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Roger Federer Birthday Acrostic

An acrostic is a poem or any other form of writing where the first letters of the paragraph form a word or a sentence by themselves.

Leading authors like Edgar Allen Poe and Lewis Caroll have used this to highlight things.

A name-acrostic is where you take the letters that constitute the name of a person and then use adjectives or other words which aptly fit that individual, like for instance






No marks for guessing that one and I must add that it is entirely my opinion and believe me, it is just a joke and I hope that the dishonest media will not blow it out of proportion.

Moving on, I have made one for our good ‘old’ Fed who turns 35 as we speak. I hope I have captured Fed’s essence in this acrostic

Relaxed So says Roddick – Roger is the most relaxed guy prior to any match
Open-hearted Ask the ball-boys of Basel, or the children in Africa
GOAT No doubt of that, irrespective of what happens in the future
Elegant To my mind, the sole recipient of this epithet, in tennis.
Respectful Ask Laver, Borg, Pele, Maradona and many many others
Fashionable Fed is in Sports Illustrated’s Fashionable 50 for this year
Enthusiastic No youngster can hold a candle to Fed on this, even when he is 35
Dominant 2004 to 2008 – a huge period of 5 years. No one comes close
Eloquent Ask the various guys who have interviewed Fed (including me !!!)
Revered By just a few trillions of tennis fans
Eye-candy As said by Cristina Kirchner, Prime Minister of Argentina
Roger Has to be the last word, right

To be honest it was a little tough as the GOAT has 4 Rs & 3 Es, so took a while… a long boring rally.

Meanwhile, many, many, happy returns of the day to the GOAT.

Murli Pillai

Fanatic Federer fan. Watch all his matches on TV if shown ( outside working hours ! ), and quite often drive down to Dubai from Muscat to watch him live. Apart from being an IT / Telecom sales professional, am a quiz-master, classic rock & blues fan, movie buff and a veteran tennis-ball cricketer. Love to research on Fed’s on-court & off-court doings – the Fedberg quiz an outcome of that.

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  1. Can you do one for Hilary to level the playing field? 😆 I think she’s more unhinged but it’s not really reported well.

    Seems strange they would rather misreport on what Trump says that might offend a minority group, rather than report an actual crime that risks the national security and effects everybody? 😆

  2. Yep. A good quality piece of writing Murli.

    I am really happy as I watched Novacaine Djokovic lose to Del Potro. Yeees. Well done Potro.

    Happy birthday to the GOAT Roger Federer. May he come back from injury strong and healthy.

    Ps. Hello to everyone hear who reads here and everyone whichever countries you support good luck and good viewing at the Rio Olympics.

  3. Looks like there a lot of ignorant Clinton supporters here, especially in the rest of the world, who have absolutely no idea what the truth is.

    C – Cheat. Rigging the Democratic primary process to defeat Sanders, then putting a Clinton choice candidate back as the head of the DNC.

    L Liar. Lying to Benghazi familities. Lying under oath about mishandling classified information. Telling Benghazi victim families to “move on”, and “what difference does it make”, but a Muslim soldier dies doing what he was supposed to do, and that makes a huge difference.

    I Infidel. Supporting husbands infidelities, and enabling his nasty deeds, inside the White house, because it’s important for her political career.

    N Nefarious. Getting cash for the Clinton foundation from other countries e.g. 15 million from Saudi Arabia. Gives contracts to companies that are huge Clinton Foundation donors. Supporting NAFTA then proclaiming they care about US workers. Signing laws to increase incarceration rates of Blacks, then saying they support Black Lives matter.

    T Treason – Putting national security at risk as the Secretary of State by puttng classified informaiton on a non-secure server. Then wiping out over 30,000 emails with a “cloth”.

    O Ostentatious. Says they are dead broke, but are able to spend a million dollar on daughters wedding, and are able to get her a 3 million dollar house. Husband and daughter makes tens of millions on speaking fees, while she is Secretary of State.

    N Nauseating. Supporting the Iraq war which sent many soldiers to their death. Then uses a dead soldier and his parents for pushing her political agenda, the father being an immigration lawyer who works on the “citizenship for cash” visa programs to get rich Muslims into the US. Backs out of supporting the Iraq war after enough have been killed. Says she cares for Muslims, then sends emails (Source: Wikileaks) mentioning, “an unstable middle east if good for Israel”, effectively getting thousands killed, and millions displaced.

