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Roger Federer – A Fan’s Perspective Ebook

Since there’s still a while to go before the Asian swing (where there’s a good chance Fed might not show up), I asked Jonathan if I could use his blog in the downtime to share something that I have been working on over the last two years- a book that describes Roger Federer from a fan’s perspective.

It originally began as just a collection of quips about my biggest influence/ idol- Federer on the tennis court; rants that I would write when the occasional bout of inspiration struck, more often than not at 2 in the night- writings that I would relegate to the confines of my hard drive.

About a year in and I realised that I had penned down or accumulated nearly 200 pages worth of Federer material, analyses and commentary- ranging from his rivalries, his break point conversion rates, his achievements (which to be honest took up a lot of the word count), to his fashion sense and off court charity work, with the occasional mathematical analysis thrown in for good measure. (I was a Business Analyst at McKinsey and Company, and I figured that I might as well leverage my analytical skills every now and then to keep myself from getting too rusty in that department)

A few of these writings you might have already read on this very blog (thank you Jonathan) – “Breaking down the Fedal rivalry”, “The second serve analysis”, and more recently, “Debunking the weak era argument”; most of the others, I’d been scared to share with the world… up until now, having found a group of the most fantastic people on this blog who shared the same passion, were just as crazy, and had managed to create an environment that I genuinely enjoyed coming back to every day (if just to read Katyani’s predictions, Jonathan’s comebacks, Sid’s rants, Dippy’s fan stories… you get the point)

A while back I got the idea to involve the entire Federer fan community in the project. It was, after all, a book that described a fan's perspective on Roger Federer. So here I am, asking for your help. More than anything, I would love to get you involved in this book. If you have anything you'd like to contribute, send it in and I promise to try and fit it in somewhere. It could be a letter to Federer, a sentence telling him how he's influenced you, a paragraph, even a full page or a chapter.

Furthermore, if you happen to have any contacts in a publishing house/ advertising spaces somewhere in the world, who might be interested in taking this forward, that would be extremely helpful.

So to summarize:

End Product: An ebook and hopefully a physical book (if possible/ feasible)

How you can help?

  • Article
  • Analysis
  • Letter
  • Paragraph
  • Sentence
  • In other words anything Federer related is perfect.

(Of course, each contribution will be credited. I’ll get it proofed, edited and checked and run it by you to get your approval)

The biggest challenge that I can see are

1) Physical Printing. Publication houses are notoriously picky when it comes to anything from a new author. This problem can be bypassed by using the medium of digital publications (ebooks/ PDFs), but nevertheless, there is a certain charm about having a real paperback copy of your work- That's the dream really. Any contacts would be much appreciated.

2) Advertising. Without advertising, any project, however good it may be, will be left to the confines of family and a few friends here and there. I see two ways around this. One is through traditional advertising (facebook ads, google ads, hiring a PR company etc) that requires funding. Alternatively, through your support/ involvement, we can make this one BIG family. This method doesn't require much funding. It just requires your love and support. Spread the word. 🙂

If someone were to ask me what my first memory of watching tennis as an observer was, my mind would automatically rewind back to January 2008- the first of the two semifinals of the Australian Open. Someone called Roger Federer was just about walking onto Rod Laver Arena, to the deafening roar of a full house of Aussies, weapons holstered in a Wilson bag that hung from his sinewy shoulder, his game face on.
His opponent that day was a wiry Serbian, Novak Djokovic- a youngster with considerable talent, but unfulfilled potential, possibly due to the fact that he chose to focus his efforts on another of his talents- imitations. Not surprisingly, he had quickly earned himself the enviable title of the ‘Djoker.’
Something in me wanted Roger Federer to win. Was it his poise, his elegance and his grace on the tennis court? Was it the ferocity of his forehand that was more beautiful than anything in sport that I’d ever seen? Was it his fluid single-handed backhand that seemed like a weapon crafted from an older generation? Was it the variety in his game that made the wait for each shot worth its while?
The finesse in his game was evident for everyone to see. The stark contrast between the aggression in his game and the calmness in his demeanor made him a puzzle that intrigued me. It’s rare for something as physical and competitive as sport to be aesthetically pleasing, but here was someone at the helm of the game, making it look…simple. Watching him play was breathtaking. It was perfection, as I’d never seen before…

