Adelaide Internaional Prize Money 2020

Brand new for 2020 is the Adelaide International which is a combined ATP and WTA tournament offering a minimum of $2 million in total prize money.

The event takes place at the brand new Memorial Drive Tennis Centre which has a canopy roof structure to guarantee tennis whatever the weather and to protect players from the blistering heat should it be required.

For the men's tour, the total prize money on offer at this ATP 250 event is $532,695 and as well as some ideal preparation ahead of the Australian Open, the winner will receive $91,625.

In line with the rest of the tour, losers in qualifying don't go home empty-handed, final round losers will bag $2,665 while first-round losers receive $1,385. There's long been a debate that more money needs to be given to qualifiers but with big increases over the last two years, it will soon be argued they are getting too much for serving up mediocrity.

On the women's side, this is a Premier event and the total prize money on offer is $781,270 with the winner taking home $146,500 which is a 3.3% rise on the money offered last year at the Sydney International which is what this event effectively replaces.

You can see a full breakdown of the 2020 Adelaide International prize money for both the ATP and WTA in the tables below.

Prize Money Breakdown for the ATP Adelaide International 2020

The below tables give you a full break down for prize money across for the ATP event in Adelaide this year.

The US dollar amounts have also been converted into GBP and Euros to give a comparison for European readers. The exchange rate shown is the mid-market exchange rate on the day of the final when the tournament is complete. You can also see the % increase from prize money offered last year.

2020 Prize Money $ USD Prize Money £ GBP Prize Money € EUR
Winner $91,625 £69,835 £82,109
Runner-up $50,710 £38,650 £45,443
Semifinal $28,540 £21,753 £25,576
Quarterfinal $16,250 £12,385 £14,562
Round 2 $9,320 £7,103 £8,352
Round 1 $5,450 £4,154 £4,884
Q2 $2,665 £2,031 £2,388
Q1 $1,385 £1,056 £1,241

Adelaide International Total ATP Prize Money History Since 2020

Year Total Prize Money % Change
2020 $532,695  

Historical Adelaide International ATP Prize Money Breakdown From 2020

Conversions to GBP and Euro are based on the closing exchange price on the day of the final that year.


Prize Money Breakdown for the WTA Adelaide International 2020

2020 Prize Money $ USD Prize Money £ GBP Prize Money € EUR % Change vs 2019
Winner $146,500 £112,136 €131,745 3.3%
Runner-up $78,160 £59,826 €70,288 3.4%
Semifinal $41,675 £31,899 €37,478 3.4%
Quarterfinal $22,400 £17,146 €20,144 3.4%
Round 2 $12,000 £9,185 €10,791 3.3%
Round 1 $6,550 £5,014 €5,890 3.2%
Q2 $3,605 £2,759 €3,242 3.0%
Q1 $1,880 £1,439 €1,691 2.8%

Adelaide International Total WTA Prize Money History Since 2020

Year Total Adelaide WTA Prize Money % Change
2020 $781,270  
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