I thought it would be a useful addition to the site if I put together a list of all the resources that I use to keep up to date with tennis across the globe as well as the ones I use to maintain my blog. There's useful tennis sites coming out all the time, so I'll keep adding to it as I come across them should they be worthy of making this list. If you would like to make a suggestion for a resource that I haven't featured here then please contact me. I recommend you bookmark this page as a point of reference. Enjoy!

Tennis Blogs

Tennis News

  • Mens Tennis Forums: The biggest tennis forum on the internet, there isn't one piece of tennis news that doesn't get picked up on here. Some debates can get a little heated, but there's many knowledgeable posters who can deliver some good insight on the game
  • ATP World Tour: The official site of the ATP, frequently updated, has a great live scores feature. Also has a nice tool for comparing players Head to Head records.

Where to Watch Tennis Online

  • A paid service for all ATP and WTA matches, very high quality streams so I definitely recommend them. Also quite useful if you have a Smart Phone as you can stream matches via your phone – can be a little buggy from time to time but I've used it successfully before.

Prediction / Fantasy Games

  • Tiger Mobiles Tennis Challenge: A bracket based prediction game for all Grand Slams and Masters 1000 events made by UK based Players fill out the entire draw from the 1st round matches through to the final and score points accordingly. The highest scorer at the end of each tournament wins an iPhone 6. Includes functionality to create mini leagues, follow players and there's an overall leaderboard for an end of season prize. Very easy to use and good layout. Free to play too.

Recommended Retailers

In my opinion if you do buy a tennis racquet online you should always try find a retailer that has a brick and mortar presence or is based at a club shop. That way you're usually getting advice from someone who understands the differences in racquets and not just firing out racquets from a warehouse without any regard for the end user.

  • Racquet Depot – I bought my stringing machine from here and their site is full of really useful information for anyone interested in stringing any type of racquet. They also have a huge selection of tennis equipment, strings, tools and accessories. The delivery service is often next day too and every step of your order is well communicated.
  • Just Rackets – Online tennis shop operating from the club shop Letchworth Tennis & Squash Club in Hertfordshire, run by people who actually play with the products they are selling so can offer you plenty of advice on picking the right racquet for your game. Full range of accessories, clothing, balls and footwear available too.

Tennis Opinions

You'll find many an opinion on Mens Tennis Forums, but here are a couple of sites that post articles written by tennis fans and bloggers. You may want to consider checking out my blogroll too for a list of great tennis blogs that I personally enjoy reading. Again, if you have any suggestions for my blogroll please get in touch with me.

  • Bleacher Report: A site that allows writers to voice their opinions on sport, the tennis section is quite popular, they do produce some trash but some of the articles are worth a read.
  • Talk Tennis @ Tennis Warehouse: A great forum to discuss players equipment, strings and racket setups.

Tennis Coaching

  • Fuzzy Yellow Balls: A great free tennis lessons site, the guys other at FYB have filmed some great high definition videos to help players of all levels improve their game. I highly recommend this. They also do cool match previews and analysis on a whiteboard tennis court.
  • A great site for learning about and improving your game – includes podcasts to talk you through improvements, as well as featuring high def videos of professionals playing shots in slow motion. The site also has a forum for exchanging views and tips on becoming a better player.
  • A very informative website to help improve your tennis with a strong focus on video content to aid technique, fitness, strategy along with lots of general tennis tips. Makes use of a super slow motion camera to really analyse shots and where they can be improved.
  • How to choose the right tennis racquet: A useful infographic on choosing the best tennis racquet to suit your game whether you requite power, control etc and the type of string pattern you should consider.

There's a lot of shit tennis books floating around that unbelievably made it to print, including a few that cover Roger's career (albeit inaccurately with no real insight or analysis to his game), but there's also some very good ones that can help you improve your game and help you learn about the sport, here's the ones I recommend.

  • Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert: If you're a recreational player, or just getting into the game then this book is perfect. It's not designed to improve your shots, or make you play prettier tennis like Roger. It's been written to increase your chances of winning. So if you're struggling against a pusher when really you should be winning this is a good read.
  • The Tennis Drill Book: 245 Drills for Techniques: The best book in improving your game in terms of shots, footwork, approach play and more. They're easy to put into practice too, although you will need a friend as most of them require two people to practice, so unfortunately this book isn't for everyone!
  • Pete Sampras: A Champion's Mind: The Auto Biography of Pete Sampras. If you're a fan of Federer, then chances are you're also a fan of Pistol Pete and that's why it's a good read.
  • The Inner Game of Tennis: A great look into the mental side of tennis, and how you can improve it. I was sceptical about learning from a book, but this one can definitely improve your game.