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Roddick defeats Federer in Miami


I've been away over the weekend so unfortunately didn't get chance to post on the Harrison and Roddick matches, I've now managed to watch both in full so this post will simply be my take on the matches and how I saw them. I'll start with, as you'd expect, Roger's first match against American Ryan Harrison.

Federer vs. Harrison

As expected Roger got through this match with little trouble, it could, and probably should have been by a wider margin but some strange points and some misfortune made the scoreline a touch closer.

The first set was Roger playing total free flowing tennis. He had Harrison completely where he wanted him and was really just going through the motions. Harrison is capable and has some talent but I don't see him being a threat at the top level – he is really just your typical American hard court player. Roger rates his second serve however, so I maybe proved wrong.

Roger won the first set 6-2 without seemingly breaking a sweat. The second looked to be heading the same way and Roger served for the match at 5-3 but got broken. It was pretty weird, the way Roger played to slip down to 15-40 was poor and then on break point, he mistakenly didn't play a ball that was called out by a member of the crowd. I don't think he can have any complaints – really it was his own fault and I can only put it down to a lack of concentration.

Harrison upped his level after that and really showed some good fight to take the match into a tie break, his fight however was shortlived and Roger rolled through the tie break taking it 7-3.

I felt like I had to win the match like three times at the end, so I was relieved to come through. Beating against an American in America is always a big deal, because this is where they usually play their very best.

I was pretty pleased with the way Roger played, he moved really well and was basically carrying off from where he left off after his win in Indian Wells against Isner. The only notable difference was the speed of the courts they were much slower. I read on Twitter that Brad Gilbert heard they were playing much faster, that looked a bad call from where I was watching. Apparently only the outer courts are playing quicker and the stadium court is as slow as ever.

That to me seems flawed, all courts in the grounds should be designed to play as near as possible to each other. Making the show courts slower just reeks of money i.e. creating stupidly long rallies so that people spend longer in the grounds and more on food & drink.

Roddick upsets Federer

After defeating Harrison, Roger setup a meeting with his old rival – Andy Roddick. Heading into the match I thought Roger would come through pretty comfortably. He was 21-2 in the H2H and Roddick has been losing to every man and his dog over the last few months so an upset seemed unlikely.

The first set was basically just both players trading service holds, if you had to pick one man to win it you'd say Roger looked the more likely when he got into the rallies. With no great surprise the first set headed into a tie break, usually these favour big servers but Roger always seems to come out on top against Roddick. This time however he didn't. At 4-3 Roddick, Fed played a forehand approach shot on the move and then was unable to put away a slightly tricky overhead. He really should have made it but it gave Roddick the mini break he needed and he duly took the first set.

The second set was a total turn of events when compared to the first, Roger sprung to life and started returning the Roddick serve with ease, he broke him 3 times and took the set 6-1 to level the match. Roger changed up tactics slightly and started coming into the net more frequently, it paid off as Roddick was deep behind the baseline and struggled to get anything meaningful on his own returns.

The unfortunate thing about not being able to watch the match live was I already knew the result before I watched a recording of it, had it been live I think I'd have banked on Roger winning the third set comfortably. He had all the momentum and created break point chances at 1-0 but couldn't convert.

After saving the BP's Roddick went into overdrive and started playing high risk tennis (something he should do more of), he played aggressive and really caught Fed off guard. He broke in the next game and went onto seal the match hitting 3 consecutive booming first serves.

I feel like I lost against a former No. 1. That's how it felt, not that I lost against a guy ranked 30 in the world. That ranking is not real, so it was a tough second round. I knew that in the start, and particularly here in Miami where I lost against him in the past. So I was aware of that, and I didn't underestimate Andy at all.

Federer press conference after Roddick loss

Don't read too much into the loss

After watching this match I have to say it's impossible to read too much into it. If it had been over 5 sets, Roger would have won. If it had been played on a different surface away from Miami, Roger would have won.

To get upset about the loss or feel like Rogers run has come to an end isn't worth it. The fact is, Roger still had plenty chances to win the match, he had break points, he created plenty opportunities. All this on a slow sticky clay like hard court against a guy playing in the zone tennis and playing his best match for a long time.

I also have to pay respect to Roddick, he somewhat thrives in Miami and it gives him a new lease of live. He served great and didn't beat himself up after losing the 2nd set 6-1 which would have been understandable. He held firm in the final set and played as aggressive as I've seen probably since he beat Murray at Wimbledon in 2009. In other words, he deserved to win.

Yeah. Maybe 30 matches for the season. Just feeling like it's taken its toll a bit, which is normal. But I've played more tired in the past, so this was not the most tired I have ever been, but you just start to feel it a bit. I didn't just get the lucky break today that I got in Indian Wells. And, yeah, I mean, I regret missing those opportunities and giving myself maybe a chance for tomorrow. Then you never know how things all of a sudden turn out in the tournament. Yeah, it is what it is tonight, and I'll deal with it the way I always have.

Overall I am not downbeat about this loss in the slightest, it actually could prove to be a blessing in disguise. The last thing we need is Roger burning himself out before the next 2 grand slams. He's never had an easy ride in Miami so we really had no reasons to expect this tournament to be as successful as the last 3 he's played. Yes he lost his 16 match unbeaten run but in the grand scheme of things it's really irrelevant. I'd personally rather see him win Wimbledon rather than chase down number 1 collecting as many points as possible.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I think Fed needed a break and Roddick helped him out a little. I don’t feel bad about this loss either. I think we tend to forget that Roger is still a human being and even he needs a break from winning sometimes.

    1. I agree, Miami has never been an ideal tournament for Roger. To win on these courts he has to play a more physical game. Moving on these sticky courts can be quite difficult and isn’t the most forgiving on the body.

      Got 5 weeks to wait now though for the next tournament!

  2. I know Roger is human, but he really didn’t take his chances here. The stats show Fed was superior in nearly everything and he even won more points than Roddick overall.

    1. The numbers don’t really mean anything when it comes down to those few crucial points. Federer was tired and if you look at his body language he really didn’t care to win. I am glad Roger lost to Andy and not Monaco or Djokovic. Miami has the worst courts on the tour. Slow, sticky, humid and where else can a grinder win against a big hitter just look at Del Potro/Ferrer match. Talent means squat here it’s just who can outlast who. That’s my opinion. I hope Roger can take a break for awhile and avoid playing Monte-Carlo, I believe he will come out and go on a winning streak again picking up maybe a master, a slam and hopefully a gold medal plus the possibility of regaining number one. Let’s be positive and wait and see what happens.

      1. Great comment Dave. Even in his prime Roger wasn’t exactly a lock to win Miami.

        And I totally agree that Ferrer beating Del Po proves Slowami is just a grinder court.

        I hope he doesn’t play Monte Carlo either, he’s played plenty already this year so now he has to focus on the 3 remaining slams.

    2. He definitely had chances to win, but it’s not a devastating loss – I don’t see how he could have won Miami with the way the courts play. Every match has been ridiculously boring so far. I’m watching Murray vs. Tipsy now, it’s sleep inducing. So really losing early is a good thing as he’d likely have just lost next round or the Semi’s.

  3. You and I said the exact same thing about it being a blessing in disguise! Also, just want to add my two cents…Fed played a great match statistically. 43 winners, 26 UEs, 11 aces, 18/23 at the net, 60% 2nd serve points won…all those are good numbers. He just lost to the better player and that’s fine.

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