Astana Open, Nur-Sultan Prize Money 2020

The Astana Open is one of four new ATP 250 events added to the 2020 provisional schedule after the global pandemic and lockdown policies wreaked havoc on the tennis calendar.

Post resumption of the tour, two events in Cologne and Sardinia were added to the calendar, along with Nur-Sultan. All have been issued as single-year licenses for 2020.

The event takes place at the Daulet National Tennis Centre which is in Central Park in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan and the total prize money pool stands at $273,345.

The winner of the Astana Open will take home $13,410 and while that won't attract all the top names in the sport, there's still a number of high ranked players in the draw including Tennys Sandgren, Richard Gasquet, Benoit Paire, and the Kazakh underarm serve specialist Alexander Bublik.

With lower-ranked players seeing their opportunities to earn money on tour vanish for 175 days during the suspension of the tour, the ATP has reapportioned a big chunk of prize money to early-round losers.

In Nur-Sultan, first-round losers bag themselves $5,455 and even first-round losers in qualifying take home a cheque for $1,385.

While not life-changing amounts, those numbers make the trip to Central Asia a viable one, going a long way to covering flight and accommodation costs with the possibility of earning far more should a player make the main draw.

You can see a full breakdown of prize money for both singles and doubles for the Astana Open 2020 below.

Prize Money Breakdown for the Astana Open 2020

The tables below give you a full break down of prize money across for the ATP 250 event in Nur-Sultan this year.

The US Dollar amounts have also been converted into Euros and GBP to give a comparison for Europeans and British readers. The exchange rate shown is the mid-market exchange rate on the day of the final when the tournament is complete.


2020 Prize Money $ USD Prize Money € EUR Prize Money £ GBP
Winner $13,410 €11,345 £12,113
Runner-up $11,210 €9,484 £10,126
Semifinal $9,135 €7,728 £8,251
Quarterfinal $7,480 €6,328 £6,756
Round 2 $6,650 €5,626 £6,007
Round 1 $5,455 €4,615 £4,927
Q2 $2,665 €2,255 £2,407
Q1 $1,385 €1,172 £1,251


2020 Prize Money $ USD Prize Money € EUR Prize Money £ GBP
Winner $6,080 $5,143 £5,493
Runner-up $5,040 $4,263 £4,553
Semifinal $4,030 $3,409 £3,641
Quarterfinal $3,230 $2,732 £2,918
Round 1 $2,650 $2,242 £2,394

Total Astana Open Prize Money History

Year Total Prize Money % Change
2020 $273,345  
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