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Roger Federer – Hope Dies Last

It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated an entire post to a video but today a new one from 1893stuttgartschwabe was released titled: Roger Federer – Hope Dies Last and it’s one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

I think it’s been released at just right the time and the title pretty much sums up where we are at right now, Roger is still on a low after losses at the US Open & Shanghai, his fans are wondering what to expect from him both short term and into 2014 and he’s just split with his coach of three years Paul Annacone.

The video contains matches primarily from this season and shows he’s still capable of producing some stunning points but has ultimately fallen short in a lot of tournaments be it due to bad luck, a bad back, bad shot selection or being badly short on confidence.

There’s still time to use 2013 as a springboard into 2014 however and it will be interesting to see how Roger does especially in Basel which has been one of his strongest tournaments over the years. How he performs should be a good indicator as to win the World Tour Finals in 2010 and 2011 he’s won Basel both times too so if he slumps there it could well be season over for him.

The song selections work too which is always tricky and I think the way the clips have been together combined with the snippets of commentary and music makes this video near peRFect. Enjoy!


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Inspiring. Watching this, I refuse to believe that Roger is completely over. This just shows that he is still capable of playing amazingly. Regardless of the season he’s had, I really hope he can do well indoors after all it’s always been his hunting ground so to speak. If not, then I’m already looking forward to 2014.

    PS: Just checked out 1893stuttgartschwabe’s channel, some great vids.

  2. Great video!! (but there are a couple of better ones out there, to be honest)

    The Fed video making community on youtube has to be given kudos for the brilliant stuff they keep coming up with. No other sports person has such a vast number, and such beautiful videos made about them.

    1. Yeah 1893 is awesome. This one is up there, I’ve posted all the other good ones by Killuch etc in the Videos category, Iridescent still one of the best.

      Yeah they must take a lot of time and effort as well as skill to fuse everything together. And none of them are getting paid directly for doing it. Awesome fans really.

  3. I’ve thought about this for some time now, but this seems the right post to share with you how I became a Roger Federer fan then a Tennis fan.
    It all goes back to 2009 and this memorable French Open final against Söderling. I wasn’t even watching the game. My uncle was and I was just there studying. At a point, the commentator started enumerating all Roger’s records and how that one was the last item he needed to complete his collection of Slams. After each comment I heard, I grew more curious about that, so it seemed, extraordinary player (whom I didn’t really know by the time). At the end, I left my books and started watching.
    Before that day, I didn’t understand a thing about tennis. I actually hated tennis as I believed it was the most boring game ever invented. Two people exchanging a yellow ball… Pff… how dull!! Nevertheless, I kept watching. The comments were in French, and a break point in French is called “Balle de break” which means literally “break ball”. Could you believe that I thought it was an actual ball? And that I kept looking for this ball? Yeah, that’s how little I knew about tennis…
    Fortunately, the score board was there to show me who is winning – although the points system was as much a mystery as the break and set balls I was looking for -. I was praying for Roger to win. Not because he was the better player. Not because I was a fan. Not because I understood anything of the game. I just fell for the champion he was. And if that was his best chance to win FO as the commentator said, I wanted him to win. I hate loosing myself. In everything I do, I want to finish first. I could connect with the rage for victory he had. And I was so happy when he won and got very emotional after his speech.
    I didn’t start watching tennis right after that. I even missed Wimbledon that year (What a shame!). But the name “Roger Federer” stayed with me as the symbol of true champion.
    Coincidence put me in front of more tennis games. And I started understanding the game’s rules. I finally knew that “Balle de break” isn’t a ball and understood the scoring system. Tennis is a sport I can’t play due to a back problem but I enjoyed watching it more and more.
    In 2011, I read an article after the FO semi-final between Federer and Djokovic describing how Federer ended Nole’s winning strike of the year. I wasn’t up to date in tennis that year, so I didn’t know of Djokovic’s super achievements. But I thought: “Yes! That’s it! Good for this guy, whoever he is! Nice job Federer!” Weird, no? but that’s who I am. Achievements like this inspire me and excite me. Naturally, I watched the final against Nadal, and hated seeing the Spaniard win.
    Before the Wimbledon QF, I read an interview of Tsonga. He was so arrogant and was so sure about “defeating Roger in his own garden”; which he did unfortunately. I was near tears.
    The thing is, even if I still wasn’t a diehard Roger’s fan by the time, I couldn’t but be affected by his results. Even if I didn’t really realize it, he inspired me to better myself. To always tend to peRFection.
    Then came July, 8th 2012. 7th Wimbledon. World n°1. Since that day, I didn’t miss any match that I could watch. I watched all the matches I missed before. I jumped after every magnificent shot. I yelled after every missed opportunity. I am sure my heart missed some beats during the WTF last year and I will never forget the ache in my chest after the Wimbledon loss this year, even days after.
    The simple attraction to a Champion became real admiration of his genius. There is beauty to his every movement. The easiness, the magic, the talent that irradiates from him blows me off every time.
    This guy has brought so much to the game and to the world. So what if he’s having a season off? What if this “transitional year”, as he said himself, isn’t as amazing as the last decade? If there is anyone who can allow himself a break, that would definitely be him. Even in his worst season since 10 years, he’s still in the top 8. Even when he’s struggling with his back and his confidence, he still produces genius shots. His worst year is still far better than other players who are younger and in a better form. It’s not like he’s done with. Anyone who makes the mistake of writing him off is really luring himself.
    He’s still motivated, passionate and willing to do whatever is needed to reestablish the right order in tennis hierarchy. He’s one who knows how to rise after each loss.
    Hope dies last… that’s very true. We all believe in you Federer. So go grab some titles and show them all what you’re worth. Allez Roger!!

