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Recap: Federer Schools Dzhumur and Querrey at Wimbledon

Hey guys, I'm back from a few days down in London where I was fortunate enough to see Federer on Centre Court for the first time. The trip meant I haven't had enough time to review his 2 matches so far so I thought I'd do a little recap of them here. So far it's been plain sailing for Fed and if he beats Sam Groth later today he'll be into the second week where things get interesting.

Federer defeats Dzhumur 6-1, 6-3, 6-3

Federer Dzhumur

This is the match I saw live and it was over almost in the blink of an eye! Roger just came out on court and did what he had to do. He knows Dzhumur's game from Paris somewhat and the Bosnian has no real weapons to cause any damage. Fed was able to just stay on the front foot, play aggressive and then just mop up when he got the short ball usually by coming in to put away a volley.

In terms of the experience I've seen Roger play on grass before in Halle so I know how easy he makes it look but seeing him on the Centre Court at Wimbledon just adds that extra dimension. Roger brings a unique style of play to the court and his temperament on the biggest stage is something that all tennis fans should watch live. Even though it was a first round match there was a buzz of anticipation before he walked on court (no announcers, music etc.), the grass was in peRFect condition which adds to the spectacle and the style of play he produced was just something everyone in the stands can appreciate. I think most fans including myself were a little disappointed it was over so quickly and Murray was next up!

Federer defeats Querrey 6-4, 6-2, 6-2

Federer Querrey Wimbledon

Unfortunately I couldn't land tickets for this one so had to watch on TV and it was another very routine match for Roger. Querrey had form heading into Wimbledon and came out firing in the first few games to pose a few problems. However at 4-4 Roger just upped his level and broke before taking the set 6-4.

Losing the set rocked Querrey mentally as he'd delivered some really solid play but then just saw the set disappear from his grasp. Nothing he could really have done differently, Fed just hit a purple patch with returns and serves to get it done.

From there on in Querrey had no answers and Roger just kept his foot on the gas to power home. The American's second serve sat up nicely for Fed to return and whatever self belief he had when stepping onto the court quickly went away.

A Little About Wimbledon

About Wimbledon 2015

I've been to Wimbledon four times now but this is the first time I've attended without having to camp out for tickets. Now I've attended via 3 (camp, ballot + ticketmaster) of the 4 methods to secure them (just Debenture left 😆 ) I thought I'd give a quick likes and dislikes of the tournament:

My likes:

Centre Court: Just a great setting for Tennis and one capable of producing a fantastic atmosphere. When the suns out I don't think there's a better venue to watch the sport.

Heritage: Wimbledon certainly has a special feeling about it and when you're there you just sort of know you're at a sporting event steeped in history that almost feels like it has been played since the dawn of time.

Location: Wimbledon and Southfields are great little villages and I think the setting of the venue is spot on. You're also only a 15 minute DLR train to the heart of London making it very easy to access via public transport.

My Dislikes:

Not accessible for the everyday fan: To say there are a lot of knobs floating around the grounds at Wimbledon is an understatement and that's my biggest gripe with the tournament. It's so much in favour of the rich and elite, whereas the man on the the street has to camp to secure tickets. It's more a place to be seen than one for the genuine tennis fan to enjoy the sport and it bugs me there are a lot of big tennis fans not able to come watch live.

In fact it's almost a Tennis Apartheid; the elites waltz straight through with their lanyards on into best seats, whilst the common man waits outside for the gates to open. I fail to see how that is good for British Tennis and getting people involved; the participation numbers across the UK and the lack of British men competing at the top level prove this.

The Outside Courts: Whilst the show courts are great, the outside courts for me don't provide a great viewing experience. There's too little seating areas and unless you're through the gates super early you're confined to watching over someones shoulder and will struggle to see much of the action. If you've only managed to grab a grounds pass I don't think it's great value for money.

If you have attended – what do you guys think of Wimbledon? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Hi
    Jonathan i hope you enjoyed your trip to Wimbledon :). Good win here for Federer. I hope he can keep his level until the final ;).

  2. Would have been nice to get the ballot tickets and arrive with proper sleep . I had to camp out in 2012 but that in itself was a fun experience with all the tennis fans. was lucky to see the Fed-Benneteau 5 setter from just under players Box. That’s what I liked about AELTC They ‘ve allocated very good seats for campers. Was unbelievable to experience Fed magic so up close in one of his greatest comeback wins.

    1. I’ve done both and agree – camping is fun but once you have done it a couple of times the novelty kinda wears off. Especially when at the other 3 slams tickets are readily available.

