ATP Cup Prize Money 2020

The ATP Cup is a new team competition that kicks off the 2020 ATP calendar. The tournament will be played over 10 days in the lead up to the Australian Open and is played by teams from 24 countries.

The group stages are held in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney, and once the tournament goes into a straight knockout format, all matches are played at the Ken Rosewall Arena in Sydney.

Because the ATP Cup is a team competition, the prize money allocation is slightly different with money given out as participation fees and for match wins on an individual and per-team basis.

Participation fees are determined by the players ranking on a specific date/entry time and whether they are the number #1, number #2 or number #3,#4 or #5 player in their team. You can see the full breakdown and explanation below.

Total Prize Money Pool for the ATP Cup 2020

Total Prize Money: $15,000,000 USD.

How Prize Money is Distributed at the ATP Cup

The ATP Cup has three different methods of awarding prize money to participating players. This includes a participation fee, prize money for individual match wins and prize money for team victories.

Participation Fees

Number 1 Player

The number 1 player is the top-ranked player for the team. So, for example, Rafael Nadal is the Number 1 player for Spain and Roberto Bautista Agut is the Number 2 player. 

In 2020, Nadal will receive $250,000 for participating at the ATP Cup.

Ranking at time of Entry Order Participation Fee
1-3* $250,000
4-6* $225,000
7-12* $200,000
13-18* $150,000
19-24**^ $75,000
  • *Entry order (team) as of 13 September 2019
  • ** Entry order (team) as of 13 November 2019
  • ^ Top 20 player will receive $150,000

Number 2 Player

Keeping the example above, with Bautista Agut the Number 2 player and his ranking being 10 when the team was announced, he will receive $200,000 for participating.

Ranking Fee
1-10 $200,000
11-20 $150,000
21-30 $75,000
31-50 $60,000
51-100 $45,000
101-200 $30,000
201-300 $20,000
301+ $15,000

Number 3 to 5 Player

Teams can have up to 5 players (3 of them must have an ATP singles ranking). The 3rd, 4th and 5th players participation fees are based on their rankings on November 11, 2019

Doubles Ranking Fee
1-20 $30,000
21-50 $20,000
51-100 $12,500
101-150 $10,000
151+ $7,500
Singles Ranking Fee
1-100 $20,000
101-300 $12,500
301+ $7,500

Individual Wins

Along with the participation fee, each player can boost their prize money by winning matches and picking up individual prize money. The rates are displayed in the table below. A #1 singles win is when a number 1 player beats an opposing number 1 player from another country.

  #1 Singles Win #2 Singles Win Doubles Win (per player)
Final Win $290,400 $204,000 $61,800
Semi-final Win $151,000 $106,000 $32,150
Quarter-final Win $78,350 $55,100 $16,700
Group Stage Win $39,400 $27,600 $8,375

Team Wins

All members of the team are rewarded equally should one of their fellow team members win a match. So 3-5 players on the team (whether the player plays a match or not) earn the same amount for a team win.

So if Nadal wins a round-robin match, the whole Spanish team gets $9,850 each.

Stage Per Player
Final Win $48,760
Semi-final Win $29,280
Quarter-final Win $17,620
Group Stage Win $9,850
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