    1. Cool post Alex! It’s always good finding out how people first became Fed fans.

      Obviously had no idea how long you had been a fan before reading that but I guess it’s just testament to Roger’s game / personality / the whole shebang that he still picks up new dedicated fans even later on his career. 2009 was a good year to first start paying attention to him though. French Open was a crazy tournament that year. I think loads of people got into him just by accident like you seeing him on the TV one day.

      Maybe when retirement eventually happens I’ll do a post and ask people to send me a brief comment about how they first became Federer fans.

      French Commentary is good for tennis, I like the stadium announcers too especially at Roland Garros,

      “Dix sept titres du Grand Chelem, numéro un mondial, le Suisse, Rogerrrrrrrrr Federerrrrrrrrrrr”

      1. Yeah, love the French commentaries too 🙂

        Nous croyons en toi Champion!! Alleeeeeez Rodgeuuuuuuuuur!!!!!

      2. Love that grand Chelem! Only works in their lingo! Helps that their commentator has such a distinct voice! And that the French absolutely adore Roger!

    2. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for sharing this…it really touched me, specially the statement about “allow himself a break”, that I had to share the hole comment on Hope you don’t mind.

      Thanks, Rosa María

    3. Nice one Alex, great to get an insight in how other people around the world is getting amazed by Roger and starts follow him. And like Jonathan says 2009 was a good year to start paying interest to Roger 🙂

    4. Great post. Has always seemed bizarre to me that people can get into Fed halfway thru his career but Alex you really demonstrated how Fed transcends tennis and time. You saw him, you instantly got it, and him and you were given a wonderful thing to hv forever! Welcome to Rogerland!

      1. Thanks Susie 🙂 And you’re right. I am so lucky to have been there for that FO final. Otherwise I would have never got the chance of knowing RF or you guys 😉
        I am the only tennis fan at home and you don’t know how awful it feels when everybody makes fun of me and thinks I am riddiculous staring at a match for as long as it lasts and getting emotional about it… At least here I feel normal 😀

    5. Hi there everyone. I am a 21 year old Indian guy and I lived in Dubai all my life. I became a fan of Roger when he won his 2nd Wimby title in 2004. I did not even watch the match. I only read it in the newspapers. I was not a BIIG fan, but just a fan then. That really was the beginning. I started following tennis more seriously. In my journey of almost 10 years as a Federer fan, there are a few things I would like to say.

      He made me believe that one can play sport like an artist and not without brute force and still be the best ever. What more? Watching him play is like “Poetry in Motion”. I have never seen a more graceful athlete in my life. So graceful, so elegant and style to top it off. He will always by my #1 Sport Idol forever.

      I was even lucky enough to witness him play at the Dubai Open. I ALMOST got his autograph. Yes, I was disappointed, but more than that I was delighted.

      Roger has given us so much to cheer about all these years. It’s our turn now to support himand vouch for him in his hardest of times. I still scream with all my might when he bags a winner. Come on fellow federer fan, lets hear it- ROOOGEERRRRR!!!

      1. Not sure, stopped commenting after something to do with a prediction and I had to delete some long comments as they were too much. Forgot exactly what happend tbh. Might still read just not comment.

  4. Hope dies last!!! Lovee you, Roger!!
    In my case, i don’t care if he’s out of the Top 100 one day, i’ll keep supporting as i do now! I hate when my dad says “he should retire already” I’m like “Noooooooooo” I think it’s his decision, if he wants to keep playing, he will. I think next year could be a very good year, he’s not defending too many points, so i hope he comes back to the Top 3 or Top 4 at least! It’s been pretty hard this year, but i still hope he can win Basel, at least! 😀

    Internet is the only place where i can talk about Federer and share the exciment of his achievements, although my father is a big fan of him also. i find it awkward when i tell him that i love Roger with all my soul 😀

    Take care! 😀

    1. I agree! Roger decides when he retires. Some idiot journo in the Independent wrote an article last week saying he shld retire to protect his legacy. How selfish! She was only actually thinking of herself! Why? He owes us nothing! We owe him everything. Who is she to dictate his life. We dont call for her retirement if she writes a series if poor articles. 1) it’s his job.2) he loves it with a diehard passion 3) his legacy is intact whatever happens from here on in. Keep the faith, the titles will come!

  5. Hi Jonathan

    Lovely video – I have always enjoyed tennis from the first time I saw Borg play at Wimbledon in a match against Roger Taylor (yes I know that dates me – I was in school and had bunked off for the day) but when Roger came on the scene I was truly addicted again – not just the fact that he is Swiss and so am I but to watch him develope and become the player he became – he glides when he is on a tennis court, his inside out forehand is a joy, his backhand has improved so much – he is a gentleman, he loves his sport, his family and his fans – and no matter what number he is in the rankings we as true federer fans will always support him because we know when he does finally hang up his raquet the sport of tennis will not be the same – so what if he has had a shocker of a year – look at all the years he was sublime – and I feel honoured and priviledged that I have seen him play at Wimbledon – he is and always will be the GOAT in my eyes

    1. Hey Trudi,

      I never saw Borg live but I would have been his fan, very cool customer and the highlights I’ve seen vs. McEnroe were quality.

