,

      There’s no age restrictions on my blog πŸ˜‰ ; mature or immature, as long as you’re a Fed or tennis fan really you’re welcome!

      Bet seeing him on grass was amazing. I’ve not seem him play at Wimbledon but hoping too, missed him both times I’ve been, I was on Center he was on court 1. Talk about poor scheduling! Which match did you see?

      Hope 2013 is a good one too, I just posted about the Australian Open, hard to see past Djokovic winning it but we’ll see.


      1. It was his first round match his opponents name began with K (I believe) I was so mesmorised by him he floats over the grass – it was 62minutes of utter bliss watching him – I hope to again this year if I can get Wimbledon tickets – Merry Christmas jonathan

      2. Ah Kukushkin, that was one of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog as I started mid way through the 2011 French Open!

        Hope you get to see him again in 2013. Happy Christmas!

  6. Loved this, just pure brilliance, thanks! Watching Fed play live is on my bucket list – long may he continue – he really is a remarkable athlete, great tennis player and wonderful ambassador for the game.

    1. Thanks Jane,

      It’s a great experience seeing him in the flesh. Looks good on TV but live you get to see just how well he is able to move around the court and transition in the blink of an eye. Make sure you cross it off the list!

    1. Cheers Tim, Happy holidays to you too man.

      I have, great video, be good if he could do a higher quality version of it. I think Einaudi’s music works really well with Fed videos. You a fan?


      1. Ya I didn’t know Einaudi’s music until I saw the video. I’m watching fed and rafa in last years Aussie semi. I didn’t remember fed making so many errors on his forehand I think this was one of the worst matches i’ve seen him play. I wish he would play the score more instead of going for winners on everything How are you celebrating the holiday season? Do you get the tennis channel? Your tennis friend in Wisconsin. Tim

      2. Hi,

        Ah yeah he started out playing great in that match from what I remember (4-1 lead) but then got dragged down to Nadal’s level and started reverting to his old tactics of coming in behind poor approach shots and getting burned with passing shots + going for way too much.

        I’m just relaxing really, few beers here and there and a couple of blog posts that I’m working on. I don’t have the Tennis Channel, I watch either on Sky Sports/Eurosport or a stream via TennisTV usually.

        Will you be watching Aus Open? Guessing like 17 hours time different with you and Melbourne. Maybe that can work out not too bad for some matches.

  7. Hi guys, here’s a nice stat I don’t know if you know or not.

    By winning three sets today, Roger won his 800th set in a grand slam.

    He is just all about setting and breakings records everytime he steps on court !!!

  8. YEZZZZZZZZ. Love you Roger !!! Now lets take Berdych down. He has won a title after 16 months.
    That’s enough. Now… it is your turn !!!

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