    Donald Trump has never held office, and has not done any of the things he has said. Hillary Clinton has held high political office, and done nasty things that she never talked about. That’s the difference between a person who calls things the way they are, and a politician.

    Congratulation, America!

    1. Haha a good summation.

      It’s fair to say Hillary isn’t the sort of person you want running a country. There’s no defence for what she’s done and all her mistakes, felonies and misdemeanours are all cold, hard fact.

      Trump is a bit of a joker with the stuff he comes out with, but I have to say a lot of the time he’s dead right.

      I saw him talking about interest rates the other day and access to free money. A few tennis journalists were tweeting about it saying “he actually said this” “what an idiot” etc etc. Oblivious to the fact he was dead right just no politician ever talks about it. So again most people got no clue 😆

      The way he’s written about in the press in the US and over here actually in the Guardian is atrocious. Political journalism, or maybe journalism really is dead.

      Will you renounce if Hillary gets in? Only way you can live abroad and not pay US taxes 😉

      1. He has no ground game, none. He is banking on people just turning out and voting. The media is completely against him. His own party wants him to lose so they can have another chance in 2020. Its game over!

        I beginning to feel that Donald Trump is a liberal plant, meant to not only lose the Presidential election, but also overturn the Republican majority in the Congress. If you think about it hard enough, that might very well be the case. How else can a criminal make her way to the White House?

      2. The media coverage he gets is terrible. But it’s kinda been good and bad for him at the same time. Without it he’d be nowhere. But certain outlets are really not reporting facts. Washington post, New York Times etc.

        I imagine he will out perform Hillary in those live debates. I can’t see her managing without an autocue.

        Who knows whether he’ll be as bad as the media is trying to suggest were he to get in.

        Look at Brexit fear mongering. There has been zero ill effect so far.

      3. Nope, I don’t read any papers really. Sidebar of shame on Daily Mail during lunch so I can catch up with Orlando and Katy Perry but that’s about it.

        Assuming they are saying brexit no ill effect to date? Which is completely true, all the things that are being blamed were already set in stone.

        I remember mentioning ZIRP and NIRP (which are now being attributed to brexit) in the comments here maybe 2/3 years ago.

  4. Well there you go Jonathan, Sid has made a Clinton-acrostic.

    In any case, would like to clarify that the main aspect of this particular contribution is Roger Federer. the TRUMP acrostic was just to catch people’s attention and more jocular than political. I personally am neither a Clinton nor a Trump supporter.

    I am a plain Federer supporter and was extremely happy Novak lost in Rio, more so as I like Delpo too.

    So I hope the focus is more on Fed than Trump / Clinton / Sanders / Kaine / Pence / Warren / McCain and the rest of the American political firmament.

    1. 😆

      Me either but I like shaking up the status quo so Viva la Trump! I’ve always though Shillary would win, as it would be rigged, and I always thought remain would win vs brexit and was proven wrong. So who knows how it will turn out.

    2. Acrostic are easy. Anybody can do it.

      [I am a plain Federer supporter and was extremely happy Novak lost in Rio, more so as I like Delpo too.]

      …until Nadal vultures on the gold medal.

    3. Yeah, fatal error Murli. Mentioning American politics with Sid and Jonathan within reading distance. They love it more than Fed…for shame.

      1. Nice try, Sue. Roger Federer in one of his interviews mentioned he keenly follows US elections. With Roger deserting his fans for the rest of 2016, Jonathan and I are only doing what Federer loves.

        Me thinks Roger would surely vote for Donald Trump.

  5. OMG! This post turned into US politics! Stay away from it people! If you are not American, something you don’t have deal with. If you are American, well, you must be so sick of it by now. (I am… My FB walls are covered with them!)

    It will ruin Roger’s image. It’s his birthday. Let’s give him something nice. (That tribute on ATP site esp from Dominic Thiem was beautiful.)

    1. Mari, please, the author of this post started it all. You can’t make an acrobat…er…acrosat…acrostic…from Trump, exhibit your total ignorance by criticizing him, and get away with it.