      Roger is a different level though, has a few Borg traits I guess with saying fairly poker faced but his style is truly unique.


  6. This video really got me emotional.
    Alex inspired me and I need to tell how I became a Federer fan.

    During high school this was the placement in my livingroom: mom on the couch watching TV and my dad on an armchair reading. My dad was always reading. Really… all the time.
    Once I was going out and was asking my parents for money, but something was different. My dad was also watching TV. They where both rooting for Federer during a GS final. I could not finish the sentence because I saw magnificent movement on the screen (my dad used to say Federer’s movement is so natural [firesc – in romanian, sadly it is not fully translatable]). The three of us watched and cheered and I ended up staying home.
    Over the years the pattern repeated: I was going somewhere, but ended up looking at the mach with my parents.

    Several years later, 21.12.2012…. out of nowhere (seriously, an army of doctors had no idea what led to this) my dad died (God rest his soul). During the 40 days of grief I spent with my mom, this year in January, watching Federer during the AO, was a way of reconnecting and finding joy in the small things.

    Sadly this is the year I became a diehard Fedfan. Meanwhile being a Fedfan became a way of life.
    I was in a pub, negotiating for a show and was not really fond of the offer. I saw the TV and Roger was playing Nishikori. So I told the client: if Federer wins we have a deal, if he loses the deal is off. I was certain that Federer will win so I was really happy during the second set. But near the end I was devastated (although I did not want to play there, so in the end it was OK for me).

    By now I have seen almost all matches Fed played. Meanwhile the Federer fever grew among my friends. My girlfriend (actress/choreographer) appreciates his movement at a whole different level, being constantly inspired by him.

    So, if Roger improves is up to him and hope dies last, but what he gave so many people just for being himself, is more than anyone can dream of.

    PS: my fans just got me a RF t-shirt. 😀

    1. Hey Tilas,

      Nice comment. Seems everyone has a story of how they first got into Fed & it’s cool to hear them.

      So his loss vs. Nishikori actually has some positives afterall huh. Perhaps he knew you didn’t wanna play, pretty sure he won the second set 6-1 in that match only to tank the third 😀

      Why don’t my fans get me RF shirts? lol.


  7. Great video and timely too. After a shitty season so far, I know deep down Roger can still come out with magical shots. He needs the self-belief to push himself further. He will always be my favorite player, have been following him closely since 2006 especially the touching moment when he receive AO trophy from Rod Laver. I had tears in my eyes. This is by far most challenging season but I still have faith in him for 2014. If we do not have faith him, who else will.

  8. I too enjoyed the video. I had to watch it twice and was just as emotional in both. I tried hard to watch the Del Potro and Djoker final,but, it was just too much baseline power. Not pretty tennis. Roger’s game is the tennis I know and have enjoyed. As someone stated, Roger’s tennis is an ART. Well described.

    1. Yeah I watched some of the final but like you say not the prettiest tennis. But I do like Del Potro, he has a good game and actually isn’t just all about pure power, he can actually volley and does play tactically well as we saw vs. Dull.

      1. Agree! Also Delpo gets the emotional vote. Has great empathy on court! Really gives it all but with heart! Cannot stand the Serbian fist pump to the chest! What is it with Djoko? Does he think he gives more than anyone else? Ps though Nadal was pretty graceless loser v Delpo, just left the court and didn’t seem to really accept the loss.

  9. That was beautiful, so much effort and time went in to that so my respect to whoever produced it. “Sometimes it’s appropriate just to give thanks, we should be thankful in an era where we are able to witness the greatness of this man.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, so true, think fans need to remember that in the hard times. Watching this video makes you forget about everything that’s happened this year, this guy is truly genius.

    1. Yeah it almost makes 2013 look like it’s been good so far haha. Kinda forget he lost half the matches in the clips but still came up with something special even in those.

  10. Thanks for the video Jonathan. It is a very good one. As you say, most of the footage is recent and proves he’s still got it! I actually hadn’t even explored this site well enough to know there was a video section!! I’ll definitely be checking that out later. Thank you also to Alex and others for their very moving stories. Maybe I’ll do the same one day but I might wait until Roger is on the up again, which I’m sure is going to happen very soon. I was recently watching a rather blurry video of a 17-year old Roger playing Andre Agassi. Agassi won, but the English commentators were both talking all the time about Roger and how unusual his play was. They came to the conclusion that although he lost the match he probably has a slam or two in him before his career is over 🙂

    1. Cheers Rita,

      This on YouTube? I will try find the clip. His matches vs. Agassi were pretty fun especially at USO.

      And check out the videos section, there’s some real good ones.


  11. I strongly believe that Federer still has something left in the tank. He’s been sharp physically, but is prone to lapses in almost all of his matches. That is the main difference between 2013 Federer and vintage Federer. These lapses in concentration result in poor service games and in men’s tennis, 1 break is often enough to seal the set. He also seems to have lost a bit of his court sense and mental sharpness, resulting in poor shot selection and terrible execution on big points. Qualifying for the World Tour Finals will give him lots of confidence because it presents an opportunity for him to beat the best players in the world. It also shows us fans and his rivals that a Roger Federer playing rubbish (by his standards) tennis is still a top 8 player. I think that a few good wins to end the season and a productive offseason could certainly result in Federer coming back next year and making a strong push at at least two of the non-clay court slams and most of the Masters 1000s especially the ones in Indian Wells, Cincinnati and post US Open. I’m very optimistic about Roger’s prospects for the upcoming season and while I am sure there will be a tough loss or two, I believe we’ll be able to savour lots of great tennis and memorable wins. There is absolutely no reason for Roger to panic because even though people might lift their games when they face him as they sense a weakened lion, he knows that his top level is still better than anyone else’s, past or present, confident or not.