So there you go. An excerpt from the very beginning of something that began initially as a rant almost two years to his day, turned into a possible dream of something bigger, and will hopefully someday translate into something real- a book that describes Roger Federer from a fan’s perspective.

I have to thank Jonathan for letting me put this up on his blog. I know that this was an odd request- it’s really nice of you to allow me to use your blog as a platform for this.

What do you guys think? From what I’ve estimated, once I get all the submissions in, it should take me a fair amount of time to get everything edited, proof read, arranged properly, checked for continuity/ facts/ grammar etc (a couple of months at the very least). Once the final product is ready, then it’s on to trying and finding somebody who might be interested in marketing the book (physical or otherwise). That’s the plan. I really don’t want to think about Fed’s retirement, but if I can get it to coincide with that, it might be worth the wait.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to send in your contributions to my email id- [email protected]

Gaurav Sood

Your average 22 year Roger Federer fanatic who breaks tv remotes when Roger flubs a break point with a chipped second serve return that floats long, punches walls when he shanks that back hand and yells so loud that the neighbors come running when he misses that easy put away. But then again he's the tennis player I've always tried to emulate- backhand shanks, headbands, fist pumps et al.

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      1. Please save yourself Gaurav. Please take back what you said 🙂 You don’t know what will happen when you give me permission to write about the love of my life, my hero. I will go sooooooo overboard 🙂 🙂

  1. That’s great Gaurav!Good luck with your project!! I’ll definitely try to contribute a little. It’s been a while now that I have been thinking about something of the type 🙂 🙂 we’ll see how it’ll go 🙂 🙂 🙂
    And THANK YOU Jonathan! Your blog has been a great gathering place for all of us Fed fans!

    1. Yes please Alex. That would be awesome. I’ve already started getting emails from people who’d like to send in some stuff. 🙂

  2. “if just to read Katyani’s predictions”

    Oh my God, if any of my predictions come true, I will make you all go “Hail Roger and Katyani” 🙂 🙂 No, no, just kidding 🙂

    For those who have forgotten my predictions, in the remaining time that Roger will play:
    1) Roger will get back to world number 1.
    2) Roger will win DC and Olympic Gold Medal in singles in Rio and he will win MC, Rome and the other one he is missing.
    3) Roger will play till he is in his 40.
    4) Roger will win 20 GS atleast, even up to 25.
    5) There will be a or there will be talk of a “Roger-slam”.

    And no Brother Jonas, I don’t do space cake 🙂 I just believe very strongly in my hero 🙂

  3. Also, I was watching these doubles players play the guessing game (which the Bryan brothers totally nailed by the way) and everyone who gets the card with ‘Roger Federer’ on it describes the clue as “The greatest tennis player of all time” “The most talented tennis player”. And nobody names anyone else except Roger Federer. Boom! GOAT! As stated by players.

    1. Awesome, isn’t it.
      Well, perhaps I could send you something. Great idea. And, yes, this is a wonderful blog with wonderful people (except Sid).
      Oh, spent the morning watching a Humpback whale. Not as exciting as Fed though!

      1. Yes you have to send something in Sue!!! Blog regulars are subject to blog rules 🙂

        A humpback whale!! Wow. I saw a dog on the street, if that counts? Not as exciting as Fed, I admit.

