Billie Jean King Cup Prize Money 2021

Previously known as the Fed Cup, the Billie Jean King Cup is the premier international team competition in women’s tennis.

The event takes place over six days in early November at the O2 arena in Prague. The Finals comprise 12 teams – eight qualifiers, the previous year’s champions and runners-up, plus the Czech Republic and Canada.

The teams will compete in four round-robin groups of three teams. The four group winners will qualify for the semi-finals before the overall champion is crowned.

As it’s a team event, prize money is distributed on a per-team basis, with money going to the players and the national association the players represent.

For 2021 International Tennis Federation has slashed prize money to $6.8 million, just over half of the previously announced $12 million for the cancelled 2020 iteration that was scheduled to be held in Budapest.

The Billie Jean Cup champions will receive $1,200,000, shared between all the players on a pro-rated basis.

The national federation of the team that wins the cup will also bag $650,000, presumably to be reinvested at the grassroots level.

You can see a full breakdown of the Billie Jean Cup prize money for 2021 below.

Billie Jean King Cup Prize Money 2021

Stage Players Federation
Champions $1,200,000 $650,000
Finalists $900,000 $472,000
Semi-finalists $750,000 $417,000
Group stages $400,000 $200,000
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