  12. “Sometimes it’s appropriate, just to give thanks. We should be thankful to have lived in an era where we’re able to witness the brilliance of this man.”

    And thank you, 1893StuttgartSchwabe 🙂

  13. Hey nice video! He sure is a legend… But I’ve gotta get this out on the table, been nagging me for about a week! Roger Federer, he’s a great player sure, had an unbelievable career, but if he were to call it a day… say today, I think I’d definitely feel he left unfinished business on the court. Rafael Nadal! He’s just had too many losses to the guy, some of them truly heart breaking that never really go away (at least I’m completely useless at accepting and moving on from them :p ) To my way of thinking, Fed’s just gotta beat him in a grand slam again, he can’t leave it at 8-2…!!! Otherwise, something just wouldn’t be wright…however maybe Roger sees it differently, he’s a champion and shows tremendous acceptance of losses he’s suffered over the years. Plus he’s also had a few triumphs along the way, that helps. 😉
    What do you think Jonathan, would you be “ok” with leaving it as it is or are you more like me, ever restless and, alas, too greedy :p

    1. I’m ok with whatever happens. I want him to beat Nadal in a slam for sure but if it doesn’t happen then not too fussed. It would have to be on grass or hard court though.

      Roger should have won Australian Open 2009 vs Nadal, by far his worst loss and since then the meetings have been few and far between in slams French Open 2011 that the last time?

      When Nadal rises, Roger slumps, and when Roger rises Nadal slumps kinda always been like that so they have avoided playing each other quite a lot.

      1. Good on ya Jonathan, that’s a really healthy mentality, just be happy with what happens. Made me feel a lot better already by sharing my thoughts and you’re a good guy to share’em with, my dad’s a big Murray fan!
        Last time was Australian Open 2012 semi final, and I agree its a bit of a shame they didn’t meet more in GS from maybe about 2010 until now…but nevermind that’s the way it goes, hopefully their’ll be a few in 2014…!

  14. Another wooden racket I suppose? Never too late 😉 Thanks for sharing the exquisite video with us Jonathan.

    Cannot express how emotional I was after watching this. What a player he is.

    First of all, I am lucky to live in Fed’s era, happen to come cross watching him playing one day and fell in love with his game just like most of guys here. I am so grateful to those who makes Fed videos of such artistic qualities out there. Not mention, how great to have YouTube. Can’t live without it these days, can we? Thanks to YouTube he never die. When I feel down I go to YouTube, watch Fed for 10 minutes et Voilà! Federapy 🙂

  15. Wait a minute, come to think of ‘Federapy’, Roger needs it. He should watch those videos to just remind himself who he is.

  16. Yes, a good read. Especially the last few sentences. The Fed fans that want him to retire are the ones that want to spare themselves the embarrassment or whatever negative emotion that surfaces.

  17. All those stupid people who make the “weak era” argument when taking into consideration Roger’s slam record, need to see the following video.

    It shows you why Roger dominated his era. So, all those stupid people who make the “weak era” argument need to shut up because they look stupid. Don’t be stupid. Don’t make the weak era argument.


    1. Preach it Sid! All these guys had a set of skills needed for the dynamic variety of tennis that used to be. Not anymore. Baseline rally after baseline rally. This is some “golden era” lol.

      Man watching that video makes me miss those days, Roger’s footwork on the forehand used to be impeccable. He’s lost his movement this year, which has impacted his forehand a lot. His forehand is probably the best shot in the whole game ever. Except I do fancy his half volley/one handed backhand down the line, that never gets old.

      1. Jonathan, ok, I am now officially sick of this Spanish troll named Pablo. There’s only so much we can do to ignore him. Once again, his great sense of humor is on display. Please, please, get rid of him, he s making me look really bad.

      2. Pablo do me a favour man, what are you talking about? Whenever the best XYZ comes up here you chime in with Nadal everytime on autopilot. Like a pre programmed robot.

        We get he’s the best clay courter ever, such a tough competitor etc etc but this site has a strong focus on Federer. Nobody is really interested in Nadal here.

        To say he’s got the best forehand of all time is ridiculous too and kinda shows you are brainwashed, nowhere near as versatile as Roger’s. Not even comparable really.

        I’d say he has the best forehand on the run passing shot of all time, albeit helped a lot by technology and strings but he does make a high % of those shots when it’s a tricky one. But best of all time period? No chance.

      3. Brainwashed? Maybe Murray or Djokovic are brainwashed as well, check what they say. With the forehand Nadal demolished Roger year by year.

      4. Alright, Pablo, as a Roger Federer fan, I accept on behalf of everyone on this blog, that Rafael Nadal, from Mallorca, son of Sebastian Nadal, nephew of Toni Nadal, has the best forehand, best backhand, best serve, best overhead, best front court game, best everything in the game. I also agree that he is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), not just in tennis, but also across all sport.

        I also agree that Roger’s slams were achieved in a weak era when Nadal was still wearing his diaper. In fact he still hasn’t found the right size and needs adjusting it all the time.

        Now that I have agreed to everything you wanted me to agree with, your singular purpose here has been achieved. I humbly request you to please leave this blog and never come back. Claro?