      As for your statement, “If you’re not American, something you don’t have to deal with”, is again, extremely ignorant. What happens here, has a direct impact on the rest of the world. The unrest in the middle east was created by Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton. Read the Wikleaks emails. She is one of those who voted for the unethical Iraq war, before she was against it. Wait till she comes to power, and you will see the true wrath of an old hag gone awry.

    1. Thanks for that Sue – and so good to see some of those shots which put a great big smile on our faces. 🙂

  6. Its a pity that the whole focus shifted from Federer to American politics due to S(ome) I(ndignant) D(ude)’s vehemence which is quite understandable, if this was just a post on that subject.

    Ultimately, this is a sporting blog, as I see it, and thus I would assume things are taken ‘sporting’ly and not every word getting picked up for individual scrutiny, thereby missing the whole point of the post. That is a pity too.

    I rest my case

    1. Well to be fair it was mentioned right at the start of this article so not sure what you expected… if it wasn’t in there US Politics never gets a mention on this particular sporting post.

      1. Well, Murli clearly stated that the TRUMP acrostic was half in jest. But then Sid turned it completely into an anti-Clinton tirade and that’s what most of us have objected to. The fact that no Clinton supporter took it as a pro-Clinton piece dressed up as a Fed tribute or went ballistically anti-Trump tells you something.

      2. Look, I don’t know who the fuck you are, Ashwin, or where the fuck you are from. But I’ll tell you this, you need to get off that Bill Clinton protein shake for a bit.

        Go ballistically anti-Trump with what? Things he said that he never did? Put travel bans on Muslims, you know, the guys who read a book, then fly planes into buildings? Clinton has a White House full of baggage that can be talked about.

        You got brain damage? Ignorant people like you are the reason evil people like Clinton make their way to the White House.

        Go save a cow!

      3. With no tennis to watch, no Federer around, then the debate is always going to go onto politics when it’s everywhere you look and is loosely mentioned in the post regardless of context.

        It’s fairly interesting to see what people have to say on it. I’m sure many people hate it and will leave the article immediately, others like Sid have forthright views on it and I’m sure more will chime in.

      4. Well, I was going to mention the last time it reared its ugly head on this blog, but – couldn’t you just set up a separate page for heated political discussion? Then you, Sid and anyone else who feels that way inclined could take your arguments over there and slug it out, and those who really don’t want to see it in a blog largely dedicated to Roger can keep out of it?

      5. Well it’s a rarity. So no point setting up some dedicated page for it. Things are bound to go off topic from time to time.

        No Fed stuff to speak of. Maybe I will do a poll – should he do punditry at the US Open?

  7. I guess, Jonathan, what you say is fair to an extent as it was wilfully pit in there by me but as mentioned in the write-up itself more as a joke rather than to make any point.

    However, I must say that the comments make interesting reading, as sitting in the Middle East, I personally was not aware of the immense impact Trump has had outside the US – both positive & negative. So obviously will avoid such things in the future.

    On the flip side, you will also notice that nobody else had anything to say about the first part of the write-up. Thank you Alex, April, Sue, Muser, Serajul et al.

    Fed for President in 2020.

    1. [On the flip side, you will also notice that nobody else had anything to say about the first part of the write-up.]

      You think maybe that’s because nobody even understands what the truth is? Still, I’ll say this, and as Jonathan agrees, you can’t expect politics to stay away from a blog article, if that’s exactly what you started with, jest or otherwise. Now, I understand you used it to “stir the pot”, and make a bland article into something controversial, something interesting. But then don’t go around chastising people who object to you what you’ve had to say.

      1. Well Sid, you used the right term “stir the pot”. I mentioned right away that I wilfully put it in to catch people’s attention, and hoped that as it was in jest, it would not take the focus off the main part which was a tribute to Fed.

        There was no chastisement whatsoever, which coincidentally you did by using words like ‘ignorance’ etc.

        What objection can I have to people airing their opinions whatsoever. Who am I to disagree, as Annie Lennox sang.

        As for the blandness of the article, it is for others to judge. I can only write what I feel. Sometimes it clicks and sometimes it doesn’t.

        Having said that, it definitely is a mistake, in hindsight, to mix politics and sports. But I put in Trump there not from a political angle, but as a character who is trending.

        So no regrets and no issues with anybody, including you Mr. Sid TheCookie Thief. Keep writing !!!