  4. Eu talvez seja a mais antiga fã de Roger Federer, primeiro campeonato de Wimblindon Junior, Ele levanta a taça e chorei. Aí começou. Não, perdia um jogo dele (desde que passasse aqui no Brasil). Gravei o que pude em VHS (que numa mudança de casa e estado sumiram). Aí surgiu a internet, o Faceboock, fiquei bobeando, até que começaram a entrar na minha página fás de todo mundo, principalmente, ásia, áfrica (D. Linetty é da África do Sul), árabes aos montes, todos meus amigos virtuais e muitas conversamos (traduzo, claro). Eu entrei na internet quando meu marido morreu em 2010, uma amiga me introduziu para que eu me desligasse um pouco por tudo que passei. Antes disso, meu marido ainda vivo, fá também do RF, as TVs daqui passaram a se interessar pelo jogo de tênis. focávamos assistindo a maravilha do tênis que ele jogava. É um deslumbramento ver RF jogar.
    Possuo muitas fotos dele. É isso, tenho 75 anos. Fico aguardando seu livro de papel traduzido para o Brasil (em portugues) Abraços fraternais
    Lieze Rodrigues

    1. From Google translate:

      I may be the oldest fan of Roger Federer , the first championship Wimblindon Junior , He lifts the cup and cried. Then began . Not lost a game of it ( since passed here in Brazil ) . I recorded what I could on VHS (which a change of state house and disappeared ) . Then the internet came along, the Faceboock , I bobeando , until they started to join my page fans from around the world , especially Asia, Africa ( D. Linetty is from South Africa) , Arabs in droves , all my virtual friends and many talked ( translate , of course ) . I went online when my husband died in 2010 , a friend introduced me to that I hung up on me a little that I passed everything . Before that , my husband still alive , also makes the RF , the TVs here became interested in the game of tennis. we focused watching the wonder of tennis he played . It is a wonder to see play RF .
      I have many photos of him . That’s it , I’m 75 years old. I am waiting for your paper book translated into Brazil (in Portuguese ) brotherly hugs
      Lieze Rodrigues

    2. Cool, thanks for commenting Lieze.

      Any Portuguese speakers here who can translate verbatim into English? Where is Ana-Paula Simensato when you need her?? 😀

      Or Guilherme Fed?!

      1. Olá, Jon.

        I’m always here! Not commenting but always here 🙂
        First of all this ebook thing is an awesome idea! I must confess that I was thinking about doing the same, but in portuguese.
        For sure I wanna be part of it and I can help Leize and others portuguese speakers if they need me,
        Just let me know.


    3. Lieze, boa tarde.

      Que lindo seu relato!
      Fico aqui imaginando como não ainda não a conheço?!
      Federer desperta essa paixão na gente mesmo, independente da idade. Também sou fã de longa data, desde 98 para ser mais exata.
      Você tem interesse em publicar esse seu texto ou outro qualquer no ebook? Posso traduzí-lo para você, seria um prazer.
      Me avise se você quiser.
      Grande abraço.

  5. Gaurav,

    You are lucky to be his fan at 22. I am 57 now and to see Roger play live is on my bucket list. Sometimes , I get worried that my dream may not come true and life would have been wasted away to not see the greatest ever. I am crossing my fingers and praying that I get to visit Indian Wells next March. Pete was great in our times, but he always had that grumpy look which never drew the same appeal as smiling and chirpy Federer. I would be the happiest to see him win the Rio 2016 Gold. Anything Rest is bonus in the basket! Are you listening Roger!


    1. Thanks for the comment Yash. We truly are lucky to be witness to his presence not just on the tennis court but off it as well. Why don’t you try sending in a writeup? Even if it’s just a paragraph, that would be fantastic.

  6. Hey great idea! Been a fan since he first burst on the scene! Having seen him live quite a few times, ( yes, shld be on everyone’s bucket list) both at WTF’s and Wimby ( including 2014…) I will sure try to send you a few words! Where do we send stuff??
    Maybe you cld hv a top 10 blogs? From the 100’s Jonathan has written!! Or top 10 Sid rants?? Top 10 outfits?? That’d be fun! Good for you Gaurav, adding to his legacy!!