    2. Really weak era, Blake, Davydenko, Gonzalez… (0 Slams); Hewitt one of the worst number 1 ever, anyway it’s not his fault Roger is such a huge player. Probably the second best player ever

      1. Dude. The reason you think it’s a weak era is because Roger never let anyone win a slam. Say Roger wasn’t as good. Maybe he lost all those 4 finals to Roddick. That would leave Roger with 17 minus 4 slams= 13 (tied with Rafa), and Roddick with 4 slams (at least)

        Has the era automatically become stronger??? No, because Roger made it look weak cause he never let anyone else win. Such was his dominance. Had he continued winning all the slams till today, it would look like an even weaker era. But the point is, that it isn’t. So stop making rubbish claims.

        And one of the most important points that the ‘weak era’ proponents forget to mention is that Nadal was ranked 2nd behind Roger for what was it- 3 years? 4 years? It’s not like Rafa walked in and immediately deposed Roger at the helm of men’s tennis. For 4 years he was consistently second best. Numbers don’t lie.

      2. Gaurav, don’t waste your time on this established troll, Pablo. We’ve been down this road before. You and I and nearly all of the readers here are objectively critical of Roger but this troll is just blind and stupid in his love of Dopal.

        One other thing that most Nadal fans go crazy over is how Nadal beat Roger at Wimbledon 2008, and how it was the greatest achievement of this era. Wrong! Little do they know that Nadal was already a four time French Open champion by then, ranked No.2 as you mentioned for three or four years, and, most importantly, he had played Roger several times, including twice at Wimbledon. So, he had all kinds of preparation to face Roger and understood all his patterns particularly on clay, where his wins gave him a huge mental edge.

        And what about Roger walking in as a nobody in 2001 with a Pro Staff 85, and beating the then King of grass, Pete Sampras, at his own game of serve and volley? Nothing beats that, nothing.

      3. Not to mention that Roger was suffering from Mono for a good part of 2008, which was, uptil now considered his weakest year. In a year, suffering from a disease that’s kept Soderling, a top 10 player out for nearly 3 years, Federer reached the Australian Open Semi, losing to Novak Djokovic (who’s thus established himself, and shown the world that his favourite surface is the AO), the finals of the French, losing to the best clay courter of all time, the finals of Wimbledon, and won the US beating Murray.

        That was a bad year. Nadal really had it tough, didn’t he.

      4. Yes Gaurav, Roger had to face Nadal that’s true, but when he was a teenager. Nadal had to deal with one of the strongest era ever.

      5. Doesn’t Dull have a losing record vs. Davydenko? lol.

        And I think I remember Gonzo straight setting Nadal at the Aussie Open one year when it used to play like a hard court. So yes, weak era no doubt.

      6. The weak era argument is nothing but nonsense propagated by Nadal fans who can’t accept that Roger is considered the greatest. They know they can’t take away Roger’s achievements so instead they attack the competition.

        [For 4 years he was consistently second best. Numbers don’t lie.]
        Poor Nadal, the eternal no.2…

        [Doesn’t Dull have a losing record vs. Davydenko? lol.]
        The only chance Dull had to level up the H2H was to meet Davydenko on clay 😆

        And we really shouldn’t feed this troll anymore. He’s only going to keep coming back with nonsense.

      7. If you wanna talk about H2H records we can talk, Nadal has the best H2H record against everybody ever and trust me, I’m not worried about the GOAT debate, wait until Nadal’s retirement, it will be very clear. He will achieve a lot more and in a stronger era.

      8. Seriously Pablo – why are you here? I think it’s weird. This is a Federer fan site. You’re not a Federer fan. So what is your point in being here? I’m not denying you can make your points, but it’s not like people here don’t hear them or know them already. So what are you trying to achieve? Can’t folks have a fan site and talk about the player they like and what they hope and why they like him? Why don’t you go start a Nadal site? Or find one. Seriously, it seems weird you would be commenting and arguing on an actual Federer fan site instead of the many general tennis discussion sites out there – or even ESPN or something. Plenty of place for you to argue with Federer fans – just not here. Its a “FAN SITE” dude. Just hit the road man. Stop being weird.

      9. Pablo, I don’t think anyone here denies that Nadal’s a great player. He no doubt is. But this is a Federer fan site man. What do you expect to find when you come here. The simple fact of the matter is that Roger’s won FAR more than Nadal has achieved (please don’t try and argue that- I’m stating a fact, not an opinion) So until Nadal catches up with him, there’s no way you can suggest that he is a greater player.

        Sure, he’s a great player, but tell me what is it about him that you admire? As Fed fans we’ll tell you straight away. But I want to hear what makes a Nadal fan a Nadal fan.

        Do you admire the fact that he consistently slows the game down by making his opponent wait? Cause we’re proud that Roger is generally always waiting for his opponent.

        Do you admire that he constantly violates the time between points rule every match without fail? Cause we’re proud of the fact that Roger never does.

        Do you admire the gamesmanship tactics that Nadal employs? Like taking a bathroom break right on match point!!? Because we’re proud that Roger never does.

        Do you admire the quirks about Nadal- the undie tugging, the nose scratching, positioning every bottle, waiting till he has two towels (what’s wrong with one I can’t understand), walk over any line with his right foot? Because we’re proud that Roger doesn’t shove his hand up his ass before every point.

        Are you proud of the fact that Nadal has question marks around him doping? Cause we’re proud that no one has EVER mentioned Roger and dope in the same sentence.