    2. Moving the topic on away from US, but onto the Middle East which you mention.

      What is Oman like? The whole Middle East has a pretty bad reputation here, even Dubai to an extent. There’s plenty press coverage that would put many off travelling there. But Oman never gets a mention or thrown in with other states in the region.

      Is it more laid back? Less sectarian? Less ill feeling to other religions? Seems so…

      1. Oman is a beautiful country, totally unlike any other one in the Gulf. Beautiful beaches, clear waters, majestic mountains, hospitable people.

        A lovely mix of liberal & traditional attitudes. The Sultan studied at Sandhurst and thus has a very modern outlook. At the same time he studied in India as well. In effect a very balanced person.

        No skyscrapers in Oman. Not allowed. The leading tennis family in Muscat is the Nabhani family, two boys and a girl, Fatma. They were coached by their mother, who was one of the first in the Middle East to play tennis.

        My daughter interviewed Fatma Nabhani who is of course a great Federer fan. Well who is not ?

      2. Does Hillary Clinton know about Oman? If not, please don’t tell her where it is. Next thing you know Nurse Ratched is all over it with her evil paws, Oman gets “destabilized”, and poor Murli has to derive inspiration from dead people, and refugees for his poems.

        A very sordid thought, I know. But it could be true!

  8. Thank you Murli it is always interesting to see how Fed inspires people in so many ways….. A fascinating topic and your novel approach and word smithing is appreciated.

    Novak out of Rio and now Cincinnati, has the magic started to leave him now he is 29? During Wimbledon they played an old doco on Borg from 2000 many of you have probably seen it, but it was interesting how after his 6th Wimbledon he felt so different, and of course it’s the one he lost to Mac, and then retired abruptly.

    Don’t think Djoko is about to quit but it’s about time the dominance had a bit of a momentum shift. One can hope things get more interesting it’s probably just that he didn’t have access to the pod in Rio and normal service will resume under the newly roofed Flushing Meadows stadium…… but it was good to see Delpo have a top level win again.

  9. Thanks Katie. Fed can look at a very lucrative career as a motivational speaker in the future.

    As you said that once US Open starts Djokovic will be right back. But there surely is a momentum shift in the dominance as Novak is looking vulnerable against big servers with big forehands – both Querrey & Delpo.

    Delpo has always been the guy to queer the pitch and in my mind was a potential No 1, but for the injury.

    From his side, he has to ensure consistency now that he has the confidence..

    1. Nah, to qualify for a role as a motivational speaker you need to have very limited achievements and have done very little outside the world of motivational speaking. Fed doesn’t fit the bill. The same applies to self help authors, business coaches etc. 🙂

  10. Murli – thanks to you as always – agree with it all! Keep it coming, you always make me smile. 🙂

    And Trump, well…


    Never mind, Putin loves him I’m sure. 🙂

    1. Perfect Tennis is great. Forget great, it is perfect.

      Where else can you find so many people having fun blogging, commenting, writing, hyperventilating etc.

      So like they say lets enjoy Fed while we can, we should enjoy PT too as long as we can.

      1. I’m going up against the establishment though like, ESPN. They don’t treat me fairly, the tennis press are so dishonest.

  11. Sid, give it a rest. Who says anyone on this blog is a Clinton supporter? MOST of us are not American citizens.
    The blog’s title is Perfect Tennis.

    1. And yet it carried a post with the word “TRUMP” spelled out, and the individual letters elaborated?

      Pretty please Sue, I love you, so give it a rest! 🙂

      1. How about when and why we became Fed fans. Stories from fans about the 1st time they saw him play, etc.

        A general post about the USO.

        We could all become temporary Murray fans?

      2. We can tell when/where we saw The GOAT play live. I wonder who among us has seen Fed live the most. I have seen his 4 matches live – Olympics QF v Isner in 2012 & 3 matches at the O2 Arena at the Barclays YEC in 2011 incl SF & F. He
        won all 4 (v Ferrer, Fish & JWT).

    1. If we all stick to what we say, that Olympics are a bit stupid anyway, then it shouldn’t matter who wins this set of golds.

  12. I know. I was hoping Nestor/Pospisil would have won the match against them yesterday. Close match…2 tie breaks. Maybe Nadul will win single gold? Come on Delpo!

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