    1. Hey Susie. Please do send in whatever you wish. The email id is given at the end of the article. In any case it’s [email protected]

      Yes, and I do expect Jonathan and Sid to send in something. I’m betting on Sid’s to be a bit explosive and am quite interested to read what Jonathan has to write when he isn’t writing for his blog.

      1. Anyone watch Community? Excited about the new 6th season. Although I do wish the old cast would return.

  7. Dear gaurav,

    im 21 and i feel words wont be enough to describe that how big of a fan i am of that great man…perhaps i can sum it up in a few words and say that i owe my life to roger….but the fans perspective is the best thing that we can have and i will surely contribute to this…in a few days time surely…i can go on and write about him forever…different days…different emotions…different words…but i will try to keep it good and short…its been a heck of a journey since i started to watch him in 2005…13 years old a kid accidently watching the wimbledon final..and since then its been amazing…:)

  8. Fantastic idea, Gaurav!

    Not only writing about Fed but getting fans together is such a cool and fun concept. Will see what I can do… 😉
    Love your energy and enthusiasm for what you like, tennis, Fed and music, etc. Sounds like you are a full of life guy.
    Good luck and look forward to the success of your great project.

    Jonathan, nice of you giving readers such opportunities, a class act. You are the reason most of us come back here again and again.

    1. Haha, thanks Wanda. I would probably go with ‘boring’ cause I’d rather be on a tennis court than at a party in some random club any day of the week!!

      Do send something in. You’re a regular on this blog and hence subject to blog rules 🙂

      I agree, it was terrific of Jonathan to allow me to do this.

  9. Hey Gaurav, I think this is a great idea, i am definitely going to try to send something to you. I recently saw Fed play in Cincinnati this year and it was the first time I’ve seen him play, for him to have won means that I have never seen him lose in person(that would have sucked) Does everyone who sends something in get a space in the book? And what do you think the timeline for this project is?
    Thanks, and once again great idea!!

    1. Hey Mohan. Thanks for the message. Yes, please do send something in.

      You’re lucky. I’ve actually never got the chance to see him play live. Almost did at Wimbledon 2009 in his match against Soderling (!!), but that match started quite early and I wasn’t able to purchase a returned ticket in time.

  10. im 21 and i feel words wont be enough to describe that how big of a fan i am of that great man…perhaps i can sum it up in a few words and say that i owe my life to roger….but the fans perspective is the best thing that we can have and i will surely contribute to this…in a few days time surely…i can go on and write about him forever…different days…different emotions…different words…but i will try to keep it good and short…its been a heck of a journey since i started to watch him in 2005…13 years old a kid accidently watching the wimbledon final..and since then its been amazing…:)

  11. I am not gay but I love Roger Federer. My father dies in 1980 and I like to believe he is my father reincarnated – lol.
    I get sick when he loses a match and it takes me days to get over it. I despise TheJerkivish and love it when he loses to anyone. Roger is is the GOAT and although he is over thirty he will continue to astound us. I feel that he will win # 18 grand slam and the Gold Medal in 2016. Wimbledon 2014 was a heart breaker – He had it and he gave it back to “you know who”. Go Roger go!!! I fast forward through a lot of matches but not Rogers – I will rewind more to see everything and I hang on every word he says during his interviews. I hope he plays until he is 40+. I am not a big sports fan but tennis is something that I really enjoy and my biggest enjoyment come from a Federer win. Never, never, never doubt Federer – as he is the come back king.

    1. [ I hope he plays until he is 40+]

      I hope so too. It will be painful to see Roger end up with a 10-40 H2H against the Doper from Mallorca though.