        Do you admire the fact that Nadal never speaks his mind in press conferences? That they’re even more boring than his game? We’re proud that Roger speaks his mind, albeit diplomatically. That too, given that he’s a Swiss and they’re famous for being boring.

        Are you proud of the fact that Nadal games are long , tedious and boring cause he always plays the exact same way for 4 hours straight ie- to his opponent’s weakness? Cause we’re proud that Roger plays on his own terms. He lives and dies by his own sword. He’ll play to his own strengths. He’ll play on his terms. Every match will be different. Every point will be different. It’s the variety that we love.

        Are you proud of the fact that Nadal always avoided playing Roger on Indoor courts/ fast hard courts in his prime to avoid weakening his head to head? Cause we’re proud that Roger walked into a clay final at the age of 32 in the middle of one his worst spells, knowing that it would probably be another loss against his Mallorcan opponent who had won 6 tournaments that year.

        Are you proud of the fact that Nadal has an ugly game? Cause we’re proud that Roger’s game is considered peRFect.

        Do you admire the fact that Nadal doesn’t mind winning ugly? Cause we’re proud that Roger would rather lose than do that. Which is why Roger’s the winner of the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award a record 9 straight times. More importantly, Roger was named the 2nd most influential person in the world after Nelson Mandela by the readers of Time magazine. I wonder whether Nadal was on that list?

        The fact of the matter is, that there are millions of tiny things that make Federer the great player and person that he is. Numbers don’t lie, and neither do most of the facts I mentioned above. Sure, Nadal is a great player. Nobody’s denying that. But he’s nowhere as close to complete as Roger is. In every department. On and off the court. That my dear troll friend, is peRFection. Deal with it.

      10. We are proud of a guy who always fights until the end, who shows his passion of the game in every single moment, who had to deal with injuries and always cameback even better when people wanted to retire him, who every year is improving his level and increasing even more his passion of the game and who NEVER GIVES UP. A sportman who is the best example for the kids because shows that working hard and with passion you can achieve the impossible. These big things make him someone more than a great player, they make him someone EPIC.

      11. Well we can say that for any sports person at the helm of any sport. Not just Nadal. What you’re mentioning is nothing unique. Federer’s had his share of injuries as well. It’s just that he doesn’t bandage his appendages and hobble around, clutching his back. That’s called class. He doesn’t blame his body after every second loss. Taking seven months off when you can’t beat players and coming back doesn’t mean anything except that he was just way too concerned to stem the bleed rather than play on.

        And Nadal is FAR from the best example for anyone. What are kids going to learn from him? How to dope, run away from someone who’s beating you, avoid players on their stronger surfaces, tug their undies, boring baseline rallies, negative play, time violations. No surprise that Federer’s the one who wins all the favourite sportsman/ tennis plyer/ role model awards. If your statement was true, it would be Nadal winning more of those awards. Again, fact. Not an opinion.

        Stop trolling this website.

      12. [Are you proud of the fact that Nadal has question marks around him doping? Cause we’re proud that no one has EVER mentioned Roger and dope in the same sentence.]

        I’ve almost lost count of how many players, journalists, coaches (and even WADA’s founder) that have in one way or another voiced doubts about the humble bull from Mallorca and yet not a peep about Roger Federer. This must be so upsetting for Nadal fans. It would explain why they get so defensive when the “D” word is mentioned even though you don’t even mention any names 😛

      13. Gaurav, the long post you did with the are you proud of…..? points makes you my hero, now that´s a statement 🙂 !

    3. Woow, I haden´t seen that one before. To me his forehand looked more flat and much faster back then or is it just me?

      1. One of the main characteristics of an inside out forehand is that it tends to be very flat, so yes, it is very flat. I personally think that going around the backhand with insane footwork, then hitting a flat inside out winner from around or outside the doubles alley is “the most beautiful thing you can watch in tennis” 🙂

      2. That´s correct, next after the single handed backhand up the line of course 🙂

        But when you look at the video and see the older clips compared to the newer it seems like he hit more flat back then and with more racquet head speed. Maybe it has something to do with the difference in racquet speed or maybe it is just me 🙂

    4. One of the most important points that the ‘weak era’ proponents forget to mention is that Nadal was ranked 2nd behind Roger for what was it- 3 years? 4 years? It’s not like Rafa walked in and immediately deposed Roger at the helm of men’s tennis. For 4 years he was consistently second best. Numbers don’t lie.

      1. Correct. Because when someone wins 12 out of the 18 slams, and also makes the final in two others, it must be a weak era 🙂

  18. Is ‘nt anybody in here apart from the gambler superstitious? Not even at the slightest?
    Jonathan why not try do things differently:

    “Basel draws and predictions”

    Overall an easy pizie draw but I am on the pessimistic side of things and I can see Roger going out, on a second round upset against the likes of another Roger! Roger WeCelin or even Hyde ‘N. Maourer could bring our dreams to an end. These top players living and operating in central Europe will not forgive an emotional puzzled champion conquered by second thoughts even for the simplest of shot selection at 40 luv up . Hesitant former number one could be even punished at the first round against the veteran giant Ivo Karlovic the grand son of the great Borris Karlof. Or something like that. You get my spirit.

    Apart from jinx , another reason is that the man needs a break. Imagine how he feels visiting his best fan blog and receiving all this pressure from all these high expectations.

