Roger Federer

Roger Federer’s New House

The Swiss is moving into millionaire district Rapperswil-Jona

A few years ago I wrote about Federer's residence in Wollerau and holiday home in Valbella. Quite a bit has changed since then and the Swiss has had a few house moves. Seen as though there's now a break until Madrid I thought I'd go all Daily Mail again and write about Roger's future house.

Currently, his official residence is in Valbella where his holiday home turned into a permanent residence. But that could be soon changing as Roger is planning a new home for himself and his family right on Lake Zurich in the Rapperswil-Jona area.

The Swiss tabloids recently reported Roger had purchased a 16,000 square meter plot of land right on the picturesque Kempratner bay which sits on the Zürichsee lakeshore.

Federer's New Land Purchase

Federer Land

Right now the 16,000 square metre plot is purely a grass area with two existing outbuildings however plans have already been submitted for several buildings on the site.

In true Swiss style and to not annoy the neighbours or block someone else's view, the buildings are all single storey and are said to be understated in design and layout. No flash footballer's wife or Russian Oligarch's castle here 🙂

Federer New Land

The Swiss firm BGS & Partner Architekten are responsible for the construction but the firm running the show are the South African architectural office SAOTA who have a history of building luxury properties around the world.

From the blueprints, there is said to be a tennis court, classroom, an indoor sports area and the two buildings you can see above that are street facing will be kept as gatehouse style structures.

Interestingly another resident of the Rapperswil-Jona area is Brazilian Jorge Paulo Lemann, who's an investor in the Laver Cup and one of Switzerland's richest men. He lives a stone's throw away and no doubt will have given Roger a tip off the land was available.

The purchase does seem to suggest Federer is planning for the future and somewhere to live more permanently when he retires in 2020 or 2021 most likely.

Where Else Has Roger Federer Lived?

Studenbühlstrasse 65
  • Had a residence in Dubai since 2006
  • Moved from his birthplace of Basel to Wollerau in March 2008
  • Lived in Bäch but sold in February 2014 to move into the “The Residence”
  • More recently owned Studenbühlstrasse 65 which he sold in 2018
  • Bought a 5,800 square metre plot of land in Herrliberg in 2011 (it went unused and is expected to be sold soon)
  • Built a holiday home in Valbella in 2015, currently his official residence
  • Purchased 16,000 square meter plot in Rapperswil-Jona in 2018

In 2015, Roger Federer relocated from Wollerau in the canton of Schwyz to the Grisons town of Valbella. That's been his official residence since.

His second residence in Dubai is in the luxury 50-storey “Le Rêve” skyscraper, and he has a “presidential apartment”. A 5-room apartment with 1,460 meters of living space.

Since 2011 he has also owned property in Herrliberg on the Zurich Gold Coast – but he never had any concrete building plans there despite having a 5,700 square meter plot of land at Laubhölzlistrasse which cost around CHF 30 million. The latest reports suggest that land is going to be sold.

Let me know in the comments if you plan to attend the housewarming 🙂


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Thanks for the information that is difficult for the regular person to know. Sometimes I think you have Fed’s cell number and that you two may chat every once in a while. Tell him hello from me if you do!

    1. Just collated info from the various Swiss papers tbh. I wasn’t going to write about it as not really interested in the non-tennis stuff, but the news is already out there so not like I’m revealing anything personal or private.

      I know from past comments Fed isn’t too enamoured with those who write about his houses or other dealings so I think I’d have just been blocked on WhatsApp if I was on there 😀

  2. I love any Fed gossip, can’t help it. Thanks. How do they have time to keep moving all the time? Any word if his parents will be moving in too? What about her parents?

  3. ¿Mirka’s family has been public any time?
    I don’t know anything about them, or Federer’s sister.

    1. No, I’ve never seen them. Guess they keep a low profile and are just doing their own thing. I dunno if they are retired but they ran a Jewellery business in Thurgau.

      Fed’s sister is usually in Basel. Think also been at Wimbledon. Again, she prob values her privacy.

      It’s cool that none of them other than Fed himself are giving many interviews, on Instagram etc. or trying to be in the public eye. When did Mirka last give any sort of interview? Lots of sports star wives can’t wait to try to get on television 😆

      1. Only time I can remember was when Mirka was furious at comments
        Pat Cash had made. Have never heard her giving an interview since,
        I think I remember she said she didn’t know Pat Cash…what a letdown
        who doesn’t know Pat Cash, I bet when he read it his face was as
        checquered as his bandana!

  4. Engaging with the media is always a two edged sword.Anyone who values their privacy would do well to keep as low a
    profile as possible.

    1. Your post was general and I agree 🙂 Fed is of course part of Federer family.

      And my answer was a joke. Positive, no?

      Why are you always looking for negatives in my Fed-comments?

      And of course this proverb is valid “the exception proves the rule” 😉

  5. Great match between Medvedev and Nishikori.Just hope that hasn’t worn the Russian out for tomorrow.
    He looks sort of frail,although I am sure that he is not.

  6. Well Annie I agree because a good fight in tomorrow’s final would be nice.

    But I think Thiem deserves the title after his amazing play today so a worn out Medvedev might be nice for him.

    However in my mind he has already won it whether he wins tomorrow or not. Bit like Fognini, glad he held the trophy after all that.

    1. Yes,I agree.Two great semi-finals.Thiem was amazing and will be a real danger at RG if his form continues.
      I hope he wins tomorrow.
      Those drop shots😊

  7. Thiem becomes the first man to beat Rafa Nadal in Pista Rafa Nadal.
    Excuisit tennis by the Austrian. Some out of this world drop shots and some lazer groundstrokes. A Domi special. Glad I could see it live.

    1. Yes,you do wonder about the wisdom of naming a stadium before the player has retired.
      Have e great time in Barcelona,such a vibrant city.

  8. Is Nadal losing his touch or is everyone getting better? Agreed, don’t name a stadium until that person has retired. I’ll be back home in a week just in time to see Fed in Madrid.

    1. Madrid is shaping up to be a really exciting tournament ,especially as the result is no longer a
      foregone conclusion.

    1. Two days ago nobody knew, Thiem can play such slice and dropshots 😉 And have more than one g ameplan 😉

  9. I have just read the updated edition of Federer by Chris Bowers.Well written and engaging with some lovely anecdotes
    that I hadn’t read before.
    Very interesting chapters about Feds childhood and early career.
    Relevant to this thread is this’You will never read in a newspaper or magazine what goes on in our house’ Mirka 2004.
    No index or footnotes but an interesting bibliography.

  10. I sure hope he is investing his funds wisely, and not just splurging on various real estate ventures…

  11. Interesting to know Fed actually keep moving his. residence. Once the clay court season is over may be you can write a blog about Federer’s diet and what he eats before and after the matches to recover. I know there is lot of online information out there but I do want to know the Genuine information.

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