  12. I’m from the Philippines where tennis is not even close to the extreme popularity of basketball. As an avid fan of Roger Federer, I always lament the fact that I cannot share RF moments of victory and defeat with anyone except with my 11 yr. old son. I have yet to watch him play live on the court. I feel his frustrations too when he fumbles and I even catch myself saying “Come on!” when Roger nails a winner. I don’t play tennis. But I love watching RF’s matches. I will write something. It’s worth a try. Perhaps I can inject an academic ‘reading’ of Roger Federer since I teach in a University here in the Philippines.

    1. Hey Karen. It’s the same with cricket here in India. Or I would guess, with football in most parts of the world. And still somehow Rog manages to transcend it all and always be right up there as the biggest sporting icon of this generation.

      I’m sure an academic reading would be fantastic. Can’t wait to read it.

      1. Sure. Don’t worry. Even if it has an academic slant, I will make sure the article will still be reader-friendly to all. Thanks for toying this wonderful and exciting idea of making a book.

  13. Gaurav, this is an amazing idea! And the maestro decides to come to India as a nod too. 🙂
    Will send something in for sure. Right now going crazy looking for tickets to what might well be my only chance to see him play live!

    1. Let me know if you find a link for the tickets. I’ll definitely pick one up. But I highly doubt he’s going to play. Haven’t found any credible source confirming this yet.

  14. OMG, Gaurav,

    Is it true Fed is coming to your country for IPTL?! Great for his fan in India, though didn’t see that coming…

    1. Even I didn’t see this coming. I’m completely baffled. Although I still haven’t any credible link to Federer saying that he’ll play. Not on his website, neither on his facebook page.

      But I have to say, even though this might be the only chance I get to watch him play live, as a true Fed fan, I would rather he not come. It makes no sense whatsoever to be playing in what is a ridiculous league.

      1. Yeah, I guess that’s irrefutable proof. I’m excited personally, cause I’ll definitely try and get a ticket, but I’m more disappointed that he signed up for this nonsense. I was really glad that he had stayed away. Showed that he was more determined in putting in the hours. Now Nadal’s doing just that.

    2. Fed tweeted about it so guessing it’s true. Quite surprised but it’s not like a massive commitment, 2 x 1 set matches.

      I would imagine it’s for the fans and with Nadal withdrawing the cash on offer was like a Lindt chocolate, irresistible 😆

      1. Nadal doesn’t play for the fans. Nadal plays only for himself, and for his one true Master, Uncle Toni. Nadal isn’t in it for the love of the game, he is in it for the love of titles, and money.

        Roger on the other hand is in it for the love of the sport.

        *Case closed*

  15. I’m baffled by Roger’s decision to play the IPTL. I thought he’ll keep away from such a thing so that he could have something off an off season considering that he has played a lot of matches this year. Meanwhile Dull pulled out of it, I guess we know what’s coming in 2015…

      1. I see what you did there 🙂

        Ahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahhahhahahhahaha! Dopiaza ahahahhahahahahahahaha!

      2. Point is…he chickened out. Nadal only eats the Dopiaza his doctors cook up for him 🙂

  16. Oh god!!!!..can’t believe roger is doing this…this iptl thing is bullshit….tennis doesn’t need shit like this..when it has best seasoned structure unlike any other sport….i was happy that he wasn’t part of this shit earlier but now he too…oh no..plz man don’t……

    1. I hate it too, now that I know what it is. I wish I hadn’t 🙂 So now we have a tennis league, like that joke of a league called the IPL? I guess since Dopal couldn’t handle the “Chicken Dopiaza”, like Jonathan said, Roger stepped in to save the tournament.

      1. Woah woah woah. I was a fan of the IPL when it first came out. No cricket bashing please. There are Indians here. Haha. Although to be fair, it is entertaining for the non purists, who now make up bulk of the cricket viewership if I dare say so. I stopped watching cricket the same time I started watching tennis (Federer) and while for me personally, there’s no question where my loyalties lie (firmly in the deuce court), I do allow myself to watch the occasional over or two in cricket. The death overs can be a lot of fun. Unless that Maxwell chap is batting. Then the entire innings is a highlight reel.