    Plus , Syd drop your anti Rafa campaign :Fed is the best and everybody knows, don’t spread butter on Pablo the Diablo s bread. Why not try something against Muzza and Muzzamotha.
    Scooter , drop this blog FB prowling and first comment obsession 🙂 , let some room for other pure luck driven first commenters .

    First thing you ll see is Fed surging up to the top where he truly belongs !

    PS I asked a question a while ago and you all ignored me which is reasonable, but why is this online shitty ticket booking system for the atp tour finals not working anymore? Are they waiting for Fed to clinch a place and then double the fee. Oh I know you Britons over there coz I spent a year at Leicester doing my MSC… Charging double price for half a drink…3 times up for half a packet of cigarettes … Even Greek cab drivers are more honest than that.

    1. The draw isn’t out yet. At least I can’t seem to find it. Are you sure you aren’t looking at the ’12 draw?

      1. I Know the draw is not out yet, I was just suggesting a different approach to Jonathan so maybe our and Feds luck could change. Maybe we should even prevent Jonathan from writing raise some funds and send him to Basel . Then what happened in Halle may happen again.

        Scooter don’t give me that look of your Fed avatar. 😉 I m just kidding . May be I m just jealous of all those slams you ‘ve got!
        Jonathan why not a poll know to let us see what the general feeling is for Feds end of 2013 and/or 2014 ? If there s only one vote , then I ‘ll take the blame .
        Personally I don’t think the future looks good for Roger and I am not confusing what I foresee with what I wish
        Then again don’t rely on a gamblers prediction . Especially when he is a failure of a gambler 🙂

    2. Haha Gambler you make me laugh.

      I do agree British prices will rip you off, especially in London when you visit the o2. Same at Wimbledon.

      Tickets though – use Ticketmaster and getmein, seems to be working for me??

      1. ok thanks Jonathan I see what you are saying. i can even buy tickets through viagogo.
        problem is i couldn’t do it anymore through axs the official direct seller.

        What I did is got good front tickets for Monday afternoon just to attend the event. If Fed plays on that session I m sorted. If he plays in the morning or the next day I ll just do my best to find tickets to see him play.

        I dont want to even think he is not making it to London

  19. Can someone (other than Pablo Picasso) explain to me why Nadal is nominated for the Stefan Edberg sportsmanship award?…

    1. I guess that’s because he didn’t complain much about the knee this year, didn’t take too many time outs, didn’t bump into opponents, didn’t complain about how windy conditions hurt his tactics, didn’t argue with the umpire after a ball he called was actually shown to be in. So, by avoiding those things, he gets the nomination. The bar is pretty low for him.

      Can someone tell me why Marin Cilic is in that category? Didn’t he receive a ban recently?

      1. He is so humble no Sid? Won’t be surprised if he wins it this year. Djokovic sure can be arrogant sometimes and rips his shirt here and there but he’s much more the sportsman than Nadal. Very surprised he didn’t get a shout out here. Don’t think Marin is nominated Sid, it’s between, Rafa, Roger, David Ferrer and Delpo.

      2. You’re right, I was looking at the 2012 list 🙂 I actually think Del Potro has way more sportsmanship than Nadal. Spirited fighter, and an extremely gracious loser. If not Roger, I hope he wins.

        Roger may have spoiled his chances at the Australian Open when he said something not so nice to Murray across the net. And his body language in the last match vs Monfils wasn’t very good either. But you never know, that award is decided by fellow players for things we don’t actually see on TV/Web etc. There must be a reason he has won it nine times.

      3. Yeah, gotta love Delpo, was impressed with him in Shanghai in the ceremony, don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Delpo. And well yes but you can’t blame Roger, he was exhibiting the frustration with his game on the court, there’s only so much you can do when you have been having trouble the entire season that you can’t always hide your emotions. As you said the players vote and a lot happens behind closed doors. In which I mean, I was so happy to to hear in Roddick’s interview that after the 09 Wimbledon match in the locker room, Fed knew Andy was there and kept his celebrations to the minimum. True class. I’ve always liked that about Roger. I totally agree when he says that players shouldn’t jump into the players box to celebrate, not a nice thing to do to your opponent.

      4. Does anyone remember Nadal pointing at Djokovic after he touched the net (Roland Garros semi) No doubt he’s humble and all, but on a tennis court it’s a different story…
        I’ve never seen him applaud a great shot from an opponent where Djoko does.
        i’m a total Fed fan no doubt but unfortunately i noted that like Nadal he’d never applauded opponents. I thought though I saw him applaud Monfils after a backhand passing last match… I was very happy! Did anyone see that?

      5. Hmm yeah Sid, I wasn’t a fan either of Roger’s not so nice comments at AO. But I think he has a good chance. The description of the Sportsmanship award is as follows:

        “The player who, throughout the year, conducted himself at the highest level of professionalism and integrity, who competed with his fellow players with the utmost spirit of fairness and who promoted the game through his off-court activities.”

        Roger has done a fair bit of promoting tennis in one way or another; in South America, the ESPN story and also just recently in Shanghai. So he may have a good chance.

        Roger also helped make some rather obscure players “famous”. Let’s face it, who would have cared about Stakhovsky, Brands or Delbonis if they hadn’t beaten him? 😛
        I would like Roger to win, but if Del Potro wins, that would be fine. He is also an absolute sportsman. 🙂

      6. Nath Fodd, Nadal pointing at Djokovic after he hugged and kissed the net is alright. It was a crucial point and it’s only fair he pointed out that the point was over. Nadal aiming for Djokovic right in his face, now that was deliberate.