    2. Agree again! And the other thing is the returns queue. I hv friends who just go strsight there and end up on CC or no 1 within 2 hrs of queuing…

      Also Jonathan, don’t underestimate the amount of ppl just going for the experience. The Hill can be fantastic! I watched the final set of Heather/Serena ( was bit bored by the Isner/Cilic serve fest) on the hill, the atmosphere was extraordinary, and lots go for that!

  3. Lucky to attend 4 times! Centre Court looks so cozy, would love to watch a match in the sun there one day! Don’t think Wimbledon will change much over the years in terms of ground pass value and ‘in grounds’ hospitality, come down to Melbourne for once 😉

    For all the fans here, my latest video of my series is here – ‘Federer’s Top 20 Points of 2006’ –

    Probably the best one I’ve made so far, getting to the years where good quality videos are easier to access! Hope you guys enjoy and subscribe if you haven’t already!

    1. Yeah it is a really cozy court to say it holds 15,000. One of the best courts in the world no doubt.

      I’d like to do Melbourne just so far away so would need to tie tennis in with a longer trip.

  4. Welcome back Jonathan! I hope a had a great time there and maybe an autograph from Rog?
    Your posts have been truly missed and i’m really happy to read you again! My pre and post match routine was quite disturbed 🙂 !!! Your dedication and consistency are really appreciated!

    1. It was fun, very warm and saw Fed so hard to complain.

      Never been an autograph hunter myself tbh so never tried to get one at the end of a match 🙂 not sure I’d even ask for one if I was to walk past him in Wimbledon village.

      And thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Jonathan. … lol I love the comment ” there are a lot of knobs at Wimbledon! !” Lol very funny. The dirty rich elite that they will never learn.

    1. Haha, just the truth 🙂 It’s a place to be seen rather than a place to watch tennis for a large number of people.

      Madrid was somewhat similar with 2 tiers of the stadium reserved for VIP’s which are half empty and could be used for just normal seating. But I liked the venue itself.

      1. True. More about bragging rights, telling others that, “Yeah well, I made it to Wimbledon, and you didn’t, sucker!”. 95% of them don’t even truly understand the game of tennis.

  6. Hi jonathan

    your comments on the matches and on wimbldon were spot on when i was younger i use to get there at 4 in the morning and actually got front row seats on centre there were not so many people then it was a long time ago have also done the ballot for a number of years and i have been firtunate twice both times on court one. I have gone the debentures route twice as i was desperate to see fed play live

    I too feel like the real tennis fans get a rough deal especially when you see all the corporate seats that are empty i did feel out of place when i went the debenture route but i have a posh friend who felt right at home.

    Will always try the ballot but next year i have a very big birthday and have aske d for debenture tickets as i would like to see fed one more time the aura he has when he walks on court is undescribable and no other player comes close sorry i have gone on so long

    1. How did you go down the Debenture’s route? You mean purchased a debenture ticket that was for sale somewhere?

      I have nothing against Debenture holders 🙂 there are probably plenty holders of them who are die hard tennis fans but you can’t help but notice the legions of them that haven’t got a clue what they are watching, they’re just there to float around with a glass of champagne and giggle when someone shouts out C’mon Tim when Murray is playing 😆

      I couldn’t see myself ever buying one though to use even if I was an Arabian Prince, £60k for five years, £12k a year and you get 1 pair of tickets for every day of play on Centre Court, that’s £920 per pair effectively. Most no doubt put it through as a company expense so they’ll get VAT back but that’s still £640. You’re never getting value for money at that price even if money is no object. If I’d paid £500 for a ticket for any days play this week so far I’d feel a bit short changed; last years final or 2012 one of the exceptions but there aren’t many.

      You can sell them though so not a bad chance to recoup cash selling days off you don’t want or the whole debenture if you get bored. If I had one I’d just sell the non Fed days, if you could get an average sale price of £1,000 per ticket even if he made the final you’d still have 3 days where he doesn’t factor in first week and get £6k back. Although considering I’m slamming the system saying it’s inaccessible if I had a debenture I should probably just give them away for free to the fans rather than charging them a grand 🙂

      1. Basically just bought a ticket from Wimbledon Debentures for what day you want to go on, obviously the further into the tournament the higher the price – I was desperate to see Fed for years so one year my hubby bought me a seat on the Monday and Tuesday of the first week on centre court to make sure I saw him very expensive but it was a long held dream to see him play, not something I could afford to do every year

      2. Ah right, I enquired using that site last minute on Wednesday for Thursday’s play but they had none left. But I think it would have been too expensive anyway.