        But the ITPL is just a money making joke.

      2. I’m not bashing cricket, I’m bashing the IPL. Look, there are two types of people; the “dumbfucks” who suck it up, and the geniuses who milk the “dumbfucks”. As long as they are both happy, who am I to question? 🙂

      3. Well, those geniuses have given the masses just what they want. Yeah, they milk money, sure, but on a whole, no one has to suck anything up. Everyone gets what they want. IPL tickets are dirt cheap. It’s aired on TV, hogs the TRP so the corporate sponsors throw money around, thereby the cricketers are over paid, the audience over entertained and the cheer leaders over dressed.

        Although, to be noted, I followed the IPL for the first and last time in 2008, the year of its inception.

      4. That’s what I’m saying. It’s pure genius, to take a sport, strip out all the good parts from it, and still be able to sell it like hot cakes. What does that tell you about those who lap it up?

      5. Well it depends on what you’re calling ‘good’. For a purist, yeah T-20 (IPL) is sacrilege. But for the common viewer, (read 90% of India) T-20 is just the perfect thing that could have happened. It’s fast, it’s entertaining and it’s just as spiced up as the dodgy dance filled stuff Bollywood keeps spewing every Friday.

        India would come to a standstill when Sachin Tendulkar walked out to bat. Literally, the streets would be empty, all work put aside. It’s amazing the amount of respect the guy commanded (commands). But Test matches can go on for 5 days and ODIs for a full day- that’s a lot of time! T-20 just makes it more viewer friendly. It’s adapting. I wouldn’t be so harsh on it. (This coming from someone who is an occasional watcher now)

      6. [India would come to a standstill when Sachin Tendulkar walked out to bat]

        And now, Tendulkar doesn’t walk out to bat, and yet they come to a standstill for their favorite T20 teams? Tells me that they really weren’t Tendulkar fans to begin with. Just glory hunters. Looking for the next sweet taste in the mouth.

        I feel a sharp pain in my head when someone tells me they are a fan of both Roger Federer, and Nadal, or Roger, and Williams. These people are just adding up slams. Typical glory hunters.

        Getting back to the 90%. Keep them busy. I hope they extend the T20 season. At least it will prevent those poor, helpless, girls from getting raped.

      7. Woah man. That rape comment is completely uncalled for and absolutely uncool. Yes, it is a problem, but it’s a problem every part of the world faces, not just ours. That’s a bad comment Sid.

        And no, T-20 doesn’t evoke the same passion Tendulkar did/ does- not even close. Indians on average have always loved cricket.. Tendulkar just managed to transcend the sport and take the love for the game to another level.

      8. Oh, come on, Gaurav, it’s can’t be any worse than a Federer backhand shank landing 10 rows into the crowd 🙂

        Look, all I’m suggesting is, give them more T20, and everything will be just fine.

  17. Hello friends, please where can I get a ticket to the charity event at the O2 on the 5th? it appears sold out. I really dragged my feet on this one, anybody help?

  18. Hey….So i just accidently found this post and i really love the idea of yours to involve fans too! Its brilliant.
    Knew about tennis when i was young but didnt follow as much but then idk from the 2008 french open final i became a huge fan of federer(i know he lost badly in tht final!) and ive always always wanted to see him live and never in a million yrs did i think i will but hes finally coming to Delhi (and hopefully iptl is a success tbh)and hopefully my dream will come true.
    and maybe i could write some paras of my experiences and contribute as well 🙂

    1. Hey Swtha. Please do send in whatever you feel like. I’ll have it put in.

      I’m presuming you’re from Delhi? I’m going to be trying for tickets for both days. What about you?

      1. Yeah…live in Gurgaon.
        Tbh wasn’t interested in iptl but since Fed is coming…..
        Really excited he’s coming but sorta bad timing…like I’ve got an exam on the 8th so will be trying to get tix for that day only and not both 🙁 and fingers crossed i get it.