        Scooter, good one! Roger has been in a charitable mood this year. He has given belief to these obscure players. It’s Roger’s idea of “giving back to the game” I guess 🙂 But that’s just about enough though.

  20. Chill guys ,
    Its only a game , its good to be passionate about something and even I enjoy sharing the Fed Fan passion and the agony of whether or not the Man will bounce back on top.
    But this Fed Rafa rivalry between fans reaching extremes is sort of childish . I just agree that Federer is the most versatile and attractive player to watch. Ok I wouldn’t go that far as to say that Nadal is Dull .Its just that Federer game is much more pleasing to the eyes. Again I can not buy this hate between the fans.
    Now Pablo is clearly a troll . You ask him why not go to a Rafa blog write his opinions. No he would never … No fun at all for him over there. No one to tease. I guess its up to Jonathan to kick his ass out of here or not. The fact is that he isn’t rude or insulting anybody. As a matter of fact he is the receiver of insults which he seems to enjoy.
    I guess again its up to Jonathan if Pablo is just giving a little bit of extra spice or is he harming this truly PeRFect blog!
    Last thing , a friend suggested that may be Fed could be fedup with tennis and is just in there just for the money . And we ‘re talking about huge money no?
    Hope its not so or not just so at least.

    1. Greek Gambler, you’re stupid to say all that! Must be a troll! You are not the expert on who people are?

      Ok, that’s not me, those are the type of things Pablo has been saying. Maybe you haven’t read every single comment he has made. It’s not about extra spice. We, the fans are having a good conversation and this Spaniard has been pooping all over the place. How may of us fans do you see going to other blogs to “spice” things up, huh?

      No surprise then that he has been targeted. But you’re right, he enjoys being the instigator. Some people are like that. They get a thrill out of it. It’s our job to make sure we eliminate them from this blog.

      1. The Troll hasn’t come back yet after Gaurav gave him lesson.

        Read what Gaurav wrote, I can understand the reason why a Federer fan loves Federer. Read what Pablo wrote after, come on… that what most athletes do, not only Nadal.

        I really hope he already found Nadal fansite, start to write his comment and live happily ever after there.

    1. Pathetic acting by Roger. He needs to deliver the last line with a straight face, the game face he has when he looks at the opponent just before he is about to serve. Come on Rog, you can do it. Show them you’re the GOAT of acting too 🙂

  21. Bored of reading comments about who is the GOAT, why Fed is better than Nadal and vice versa etc etc so I have deleted a large part of them it’s been done to death. Any more nonsense and comments will be closed on this post.

    Scroll back to the top and remember what this post was about, it was a YouTube of video collection of points by Federer in a so far disappointing season. Nothing to do with who had a better career.

    Talk about Basel instead, Nadal has withdrawn and I hear Raonic maybe too. Bad news from Mr Brennwald, looks like Roger bailing him out yet again.

      1. No he’s resting, decided against playing. Smart move I think, he has a shot at winning back to back World Tour Finals.

        Surprised Nadal didn’t play Valencia rather than Basel, even though he has withdrawn now. Too big an offer from the Swiss I think.

      2. Nadal only has to finish one round worse than what Djokovic does to retain No.1. I don’t think he cares because he is guaranteed year end number one as he has no points to defend in London. Your boy is safe Pablo. He will be No.1 this year.

      3. You never know, in indoor he can loose against some players and Djokovic can win perfectly both tournaments

      4. True. But unless he plays really bad in both tournaments, he will be alright. Nadal doesn’t have to win either tournament. He is currently 400 points ahead of Djokovic in the 12 month race. All he has to do is reach the QF at Paris and win two of his round robin matches in London. A much better performance, like reaching the final in Paris could mean he can actually skip London and be No.1. Djokovic on the other hand must win both tournaments to get to No.1. He could add a tournament to get some cushion but looks like he isn’t. Unless Nadal suddenly decides to sit out due to knee problems, it’s over.

    1. Jonathan, thanks for deleting the useless comments. Not sure if some of them are mine, but I’m fine.

      As for Basel, I really wanted Roger to pull one back in the H2H. But hey, yet again Nadal avoids Roger on one of his favorite surfaces. Smart strategy to build a great record 😐

      1. Would have been a coin flip their meeting based on current form though. Fed has the edge indoors and Basel behind him but not in great touch.

        Nadal has faded post USO though so if the court was quick and low bouncing he would probably have struggled. Maybe he’s trying to save up for the WTF.

        I think it’s just funny Brennwald offered him a ton of cash and basically tried to take out Federer from the equation and now he has egg on his face lol

  22. LAST!!!! Of this post.

    Tomorrow at around 10 pm Jonathan is going to turn the page
    Its got to be the return of the king @ Basel.
    Nadalzguls of modern tennis have to make way for the return of the King.
    Fetch Ian Mc Elen the white wizard or whoever for all I care.

    Get the 500 of Basel and clinch London.

    Get Basel, make at least the semis in Paris and play a tight ½ final in O2.

    I know it looks like a miracle but that’s the way it should be Tennishire should be saved ..

  23. Jonathan, what’s the story about Brennwald trying to take Fed out of the equation in Basel? I knew nothing about this. Assumed they’d always be delighted to have him play there.

  24. Potential Federer vs Dimitrov in Basel. If it wasn’t to be grass, Indoors has got to be the place where they should first meet.

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