        Spoke to quite a few touts around the Wimbledon area who said spare tickets are extremely thin on the ground this year, one guy said he’d bought 2 pairs of tickets in 4 days, compared to 10 years ago when he was buying 10 times more and selling them on. So those tickets most have gone somewhere – likely to hospitality packages and VIPs. One also told me groundpasses were changing hands for £350, that’s madness.

    2. Totally agree! Part of the reason they hv kept him on CC every match. Ppl willing to part with huge sums of ££££ just to see him and this yr has been pretty special so far. Groundies much much more solid…

    1. Ok, you are exaggerating. It was a different style of play, and there really weren’t may opportunities for Federer to make unforced errors. Can you look up the forced errors count for Federer please? 🙂

      1. You’re probably right Sid. I didn’t think about how much SV inhabits Groth’s game – which changes what the W vs UFE stat implies. (you’re a better tennis analyst than me for sure. Seriously.)

        The stat line I gave is from the wimbledon app, but they don’t give forced errors.

        But…Obviously the score says it was much closer than a stat like that might imply.

  7. Hi Jonathan!

    Was lucky enough to see both matches live on CC as u know! I actually got both sets of tix for centre and no 1 ( friend who works there got me a spare single for Querreys match) thru my tennis club ballots. I don’t know the % but quite a lot of tix are allocated that way. Worth joining yr local club for that!

    I like the outside courts but yes you need to study yr OOP and plan ahead! Great in the second week for juniors.

    Everyone shld camp once… But usually enough

    What has changed is the debenture factor! Didn’t exist when I was a teenager! The Aeltc make stack loads of money thru it and hence the amount of foreign individuals and companies buying up seats for 5 yrs is increasing…I really notice how W
    Is full of foreigners as well as the typical tennis club Brit fan as well. It is a highly desirable and in terms if value, still a pretty affordable day out, if you compare with London theatres/restaurants etc. I hv been going for yrs ( too many ) but it is just fab and CC the best place to watch tennis!

    1. I got mine through Club Ballot too 🙂 and off TicketMaster. I think this year they changed the club ballot to allocate tickets based on number of members who opt ins from the club? Before it was just set allocation based on raw number of members I think?

      I like some of the outside courts too, watched Ward on 18 (technically classed as a showcourt) and that’s good – decent number of unreserved seats but most of the others are impossible to watch on with only a handful of benches courtside so you’re stood up watching from a crap angle only able to really track the ball in one half of the court.

      Do they publish a figure for the number of tickets that are Debenture? Says they first used it in 1920 to fund the building of centre court but I bet it’s shot up over the years.

      Camping is fun – but the facilities are crap and arriving at 9am the day before to get a centre court ticket, getting woken up at 4.30am then queuing from 6am to 10am makes the day very tiring and a bit of a joke when people with tickets purchased before can waltz right in.

      No issue with pricing either at face value, my ticket was £55 I think, very reasonable for a days play on centre. Food and stuff quite pricey but that’s par for the course in London and at a sporting venue where you’re locked in.

      Surely there is a way to make it more accessible. Melbourne is the slam for everyone, and they are producing decent players. I think the two are connected.

      1. Yes the opt in has been very important! Our Club actually got double it’s allocation this yr because they did a gd job getting members to opt in.
        The corporate ( Keith Prowse type stuff) has grown and grown as had the number of press/media accreditation, ridic number of reporters, hacks and pundits around!

      2. Ah cool, I think it worked reverse where I play as not everyone opted in.

        I dunno the requirements but I might create the peRFect Tennis Club, become an LTA member and then we all opt in 🙂

        Anyone got spare land for a grass court?

  8. Thank you for sharing a bit on the atmosphere and heritage of Wimbledon alongside the usual match reports . sounds like you had a good time and just like Fed’s Tennis you never tire of what is on offer there , except for the knobs LOL.

    John Newcombe was waxing lyrical about the the very same sort of things and said how he almost feels the ghosts of the past champions and implied how awe inspiring it is . He also mentioned Groth would be having to adjust to this and the occasion of playing the world number 2, in form Roger Federer on grass, an all time great , on Centre Court .. Implied it was a recalibration despite the USO experience because of the combination mentioned before. Sounded quite genuine and I think Groth eventually settled in as Roger came off a bit.