        Yes, will definitely try sending something in.

      2. Me neither. I wasn’t even bothered about the dates. Now all of a sudden it’s regular checks online to see when the tickets are out. The Federer effect.

        Cool, looking forward to something.

  19. Hey Guarav, nice idea. When is the deadline pls.So, many ythings going on at the moment, but dnt u Dare close that book without my ad :).

    @Jonathan, there is an event before the O2 and it appears sold out *sob*

    So, with all ds events, I hope Federer is not trying to burn himself out before 2015.

    1. Hey! The sooner the better I guess. Take your time, send in whatever you can. Haha, I wouldn’t dare to close it without your entry.

      Regarding the events, I agree. 2011 end and 2013 end were both years when he put his head down and worked hard in the off season, and it paid off. I’m sure he’s aware of that. I wonder what’s going through his head.

  20. Hi Jonathan, why didn’t we get a fan story from Switzerland this time? No one was there live? No one from this group at all?
    Btw, I really hope Rita is okay, haven’t heard a single word from her.
    Katyani, when are getting your fan story? Sid? Scooter? Fedfan? Guaravvvvv? Everybody… 🙂 I’min a jolly good mood.

    1. I don’t have a fan story cause I haven’t yet seen Fed play live. Hopefully in Delhi, although it doesn’t count. I’m definitely trying for something in 2015.

      Unless of course anybody wants a recap of Roddick Berdych or Djokovic Sela from the 2009 4th round at Wimbledon?

    2. I just sent mine to Jonathan, had a lot of work to do, so should be up in the next couple of days, whenever Jonathan has time to put it up 😉

  21. You see, I love this group! Someone @least someone represents us @ every tournament.

    @ Guarav, haha, you really have a great sense of humor. Putting up something from 2009, I’m sure people wil be confused.
    But believe me, seeing Roger in Delhi does count, in fact seeing Roger just walking on d Road is a fan story, that is only if Jonathan (our big hero) will put it up ;).

    I wil start working on my bit Guarav, immediately.
    Thanks @Simon, looking forward to it.

    1. Hey Homer!

      I just got both mails. I’ll get some time to go through them tomorrow.

      Thank you so much. Looking forward to adding them in.

    1. Well clay is Stan’s best surface. And I would thinkindoors helps him even more as there are less elements at play so he should be able to hit with sustained firepower.

      Fed indoor clay, probably suits him too, he lost to Isner before though but that isn’t really a good barometer match.

  22. You know what, Gaurav?
    Would love to read some GOAT comments about the GOAT from peRFect Tennis community picked by you? If the readers and Jonathan wouldn’t mind it? From time to time in the past some comments here touched me so much. I’m sure the collection of phrases and paragraphs would be a great read.

    1. That’s actually a really great idea. A little daunting though. Unless people can remember some of their favourite comments and keep sending them to me. I can compile the ones that make sense, and run them by the respective people.

  23. Hey Gaurav! The idea is really sweet and if this materializes, which I’m sure it will, it would be a brilliant testimony to our great Fed. The fact that he’s the most loved tennis player across continents makes me believe that this idea will sail through! Also, it will amaze Fed as well as the entire sporting world! (Just went through the #PhotoshopRF session on Twitter and there’s never been a better charmer than he is!)

    1. Thanks Akshay. You’re absolutely right about Fed being a charmer. I haven’t seen this Photoshop session. I should check it out. Do you plan on sending something?

  24. For Gaurav… my apologies for the late post but I think what you are doing is a fantastic idea. I mean you shouldn’t be short on material on Federer. As what he has accomplished, the numerous articles and the posts on here. You should be okay. I hope your ebook becomes a success. And I will look out for it in the future. Good luck my friend I know you will do it justice. All the best. Serajul

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