WTA Lyon Open Prize Money 2020

New for 2020 on the WTA tour is the Lyon Open, currently known as the Open 6ème Sens – Métropole de Lyon for sponsorship reasons. 

The event takes place in March on the indoor hard courts of the Palais des Sports Gerland and is categorised as an International-level tournament. 

For 2020 the total prize money on offer at the WTA Lyon event is $243,981 which is an increase of 7.6% when compared to the 2019 event held in Tashkent which Lyon replaces in the calendar.

The inaugural champion in Lyon will take home €34,677 which is identical to last years winner in Tashkent. The runner up money is also identical to last year with €17,258.

There are however some increases with losers in qualifying seeing a significant jump of with 1st round losers in qualifying receiving €887 which is up 46.65% from last year. Final round qualifying losers receive €1,359 up a healthy 31.14%.

If you are wondering why total prize money is given in $ USD but individual rounds are given in Euros, it's because the WTA does it this way, with 1 Euro equalling 1.24 USD which is a predetermined rate rater than using mid-market rates throughout the year.

You can see a full breakdown of the 2020 WTA Lyon Open prize money in the table below.

This page is for the WTA version of the Lyon Open. The ATP Open Parc Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Lyon prize money can be found here.

Prize Money Breakdown for the Lyon Open 2020

The below tables give you a full break down for prize money across for the WTA International event in Lyon this year.

The Euros have also been converted into GBP and USD to give a comparison for European readers. The exchange rate for GBP is the mid-market exchange rate on the day of the final when the tournament is complete. USD prize money uses the WTA formula of 1.24 US Dollars to 1 Euro

You can also see the % increase in prize money vs last year which is compared USD: USD to the money offered at the Tashkent Open which Lyon has replaced for 2020.


2020 Prize Money € EUR Prize Money £ GBP Prize Money $ USD % Change vs 2019
Winner €34,677 £29,833 $43,000 0.00%
Runner-up €17,258 £14,847 $21,400 0.00%
Semifinal €9,355 £8,048 $11,600 0.87%
Quarterfinal €5,060 £4,353 $6,274 1.20%
Round 2 €2,903 £2,497 $3,600 5.25%
Round 1 €1,855 £1,596 $2,300 3.61%
Q2 €1,359 £1,169 $1,685 31.14%
Q1 €887 £763 $1,100 46.65%


2020 Prize Money € EUR Prize Money £ GBP Prize Money $ USD % Change vs 2019
Winner €10,952 £8,497 $13,580 10.4%
Runner-up €5,806 £4,504 $7,199 12.5%
Semifinal €3,226 £2,503 $4,000 16.5%
Quarterfinal €1,855 £1,439 $2,300 26.4%
Round 1 €1,226 £951 $1,520 58.4%

Lyon Open Total Money History Since 2020

Year Total WTA Lyon Open Prize Money $ USD % Change
2020 $243,981 7.6%
2019 $226,750  
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