ATP and WTA Rankings

Below are links to the latest ATP and WTA rankings for both singles and doubles.

There are two different ranking tables for each. The first are the official world rankings updated weekly on Mondays when points from the previous 52 weeks have dropped. These rankings are used for seedings and determining which tournament a player can enter directly.

The second tables are the live rankings; this showcases real-time rankings of a player’s position in the race to finish in the Top 8 for the season-ending ATP and WTA Finals. They are updated frequently each week, and players can jump around spots daily.

ATP and WTA Rankings

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the rankings updated?

The official rankings are updated every Monday, except during the middle of Grand Slams tournaments and Miami + Indian Wells.

How do tennis rankings work?

Rankings work on a rolling 52-week period and take into account a player’s best results in 19 tournaments for the ATP and 16 for the WTA.

When 52 weeks have passed since the points were acquired, they are dropped, and new points are added. If you match your performance from 52 weeks ago, you have a net gain/loss of zero points. If you better your performance, you’ll gain points, but if you perform worse, you’ll lose points.

A full explanation of how rankings work can be found here.

What is a protected ranking, and who can use them?

A player can gain protected ranking status when physically injured and does not compete in any tennis event for a minimum of six months. The petition is issued to the ATP (usually the CEO) and must be received within six months of his last tournament.

The protected ranking gives a player a spot in the rankings determined by the player’s average ATP Rankings position during the first three months of his injury.

The Entry Protection status gives players entry into the main draw or qualifying competition or for special exempt consideration.

Protected rankings cannot be used for seeding purposes or Lucky Loser consideration, nor can they be used for a top eight player to qualify for the Nitto ATP Finals.

How long does a protected ranking last?

A player can use a protected ranking for the first nine tournaments they compete in using the Entry Protection or for up to nine months, beginning with the first tennis event that the player competes in, whichever happens first. This excludes wild cards and entries as a Direct Acceptance, should the true ranking allow this.

If a player is physically injured and does not compete in any tennis event for twelve months or longer, the entry protection shall be in effect for the first twelve singles tournaments and the first twelve doubles tournaments that the player competes in using the entry protection or for the period up to twelve months beginning with the first tennis event that the player competes in, whichever occurs first.

How are players separated when they have the same amount of ranking points?

When two or more players have the same total number of points, the player who has the following will be ranked higher:

  • The most total points combined from the Grand Slams, ATP Masters 1000 mandatory tournaments, and Nitto ATP Finals main draws, and if still tied, then,
  • The fewest events played, counting all missed Grand Slams, ATP Masters 1000 tournaments and Nitto ATP Finals they could have played – as if played, and if still tied, then,
  • The highest number of points from one single tournament, then, if needed, the second highest, and so on.

What are the points distributions for each tournament?

ATP Ranking Point Distributions

Grand Slams2000120072036018090451025168
Nitto ATP Finals*1500
ATP 1000 - 96 Draw100060036018090452510168
ATP 1000 - 48/56 Draw10006003601809045102516
United Cup**500
ATP Tour 500 - 48 Draw***500300180904520104
ATP Tour 500 - 32 Draw***50030018090452010
ATP Tour 250 - 48 Draw2501509045201053
ATP Tour 250 - 32 Draw250150904520126
Challenger 17517510060321563
Challenger 1251257545251152
Challenger 100100603620952
Challenger 7575503016742
Challenger 505030179431
ITF M25/25+H****2516831
ITF M15/15+H****158421


WTA Ranking Point Distributions

TournamentWFSFQFR16R32R64R128 QLFRQ3Q2Q1
Grand Slam (Singles)2000130078043024013070104030202
Grand Slam (Doubles)2000130078043024013010-----
WTA 1000 Mandatory (96S, 48Q)100065039021512065351030-202
WTA 1000 Mandatory (64/60S, 32Q)10006503902151206510-30-202
WTA 1000 Mandatory (32/30/28D)100065039021512010------
WTA 1000 Non-Mandatory (56S, 48/32Q)900585350190105601-30-201
WTA 1000 Non-Mandatory (28D)9005853501901051------
WTA 500 (64/56/48S, 32/24Q)47030518510055301-25-131
WTA 500 (32/30/28S, 48/32Q)470305185100551--2518131
WTA 500 (32/30/28S, 24/16Q)470305185100551--25-131
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