    I was surprised how puffed Roger sounded in the brief aftermatch i/v . Roger was grunting quite a bit today and really working hard as Sam is a big opponent and not to be swatted away. Anyway a manageable challenge which will all be helping RF play into the tournament and he did make some really beautiful crisp shots. Could do without the shanks and that ill timed double fault but that’s pressure and Andy was worse in that regard . Enjoy Sunday off.

    1. Yeah i had a good time. Probably exaggerating a little when I say full of knobs but there are certainly a few. More than you run into on a normal day anyway. Dress code is usually light blue shirt for the male variant.

      I was thinking that too, he looked a bit flat in third and fourth set. Less explosive. But still came through handily.

  9. Gosh I didn’t notice he was puffed! It was warm again tho and breezy… Tougher conditions perhaps? I think he looks pretty damn determined…

  10. Jonathan, I think you are half right.

    There are load of knobs there but somehow a hell of a lot of more ordinary people manage to get tickets by hook or by crook. However even those people know the ropes and like me they join a club, enter the public ballot etc etc. So I agree with you there is a huge swathe of people who would like to go who dont have a leg up and they are probably the ones who camp, queue and who attended the middle Sunday that time some years ago for free and created an amazing atmosphere.

    That being said I thought this year there was a great atmosphere on day 2 – lots of foreign visitors and plenty of ‘ordinary’ people.

    I agree the viewing experience on the outside courts is poor but I loved it just because the matches I saw were so exciting and the fact that I was watching over someones shoulder made it somehow more real. I think if the viewing was better you’d have to queue for tickets so it would be counter productive.

    As you say prices drinks prices are exorbitant – £16 for 2 Pyms! – but what more can you expect.

    My aim is the personal non calender grand slam. I’ve got Wimbledon 2012 (SF) and am hoping for Roland Garros 2016, Melbourne in 2017 and as yet no plans for USO. I’m a bit concerned that the attending GS might mean going to the final??? I’m encouraged by what you say tho about tkts being easier to get at other slams

    1. Yeah, lots of ordinary people do get tickets as a thousand people camp every day for Centre & Court 1 and then another 4,000 odd for ground passes. I just think the fact they have to queue for so long makes it a little inaccessible.

      I wasn’t trying to say Wimbledon was exclusive for rich / elite. After all I managed to get in 😉 but it is quite heavily weighted in their favour. Needs rebalancing I think.

  11. Sounds like one needs a college degree to get tickets there. Good grief. A dream to go to Wimbledon but seems like too much of a hassle. Also, there seems to be many people in a row before a gap in the seating.
    Difficult to get in and out?

    I think I’ll stick with IW. Great tickets before I fly down. Parking by the venue. Reasonable food prices.

    But, then again, it is Wimbledon. Can’t beat that.

    1. Agree would only dream of seeing Fed on CC. But- Australian Open is the happy slam for a reason.

      1. We’ll see. I would go over without an extended trip. Haven’t been that side of the pond for a long time.

  12. Glad to have you back J, thanks for sharing! Also, whilst I have never been, it’s definitely obvious that Wimbledon goers are mostly of the elitist/upper class who stroll in sipping their Pimms with half a care about the actual tennis being played. Would like to see the people lining up in the queue who follow the sport the whole year and can’t get to watch tennis played in our sports “Mecca”? Shameful. So very happy that someone like yourself got to see Fed on CC, once in a lifetime! Hope you had a ball there, hope Wimbledon will one day get over its ego and make it more accessible for everyday people who really love tennis.

    1. Yeah maybe I am being a bit harsh saying its full to the brim with them but I certainly noticed a lot of people like that.

      I think Wimbledon is so successful that there is no need to change from their point of view – it has history, heritage, bit of quirkiness , global appeal that many other iconic event have – Ashes, Grand National etc. that they can really setup ticket procedures how they want.

  13. While my dream to see Fed at Wimbledon is hopefully still alive, really happy for you finally to have succeeded!
    And glad you had a good time. Many thanks for the recap as well as all these infos and insights about the Wimby.

    Sounds like some people there were directly coming from Monte-Carlo Country Club 😉 but agree Wimbledon’s CC is truly a special place…despite the fact that I was at the front row to watch Muzza, Gasquet, Delpo and Nadal. It was killing me knowing Fed was playing next door! Am I right you were there too, Jonathan?

    As for Roger, he’s been in great shape so far and such a joy watching him. I don’t know how I can survive champing (had enough rough trips in my life), whatever way I will definitely try catching him next year.

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