I thought it would be a useful addition to the site if I put together a list of all the resources that I have produced over the years relating to equipment, where to watch tennis and some posts that don't go out of date.

I've written over 850 posts on the site since it launched in 2011, most of which relate to matches Federer has played. However, there are a number of evergreen posts that I keep maintained and update every year such as my Prize Money section.

I'll keep adding to this list as I produce more content over time. I am also open to external content that is useful so if you would like to make a suggestion for a resource or useful link that I haven't featured here then please contact me.

Useful, Fun and Popular Posts on peRFect Tennis

Equipment Guides

  • The Best Tennis Racquets for 2019 – An in-depth look at what I consider to the best tennis racquets on the market right now in terms of overall quality, playability and price.
  • How To Choose a Tennis Racquet – A guide for choosing a tennis racquet and what each spec really means. Also tells you what to look for and what to avoid with some general recommendations.
  • Learning to String a Tennis Racquet – How I learnt to string a racquet with a crank pull machine
  • Should You Buy The ProStaff RF97 Autograph? – Looks at Roger Federer's racquet and whether or not it's suitable for the average club player.
  • The Best Tennis Shoes for 2019 – Footwear is hugely important for players at all levels, I've tried all the main brands and make some recommendations.
  • The Best Beginner Tennis Racquets 2019 Edition – Many beginners fall into the trap of buying super lightweight frames or buying one their favourite pro uses. Neither of those are a good idea and I explain why.
  • The Best Tennis Racquet for Senior Players – What racquets are best suited to older players who might need something to help with power or more arm friendly? This full guide shows you exactly what to look for.
  • Types of Tennis String – Spin, power, comfort, control and durability are all impacted by the type of string you use but what are the various types available and how do they differ? 
  • Power Pads – A closer look at the tidden pieces of leather on Roger Federer’s Racquet.
  • String Savers – What are string savers, who uses them and how do they affect playability?

Federer Posts

General Tennis

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